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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-djrfan, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-S_M_I_T_E Guest

    Mob: Cara Omoca in Heroic is classified as Undead (as of 2 days ago) and the one in the X2 is NOT (as of 6 days ago).
    She should be one or the other not living in one version and undead in the other. Cleric Tree Wisdom Line mechanics depend on proper mob tagging.
  2. ARCHIVED-Jrel Guest

    Vhalsera in the X2 bugged out tonight (first time in two weeks we've been doing him). Even restarting the encounter didn't fix it. His stoneskin never dropped after 30% the 1st time, and then at 19% the 2nd time we tried. The lightning and ice cage never showed up after those points either.
  3. ARCHIVED-Ariellia Guest

    All related to Heroic Umbral Halls:
    In a followup from my last message, did more experimenting with this bug (which was supposedly fixed in the April 18th patch notes but does not seem to actually be fixed).
    From Patch Notes:
    Tower of Frozen Shadow: Umbral Halls
    • The evil severed hand of your groupmate should no longer spawn multiple times if you have failed to defeat the encounter previously.

    So it seems that if you wipe before killing all the doppelgangers, and the evil severed hand never spawns, then the encounter does not bug out, and you will still only get one hand at the end.
    However, if you wipe after the evil severed hand spawns (after killing all the doppelgangers), then the encounter does bug out, and any time you do the encounter after that, you will get a hand every time you kill a doppleganger (up to 6 hands). Thus, this bug is still not fixed.

    On another note, we noticed that after heading to The Bride's Scorn floor (5th floor), we were unable to use the mirror to go back downstairs to the 4th floor (Darkness Rising), even though it was an option when we clicked "Gaze Into the Mirror." We had to actually zone out of ToFS completely and zone back into Umbral Halls to be able to get back to the 4th Floor. Not sure if this is intended or not.
  4. ARCHIVED-HeionEQ Guest

    Whoever thought out the set bonuses really didn't consider the impact they have on the other items in the game. Sorry I don't have screen shots at the moment, but it's not like it's hard to find. It pretty much applies to all classses from what I have seen.

    You have PQ armor with set bonuses making the potential upgrades from instances negligible.

    And you have jewelry set bonuses from the instances that make the fabled drops negligible, or even a downgrade.

    Set bonuses and how they effect item progression really need to be looked at across the board. This includes everything from PQ's to the raid zones. And don't forget the challenge modes, both raid and heroic.

    Gninja wrote:
    I suggest taking a closer look at these BP's. I recall most every class from Temple being 37 crit mit and the ones from the Fortress spire being 33. X2 are all 33, I believe? I know I lot of people will be upset with nerfs to the heroic bp's. Personally, I'd just rather see the crit mit raised on the X2 version. Nerfs suck and make people feel like you have wasted thier time.
    And no one that I know of has killed the statues in the challenge version of the Temple. The encounter looks broken/bugged or w/e.

    I know you guys are busy, but it has been said time and time again. The itemization in this expansion needs help. Please fix!
  5. ARCHIVED-Soul_Dreamer Guest

    Gninja, below are images of the BP's as I'm wearing them so the mit is conistent.
    Left to right..
    Temple easy mode heroic instance - Drops from Idol.
    Tserrina x2 BP.
    Statue of Zek easy mode x4 BP.

    The crit bonus is too high on the legendary item compared to the other 2, should be around 16%. The crit mit is too low on the x2 BP, you'd expect it to be around 40% for where it should be in progression. I'm assuming all other class BP's have the same issue.

  6. ARCHIVED-MacDaddy62 Guest

    I didn't read all 22 pages of this thread, so I'm not sure if someone has already posted this.

    While I believe it may be possible to complete the quest "The Tower of Frozen Shadows" in a single run of the zone, it is at least extremely difficult and awkward to do so. When you get to the Umbral Halls portion of the quest, the quest first requires you to kill Deception and complete the 4'th floor mirror quest before moving on with the quest "The Tower of Frozen Shadows." However, in order to complete the 4'th floor mirror quest, you have to get torches from the 5'th and 6'th floors. On the 6'th floor, the torch you need is right next to the bosses of the floor (at the end of the floor), both of whom you need to kill for the NEXT step (6'th floor part) of the quest "The Tower of Frozen Shadows." Thus, it is extremely easy to kill these names before completing the 4'th floor portion of the quest and thus become unable to complete the quest on that run of the zone. Furthermore, I'm not sure one can even access the 5'th floor (which has the last torch for the 4'th floor mirror quest) before killing Narmek.

    In order to complete the Umbral Halls portion of the quest "The Tower of Frozen Shadows" in a single run, one must do the 4'th floor (except for Cara), then clear the 6'th floor (except for its bosses), grab the torch at the very end of the 6'th floor, then go to the 5'th floor without killing the 6'th floor bosses (which one may not even be able to do at that point), grab the torch there (on the 5'th floor), and then go back to the 4'th floor to finish its mirror quest and kill Cara. After doing all this, if it is even possible to do, one can finally move on with the natural progression of the zone, killing the 6'th floor bosses and then doing the 5'th floor.

    I suggest changing the quest "The Tower of Frozen Shadows" to be more like "Finding the Dain" in its progression. Specifically, it should not require that any of its steps be done in order, with the exception of the final step (killing Tserina). This change would greatly alleviate the current awkwardness of the quest and would produce no significant costs that I can perceive.
  7. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Azleya@Lucan DLere wrote:
    I have already changed all the "mirror quests" so they no longer you to go to other floors for updates. These changes should be on the teste server being tested and will likely make their way live in GU60.
  8. ARCHIVED-theriatis Guest

    as long as the Spell-Lags are not fixed, we don't need to talk about Loot.
    We cancelled just another Raid because our Healers and Tanks couldn't react and our DPS could not to DPS because of the Spell-Lags.
    It starts lagging after 20:30 in the x2 on Valor. Now it is 21:30. We wiped half an hour and called it a night.
    The only chance we have is going in on Saturdays from 16:00 to 20:30.
    Fix those Lags and we can talk again about Loot.
    Regards, theriatis.
  9. ARCHIVED-TheGeneral Guest

    VhalSera is still completely bugged, we got him to 24% last night and he perma stone skinned.... twice.
  10. ARCHIVED-eidand Guest

    On Splitpaw, yesterday, the lag was really really bad for everyone in the x2 raid. I've heard from other x2 raids in there they were lagging bad as well. We raided between 8 pm gmt and midnight and it lagged all the way through. Fortunately we had a good raid and managed to kill everything up to and including Valshera, but it sure was difficult.
  11. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Can anyone here shoot me a PM that might be raiding the X2 during a week day? That way I can monitor whats going on in the zone and causing the lag in real time. Looking through the logs isn't really showing anything.
    And I will check VhalSera again... I can't seem to repro him stoneskinning and all references to him stoneskinning were removed already :/
  12. ARCHIVED-Lord_Ebon Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    Once he hits 66% and the buff-up phase stops and he goes in to lightning-phase the stoneskinning starts. He stoneskins until he gets the lightning to land on him and give him that ice-shield appearance, at which point the stoneskin goes away for a short time. He re-stoneskins before the next lightning fires off, so you have to keep him near the lightning to keep removing the stoneskin (which IIRC is purely scripted -- there's no buff visible on him for it that I can remember, which is kind of bad design).
    The problem is that once you bring him to 33% the lightning script does not immediately disengage. There can be a lightning bolt still up and depending on where the script is during its cycle the previous stoneskin does not always drop and (in some cases) a new one can go up which makes him unkillable. The script no longer creates new lightning after that point so if he keeps the stoneskin there's no script to remove it.
    Need to make sure the script at 33% is completely clearing the script from 66% -- remove any lightning if its up, remove any stoneskin if it's on him. The fact that the lightning bolts are staying up once he's at or below 33% is clear evidence that the script is not completely clearing and thats where the stoneskin is coming from. (And please make sure the stoneskin is a visible buff on him rather than a script).

    Or if that still doesn't work just remove the stoneskin all together and make it a short range (~5m) PBAE death if a player gets the lightning.

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