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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-MadTexan3, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-MW2K2 Guest

    This has to do with collections as well but it's for crafters (I've also sent this in through /feedback in game when I came up with it)....

    I'd like to see a Norrathian Bug Collection put in that incorperates one of each type "bug" collection in all zones from EQ2 main to RoK. This would be a collection liken to the EoF level 70 Faydwer Collection only on a much bigger scale. Examples of bugs that would be included:

    1 ea (EQ2 main) striped, spotted, plain ant/spider/beetle/moth/butterfly
    1 ea (DoF) striped, spotted, shiny, crushed locust/scorpion
    1 ea (KoS) since KoS doesn't have any bug type collections maybe add two or three or of course just leave it out altogether.
    1 ea (EoF) grub/beetle
    1 ea (RoK) whatever bug collections are put into RoK [my suggestions would be dragonflies, mosquitoes, gnats, blow flies, or other swampy/jungle types]

    Upon completing this MASSIVE bug collection, like the Faydwer Collection, they would recieve a pair of goggles that can see only a certain type of glowy in all zones across Norrath. Since the Faydwer Collection glowies are blue I'd like to suggest the color for the bug collection glowies be either violet or green.

    These new collections, made up of collectibles only seen via the bug collection goggles, will result in rewards for crafters specifically. They will award NO Achievement XP or Adventure XP, but will award Crafting XP and a rare, LORE recipe with a level requirement within the level range of the tier in which the collection came from (at least one collection/recipe for each crafting school per tier).

    I feel this idea can add a new area of fun and excitement for crafters. It would give them another scope to the game they never had before (only reserved for the adventurer side).
  2. ARCHIVED-Nuhus Guest

    Deson wrote:
    I sure hope so, otherwise it would mean new recipes would be worthless. All Sages have is grinding crap (commons at least). The focus of leveling speed wouldn't be so much a worry if itwas fun and worth while. T8 will be coming and I'd be totally willing for a nerf. If the recipes were useful and worthwhile not leveling trash. Sage class is already screwed over so I wouldnt expect much there.
  3. ARCHIVED-MadTexan3 Guest

    [p]Yep, those are one of the items I had in mind and IMO this is the sort of item using a rare should produce.[/p][p]Here's what I have so far after a brief foray into Stormhold, plus an item I recall from the Ruins of Varsoon. [/p][p]Stormhold[/p][ul][li]"Sword in a gauntlet" sconces[/li][li]Octagonal chandelier in the room with the chess set on the table (has a long chain, would need to be shortened)[/li][li]Candelabras found in the room with the chessboard floor[/li][li]Purple and white pennons found in the hallway leading into Stormhold proper[/li][li]Purple and white hanging banners as found throughout the instance[/li][/ul][p]Ruins of Varsoon[/p][ul][li]Chairs with skeletal legs[/li][/ul]
  4. ARCHIVED-Chefren Guest

    An UI suggestion: add the tier of all raws and fuels to the inspect window and tooltips of these items. It would take away the "what tier is xxx" questions that pop up all the time.
  5. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    How about a palace official giving out order by competetive bidding. You go to him and he tells you what the palace is wants and what the current bid is. If you bid lower then at the end of the auction you get the quest/writ to supply the goods within a time limit. If you fail you are locked out from bidding for a while. A NPC bid could start the auction and thus limit the money that could be made, but provision for some profit should be allowed. The rate at which money gets added to the econemy would be limited by the rate at which new writs were added. Some examples: The queen is to hold a banquet for representatives from Baubleshire - a selection of Jum-jum based provisions. A delegation from Majdur is visiting - various T6 food stuffs We are refurbishing a barracks - some ash furniture We need a dining set for the overlord's private chambers - an ebony table and 8 ebony chairs We need a presentation sword for this years top cadet - an imbued steel sword A wide range of tiers and values would add excitment totunring up to see what was available.
  6. ARCHIVED-Zyphius Guest

    Any chance for the sages to finally get some love? Maybe some consumable recipes??
  7. ARCHIVED-Barq Bandit Guest

    I would very much like to see spices and sweeteners return to Provisioning. I can live without grains, I suppose, but having to put roots (the same roots everyone else uses for clothing, poisons, spells, etc.) in everything from cookies to casserole has made cooking in Norrath a very bland and boring task for me. While I used to really enjoy cooking for customers and friends, I no longer do so, and just make stuff for myself when I need food and drink on one of my characters. The recipes sound icky and boring these day. Loam and azurite clusters are also not very tasty-sounding...
    I'd also like to have my cakes back, as my Provisioner was going to own a cake shop, but that's kinda been ruined for me. : (
  8. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Zyphius wrote:
    Sages are a bit of a problem. I pulled up some recipe lists earlier this week to compare numbers, and sages are so far ahead of every other class (even jewelers and alchemists) in # of recipes that giving them yet more recipes seems not such a good idea. However, these recipes can't be removed from sages because adventure classes rely on them having all their spells.

    On the other hand, I know the recipes Sages have are nothing but spell after spell and there's no consumables and none of their common products is a hot seller. Ilucide and I have been discussing a number of thoughts, but it's hard to see one "perfect solution" that gives sages a bit of loving without giving them so many recipes it's silly (even sillier than it already is).

    If any sages out there have any brilliant ideas for sage consumables or anything else, I'd be happy to hear them. Ideally however it would be something that doesn't add too many recipes and doesn't require huge changes or a big amount of work to do. At this point, I would hesitate to spend a lot of time working on Sage love when they have something like 2,000 more recipes than provisioners, carpenters, or woodworkers (** invented number only as I don't have the figures with me at the moment, but it's something huge). If the fix that seems best does require a huge amount of time and effort, at this point I have to realistically say I'd look at the other crafting classes as a higher priority first. I am, however, quite open to hearing any brilliant suggestions you may come up with!

    Cakes and chocolates - definitely going to be rediscovered by the provisioners of Norrath.

    Furniture - there's more constraints around this than I'd initially realized. Not every item you see in the world can be easily made into a house item; some things are actually built as part of the zone, rather than being a placeable, moveable item. Good example here is the lovely round glass-topped counter in the jeweler shop in North Qeynos, one of the first items I checked out. Sadly, it's not really an "item" though it looks like it; it's part of the ground itself, and so I can't make that into a house item without requesting the time and effort of one of the art team, who are busy enough at the moment. (Stained glass windows fall into this category too unfortunately, they'd have to be a specific work request to the art team, so not something I can add right now.) Also there may be things that are an item, but aren't appropriate for houses - e.g. a sconce that comes with a huge slab of wall also, or an item that looks fine sitting against a wall in the zone but actually has no back side graphic to it. There's no way to tell what's an item and what's not just by looking at the world as a player, unfortunately. Most of the house items on the list I've already checked, the others I'll take a look at, so we'll see. The other constraint here is that things pretty much have to be old-world Norrath, or at least the majority of them do. If I add a bunch of stuff from DoF zones, then all those files have to be flagged to be downloaded by people who don't have the DoF expansion, or they won't be able to see them when they enter a house with them (like some of the wireframe effects some of the KOS furniture had early on for people without the KOS expansion). I'm hoping to make a couple of exceptions for extra-nice items in expansion zones, but the majority is going to have to come from old Norrath. On the bright side, there's a lot of really nice stuff around.
  9. ARCHIVED-Wrapye Guest

    Two things come immediately to mind for what could be small changes: 1) Reduce the dependence on Xegonberries for the last three levels of recipes for provisioners. 75% of the recipes from 67-69 use them. 2) An item that will recharge the tinkerer's safety recaller. For something that requires six vanadium clusters to make (or at least you need that many to start), only evacs the individual and not the group, 5 charges is too little. .
  10. ARCHIVED-Nuhus Guest

    [p] [/p][p] [/p][p]Sage: 3566 recipes (roughly)[/p][p]Provisioner: 647 (roughly)[/p][p] [/p]
  11. ARCHIVED-Zyphius Guest

    I understand your point on the "number" of recipes, but that really has little to no consequence in game. I've played a sage since launch, and I'm still struggling for plat. App 4's just don't sell, period. Adepts are too common. Adept 3's sell, but only for a short time. And, because of rare costs, it's extremely dangerous (financially) to make some and put them on broker hoping they sell for a little profit. About the only way to make ANY money as a sage is to know someone that wants all of their adept 3's made by you. And that helps a little, but dries up quickly once they have all their spells.
    I really don't know what to suggest, but to use recipe quantity as a way to say sages are "balanced", or even "over balanced" is just wrong. On paper they look GREAT... but in practice they need love... BAD. Most of the others get consumables. Consumables keep a small but steady flow of money coming in between the big ticket items.
    While I sit here, I am trying to come up with ideas. These sound a little pathetic, but I'll try and come up with something better later:
    Enchaments - Books or scrolls that give a short benefit (i.e. are consumable - like potions, just not the same). Examples of effects could be similar to adornments or other armor effects. Like all spells do +50 damage for 10 mins. This could go in so many different directions, and would be sought after if they werent extremely expensive to make (i.e. could be sold for a resonable price while making a decent profit).
    Recipes - Sages are scribes right? Why can't they scribe recipes for others? Especially consumable ones (ala the ones that drop in Unrest).
    Books - Something they can place in a house. This isn't consumable, but it's a market other than "Spells".
    I'll try to come up with more... Other sages that feel as "loved" as I come up with some good ideas to liven up the class too!
  12. ARCHIVED-Rocc Guest

    More provisioner recipies per level is my only request. Perhaps permanent raid drop recipes that are no trade? I like the idea of the Unrest recipe as well as the Woushi drops but they are only 5 charges and the ingrediants are a little hard to get. Unrest should have a lotto window come up when everyone clicks on a "?" or on the bottles on top of the bar.
  13. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    The easiest way to deal with sages is to just nerf everyone. Drop the pristine bonus and you can start working more on quality recipes/additions and mot be anywhere near as beholden to arbitrary numbers again. It's not a very sustainable situation where a class that has what amounts to just two recipes is stuck with just those two because of nothing more than illusory numbers. At some point you're going to run into situations that are far more trouble than they are worth and downright illogical like adornment recipes. As a stop gap to the loss of pristine bonus, you can probably work in a first writ bonus instead. Everyone gets wirts and they do help break up the grind feel enormously. Not a permanent solution but, it's a start. Really the whole system needs a work over, classes and all but, that's a bit much to ask right now.

    As far a furniture, heh, you're not telling us anything we haven't been told 1000 times already but thanks for looking into it again.
  14. ARCHIVED-Zyphius Guest

    Nolus@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    And if "quantity" is a measurement of balance.. then why do some adventure classes have more spells/CAs than others?
  15. ARCHIVED-ArivenGemini Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    Hi Domino.. welcome..


    Why are walls not appropriate for houses? I think that it would be really fantastic to be able to put my own walls into my apartments instead of being forced to use other items to partition things off.. it would take me a looooong time to get enough books to fill the bookshelves I have..
  16. ARCHIVED-Nuhus Guest

    [p]I about gave her a mouthful for going by numbers. She's partially right there are quite a few classes that are lacking in the area of recipes. We're apparently screwed by design. I'd gladly give up the apprentice spells. They don't sell at all. Adventurers don't rely on them whatsoever and it wouldn't hurt my feelings if they got taken out for even less of a number of useful things. The Adept III market isn't bad. Masters do drop a heck of alot more then any other fabled item in Norrath. [/p][p]BTW broker is the way to go, it's higher risk but you net so much better profits than by request. I've taken losses but I've gained quite a bit. *shrug*[/p][p]Kinda picture us making something like the Legsicon that drops in the nest.[/p][p] [/p]
  17. ARCHIVED-Rocc Guest

    [p]My only complaint about my sage is that at level 27 I almost NEVER make a tier 4 combine. It's quite disheartening considering I cant sell the app 3's to save my life. I have so many recipes that I just make one of each and gain far more experience compared to my provisioners 3-4 recipes per level. The exp you get from first time combines far supercedes making multiple stacks of food or drink. And by far I sell more food than I do spells. So can we at least look into the sage buffs? When I first started the game and made a million subcombines I leveled alot faster due to all the first time combines and almost always made tier 4 spells. Now, even tho we have a gazillion spell combines, I never can make tier 4. If I focus all my effort on one particular spell and make 15 of it, then perhaps I'll get a tier 4 combine. But then I'm stuck with spells I cant sell.[/p][p]Sages need better and more accurate buffs.[/p][p]Provisioners need more recipes.[/p][p]Please.[/p]
  18. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Nolus@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Just to clarify - I'm not just "going by the numbers", BUT, the numbers of recipes is ONE factor (among many) that I have to keep in mind while trying to come up with a solution. While 3000 relatively undesirable recipes are not necessarily more profitable than 500 extremely desirable ones, they still give a lot more pristine bonuses and make levelling up much faster. I definitely am not saying a class with 3000 undesirable recipes is better off than a class with 500 extremely desirable ones, but I do need to find a balance point between them for both classes. Ideal solution would give the class with 3000 undesirable recipes some desirable ones, and the class with 500 desirable recipes some more recipes, even if they're not quite so desirable. But there's a lot of factors to consider in deciding what recipes would be desirable to add, and which changes should come first, and what other effects it will all have. So keep the suggestions coming, and don't worry, I'm not just counting recipe numbers and leaving it at that. It's one of many things I'm counting.
  19. ARCHIVED-Nuhus Guest

    The only time I have trouble with App IV's is on rush orders. What combos are you usings? Apprentice IV's don't sell much better either anyways.
  20. ARCHIVED-Krontak Guest

    [p]Hello and welcome to the lions den...muuuaahaahhaha.. just kiddin.![/p][p]Ok, here's my wishlist.[/p][p]1) Continue on with integrating Fabled combines out of the raid zones such as was done with EH. These are great items on par with many of the weapons that drop off the other mobs. It was the first time I made something that was truely useful. Heck, I even use the 1 hander I made as my main weapon for the time being. This was definatly a step in the right direction that integrated crafting into the raiding comunity. The armor recipies are great too along with the spell/poison recipies. Bravo to whoever thought this one up.[/p][p]2) Along the lines of how Fabled items were implemented possibly begin to encorporate rare trade-able Legendary level recipies along with rare trade-able components. Since instances are on a timer where they can be completed daily and raid zones are on say a 5 day timer possibly make these legendary recipies 5 times as infrequent to ensure the economy doesn't get flooded with these items. Coordinate with whomever creates weapons as it was apparent the fabled crafted items had some thought put into them on making a truely great quality legendary item that falls somewhere in between a great legendary and a mediocre one.[/p][p]3) I've said it before, and I will mention it this one last time. A while back throwing weapons were taken from weaponsmiths. I'm not saying strip them back from whomever has them now and give them less combines. Possibly give us a new Ranged item like a blowdart with darts for Rogues. This would give us a few more options. Possibly some interdependencies could be created and poisons from alchemists or something could be used to dip the darts into. Not sure exactly but I'm sure you may have heard the weaponsmith grind along with others like woodworker is a painful experience which, by the looks of it, I'll be experiencing again in about six months which leads me into my last wish...[/p][p]4) Is there any way to make the grind less painful? I remember eq1 having like a tradeskill zone or something where you could do some quests. Quests would definatly be a way to help us eliviate some of the pain of leveling up. I know there is only so much to do but stairing at a forge hours on end watching that xp go up about 1% is painful. I even have trouble doing it for 1 hour straight when trying to max out usage with a tradeskill xp potion. It honestly has nothing to do with wanting something on a silver platter truely. Its just painstakingly boring sitting in front of a forge for hours on end and kind of takes the fun out of gaming if you know what I mean.[/p][p]So, best of luck. Welcome abord.[/p]

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