TS wish list for the next dev?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-MadTexan3, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Whilhelmina Guest

    Oh, THAT is a nice idea ! Yes ! Shoes for all my girls please ? pretty please ?
  2. ARCHIVED-Himemiya Guest

    My current pet peeve is harvesting. When you want a particular item off of a multi-item node and you always seem to get the one you don't want. i.e. I'm ending up with 5+x the amount of loam compared to metal.

    I would like to be able to right-click and get a particular type of (non-rare) item. Increase the chance to get 3/5/10, but zero, or near zero chance to get a rare as kind of a trade off (since you're tunnel visioning to find the specific item you want).
  3. ARCHIVED-d1anaw Guest

    My tradeskill wish list:
    I think the developments they have been making to tradeskills are a step in the right direction. I like that they are making tradeskilling a more important component in the game. What I would like to see is tradeskilling being put on par with adventuring. There is no reason why those who like to slice and bash should be seen as "higher" in the heirarchy. To that end, I think that when you make a tradeskill level, you should be able to go into an area comparable to that level to harvest or complete quests without being any more aggro than those who are adventurers of the same level. Perhaps a way to do this without giving an unfair advantage to a tradeskiller, would be to make the aggro the same as it would be for an adventurer of the same level as long as you don't attack anything. Once you do, you are fair game at your adventure level. This would allow us to harvest or travel without having to play hide and seek everywhere.
    I think the idea of combining some tradeskills is a positive one. It makes sense to combine say a carpenter and a woodworker. I also feel that sages should be the only ones making spells. I used to have a jeweler and I dropped her because I hardly made jewelry. I had to make most spells. This doesn't make sense to me. Give the spell making to the sage and give the jewelers the jewelry to make. The same is true with the alchemist. Give the spells to the sages and let the alchemist do alchemy. It would make sense to combine all the armor under the tailor's title as well and the weapons under one title.
    To that end, since the past two expansions, the lines are blurring with tradeskilling. I would like to see carpenters make house items, not everyone else. I would like to see tailors make clothing, not everyone else, etc. Let the faction recipes be reflective of the tradeskill, not a whoever gets the faction can make anything. I would also like to see more opportunity for tradeskillers to get the shards. If tradeskillers are going to be on par with adventures, they should have the ability to similar opportunities within their profession.
    Lots of people have lots of good ideas here. Let's hope they implement some of them. I would like to be able to see pure tradeskill classes in the future standing along side a fury, templar, bruiser, etc.
  4. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    For Provisioners - Pet food that increases pet OOC health and power regen.
  5. ARCHIVED-RandomStream Guest

    d1anaw wrote:
    Certainly only carpenters should be able to make house items. How can anyone else reasonably make house items? Non- crafters making house items is silly, about as silly as a Sage killing a mob with his quill, 'cause he's a level 80 crafter.
    Merging crafting lines is going to be difficult (unpopular) - as it invalidates decisions players have made in the past. Do I really want two Woodworker/Carpenters? Are you going to add the Provisioner as well? These are the three least profitable tradeskill professions. All my other crafters make reasonable to good incomes - why lump them together. There is room for improvement. Why should house items, strongboxes and vendor crates be vendable after use. Nothing esle is? Why not make them attuneable as well?
    Giving all the Spells/Comat Arts to the Sage is a bad idea. Again it invalidates players previous decisions. My Alchemist turns over a lot of Combat Arts, why is he to be deprived of this source of income. My Sage makes nearly as much, and my wife's Jeweler does pretty well too. My next best income is my Armorer, but he is not as sucessful. Also do you really intend the Sage to be the only person who can make Dusts for potions? (This would make a Sage the only crafter worth being - certainly for your first crafter!)
    On gaining shards why not have crafters gain a shard when ever they make an item that uses shards for fuel. There might be a need to raise the prices of shard items from NPC merchants. Actually why have NPC shard merchants at all? If interaction between crafters and adventurers is a good thing then why not remove the NPC shard vendors. Indeed why not remove all NPC vendors, let the only source of any items be the crafters.
  6. ARCHIVED-Celena Guest

    RandomStream wrote:
    Since inception, special, live event pieces and faction pieces have been craft able by any low level crafter. Then with TSO, any crafter 50 -plus could do the missions, etc. Nothing wrong with that.
  7. ARCHIVED-RandomStream Guest

    Celena wrote:
    True, in fact any artisan can make house items below level 10, and any craftsman can make any house item below level 20. But special event items are relatively low level and carry very little status, so there is little or no change here.
    Items made on missions are NOT house items. They only exist for the mission, I think they are even No Zone. They cetrainly do not give SP reduction, one of the main game function of carpenter made house items; and probably the reason why players buy incarnadine teardrop lamps in preference to bronze sconces.
  8. ARCHIVED-d1anaw Guest

    Celena wrote:
    I guess you missed the part where I said that if someone is gathering in a level based on their tradeskill and they attack something, they face the consequences at their adventure level.
  9. ARCHIVED-Celena Guest

    d1anaw wrote:
    Nope. didnt miss it. Dont see it as an issue, as the game was designed this way. Dominio went out of her way when she created the crafting epic questline to be sure baby adventurers could do it, feel a sense of danger, and LIVE if they were careful.
    Here is a similar example. I play finger wigglers, so my damage is done via nukes. Sure, I can bonk a mob over the head with my wand, but the damage will be minimal and the mob will most likely knock me into next week. So, yes, I CAN do damage, just like my provi CAN make some house items. Those house items use a different type of skill and are harder for my provi to create than if she stood at the stove and keg where she was trained.
    There are many examples in the game of crafters making items outside their core craft. In addition to the faction reward RoK items ( danak wishbone, anyone?), adornments come to mind.
    Using your theory, the crafting mission instances should not exist, as they allow any class to make something from the other eight classes.
    When guild halls went in, carpenters were, and still are being worked to death. I know a carpenter who was THRILLED when people started getting the Grobb faction recipes so more people could make benches that can be used to create staircases. he said he was dreaming about making huge guild hall orders.
    I guess all my rambling is meant to say IMHO these small things add flavor to the game; they dont break it.
  10. ARCHIVED-hortefoutre Guest

    - Respecing the adventurer class would probably be nice. This will wipe out the adventure side (quest dones, npc killed, Aa discovery) but should keep the factions ...
    - The pristine issue is still unsolved, leveling a woodworker is very different from leveling a sage.
    - Do something to fix the problem with an event happening just while you are using an art, don't count it as a failure.
    - Find a way to make group missions more attractive and easier to set up (longer timer, possibility to invite off line people, sharing of quest of the previous days ...) etc ....
    - Add a mara order guild amenity.
    - Give mastercrafted recipe to provisionners.
    - Add a guild broker (so our guild provi can sell product to guildmate at costing price). I don't want our potion makers to loose money while making us potions.
    - Add the possibility to put orders on the broker (either for comissioned or for normal crafting). Order will include the material you provide (you may or not furnish the rare) the amount you pay and the product you wish. This would indeed work like a comissioned order but offline. Details of the implementation are up to the dev, the only issue is about locking an order.We don't want two crafters to pick the same order. So the first crafter taking the order will lock it. But we don't want a crafter to lock an order that he will not complete. So probably when taking and order from the broker the crafter will have some deadline to complete the order. The products will be mailed automatically to the person who placed the order.
  11. ARCHIVED-salle Guest

    All I wish for is a better minigame... isn't free realms crafting about funny minigames?
  12. ARCHIVED-Imagikka Guest

    ****Using Alt+F while placing a wall-mounted item will cause that item to "flip" and be placed backwards******
    A plain white square or rectangle rug recipe, as well as a light green one
    room dividers similar to the redwood, but in a dark wood and in white or off white- preferably without the pattern currently on the redwood ones though
    a bouquet of flowers (like the woodsun flowers, but a bigger bunch that can be "placed" in vases)
  13. ARCHIVED-d1anaw Guest

    I guess I am still having a problem with the idea that some people find it so offensive if someone prefers to play the game solo or in small groups. I don't see why it should be a requirement to have to depend on other people or large groups to accomplish anything. I also don't see why some consider raiding the only acceptable manner of play and why tradeskills cannot be considered on the same level as adventuring. How an individual chooses to play is of no consequence to the game at large. For every person that prefers solo or small group play, there are dozens more who think the life of slice and bash in a raid zone for 14 hrs a day is the only way to go. For every person who prefers solely tradeskilling, there are dozens of others who prefer solely adventuring and even more who do both. So in the end the personal preference is irrelevant to the game at large but choice should be available to everyone.
  14. ARCHIVED-couching Guest

    I wish we can have equal or comparative crushing weapon adornments as slashing weapon adornments, such as 3% riposte or 3% mitigation increase adornments for crushing weapon in eq2.
  15. ARCHIVED-hortefoutre Guest

    Just equalize the number of recipes for all classes. Make fake recipe if you miss time to implement them like woodworker-training-xxx that would produce nothing ...
  16. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    Odys@Storms wrote:
    That is a horrible idea. We have too many near useless recipes already.
    The bonus xp on writs was added to allow classes with fewer recipes to advance pretty near as quickly as sages.
  17. ARCHIVED-Daus Guest

    From the office of Racketeer Daus Qeynosbane, Vindicator of the Coin, Majority Owner and C.E.O. of Dausco on Kithicor Server
    As one who has leveled ten crafters to 80 my greatest torment is that provisioners still have no mob-droppable advanced recipes. How about containers for food/drink that are equipable to the currently existing food/drink slots? They wouldn't need to have a large capacity and can offer smallish effects (both positive and negative) to food and drink. Balance issues aren't really much of an issue considering that every vertical or diagonal expansion imbalances the older parts of the game anyway. But you could still attempt to maintain balance through give and take with the food/drink containers. If you really want to push the balance issue then you might even consider making the container bonuses specific to crafters. The containers could come in both handcrafted and mastercrafted varieties and the various forms could be made from any of the materials in the game. eg. palladium stein, fir stein, alder bowl, yarrow basket, silicate carafe, fire emerald goblet etc... You could probably borrow from what was done with the ammo containers. Even if the container capacities were to increment by one each tier they would still be marketable items with the stat boosts/trade-offs. For even more provisioner love the containers could be imbueable or even be yet another means to introduce "fun" items/animations/costumery into the game. Imagine, a Bristlebane's day event where every character in Norrath has been transformed into jesters wielding goblets and plates. Hysterical!

    Another idea that, perhaps is a bit overdue; Blank-slate Housing. Too many players, not enough variation in floorplans. Basically, when a player goes to buy a new house they can select the pre-existing, boring, (and somewhat annoying) floorplans or they can select a blank space to be built with carpenter made recipes in blocks (like buying four room corners and four wall segements in matched themes) that would affect the rent cost (base purchase price is the same while each added segment of sq. footage to the house adds to rent cost/placement limits/vault space) while still being limited by the housing catagory purchased. You could even go so far as to make the new recipes into seperate books purchasable from the tradeskills faction for the various cities which could be a way to maintain thematic consistency. Walls, rooms, lockable doors, flooring and "wallpaper" styles, windows(heh), garden spaces etc... Staircases could be used to "open" up a basement or second floor, while allowing the player to decide not to have multiple floors by simply not instaling any staircases. There already exist a sufficient number of models to make a strong start. For current renters they could have a one time "free move" into the same address they are currently renting; everything being dumped into the moving crate or regular inventory (house vault stuff). It would revitalize player housing while vastly increasing in game value through furthering the customizability of the players game experience. Essentially, a player could either buy the pre-packaged floorplan (McManusmansions) or they can buy a sq. footage and build a lovely custom floorplan with the help of their friendly neighborhood carpenter. I think this could be done without having to build a seperate ingame floorplan designer app this way. And once again rare materials or even rare drops could bring some really interesting variations into the mix. heh, maybe this could be an option made available through the marketplace? Or even the basis of a new crafting class.
    At the very least get rid of the slanted walls in my 5 room in freeport! I have stuff to hang.
    Also more and more fun/scary/cool looking costumes and other just fun stuff overall.

    P.S. For those scratching thier heads about vertical, diagonal, horizontal expansions...
    vertical - same level cap, new variations in itemization, new AAs (which tend to make the older content easier esp. w/ mentoring)
    Horizontal - increased level cap, no or negligable variations in itemization, no or negligable AAs (which doesn't have as much of an impact on the older content as vert or diag)
    Diagonal - some relatively balanced (for the newer content) combination of horizontal and vertical (Also tends to make older content signifacantly easier).
  18. ARCHIVED-Huji Guest

    I have a suggestion for a Guild Hall amenity. How about offline commissioning? I come from a rather casual guild, where some of the players have odd schedules (one is from England, in fact). This makes getting together for things like making spells, Proof of Pudding updates, or even armor and arrows a bit dodgy. When I log in, folks may be in the middle of an adventure instance, quietly running out of their favorite poison, or potion of tactics.

    It would be nice if there was a guild hireling for offline commissioning. Players can go up to the guild commissioner (is there a better name?), and place an order, optionally depositing rares, void shards, money, incriminating photos, or whatever, selecting a product from the vast tradeskill database, or selecting a tradeskill profession, and attaching a note as to what they want. Later on, when some bored tradeskiller comes back to the guild hall, he/she can leaf through the orders for their class to see if there is anything they can make for their fellow guildies. I am sure rangers would love this, for the shear fact that they would not have to either chase down the one woodworker in their guild all the time, or resort to (gasp) the broker.

    Maybe instead of depositing with the guild commissioner, the items can be held in the guild bank in a special section of the vault dedicated to this (remember, void shards can't be put in the regular guild bank, so this would have to get special treatment). As a bonus, you can link the size of this special vault to the level of the guild, so a level 80 guild can potentially have more orders pending that a level 30 guild.

  19. ARCHIVED-thecynic315 Guest

    I would like to put in a request for Weapon Display plaques. There aare many cool looking weapons and even many weapons that people feel proud to have aquired it would be great if we could show them off in our homes/ guild halls on a display.

    I would be nice if there were possibly 2 versions, the first would be a simple Wood palque similar in design to the Kaladim Wall Chain, minus the chains. The weapon would then be displayed as if mounted to the wood.

    The second version would be a mastercrafted version and be designed with some pizaz like the Guild Hall Trophy bases. Here the weapons could be displayed with particle effects on and any special 'incombat' apperences turned on.
  20. ARCHIVED-Nero Guest

    Tinkering has some nice tools.
    For example, Call of Tinkerer, repair robot, overclock tool, FD item and so on.
    But I'm not satisfied very much.
    What if pet of Tinkering can attack epic mobs?
    I think that this helps some raid like SilverWing which uses charm.

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