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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-MadTexan3, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    As I said before, you do have the option of just removing that factor.At this point in time pristine bonus does more harm than good. It wasn't implemented with the current TS scheme in mind so it's perfectly viable for the chopping block.
  2. ARCHIVED-Nuhus Guest

    [p]I know. I wouldn't mind losing the fast leveing factor in any form if you want to even that up.[/p][p]I don't want to see any class get undesirable recipes for leveling purposes. Sure give them more recipes, but useful ones.[/p][p]My main theme is if crafting was fun and worthwhile people would be less concerned about leveling. Sages level extremely fast which I would personally give up for useful recipes. [/p][p]imo theres too much a focus on leveling speed than what really counts. [/p]
  3. ARCHIVED-EQPrime Guest

    [p]Time for Calthine to post her, "How do I craft?" links. ;)[/p][p]It's not a problem with sages; mine has no problem with pristines and I generally don't pay 100% attention to him while I craft. Hit 123 123 123 123 456 456 456 a bunch of times and poof, a pristine bonus for an app4. I think he's level 58 now and is still working on level 56 recipes getting the first pristine bonus. [/p]
  4. ARCHIVED-Nuhus Guest

    Word! Kathump! :-D
  5. ARCHIVED-gm9 Guest

    Agreed, do away with first pristine and give us something useful to craft instead.
  6. ARCHIVED-Zyphius Guest

    [p]Last time I checked, crafting was for making goods for others and selling them for a profit. When did "leveling" become the purpose of crafting? I could care less about the leveling speed. It's a BS cop-out. I've been level 70 for months, and yet I still only have 3 plat to my name, have to live in the newbie apartment because I'm too poor to buy a bigger house, and have to ride on the free quested carpet because I'm to poor to buy the GL 70 mounts. The number of recipes mean diddly squat if you can't sell them! Crafting is a business. I don't work for free, I work to make money. Same thing for crafting. Every class needs items they can sell a lot of. Sages included.[/p][p]I agree with those that say take away the bonus, or take away the app's (no one buys them anyway - that's 1/2 of our recipes right off the top - of the rest, only 1/5 of them sell, and only 1/60 of them once per char).[/p]
  7. ARCHIVED-EQPrime Guest

    [p]As for my wish list:[/p][p][strike]Fix Cure Noxious potions.[/strike] addressed already, yay![/p][p]More cool integration of crafting with adventuring similar to what's been done in DFC, Nest, EH, Unrest, and the Wurmslayer and belt HQ's.[/p][p]Imbuable chest and legs for all types of plate, chain, leather, and cloth armor. (melodic, devout, plate, etc.)[/p][p]More crafting-related items either achieved by a continuation of the newbie crafting quest line, or perhaps unlocked for sale when achieving a certain amount of faction with the Ironforge Exchange or the Freeport newbie association (or whatever they call it). Examples of crafting items could be: no-stat out-of-combat power regen clothing, + to success rate items, + to favor/flawless/insight items, etc. These would be nice to use while crafting and would generally have no impact on the adventuring side of things.[/p][p] [/p]
  8. ARCHIVED-Rocc Guest

    [p]Well keep in mind that my sage is only 27. I have many tradeskillers and 3 of which are level 70. My biggest problem (again) is that no matter what I do, I cannot craft tier 4 spells at my level.[/p][p]My provisioner is crazy as well. I craft better with lower buffs than I do with ones my level. Why is that?[/p]
  9. ARCHIVED-KerowynnKaotic Guest

    Nolus@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    [p]You know what .. as soon as I ding lvl 70 err .. wait .. lvl 80 Sage .. I, too, will support Sage Nerfage! [/p][p]Until then .. My wrists thank the stars that Sages have so many recipes! [/p][p]:roll: [/p]
  10. ARCHIVED-Nuhus Guest

    [p]Use the ones that work best, I still use some t2 arts. It's not logical see what gives the best benifit for you and go with it. Don't go by level except for increasing scribing ( I usually only occassionaly throw in the most recent for skill ups)[/p][p]Most recent is not always best. That goes for any TS class. [/p]
  11. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    Because multiple ideas are at work in TS arts that really don't mesh well together. First, it was about options where the theory was that leveling up was about getting different ways to control the process-think fine and coarse adjustment. Also at work is a slight variance in what arts do for different classes and what they cost(which doesn't make any sense whatsoever to me). Somewhere around the time Beghn took back over, they went to a pseudo standardized art set. In all those schemes, there is no general correlation between crafter level and what type of buff you get. On another note- I see instruments are coming back.Does that mean woodworkers are getting the recipes we lost back in some form?
  12. ARCHIVED-Nuhus Guest

    [p]Think more logically than that. I know I will be working through T8. It's much simply to nerf the pristine xp bonuses and up xp to even out the xp gain between all classes. If they have to incrase xp gain throught whatever I'm all for it. But it gives everyone an even playing field and takes out this redundant argument while also allowing devs to take out that variable with tradeskills.[/p][p]I've been long sick of the over focusing on leveling speed. [/p]
  13. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    Nolus@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Yeah. And better they do that and resource use balance now so I don't cry when I level my 9 up to 80.Of course, shoudl I have my explosive arrows, I won't complain...much. I might even settle for Sword-chucks.
  14. ARCHIVED-EQPrime Guest

    [p]I'd be willing to bet you could make better profits selling spells as a sage than I do selling armor as an armorer and I make plenty selling armor.[/p][p]Not only do sages level much more quickly than say armorers for example, it costs them much less to do so due to the pristine bonus.[/p][p]Being able to level quickly has other advantages. When the new expansion comes out it will take you half the time and less than half the cost to reach level 80 compared to my armorer. You can make a killing selling adept III's for levels 71-80, and you can be at 79+ selling a whole lineup of spells before the adventurers can level that quickly. At the same time, I'll have very limited market, since T7 legendary will probably still be better than T8 mastercrafted, and I'll have difficulty providing full sets of armor to people who ding 72 and want to upgrade their Xegonite since I'll need to be level 79 to make some of those sets that are usable at level 72. [/p]
  15. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    Uguv@Mistmoore wrote:
    The problem you described is more because of the way recipe scribing works than sages leveling faster. The rest of the points are valid but, markets vary and you don't compete with sages. There are also a lot more sages than there are high level metalsmiths. Your post is an excellent example on why the bonus needs to go.
  16. ARCHIVED-Vodroc Guest

    Balancing the tradeskillers, sigh has been asked for since the beta. Honestly one of the most simple things you can do to help balance them is to balance the raws required to craft by the sheer number of recipies the person gets. Lets take a look at the math for such an issue.
    these will be all made up numbers btw.
    Sage mid 50's gets 20 new recipies that require 6 raws each. Each Vitality pristine gives you 5% xp or a full level. Well then you just dinged (with vit) with 120 raws.
    Carpenter mid 50's gets 2 new recipies that require 6 raws each. Each Vitality pristine gives you once again 5% xp for 10% pristine discovery, each craft after gives you 1% XP requiring 90 more crafts to ding. This requires 552 raws per level to ding.
    Say a sage requires then 12 raws per combine and carpenters require 3 raws per combine, then we get 240 raws required to level the sage and 276 raws required to level the Carpenter.
    The real issue is most tradeskillers are also the harvesters, so I spend say 1 hour of harvesting to get my Sage to ding, to 4 hours to make the Carpenter to ding.
    While this wouldn't make the number of recipies equal to even it out on the crafting end, it would help to even it out over the whole spectrum of crafting.
    Of course you shouldn't change the raw requirements for selling items like storage boxes and such as it would flood the market, however this helps the grind items to even out. Also you could then add extra recipies to help start to even out the combines but I know I would be happier if the raws evened out to the number of recipies.
    I know this is a HUGE change and would take months of work, but I think overall the balance it creates would make most of the community happy (can't please them all).
  17. ARCHIVED-ArivenGemini Guest

    Maybe a dramatic change would work? like with relic armor molds, why not generic skills? as in, you craft a skill template and the person scribing it would be to go to a NPC trainer (or heck, a player of the right class too) and be able to pick what skill of theirs at that level they wanted. If you included players as optional trainers of skills they know, then it increases player interaction, especially within a particular class.. but having NPC trainers means that there would still be options to get the skill without having to hunt down a player, as well as increase the use of home towns to players. Yes, it would cut a LOT of recipies out of the game.. but it would certainly start to level the playing field a bit.. there would not be any really desireable vs undesireable skill/spell recipies at that point, and with fewer recipies to maintain, you would have more time down the road to be able to work on customizing the particular tradeskill classes. But, I personally dont think that a person who isnt the class of that particular skill should know enough to make an upgrade anyway.. just thinking from the logical standpoint
  18. ARCHIVED-Oakum Guest

    [p]I agree with an earlier post that tradeskills have been neglected severely with just enough done to get by with the past expansions. I would like TS to given AA's just like KoS and EoF adventuring was. No, tinkering and transmuting are an adv secondary skill more then anything else. It was confirmed, IMO, when they changed them to go by any adv levels for the highest level that can be done. [/p][p] [/p]
  19. ARCHIVED-Powers Guest

    Step One: Remove the "First Pristine" XP bonus. It's a nice little bonus but all it does is cause problems. Step Two: Give every recipe a slight (15% or so) XP bonus to partially make up for the "First Pristine" loss. Now, this admittedly doesn't eliminate "Number of Recipes" as a factor in balancing tradeskills. Sages will still have much more variety than, say, Armorers or Carpenters; this can be a factor in boredom and in being able to view the stats for the pristine items before crafting. Even so, it removes the biggest problem caused by the discrepancy in the number of tradeskills, which is the relative rate of XP gain. Only then can the issues of marketability and consumable product be addressed. Powers &8^]
  20. ARCHIVED-hun_gover Guest

    [p]Firstly, a big welcome to Domino. Good to have a Dev back, and this is ample motivation to come to these boards again and discuss ideas.[/p][p]Secondly: I think that some form of work needs to be done on itemization to make every class viable again, here would be my proposal.[/p][p]The quality of items roughly follows following guidelines.[/p][p]Handcrafted.[/p][p]Treasured.[/p][p]Mastercrafted.[/p][p]Legendary.[/p][p]Grandmastercrafted. - see below (GMC to save time)[/p][p]Fabled. [/p][p]Now the GMC are items made from very harvests from very rare recipes dropped by mobs. Now these recipes can only be crafted by Grandmaster Artisans. The title of Grandmaster Artisan is awarded only to Crafters who have completed the new Timeline Signature quest. The timeline will follow some passage of Lore and involve making items for Lucan or Antonia. There are lots of different crafting quests in this timeline, some involving time restraint quests, other involving harvest items in Ant or CL which are Auto updates to make certain items, the devs imagination can run wild here. The point is, it would take a dedicated crafter the time to complete all these, its not a one or two day stroll. All the while on this timeline, completing quests, you raise a stat relevant to that TS skill but different to the ones currently used. You can only raise the stat to the current TS level, and you can only get a new tiers recipes at the last level in a tier, 9,19..79.[/p][p]Upon completion of this timeline, you are awarded access to the Gransmaster Artisan Halls, where hey presto, are 9 all singing and all dancing TS stations, and these need this new stat to be crafted on!! The special fuels are sold here, by a merchant, each class has a couple of recipes they can buy. The others they get off broker or by killing mobs of the relevant Tier.[/p][p]The process has to be repeated for each tier also. Its not quick, but we dont need quick now :)[/p][p]Also how about some crafting quests with Tradeskill specific clothes/jewellery as a reward. Maybe an item that increases the chance of rare tradeskill events happening. Or an Item that has a chance of reducing a failure. An item that regens power while not in combat. Item that reduces fuel costs. An item that has a proc that on completion of a recipe, fuels/raws may not be consumed. There are numerous ideas for items and really its another one for devs to let their minds free on!![/p][p]Glad to have you with us Domino, hope things go well in the TS world for ya:) [/p][p] [/p][p] [/p][p] [/p][p] [/p][p] [/p][p] [/p]

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