TS wish list for the next dev?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-MadTexan3, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-MadTexan3 Guest

    What do you all think about putting together our wish list for the next TS dev?
  2. ARCHIVED-Jerril Guest

    My wish would be to get a tradeskill Dev.
    How many months are gonna go by until we do?
  3. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Jerril wrote:
    In a hurry? LOL. I want them to find the right person, get them trained, and give them time to develop a sound plan for the future. I don't want them to just throw someone in, say "there ya go!" and walk away. There's nothing so massively broken about tradeskills that we gotta have someone right this instant or the world will collapse. (/puts on her flame-proof armor)

    At the Community Summit in February Brenlo told me we would get another Tradeskill Dev, and that he had no ETA. In the meantime, Ilucide has positively rocked taking care of us.
  4. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    Calthine wrote:
    What she said. While I have my issues with Trades as a whole and do certainly think they need some serious work, Ilucide has done a solid job and overall TS is stable and better than it has been in some time. There is no need to rush giving us a TS dev at this point...though it shouldn't take another year.

    My wishes for this post are general since there is a wealth of very specific ideas on this and the old forums to draw from:

    • Tell us what you want, how you see crafting. Check the old SOE forums for what Frizznik posted for an idea of what we are lookign for. No specifics, nothing binding, just a post saying what you hope for and how you see crafting in this game. Communication goes farther here than likely anywhere else in the game.
    • Make the process itself more involved and challenging
    • Make crafting a genuine sphere beyond just leveling grinding;make crafting rewarding to itself as adventuring is
    • When adding in integrated content, make sure there is a reason for the crafter to actually be there. That is to say, no escort quests; the crafter must actually contribute to a process beyond what they could do back in the safety of the city. Lore itself is not enough of a reason to drag crafters out of the city. Their actions should be more involved than just being there.
    And this is my general warning to the person who takes the job-

    Understand you are taking over what is widely believed to be a neglected aspect of the game. Many of your players in this realm have been waiting for content for over 2 years now and are increasingly frustrated at what they see as a total waste of this games vast potential for genuinely involved crafting. What you add as far as content, and that does not include levels and mechanics, will all have to come from scratch since the game lacks such but, you don't have the luxury of a beta honeymoon to work with. Your critics will be harsh and not entirely fair- ignore them, but take what good points they raise and move with them. You're dealing with a fairly jaded group so you're going to have to let your work speak for you far more than any words before some of those arguments have a shot at being truly productive.It won't all be that bad though and some of your players-Calthine being the most shining example(though I still disagree with her on some core points)-are a wealth of information and a solid gauge on your performance.

    Above all though, NERF SAGES! You'll probably get more mileage out of that single move than anything else suggested on this forum.
  5. ARCHIVED-Graywindnz Guest

    I have an idea, or 2

    Have a Trade skill AA tree that has things like improved trade skills and things like a trade skill "stance"

    1 stance gives improved speed while crafting sacrificing durability for progress.
    1 stance gives improved durability while sacrificing progress
    Have AAs in to TS skills to reduce timers.
    New skills to allow a higher crit chance and improved chance to find a rare.
    How about an aa line that allows you to imbue an item while building it.
    The ability to enchant items, similar to adornments but can only be done at the build.
  6. ARCHIVED-Looker1010 Guest

    Jerril wrote:
    You got that almost right. We need a tradeskill developer - one who actually tradeskills. Not just someone standing by and occasionally watching us down in the dungeon but someone who harvests and crafts. Until we have an active crafter leading the tradeskill section things will not get better. Hats off to you Illucide. You've done a fine job trying to correct some of the more blatant crafting problems.
  7. ARCHIVED-MadTexan3 Guest

    1) The items that were removed from the lower tiers put back so that there's no odd progression (such as thefighting batons disappearing from T2 yet still existing in T3+, bracelets only being craftable in T3+, etc.).
    2) Complete sets of armor where such were added to a tier for targetted use by certain classes. For example, I'd like to see a complete Dexterous set of T2 leather instead of just a few pieces.
    3) Furniture issues:
    3a) No piece of furniture should look the same as another piece with a different name.
    3b) Rare furniture in all tiers should look rare and that's it's worth using the rare on, and in far too many cases rare furniture is the most unattractive in the tier.
    3c) Non-rare counters and in a lower tier--it's crazy that something as simple as a shop counter can only be crafted in T6 and takes a rare to do it.
    4) Advanced filters for recipe books so that you could, if you chose, create a list that contains only T2 DW piercing weapons, for example.
    5) Have the option to set recipe filters for use by a particular character only, so that your carpenter doesn't have to wade through all your armorer's carefully prepared filters to find his own.
  8. ARCHIVED-Liyle Guest

    Well, since we're reaching for our flame-proof armor: personally I'd like to see a return to the original system of interdependency and subcomponents. Grinding levels on final products is bad news. :flameproof = ON;

    Since that isn't going to happen, my wish is a generalized one. I wish that the relationship between the market and the crafters was higher in the development priority. In my experience, adventurers don't care specifically *what* they sell on the broker as long as they get the coin to buy <whatever> so they can get back to fighting. Crafters on the other hand place high value on selling *the things they make*. They get off on seeing players running around with items that have their name on them. This is a big part of the game for them... having a shop and customers, all that kind of thing.

    Now I'm not talking about folks who TS just so they can get "free" armor for themselves, I'm talking about self-identified craftspeople.

    There are a couple of things that I think might help.

    • Reduce the drop rates for items that compete directly with crafted and balance the stats so that crafted is attractive for various levels of players. Increase the coin drop rate to compensate adventurers for the loss. After all, if they don't have money they can't buy our stuff.

    • IMHO all quested gear should be No Trade. I think it devalues questing if you can just go out and buy the thing in the first place. Again, adjust the reward value of quests to compensate.

    • Shift xp from grinding "real" products to WO's. Xp should fall off dramatically for all but the "discovery" combine encouraging subsequent iterations for sales purposes only. This should help market glut for common crafted items.

    • Re-examine housing to find ways to make owning furniture a more integrated part of the game. Most housing as it stands now is relegated to warehouse status. Personally I never go to a major town to buy anything if I can avoid it. Sellers' inn rooms/houses are hard to find and all the zone hopping takes a lot of time (and half the time I've forgotten their name by the time I finally get there.) Houses in the burbs, a bank in SQ are issues that have been around since launch. Some creative thinking needs to happen to bring towns to life. Wouldn't mind seeing some homesteading in Thundermist and other villages throughout the world.

    • Nothing available from an NPC vendor should be equal to or better than player-made. Ever. Not even consumables like food and ammo.
  9. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    • Tradeskill Arts needs a pass. They don't necessarily need to be identical between classes, but there's some huge disparity. Similarly, event effects need a pass. Why don't provisioners ever take damage, for example?
    • I still maintain that Mastercrafted got tuned down too far. Okay, maybe it won't ever be equal to Legendary, but no way should it be the same or worse than common Treasured!
  10. ARCHIVED-Nuhus Guest

    Common recipes worth a little more than vendor trash
    /tsanon so I can choose not to get bugged for crafting stuff (broker all the way baby!) but yet show my adventure info
    A 'market area' yeah yeah whatever.
    Crafting titles
    Additional content for crafters
  11. ARCHIVED-CoLD MeTaL Guest

    Fix T6 harvesting.
    pretty please.
    with sugar on top
  12. ARCHIVED-MW2K2 Guest

    • Craft specific collections that give rare recipes as a reward and crafting XP. Recipes would be LORE but not No Trade.
    • Compartmentalizing node distribution - IE only ore/stone nodes should spawn along and around rocks and rocky areas, only organics should spawn in vegitated areas (I personally prefer the way KoS has its node distribution set up and feel it should be this way everywhere else as well)
    • More house items Carpenters can make to add to the make-up of the house itself - IE windows, floor tiles, draperies, walls, stairs, etc etc
    • More armor sets with varying stat combinations - IE a leather sta/int/wis set, leather str/int/wis, leather str/agi/wis, plate str/agi/wis, plate str/int/wis, plate str/agi/int, all armor types with high resists w/low(no) stats (ala resist jewelry), etc etc
    • More Jewelry sets with the self same stat differences as above - IE a set with str/agi/wis, str/int/wis, str/agi/int, sta/agi/int, and sta/agi/wis, 2 stats only, 1 stat only, etc
    • ATM, nothing is really done to make one armor piece/weapon/jewelry different from another - even though their stats are different they use the EXACT same materials; I'd like to see an X factor(s) added to recipes to give it its reason for resulting in the item it does. Maybe once again give a use for all those various bloods that still drop?
    • Uniformity in the crafting abilities... A level 10 ability should NOT be better to use than a level 50 ability (higher + to progress/durability). ATM for many schools the crafting abilities do not follow a sense of logic in progression.
    • Not necessarily crafting related but.... Have AMMO type deligate what weapon type is shown when using a ranged weapon other than bow - It's silly to have daggers in your ammo sack only for the graphic when using your ranged weapon to be a hammer.

    I'm sure there are more I can think of but that's good for a start. :)
  13. ARCHIVED-iamkung76 Guest

    I would love to see you get rare tradeskill reactions when crafting adornments.... Then the give you the rare of the next tier. I.E. If you crafting a legendary item you get fabled etc...
  14. ARCHIVED-Jerril Guest

    I would like the armor to be equipable at the beginning of each tier.
    My SK goes to TS with level 12 armor at level 20 but has to wait two more levels for the tier 3 armor. I'm fighting tier 3 mobs but don't get to use tier 3 armor till level 22. Please make the armor equipable at level 20,30,40....
    Loved subs so much more than the current system--just sad LU#24 ever happened.
    Give us back some subs-not much-but something to make the process somewhat realistic instead of throwing a rock and some wood in a pot and out pops a spell. Plus would help with the poor crafters who only get 2 per level.
    Let me make something I am proud of. Maybe each crafter when topping out at 70 gets an AA buildup and when they reach a certain level they get to craft a superior weapon/armor/something that distinguishes them from the rest. A one time shot at a superior product. Something that will be in game from then on with our name on it.
    Have a zillion more ideas but am on boss watch.
  15. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    - Consistancy in fuel use. Currently the -common- potions and poisons use 5 fuel for all tiers and the rare use 4. In addition, the number of fuels per tier should vary. For example, in T1, it looks mighty odd that a tin sword takes only 1 coal but lesser hemotoxin takes 5 candles. I do not know if any other class is hit with this oddity, as far as I know, it's only alchemy. - Return the "lost" recipes and/or fill in the product lines for all the tiers. It's not "progression" for the crafter, it's crippling the adventurer by not allowing him to use what he can later. - Add crafting content! There should be crafting rewards (like special recipes) that come from crafting and not just and only from adventuring. Add crafting quests that involve -crafting- in their steps (not just or only "Fed-ex" delivery runs). - Add some way to see how an item actually looks without putting it on/equipping it or placing it in your home. Have the examine window show a picture of the item, for example. - Add in the ability for tailors and armorers to choose a colour while making armor. It can be a set range of colours for that particular armor, but allow them (and only them) to be able to have that difference. - Have No Trade drop items (from raids or instances) that can be used as is or used as a component in a recipe to make them usable by other classes. - Make common crafted truly a -choice- between it an treasured and not so paultry in comparison to easy to get treasured. - Make rare crafted truly better than treasured (it can still be not as good as legendary). - Return the varying levels of crafted items based on the quality they're made to. Long ago, pristine and "normal" was equipable at x0 with shaped and crude equippable at x9 and x8 of the previous tier. - Add special recipes that require crafters to work together to create a better product (legendary or better).
  16. ARCHIVED-Axelia Guest

    I don't know if many would agree on this but.
    Once a tradskiller reaches level 50 they should be able to salvage with a chance to salvage a rare.
    Multipule rare combines that make items as good as fabled.
    Extreame rares and recipies that drop off raid level mobs

    IMO tradeskilling should be the top line stuff like another game I play. The quality of tradeskill combines here starts to take a nose dive after 50.
  17. ARCHIVED-Crinaeae Guest

    There are a ton of good ideas here. Please devs. look at these and see what your crafters are looking for.
  18. ARCHIVED-Raveller Guest

    Race specific armor and weapons.
    • No new graphics needed, go ahead and recycle existing ones. But the items should only be equipable by one specific race and should have custom tuned stats.
    Race specific recipes for each crafting profession.
    • Would be nice if there were items that only, for example, a Kerran could craft.
  19. ARCHIVED-Raveller Guest

    Jerril wrote:
    Subs sucked. No two ways about that. The pre-LU24 sub system was no more 'realistic' than the post-LU24 no sub system. You're delusional.
  20. ARCHIVED-Raveller Guest

    Nolus@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Ever been to the bazaar in EQ1? Just say NO to a 'market area'.

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