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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-MadTexan3, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    I thought of a possible niche for a new consumable this morning - something that buffs the casters pet.
    Handcrafted ones might just boost stats (like potions can do for the caster)
    Mastercrafted ones might use dusts (like poisons) and give effects like:
    • Add a posion proc to the pets melee attacks
    • Boost the pets max health and in combat health regen
    • Give an increase chance to crit with spells
    • Give a chance to proc a group heal on any spell cast and when killed
    Maybe sages could make them. They currently do not make any consumable and do make dusts.
  2. ARCHIVED-Whilhelmina Guest

    I would LOVE that one !
  3. ARCHIVED-Transen Guest

    My TS wishlist cont.

    Moving Cubes:
    A translucent cube which could be resized and placed anywhere within a home with no restrictions.
    The idea is to place it so that it encompasses a collection of items (like player made aquariums). Once placed around those items, the cube could be moved with everything in it at once and placed somewhere else without loosing the posistion of all the items in relation to one another. You would also be able to resize the cube while objects were inside it and those objects would resize accordingly.
    Once moved and placed in the new location, you would simply pickup (place in your inventory) the cube which would only place the cube in your inventory but leave the items that were inside the cube alone.

    This added as a craftable house item (unpotted):
  4. ARCHIVED-Trixxee Guest

    Deleted by poster.
  5. ARCHIVED-Trixxee Guest

    Intermisceo wrote:

    I think this is a great idea!!
    How many times have you seen someone repeatedly asking for a particular crafter in the channels only to get no response? Why not create a seperate tab on the broker board where tradeskillers could offer their services and/or people could request the service of a tradeskiller? For items that need rares, the person reqeusting work could actually "attach" the rares to their request, then the person accepting the assignment could collect the rares on a "consignment" basis, make the item and then attach it back to the request and get paid directly.
    No more emailing back and forth. No more getting ripped off for materials. A viable market for tradeskillers and more chance for people to get items they want made because their request would have more visibility.
    Tradeskillers could pick and choose what service request they want to take based on coin offered, does the item give experience, etc.
    Do you think this could work?
  6. ARCHIVED-keezyrick Guest

    How about a crafting recipe for armor dyes?
    These would be used on any item that can be adorned (not Ornate). I have envisioned this a couple ways.

    1. Commission system where the peice to be dyed is put in commission window and the return is the dyed item.
    In this scenario, controlling the colors would either need to be based on mats placed in commission window or by recipe designation (black, red, 2-tone red/blk, etc).
    2. Dyes are produced like any other adornment and when placed on item, a window opens like the cloak designer. Here you get to choose from the available dying options for said dye.
    Multiple dye recipes can be made available allowing any number of fashion combinations to both create wider diversity in apparel and choice by effective value/cost (single color earth tones [low cost], dual-tone [med], etc)
  7. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    keezyrick wrote:
    'Cept it's been said by the devs lots and lots and lots and lots and lots that we aren't getting armor dyes, lol.
  8. ARCHIVED-keezyrick Guest

    Wow, I had no idea we needed to scour the threads to find out what the 'Devs' said they would not do.
    As far as I am concerned, the posts we make on a 'Wish List' are still valid regardless of where it my be denied in whole or part in another thread.
    I'm sure at some point, the 'Devs' did not consider the need for the Heirloom tags or the RLM items in the store we have now. It may not have made sense to consider this option previously, but armor dyes (or some other form of differntiation) is going to be required at some point to make this game enjoyable long term.
    I just worked my butt off to get T2 shard armor for my SK, but now I stand around looking like every other fighter if I choose to wear it on the outside. So back to illusions and other forms of appearance tricks to try and be different. I am, however, thankful that it is dark black and not the bizzare colors that most other void armor is and the T3 stuff is just awful.
    Anyway, it doesn't hurt to ask, especially in a thread that solicits 'Wishes'.
  9. ARCHIVED-Seidhkona Guest

    keezyrick wrote:
    In this case, the reasons "why not" for armor dyes are many - it has to do with the way characters and armor appearances are done. To allow dyes, we've been told they'd have to revamp the whole skeletal system, and that they will never do that. /shrug
    The introduction of the Appearance tab has made an enormous difference for most folks. You can place your good-looking stuff in the appearance slots and have the outwards appearance you desire, while still enjoying the stats of your real armor in the regular slots. Actually, the Appearance system lets you have a MUCH more versatile appearance than just dyes would do.
    So it's not that Calthine was shooting down your idea, it's just been discussed into the tens of thousands of posts and the devs have been very firm that no, it isn't ever going to happen. The folks that have been reading the forums a while have seen these threads come, devolve into flame wars, then be locked. Over and over and over and over.
  10. ARCHIVED-Cinnimon Guest

    I have been doing these grouped missons of late with actual peeps. It's seems better in the late afternoon though to get some who want to do it on my server.
    Anyways who here doesn't get tired of having to switch out your gear for tradeskill gear everytime you want to craft?
    I know am one of them. So this has got me to thinking I remember when I played 'Vanguard' the characters had a extra tab kinda like the fluff appearence we have now just for crafting gear so I was wondering if this can be done here? This extra appearence tab can also have slots for harvesting tools as well like the 'Vanguard' characters did to save room in your bags too I am thinking too.
  11. ARCHIVED-Karrane1 Guest

    I would just LOVE if they made that TS tab available and I didnt have to carry 16 pieces of gear to switch in and out of!!!
  12. ARCHIVED-Daysy Guest

    The Senior Crafting Service quest has no reward for provisioners.
    Provisioners can't see the stats on what they make, unless they go level their adventuring too.
    Why not make the provisioner reward for Senior Crafting Service a permanent ability to see the real stats on foods?
  13. ARCHIVED-Eugam Guest

    Sigrdrifa@Lucan DLere wrote:
    Well, its the texturing, not the skeletal system. Looks like they use UV-mapping on almost all armor. Which makes it worse, because the UV mapping tools nowadays are very advanced ;(
    I agree the appearance slots are a very good solution. We rather should beg, pray and bribe for weapon appearance slots :)
  14. ARCHIVED-CorpseGoddess Guest

    Firecracker@Kithicor wrote:
    I *loved* that tab on Vanguard. Having an area for your crafting bags separate from your usual bags would be awesome. I heartily second this suggestion!
  15. ARCHIVED-Transen Guest

    Had a really interesting idea (I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought of it either) but I decided to enlarge this to the maximum size to make a sort of indoor version of a gazebo for my Gorowyn home:

    For all visual intents, it worked beautifully (my opinion anyways).
    The problem (and I have done a /feedback of it) is that you can't start from the outside of the table and run underneath it. You can "move" it, then run underneath it, then "Esc" to put it back where it was. You are also quite capable of running around underneath it or even running out from underneath it. You just wouldn't be able to run back underneath it again without having friendship access or higher and using the "move/esc-button" trick.
    While underneath, you can also run through the legs but I wouldn't really mind that being left as is.

    So that's my current TS wishlist..to be able to use that table as a fully functional Gazebo/tent-like structure.
    ....That and an additional 200 item count space for 5-room Gorowyn homes..I know it doesn't sound fair to the 5-room home owners in the other towns but there's just way too much empty space with absolutely no dividers to speak of to fill in a Gorowyn home where as in the other towns 5-room homes, you have the luxary of having the majority of that space sectioned off with built-in walls, floors, and ceilings. Even with the dimensional pocket expander, I've quickly run out of item-count space.
    I would have to think that in a sheer-metric-volume comparison of empty space between those mansions, it would show that the 5-room Gorowyn home would have the largest amount of non-obstructed (if not over-all largest amount of) empty space of any of the other 5 room homes. If I had to compare a gorowyn mansion to anything, it would be the Tier1 Evil Guildhalls which has one additional room and a little more over-head space (think the item count for those are set to 900 by default...could be wrong).
  16. ARCHIVED-Seraki Guest

    I would like to see hitting the wrong button when a combine event comes up not red/fail the event out. I mean you would still need to respond with in the so many seconds before failing to counter but having events pop up just when you hit a button to fight durability loss and loosing the chance to counter gets really frustrating.
  17. ARCHIVED-GrunEQ Guest

    Seraki: having events pop up just when you hit a button to fight durability loss and loosing the chance to counter gets really frustrating
    Wow, it's not just me....yeah, I hate that.
  18. ARCHIVED-Seraki Guest

    Carpenter recipe: a window with a view.

    That would be just awsome
  19. ARCHIVED-Katz Guest

    I would love to see some alternative ways to gain faction with your tradeskill society. Doing the crafting writs get repetitious and boring, especially when done on more than one crafter. The TSO expansion gave some nice alternative ways to level in crafting. It would be great to see this expanded into adding alternative ways to gain faction with tradeskill societies.

    The Wantia recipes that were added for carpenters were great. Perhaps some more of those could be added for different tiers. There are still some very nice house items in the game that can't be crafted. Over time you could add some from different areas, such as Greater Fay.
  20. ARCHIVED-Seertam Guest

    Every girl loves shoes. Now I dont have any male alts so have no idea if the dressclothes outfits they wear, include showing some footwear, but from the graphics I've seen they certainly appear to be wearing shoes.
    Now the girls have all those pretty dresses and there they are running around barefoot. Could we please have some shoes to wear. This is definitely a double standard!

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