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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TSR AlexS, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. Fallenleaders

    I'm having an issue. I bought 1k station cash using pay pal. According to the site on my account i have the 1k available. However when i log into the game is says i have no station cash available. Is there something i need to do so the in game funds become available? I verified my account I'm and I'm not sure what else i can do at this point.
  2. Gabe Devries

    i tried the chat and DAM you people are useless!!!!
  3. Aecilon

    Cannot upgrade to premium. I tried both a mastercard and a visa, called my bank and they didn't even see that a debit was attempted by Sony. I also tried both Chrome and IE. I already opened up a support ticket, ball is in your court SOE!

    "We're sorry, when we attempted to charge the payment method you provided it was declined. Please contact your payment provider directly to see why this occurred. You may also select an alternate credit card or payment method to continue with your purchase."

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  4. Merlevade

    Same problem, too bad there is no paypal option for membership.
  5. Astto

    My account has been banned for no reason. I dont talk to people in game and dont use any mods or what ever. I just log on and play.
  6. iKoyy

    For some unknown reason I could not buy 1 month membership. There was no subscription displayed. However 3 months worked which a bit weird imo.
  7. Ruggle

    How long do you usually have to wait on an answer if you opened up a ticket?
    seems like forever.... i want to play again :(
  8. ChaiVat

    Does "link" (HQ) also help with issues regarding "the receiving (or not) of station cash ingame", after purchase has cleared? I paid, you guys sent a receipt, I got no ingame station cash...
  9. Gisgo

    I already purchased credits without any problem and now - suddenly - it stopped working.
    There are funds on the card.
    I tried several times, waited hours, tried with different browsers... nothing worked.
    My support ticket is number 121204-000888
    I'd like to give SOE some cash if they are willing to take it...
    Sorry for posting twice.
  10. Gisgo

    I found a workaround that might work for someone else too.
    If SOE is not accepting your credit card, link your credit card to Paypal and then pay via Paypal.
    It worked for me.
  11. Tyrust

    Did not work for me. Obviously they do not need my money.
  12. chumarozza

    Hi, can I return aki if I accidentally bought the thing was going to open a certificates?
  13. chumarozza

    return sc*
  14. NoobSlayer

    I lost my Alpha Squad XP and Resource boost after getting a trial weapon, I did it before the warnings and have not got it back yet, PLZ Help.

    Character: N00bSlay3r

    Server: Jaeger
  15. MidnightThol

    Exact same problem, still nothing ingame after a day, but the SC balance on is at 1000...
  16. MidnightThol

    I think I found the problem. I registered through, I purchased the SC on, and on this site I have 1000SC. BUT, if I click on the "my account" button on the launcher, I'm redirected to, and on this site I have 0 SC!

    Now, I checked and I couldn't find any warning about this, plus I registered through and never received anything concerning any limitation or account move to .eu

    I posted a ticket on the support service, but if anyone has more infos on this... would be appreciated.
  17. AstroCat

    Bought 6 month but it only is giving me tier 4 40% for EXP but tier 6 50% for everything else. Shouldn't XP also be at 50%?

    edit: Resolved!
  18. calgon

    Having the same issue, paypal hasnt solved my problem either ..

    My ticket number is 121211-000404 .. still waiting for the german support, even if I would prefer the english one ...
  19. waspdio

    Hi ALEX !!
    Today at precise 09:36 in the morning i bought 2000 SC untill now everything ok , and then i choose my weps and click on UNLOCK nothing happends .(only the SC disappear)
  20. Pashgan

    Fix your glitchy shop already. Can't purchase discounted station cash.
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