TS wish list for the next dev?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-MadTexan3, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-foxspirit Guest

    Another idea to improve the fun of fishing, make the mobs themselves fish-able... like the lake trout and pike and such. Their listed level could be the level at which you have to have the fishing skill >.> Aggro fish could be unfish-able.
  2. ARCHIVED-GrunEQ Guest

    Hehe, when this game started I was looking forward to fishing...it was one of the things I really liked in EQ1. Would like it if we could pull up items that sell, or food to eat like in the old game....hehe lots of boots etc. I did especially like that by doing a fishing quest in TD that I was gifted with a stuffed fish for my house.
  3. ARCHIVED-TaleraRis Guest

    Noaani wrote:
    I agree with your last part, but I personally think the current implementation of buying your epic from another crafter is no different than the feared instance of buying your epic off the broker. At least the person would have one last combine they had to do on their own, rather than just standing there and waiting for it to come into their hot little hands like they do now.

    Although I would agree, your last part is the best solution. Just not sure how it would be able to be implemented.
  4. ARCHIVED-Goemoe Guest

    It's fishing again. I just got my char up from T1 to T8 fishing skill which is all but funny. While I clicked, I thought about adding collection quests to the fishing system. Imagine a collection of 3-5 objects per tier which you could turn in like the butterfly/moth quest. You get a basket or something add it to a new collection and if you hit T8 you can complete it. Perhaps even offer us new glasses after completing the big one which enable us to find rare green shinies on the grounds of the waters...

    We could hope for those drops, while we fish, we could sell it like all the other collectables and we have some rare like stuff to wait for. It could be strange kinds of bait, boots, rusty somethings, scales and teeth of strange creatures. I am sorry if this has been mentioned before, but my friends liked the idea and so do i :)
  5. ARCHIVED-Transen Guest

    My Wish for TSed items...well I suppose this month it would have to be the ability to use your own Mirror of Reflected Achievements in someone else's house.

    I know no-trade house items are already bound to their owners as anyone who has ever attempted to destroy someone else's no-trade item in their house will tell ya, a confirmation window will come up that also gives you the name of the character who owns it. I'm sure this was explained a ways back but for the life of me, a search of the forums doesn't bring it up.. probably buried in a different thread.
  6. ARCHIVED-SilkenKidden Guest

    Transen wrote:
    I totaly agree.
  7. ARCHIVED-denmom Guest

    /heavy sigh

    This is so going to get lost in this huge thread...:(

    I'd like to suggest that the imperceptible beauty items are kept in game, please.

    Have it take a rare, have the recipe faction based from ts merchants or available from the RoK factions for all crafters. I say all crafters and not just Outfitters or Tailors because similar items (Ceremonial Armor of Marr from Bloodlines) are usually L1 and cloth. All crafters can make L1 items. Of the two factions, I'd give a vote for RoK. Say it's a special recipe found in the ruins of Kunark somewhere.
  8. ARCHIVED-PsychoKitty Guest

    I second that. I am doing the void storm quest over and over and over to try and get all these items before it goes 'poof' but I will never be able to get all the items for all of my chars.

    And yes, make them rare/faction made ... possibly add these to ironforge faction?

    Pretty pretty please?
  9. ARCHIVED-denmom Guest

    Pusska@Permafrost wrote:
    Same here...I'd like them on too many alts so I just didn't bother.

    But as for the faction, I'd like to see it with RoK factions. That the recipe is something found in the ruins of Kunark somewhere. Makes sense that Bath and Danak would have it.

    And I'd like to see the recipe useable by all crafting classes. Again, usually L1 items, all crafters can make L1.
  10. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    Pusska@Permafrost wrote:
    Ironforge is ONLY the Qeynos tradeskill faction. What about the other cities? Or did you mean to imply to all the city tradeskill factions?

    I think they would be great as a 20K faction recipe for the city tradeskill factions (but for all of them, not just the Qeynos one).
  11. ARCHIVED-denmom Guest

    Rijacki wrote:
    Oh gods please no.
  12. ARCHIVED-axl_2baz Guest

    2 things I'd like to see in the filters of the recipe window :
    - 1 filter per Tier : It would greatly help for TS writs
    - Filters defined per character : I don't really care for my alchemist one with my provi or example.
  13. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    axl_2baz wrote:
    It's not hard to make a Tier filter, but I have wanted Character separation forever!
  14. ARCHIVED-Kulssin Guest

    This might be something for the Look & Feel or Interface crew.. but, this weekend while working tradeskills with bonus experience, I accidentally set my 55% 2 year Exp Potion reward for Auto-Consume. These should not be allowed to Auto-Consume since they can't just be replenished from the broker. :(
  15. ARCHIVED-PsychoKitty Guest

    Rijacki wrote:
    No no, Qeynos only. And I believe that Freeport, Kelethin and all others outside Qeynos should have their crafting areas removed immediately and only the good citizens of Qeynos allowed to craft ...


    Sorry, I meant all tradeskill factions of course. However I do not happen to know all the names :)

    Anyhow, it was just an idea. The recipes definately need to stay! I don't really have strong opinions on which faction wins it, but I believe the crafting faction rewards are lacking and this just seems to fit in perfectly as they are made by all crafters. RoK has crafter-specific recipes and I just don't think it belongs there.
  16. ARCHIVED-Schirf Guest

    I'd like to see class zone quest rewards offer raw material rares as a possible (optional) quest reward. Who wouldn't love a blackened iron cluster for a level 12 quest? And the nice thing about this option: The dev time doesn't involve making a new item.
    And let's fix raw material prices while you're at it. Make an NPC that will trade and common raw for any other common raw at a 5:1 ratio. It doesn't make sense for some common raws to sell for 2 cp while others sell for literally 1000 times as much.
    And do the same with rares, maybe at a different ratio? 4:1? 3:1? Maybe make this option only available to someone who has completed a quest line for the NPC who trades common raws? Or make this the province of tinkers and transmuters?
  17. ARCHIVED-ShashLigai Guest

    Schirf wrote:
    I like this idea. I harvest everything and usually just throw away the useless common raws that me crafter can't use and that sell for 2 cp on the broker. It would be nice to be able to exchange them for raws that I can use.
  18. ARCHIVED-Transen Guest

    axl_2baz wrote:
    Would just like to add a couple more things to such a list:

    - Filter between regular and mastercrafted recipes (it's annoying and time consuming to do one at a time cause there's only so many saved filters you can make).

    - Make the filter you switch to persistant so that if you go back to any tradeskill table and click on it again, your last filter used is still working (add a pop-up message indicating that you still have the filter up...for us forgetful types). Resets to unfiltered if you log out that character.
  19. ARCHIVED-Thetmes Guest

    Wow big list, I will admit I have not looked at every topic or even this complete list. I will ask this though even though it may have been covered already. I have a LV 30 Jewler, a LV 39 Armor and a LV 39 Weaps. My problem is this I made all the none MC or imbued items on my Weaps and my Arm aproximatly 5 times each to go from lv20 to 30 and again to go from 30 to 39. On my Jewler I made all the none MC items or imbued to go from 20-30 and did not have to make them more than once infact I was able to stop just shy of makeing any lv 28 items and only had to make them once. Now I realize that a Jewler has many more items to make than the other 2. How ever could we maybe get some ""scailing"" for the exp between the TS's. The time differance between the 3 in going up 10 lvs was also differant as I had to ""grind"" out the Arm and Weaps as you only get the ""bonus"" of making a new item 1 time where each item I made on the Jewler was a new item so it took less time. I also have a Carpenter and its the same deal as the Arm and Weaps, but I did make the MC items as I was going so I only had to make 3 of each item. So maybe for the TS's that have less items in them could get a higher exp gain from each item or something to that effect.

    I also like the ideas in the couple previous posts about the raws and rares although just a thought the same with the ability to choose a rare as a quest compleation reward how about a ""stack"" of them for completeing the TS quests. Make it for the LV range of the competed of course and for the TS that they are, Steel for Armor and Weps, Fir for Carpenters and Woodworkers and just a small stack also 3 or 4 at the most.
  20. ARCHIVED-Transen Guest

    Let's see, this week's wish list for me would be:
    (I'm sure a lot of this has already been mentioned to death but....)

    1. Mail-Order Commission system:

    I was thinking something along the lines of an item that when activated with a tradeskill table targeted opens up a commission-type window (an order slip as the item that triggers the commission event).

    The slip is sent via regular mail and has in it's info the item or items to be crafted, the price the sender will pay and whatever components they are willing to provide (all items they are willing to provided are stored within the order slip and the slips are no-trade, no-destroy, and no-value).

    And let's say that the shipping cost is dependant on tier of the item where 50 gold would be the cost of shipping for a tier 8 item (there would be a merchant where you could purchase blank order slips, 8 different kinds where each one represents the tier of the item being ordered...hence, shipping cost is payed for this way).

    Let's also say that the order slip has a time limit of 24 hours on it upon recieving it in the mail as well as a 24 hour limit of being in your mailbox. If the order is not retrieved from the mailbox within the time limit or if it's not completed within the time limit, the order slip is automatically sent back to the sender in the form of the individual items + coin + 1 used order slip (the used slip can be sold back to a merchant for half the price they originally paid for the slip).

    The price of the order slips will still make normal commision work much cheaper than doing it via mail order and the mail order system would allow those who can't find what they need on the broker or can't find anyone to make the items they actually want the chance to get what they really want (provided the person they're ordering from is reliable within a 24 hour period).

    2. Portable Deity Altars:

    Limited charges, long reuse timer, costs more favor.

    3. Portable Tradeskill Table Revamp:

    Duration timer same as reuse timer (15 minutes) and/or others within your group can both see and use the table summoned.

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