TS wish list for the next dev?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-MadTexan3, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Sightless Guest

    I would like to see the glass counters in North Freeport at The Blue Building (Gems and Fine Jewelry) shop added in the game as a crafted item for both sides.
  2. ARCHIVED-Motown Guest

    Domino, could you please consider a way that crafters can take up residence in Mara.
    Whether it be via quest line, faction grind or whatever, I'd give my virtual firstborn for a house in the village. Not too fussed as to what the housing graphics are, I just want my crafting HQ to be in the crafting centre of Norrath.
  3. ARCHIVED-Lord_Ebon Guest

    What I'd love more than anything else is...

    Open a small area of HighKeep (the Far Seas HQ) as a Crafter city. Make it like Maj'Dul where you can choose to live there without having to change any citizenship. I know Cronyn can come up with a way for us to get there without the Far Seas Trading Co having to give out it's exact location... a teleporter or something that they control and only allow those they trust (read: max supply division faction w/ a crafing questline and maybe a 'visitor' (no house-buying) adventuring quest for adventurers wanting to visit) to visit and live there. Add a new faction with new tasks there (ie building up / reinforcing their HQ).
    Heck, I'd love it even more if we opened the city up by building the means of getting there, ala building the Ulteran spires back right before KoS came out. But I loved me some HighKeep in EQ1 before I joined EQ2 at launch....
    I think we've proven ourselves to the FSTC by now =)
  4. ARCHIVED-Xeronoth Guest

    My only request would have to be for a Tier 9 Harvesting tool that does what the current Overclocked tools do, but have added skill increase, and give a minor chance for Ample Harvest, like the Shadow AA in the "General" catagory. Would require level 80 crafter, and it could be named Something along the lines of "Upgraded Overclocked" Improved would work, aswell =D
  5. ARCHIVED-Lord_Ebon Guest

    Zryth@Kithicor wrote:
    Supercharged! I like the idea of giving a small (5% maybe) chance at ample harvest as an additional bonus to a new tinkered set of tools (and something similar to a WW set for adventurers).
  6. ARCHIVED-MagusOfAtlan Guest

    I'd like to see the items you gather for the tradeskill instances to be considered harvested items, so they would drop into a harvesting pack. Nothing like seeing an almost-empty harvesting pack stay empty while your other packs become full because of this.
  7. ARCHIVED-MadTexan3 Guest

    Wow, this thread is still here? o_O Going to take me weeks to get caught up.
  8. ARCHIVED-Lord_Ebon Guest

    Aelestar@Lucan DLere wrote:
    It's still here...

    But as old as it is, we could probably make a new "wish list" thread.

    Would folks like that? I can create a new thread and use the first (few) posts to list folks 'wish list' kind of items and try to keep it updated.
  9. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    Barx@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    That would likely be a good idea. The title of this one is VERY dated and possibly confusing to new players.
  10. ARCHIVED-Lord_Ebon Guest

    Rijacki wrote:
    Done: http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/...topic_id=457760

    Feel free to start posting your items there. Once that gets going I'll ask that this one be de-stickied and the new one stickied.
  11. ARCHIVED-Lord_Ebon Guest

    Update: Stickie swap done, please use the new stickied thread to put in all your wish-list items and I'll format and group them.

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