TS wish list for the next dev?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-MadTexan3, Apr 29, 2007.

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    Jerril wrote:
    *crawls out of a strong box*

    Hi there! :D
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    WOOT! We've got a Dev! WE'VE GOT A DEV! And it's a woman (I hope :p, nothing against you guys but women seem to lean more toward the crafting end of things and don't go through revamping things with a hacksaw(from previous experience in another game))! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee /doestherobot
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    CoLD MeTaL wrote:
    Boy, do I ever second that one!! :-?
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    Oh, and welcome Domino! :D
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    CoLD MeTaL wrote:
    There are definitely some things about T6 harvesting I've found annoying, however, if you could be as specific as possible about what you dislike and what you think constitutes a "fix" then it will be easier for me to consider solutions. The more specific you can be, the better. I'd hate to spend 4 hours reallocating all the ore nodes in Sinking Sands, only to find out that you were really annoyed by the lack of roots in Lesser Faydark, for example. :D Edit: in this particular example it isn't actually the tradeskill dev who populates the zone with harvestables, I believe the person who designed the zone is the one who's done that. So node location peeves might actually belong in the Zones and Population forums, although they do seem closely tradeskill related. However, feel free to include them here also as I may be able to track down the relevant persons and ensure they're aware of the requests.
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    First off welcome! One of the main problems with t6 harvesting, and to some extent EoF harvesting is the dearth of nodes. It's not just that there aren't enough to support more than a few harvesters per zone, it's that they are spread incredibly far apart leading to a harvest time much longer than other tiers. Couple that with them not being as specific as KoS harvest spots and you have it just being a pain. Personally in harvesting for all my crafters, t6 was most annoying for that very reason.
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    [p]I am often of strong opinion,occasionally vocal; and so for fear of scaring you off I will only say: [size="small"] [/size][/p][p][size="small"]Welcome.[/size][/p][p][size="xx-small"](And please remember crafters are a class not a secondary skill)[/size][/p]
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    I think that just like you can change your secondary tradeskill, you should be able to change your mind on your primary tradeskill. In this game you can reset your AA and respec the choices you made as you leveled but you can't learn a new trade? I'd like to see it possible with a minor cost - maybe 10g or so - but every tradeskill ability would reset to 1 and you'd have to level up just like you'd never done it before at all. There shouldn't be any advantage for having already been a level 70 (or whatever) before starting out. It would help the people who feel like they made the "wrong" choice and want to try another not be stuck on thier main with no choice. Personally I wouldn't switch. But I think it should be an option for those who aren't happy.
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    Hellos and welcome! "101 uses for canine saliva?" Uh oh, don't let her cook for you! Othesus - Dirge - Lucan DLere Vaspar - Fury - Lucan DLere
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    My biggest wish for TS improvements: Please, please, please, please, please--iterate that however many times you feel appropriate--remove the mechanic that refuses to let you use a "lower tier" buff when a "higher tier" buff is already running. This makes some sense for adventure spells, since you don't want a lesser spell to overwrite a better one. But it makes zero sense for tradeskill buffs, which don't progress from worse to better the same way adventure spells do. Each new tier of TS buffs you get alternate between buffing progress or buffing durability. As a 70 provisioner, for example, my progress buffs are my most recent ones, while my durability buffs are a lower tier. If I'm losing durability on an item and want to switch to buffing that rather than progress, I have to endure that infuriating and useless message that tells me the game just ignored what I told it I wanted to do. The game thinks that me wanting to use a lower-tier buff is a mistake, but it is an everyday function of crafting strategy. The game should never be second-guessing what buff I choose to use. A checkbox in the tradeskill abilities section of my spellbook for "only show abilities related to my primary tradeskill" or some such would be nice, so I don't have to wade through a hundred different buffs that aren't usable by me after level 10. Oh, and welcome! :>
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    If it means anything, I had at least 6+ level 50+ crafters before I had left the game about a year ago. Those characters are now gone. I used to make a lot of money with my level 70 tailor, and made decent cash with my level 60 armoror crafting T2-T6 legendary armor. Thats right, legendary, not mastercrafted. Now, drops are so good throughout the tiers and are in general, consistently better than anything crafted.

    Today, I have one sage that I'm actively leveling. I have no inspiration to craft at all anymore.

    What ruined it:

    • Complete removal of interdependency, and removal of subs. I made a killing because I had my own alchemist who could make extracts. Dolls, armor etc all sold really well, with high profit margins.
    • Rares used to be more rare. Now they are cheap, and again, profit margins are less because everyone can craft rares.
    • Merging of the brokers. I was in freeport, and at least at the time, most of the crafters were in Qeynos. Now, the market is flooded since you have visibility to everything.
    • Gear "nerfed" or at least adjusted. I miss items having combinations of resists and stats. I'd rather have +300 magic and +300 mental than +50 of each resist. Many low level items don't even have resists.
    • No bump in the tier. We've been at tier 7 for a long time, and dropped gear has increased in quality since KoS. EoF legendary is light years ahead of mastercrafted.
    • No crafted gear equipable at 67+. Yes, there are a few items, but the recipes are largely no-trade and generally require raiding. Many people who have been at 70 for over a year simply have no need for anything crafted, and the people who raided to get the recipes probably don't need the fabled craft that came about because they are already fully fabled!
    • Expensive cost for an abort. Aborting a sub or previous combine had a small penality, now it has a large one. Not a huge deal though.
    • The new writ system is a huge improvement. I would suggest getting tradeskill XP when completing each one.
    • Make XP gain for each profession the same as it is proportional to the amount of recipes they have in that level. So, if a sage has 12 recipes, they should ear the same amount of XP after making all 12 recipes the first time as a carpenter who only has 3 recipes. Maybe not this a literal of a change, but hopefully you get the idea.
    • Add more recipes or change the stats of items so that they are equipable later in the tier, especially tier 7. Make players WANT to have crafted gear at 70. So, for example, have a pair of Xegonite pants that are equipable at level 69 that have stats comparable to level 69 gear.
    • Have crafted gear have set bonuses like dropped gear. If you have a full set of dragonhide leather, it should provide a bonus - maybe with an additional imbue.
    • More varying imbues than just on chest, pants, weapons, and rings. Transmuting really has ruined this though, they get all the cool effects, even if the tradeskillers get to make some of them. We're still dependent on transmuters for the components though. I can't think of an easy way out of this other than allowing more imbues.
    • Allow for tradeskill respecs. Anyone should be able to drop to a level 9 artisan and lose all recipes 10+ if they choose. We shouldn't have to roll a new character, as it seems most of the new crafting stuff requires crafters to have high adventurer levels.
    • Allow us to transmute common crafted items.
    • Adjust Hex dolls so that they properly scale with the tiers. +9 INT at level 10 vs +14 INT at level 60 is not a proper progression in my opinion.
    • Throwing weapons in tier 7 all have the same stats. In previous tiers they vary.
    • Master III spells. Not that sages really need a boost, but it would be nice. Make the rare raws ultra-rare. I see people trying to get spells level 57-60 more than anything in tier 7 since they are so difficult to obtain. That really shouldnt be the case. 57-60 M1 spells are usually at least 5-10x more expensive than tier 7. Being able to craft a master III version would alleviate the need for a specific book to drop.
    • Bring back fabled crafting, in a large scale, with similar drop rates to relic starters. Heck, make relic gear require crafters, as it should have been.

    I could go on. Needless to say, I liked the crafting system as it was when Bloodlines launched. Imbues were there, but there was no geomancy, binding, thaumaturgy etc, and combines were there. Not sure if I'd go back to WORTs and the dependancy on Alchmists, but to me it was a much more involved system that encouraged a market to work together.

    Now? Its mindless. Just mash buttons until you get a product. No thinking involved, no challenge. Anyone can do it, and now that the products are even less desirable, there is less reason for me to do it. Chances are i'll find it on the broker for very cheap.

    Risk vs. Reward? Obviously, there is no risk involved with crafting, so it should be an intellectual risk (well, other than the forge back in the day). Make it so that you have to plan what you need to make a product, just like in real life. Tedious, you say? Don't craft, there's too many of them anyways. I enjoyed the planning it required to make a product and once that product was done, it was a sense of accomplishment. Now, you churn them out like an assembly line where there are no workers. Yes, you can't completely get away from grinding (just like adventuring) but you need to keep it as interesting as possible.

    Not sure how many people agree with me on the above paragraph, since I doubt subs will come back, but its just how I feel.

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    DominoDev wrote:

    Halfling? Interesting, does that other halfling know about you yet? *impish grin*

    Oh.. and we don't bite.. much ;-)
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    One thing I would like to see atleast from the outfitter (armorer in my case) perspective is be able to be able to craft a full suit of all the kinds of armor/weapons once we specialize. If I can say make a melodic or devout chest piece why can't I make the pants or the bracers untill tier 6 ? This would help both adventurer and crafter alike as people can get the armor that really helps their class by tier 3 if they need something other then just str sta and agl from the chainmail and vanguard sets, and the outfitter will have some more recipies to help lessen the rather nasty grind needed due to the increased variety.
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    Deson wrote:
    (1.) I would *definitely* echo the "EoF" harvesting....this is a problem not just with Tier 6 but with virtually all Tiers in the EoF zones compared to all other zones. The number of nodes, and just as importantly, the perceived number of possible 'spawn points' for nodes is simply considerably less in EoF zones by comparison, for whatever reason. I don't even bother even giving the tiniest thought to harvesting in EoF zones because of this reason, unless I happen to be there for reasons other than harvesting already and just happen to come across a node I might want something from. But to go there and actually spend time harvesting? It would be a huge waste of time for the above reasons.

    If you guys (and I understand you personally Dom are not over this particular area, but if you could pass this along) could make EoF zones as plentiful and frequent in terms of harvest nodes as other parallel zones, it would probably help everyone as it would spread things out more instead of practically everyone who seriously harvests being packed in to 1-2 zones (Feerrott comes to mind here...there's other places to harvest Tier 5 sure, but there's no other zone that really comes close in terms of relative ease and accessibility that also has enough nodes to support it. The section in Steamfont with T5 harvest nodes suffers from the above badly, and EF/LS are both too high/rough in content/mobs to harvest in consistently until your adventuring level is high enough to have greyed out the zone).

    (2.) My main gripe with Tier 6 (and it may be Tier 7 is this way too; I don't have any level 70's yet myself and thus I haven't progressed to T7 harvesting yet, but I'm sure others can chime in if there's a particularly noteworthy difference there as well) is the fact that rares are far *too* 'rare' in this tier. Please understand that I'm not saying nor am I expecting an easy time of it in rare harvesting....I'm a relatively patient person and I'm used to spending several hours harvesting over a few days to get what I want or need. But the frequency in which I seem to get rares in Tier 6 seems, maybe at *best*, 1/4th as often as I've experienced (or at least 'perceived over time') the average being in every Tier that came before it. I think the last 2 times I was harvesting in earnest in Tier 6, I probably spent a total of close to 12 hours harvesting over the period of 2 days over one weekend, and I think I had 4, maybe 5 rares total to show for all that. Even the 'imbue' rares, which are annoyingly abundant in other tiers, seem much more 'rare' in this tier than in all tiers that have come before.
  15. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Domino's predecessor said that rares get more rare as you level up. That's why they drop like candy in T1 zones and you look forever in T7.... Just FYI :) I know we're doing feedback, just thought you'd like to know that's by design, not boo-boo.
  16. ARCHIVED-Tyndaleon Guest

    And that I could understand too if it happened on a kind of gradual curve. But what I'm referencing is more like falling off a steep cliff by comparison even to just Tier 5. Even in Tier 1 on the newbie isles while you can have a certain frequency of rares there, I've never had them 'drop like candy' nor would I expect them to either. I don't think they should come close even to 'dropping like candy' in any tier. But I think 12 combined hours of harvesting on the flip side should certainly net you more than 4-5 rares tops if you're harvesting every node/node type within an area.
  17. ARCHIVED-Lleinen Guest

    Fire Seed recipe from EH...the end product needs to be NOT lore and TRADEABLE (not no trade). This is a huge tedium atm of mine.
  18. ARCHIVED-Mimzel Guest

    [ul][li]Remove the current TS window! It's old, static and right out booring! I mean, real human beings watching a blue and a green line go up and down for hours on end will end up as vegetables :p Let me actually interact with the stove & keg, the armorsmithing things etc etc. Let it be interactive and visually pleasing. Let it be less random and more player-skill based. [/li][li]Make TS worth it economically! At 70 I can pretty easily make several plats a day without much effort and risk just by adventuring, picking up shinies and random loot from PUGs. [/li][li]From my point of view, TS isnt something that you do first and foremost, but something you do in addition to all the other things in game. It's not, however, the way everybody else feels about it (but im not alone). Therefor, I'd like crafting to be faster. [/li][li]However, if you do plan from the idea that crafting is a main occupation for many in EQ2, then perhaps make it so that crafters can have more impact on the world. Lasting or semi-lasting effects.[/li][/ul]
  19. ARCHIVED-Mystfit Guest

    [p]My wish list: [/p][p]Re-rolling TS class (I wouldnt do it, but I know of people who screwed up and would like to change)[/p][p]carpentery items: [/p][p]My tier 6 tents even pristine have holes...ewwwww. I don't want old looking stuff, I want new stuff. Heck, I made it pristine ;) There's lots of stuff out there that we see that we can't make. New recipes, pleaseeee. KOS is under represented, EOF not at all. [/p][p]Provisioner:[/p][p]advanced foods: We need them in one form or another. There has been a tendancy towards this with recipes in zones, but I've not yet experience anything yet, I can't speak to it, but it's a nice start. [/p][p]I'd love to see special circumstance foods: wedding cakes, cookies, Valentine cookies, candy canes etc. Not placable items, just eatable items. Course I'd prefer my wedding cake had no frog legs or ravasect meat. [/p][p]Use the liquids found throughout the world to enhance foods. Caninie saliva added to a recipe that needs liquid would do something canine. If as simple as a transofrmation.[/p][p]Jeweler/Alchy:[/p][p]Why do some things have to be grown into: I can't make all jewlerly in lower tiers. I can't make all potions. [/p][p] [/p][p] [/p][p] [/p]
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    I'm going to second the request for full suits of variant armor at every tier -- both for armorers and tailors both. Not only does it make crafters sad, but adventurers who like the variant armors can't wear all matching clothes! I know a druid in particular who is sad because she either has to give up wisdom on her leather or have sleeves and gloves that look goofy with the rest.

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