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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-MadTexan3, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-KillSlow Guest

    [p]Can we take a look at how progression works with crafted gear(mastercrafted)?[/p][p]I mean if you want it setup so that you get crafted gear in the beginning of a tier and progress into instance gear at the end of the tier. I would be ok with that. I just want someone to come out and say that. Crafted gear doesnt last past 4 lvls from when you get it.[/p][p]Weaponsmith is almost completely useless is T6 and T7, we can make adornments WOOT. The weapons do not come close to what can be quested or vendor trash. [/p][p]Armorsmith is the same, You can find treasured armor that is better than t7 crafted, hgher mit and resist.[/p][p] I have a 56 weaponsmith 70 carp 70 alche 45 provis deleted 40 tailor 45 armor.[/p]
  2. ARCHIVED-MirageEIG Guest

    personally I would like some aa lines added into tradeskilling - even if its just something I can get after I hit level 70... cause right now theres such lack of motivation to craft other than to keep one or two items of everything you can make on the broker for sale - I get no xp, no point in doing writs cause we are GL60, etc. Some possible options for tradeskilling aa (some similar to what a previous poster mentioned): 1) Harvesting line 2) Progression / skill in crafting line 3) a line to further advance your transmuting or tinkering, which includes things like bonuses to your skill level (if any impact on these two), rare recipe obtainment, etc. 4) a merchant line, which includes things like lowering your brokerage fee when buying ts components, lowering your brokerage fee when selling, maybe an ability to allow you to summon a broker anywhere for 5 minutes, and a final ability or something that allows you to get 5 extra spaces in each your salemen crates something like that - give me a reason to craft - doesnt have to be 50 aa points (or can be but just make it not super hardcore to grind through cause there are no real ts quests) another potential option too - I know there's been talk of going to FEWER tradeskill classes - but I am actually going to go a step further an allow further progression into my current. So for example as a jeweler maybe I can become a gemologist (make very rare recipes with gems), a soft metal worker (think of a name here but similar concept) or amaster spell maker (make master 3 spells, etc) You could do similar with each tradeskill line to make it so there is more "specialty" required - not more commonality. Thing is to make sure there are the recipes and items to back it up - if there's nothing meaningful to make - there's no point in doing it - however if all of a sudden I can make a really rare ring or as a gemologist add procs and stuff to gem-based jewelery (yes further to adornments) - phew - people will love me even more and there is a reason to tradeskill again other than to just sell the same junk (yes, its mostly junk). At the same time as a gemologist, I am out of the master 3 spell market and cant make money there, but heck, I may be one of the few gemologists on the server and hence should be rewarded for the time I put into it.
  3. ARCHIVED-MadTexan3 Guest

    [p]Something I forgot to mention regarding my wishes re. crafted furniture is not to overlook places like Stormhold, Deathfist Citadel, Ruins of Varsoon, etc. for interesting--and already existing--furniture models that just need to have recipes attached. Using pieces from there results in happy carpenters with no art department workload necessary.[/p][p]In fact, in the interest of being as helpful as possible in pointing these items out I'll endeavor to make a list of the most accessible items I have in mind and list them here.[/p][p] [/p]
  4. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    I've actually got a very long list of these already! ;) But if there's any particularly outstanding items you want to make sure is on the list, by all means. It may not be possible to use all of them, of course, but they can certainly go on the list to check.
  5. ARCHIVED-MadTexan3 Guest

    Oh dear, my girlfriend is going to be very upset to hear that I've fallen in love with another woman. :mrgreen:
  6. ARCHIVED-Aera Guest

    Welcome to the team, Domino. It's great to see a long time EQ player join the team. Looking forward to seeing what you contribute.
  7. ARCHIVED-Bohika Guest

    Fixing the T7 noxious remedy potion levels perhaps?
  8. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Read yesterday's post! ;)
  9. ARCHIVED-Janaka1 Guest

    [p]First of all, welcome![/p][p]Thanks for reviewing the list.[/p]
  10. ARCHIVED-slyfer Guest

    [p]I got one for you.[/p][p]Change the loam colors for each tier and rarity. There all white and when you have 7 tiers with a total of 14 loams you can't tell the difference by looking at them.[/p][p] [/p][p]This probably isn't your department because its art but maybe you can forward this problem to the appropriate people.[/p]
  11. ARCHIVED-Oakum Guest

    [p]Quick, someone craft a lock and install before she gets back in. Better yet, just make it like an adamantine chest that can't be opened or used at all. [/p][p]All kidding aside. Hello, glad to see you. [/p][p]Now for one of my wishes. Can we get a combine to condense say 5 imbuing items down to one dust or 10 items to 2 dust if pristine type thing. This would help in a couple of ways. One it would make more dust available for rare potions and poisons and 2 it would raise the value of them making the you got a rare item sound almost mean something when harvesting instead of a big dissappointment. [/p][p]Right now the majority of imbued item harvest are probably used like I use them to level up crafters with only using one additional raw. I hate telling friends that I can only make them rare poisons and potions if they spend a lot of money buying me the dust and then I charge them extra for fuel, too.[/p][p]When you have items selling for less then a silver that are dinged as a rare harvest, something is wrong. The stats will not change on the products they make so another use needs to be found for them to make them more valuable and making dust would be a logical use of them since the dust is named the same as the imbued item for a tier. [/p]
  12. ARCHIVED-macsux Guest

    Make something new to advertise LFW, maybe like an advertising board where we can show our class, level, recipies, etc. Maybe even go as far as placing orders through this system. Posting 70 Jeweler LFW every 5 minutes in qeynos_crafting is kinda lame. [size="medium"]This is especially a problem on PVP servers where everyone wears ANONYMOUS tag - LFW becomes useless there since you cant find someone if they are /anon and /lfw.[/size]
  13. ARCHIVED-The_Patchwork_Rogue Guest

    [p]There have been several posts here saying they want the sub-combines back. I have to agree that that would be nice. I currently have one of every base crafter type (thats 9 different crafting toons) and liked crafting much better back when it had sub-combines.[/p][p]However, the system that had been placed there was broken. There were too many sub-combines for some recipies and not enough for others. Then they tried giving everybody the ability to make their own interims, that too kinda sucked. Finally they just removed the refines and interims all together. In my opinion this was using bazooka when a .22 caliber would have sufficed.[/p][p]I think that returning sub-combines to the art of crafting would be a good thing; however, it should only consist of "refines" and no interims.[/p][p]Secondly, (and I might get flamed on this point) I think the "parting out" of who gets what type of "refine" was a good idea but should have been left at the class level - all scholars can do their set of the same refines, all outfitters can do their set of the same refines, and the same for Craftsmem. This way the most you would ever need of "alts" for doing refining would be 2 - with three toons doing crafting you could make all the stuff you needed yourself. This method still provides for a "sub-combine" market for crafters without making it near impossible to get the stuff on your own (like it was when interims were divided up amongst the subclasses: sage, tailor, carpenter, etc.)[/p][p]Lastly, if crafters can have work-orders that give status and coin - why cant we crafters get quests from shopkeepers around the city for coin and crafting xp? This would certainly help to reduce the pain felt during the process of leveling characters that have a limited recipie set (e.g. carpenters). You could even make them competitive by making the crafting quests "spawn". Namely the quest isnt always there - the shop owner may tell you that his or her stock is currently full and to try back later. Thus, crafters have to try and catch the quests before a different crafter of the same type gets it - sort of like contested raid mobs. Could make it even more personal by having the shopkeeper tell you who was the most recent person to fulfill the crafting quest. (e.g. Im sorry I dont have any work for you right now. <character name> just delivered a new supply of <crafted item> to me. Try back later, I might be able to give you the work next time.)[/p][p]Just some ideas from an adled brain[/p][p]~Alise Darkleaf - Permafrost[/p]
  14. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    While you've been active since Beta and likely have followed every major TS thread under a different name(sig looks familiar too), would it be a good idea to link some of the feedback threads that have fallen off?
  15. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    If they're still topical and relevant, sure. But, let's set realistic expectations here -- it's going to be a couple of months before I'm familiar enough with the systems and data structure to be comfortable planning out any major changes, and by that time the team is going to be completely focused on the upcoming Kunark expansion. So, while I'm gathering ideas and wishes now, anything more complicated or anything that's just a speculative "gee wouldn't it be nice if" kind of thing, is almost certainly not going to see the light of day till after Kunark is over and settled. That said, I do hope to get some of the simpler-to-implement things done before or as part of Kunark, and I'm definitely hoping to slip some interesting surprises in with Kunark. But one small halfling step at a time! While I'd like nothing better than to fix up all the problems and wishes of the last two years next week, even halflings have to abide by the constraints of reality. :shock: Insofar as changing the color of the loams - nice idea, don't know how much trouble it would be, and you're right, I don't think this would actually be something I would do, but I'll see if I can find out whose lap it would fall into. Always worth an in-game feedback too (though maybe after the Neriak fuss dies down, there's a ton of feedback about that at the moment). Interims and interdependencies ... while I agree that there were other less drastic solutions than the complete removal of everything, it's done now. It was a massive effort for Beghn to redo it and took weeks if not months of work to rewrite every recipe. I feel that redoing all that work again (and meanwhile shelving all sorts of other things I could have been doing instead) is not the most valuable way I can spend my time improving tradeskills. I'd rather look at other ways to make crafting more interesting and to even up the gap between the speed of levelling of different classes. More recipes, for example! :D
  16. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    Fine by me. Wasn't looking for anything special to be done by Kunark and I fully respect what a pain in the rear real time constraints are. Considering you are joining a team that's already started work on ideas they've had for years and as you said, it will take awhile to get fully caught up, all I'm really looking for is ensuring you've gotten as much clean feedback as you can in an easy spot. Oh, and does the bolded mean Sages are getting nerfed?!
  17. ARCHIVED-Prrasha Guest

    If those sword-shaped light sources (seen in the entry hall in Stormhold) make the cut, I'm a happy fellow!
  18. ARCHIVED-Cinnimon Guest

    [p]Ok, I would like make my wish list now that we finally got tradeskill dev :-D[/p][p]Not sure about the others but everytime I ding every ten lvls I get the secondary abilites we no longer use and having to sort them out is pain and would like to see them be taken out if we are no longer going these abilties.[/p][p]My 1st request is add the rest of the sets in T1 thru T3 for the Tailors and Armorers[/p][p]2nd I want to see more resist added and I miss how the commom use to give us way better stats and resist and now they give hardly nothing at the lower tiers when before they did.[/p][p]I would like to see more jeweler recipes added for a lot of them was taken out and I think alot of us miss them[/p][p]and most all I want to see more carpenter recipes added starting with the rest of recipes for the furniture that used to be sold by npc's and no longer is espcially the bookshelves and the qeynosian stove for at the time when npc's sold them alot of us couldn't afford these and I never see them for sell so they super rare to obtain and I so wanted these back then but couldn't afford them so pretty please give these recipes for these. [/p][p]T6 & T7 are lacking and have somethings that don't make since like for example seen alot recipes for items that we can obtain by turning in collections and would like to see these items changed to something more useful and cooler looking if you ask me for some of them are bulky and take up alot of room. [/p][p]T6= I seen some beds & rugs in Muj'Dal and seen some neat desks/chairs and beds in 'Poets Palace' that can be added.[/p][p]T7= I seen in the commons & rares recipes way to much junk stuff and to many similar items and not sure why other then who did KoS capenter recipes must not put a lot thought into it for it's really lacking creativity and the teir has no bed in it either so any added change to this tier would be nice I am sure[/p][p]Now as I sure you have many request from EoF and hope to see them added and since T7 is lacking maybe add some of it there as well to some of the other tiers since EoF is a expansion for all levels.[/p][p]As for items that are not in this game I would like to see pillows, dishes, curtains, counters with sinks/ cabinets, stoves, smaller nick nacks to set on shelves since they kinda plain even with books, Tubs?...hey we have to clean sometime from all that fighting, and any other items I have seen requested that I failed to mention.[/p][p]I would really like for you to really take the time the to over look the itmes and see what is missing like I seen tables with no matching chairs vice verse as well, I seen some things that are repeated in tiers, I seen some items that are just plain ugly and no one would even want it in their house like the T1 common and rare bookshelves...[/p][p]I would like to see more color other then brown, brown, and black mostly. I would like to see bone furniture actaully have a bone color look and that to is like off white to tan in color depending age if you know I mean. I am sure thier is other types of wood in this game should be of certain color and not but I know that bone should have off white appearence to it and none of bone furniture has off white appearence to it and should be.[/p][p]Thanks for reading and this is my wish list[/p][p] [/p][p] [/p][p] [/p]
  19. ARCHIVED-KerowynnKaotic Guest

    [p] *sigh* [/p][p]I really wish people would just drop the whole Interim / Interdependencies thing and move on! It's done and long changed. Let's work with the system we have now! [/p][p]... meanwhile .. "more recipes, for example!" [/p][p]I like the way you think so far! lol .. [/p][p]I am hoping that you can maybe continue and expand on the few additions that Illucide & Morticus have started .. [/p][p]The addition of more zone specific recipes in various zones across all the expansions and original game. [/p][p]For Solo, Group & Epic Zones. [/p][p]And, my personal wish item? The addition of a single line to every single harvestable item in game ... Tier: "X". [/p][p]8)[/p]
  20. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    Ok, I'm going to presume the following: You got a turnover from Ilucide that covered his hypothetical and other feedback we gave him;you saw some of what Friznik proposed way back in summer '05. That said, here are some of the more recent feedback threads: Suggest a crafting event/encounter Mechanics suggestions General direction seeking thread TS instances rework (though it might not be just you) A suggestion for fabled crafting A suggestion for group crafting Suggestions for "heavy" crafters General yet specific feedback General feedback Quest feedback Certainly not all of them.The forum wipe did help limit things but, should you have access to the archive, you can go through my name and find just about all the ones from there. I have a habit of tagging feedback threads to make them easy to find for me. I'd say check Calthine but she's got waaaaayyyyy more posts than me. Almost forgot. Can I get my exploding arrows this time?

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