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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-djrfan, Feb 25, 2011.

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    Mafortion@Guk wrote:
    Fixed this one already should be on its way in a hotfix.
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    Banditman wrote:
  3. ARCHIVED-Banditman Guest

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    Gninja wrote:
    Ive ran the X2 3 times now to the spider... still shut down and unable to get the buff.
  5. ARCHIVED-EdrickOfFayspire Guest

    We have come to a standstill on VhalSera, we have fought this guy for atleast an hour twice a week for the past month and can not figure out the 30% stoneskin. We have got the first two parts (100%-60% and 60%-30%) down flawlessly, burning adds swapping to named and dealing with lightning.
    At the 30% mark we can usually get the mob down to the mid 20s, but no matter what we did he would stoneskin. We have spent hours trying to figure out what to do at this point, everyone we talk to says it is bugged, and all the petition responses we get are the good old "Working as Intended."
    Adds constantly poping and depoping, 100% stoneskin at 30% and a nice 40% heal upon player death, is this actually "Working as Intended"? I have watched a few videos of this fight and people are dieing below 30% with no heal penalty, no stoneskin at all below 30% and consistant adds, so I am thinking this encounter is horribly broken.
    We would like to complete this zone before we get to the second buffed x4 mob, but it seems no players know how to kill this mob, and nobody at SoE thinks it is broken.
  6. ARCHIVED-S1lence2 Guest

    After he teleports the group to him the first time once below 33% it seems, NO ONE can die. If they do it will heal him and either bug the encounter or make him unkillable as intended i not sure which. If he stoneskins and you're not getting lightninig anymore we just take the wipe and start over.

    But its pointless since they removed the next mob anyways... just get a decent cloak out of it which is hardly worth the effort if you're having trouble.
  7. ARCHIVED-Banditman Guest

    Muusic@Venekor wrote:
    This. Exactly.
    The other piece here is that "sometimes" when he goes below 33, someone dies and he heals, the lightning will start again. Unfortunately, when you take him below 33 again from that point, he will stoneskin again very shortly and the lightning will stop.
    We've never been able to kill him if someone dies below 33 the first time, unless the heal doesn't take him above 33.
    TL;DR - The script is ridiculously buggy.
  8. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    After he teleports the group to him the first time once below 33% it seems, NO ONE can die. If they do it will heal him and either bug the encounter or make him unkillable as intended i not sure which. If he stoneskins and you're not getting lightninig anymore we just take the wipe and start over.
    This was extremely helpful and a fix is on the way!
  9. ARCHIVED-lazlo1 Guest

    EdrickOfFayspire wrote:
    This guy is very buggy at the 33% mark. I think what you may have seen is a toon dieing to his adds. I dont think he heals if his add kills a toon. He only heals if he kills a toon. At least thats what i think :)
    We have killed this guy a few times. If anyone dies to him below 33% he heals a bunch and starts stone/lightning again. Once you go below 33% again he seems to bug sometimes. So you can wipe at this point or have a toon die to him and try to get below 33% again hoping he doesnt stoneskin-bug. I seem to remember we killed him last time by bouncing him above 33% a third time, but I could be mistaken.
    I posted about this in a seperate thread a while back complaining about this exact issue. Glad to see it may get addressed. He needs to stay in 33% mode forever once he drops below 33% the first time and only heal 4-5% when a toon dies.
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    Sorry if this has already been mentioned but we were just talking about this one last night.
    Heritage Quest: The Essence of a Prophet
    This quest has you talk to "a resentful spirit" on the second floor of ToFS: SC.
    Then you have to kill Alvik the Cold on the third floor of ToFS: SC.
    If you don't know the zone, this may sound like it makes sense. Do something on the second floor, then do something on the third floor. WRONG. You can't GET to the second floor until after you've killed Alvik the Cold on the third floor.
    I'm not usually a stickler for lore issues, but what kind of sense does it make to have a person in an instance tell you that you need to go kill the cook that you just killed a few minutes ago? He's already dead. Instead, you have to wait for your lockout timer, reset the zone, and kill Alvik the Cold again to get the update. Doesn't make any sense.
  11. ARCHIVED-EdrickOfFayspire Guest

    Nazon@Oasis wrote:
    Actually the past few weeks we have been getting him down to 30% with no deaths, sometimes an add gets out of hand, but many times we have hit the 30% mark with no deaths, burned to 24% and got a stoneskin for a good minute or so before anyone at all dies, then he heals to 60% and we can't get him past 30% again.
    We have had all 12 of us post bug reports, petitions and feedback just to get "Working as Intended" back numerous times over the past month with no mention of this issue being fixed at all. Then I post on here and within an hour get a replay saying they are going to fix it (we will see what happens). Seems to me maybe those handling the petitions, bug reports and feedback may want to keep in touch with those on this forum.
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    Dethdlr@Butcherblock wrote:
    I didn't work on this quest but I can take a look and see if there is something we can do about the order without having to reset everyone's quest.
  13. ARCHIVED-Twisty Guest

    Rakshaka wrote:
    Same problem here. Altho my next step states precisely "Search the reception hall for clues", I suspect we might be on the same step. My group killed everything there was to kill in Reception hall (thus getting the update of 'Collect a large metallic key'). Had 2 other people on same step as me. 1 of those 2 people got his update for "Search the reception hall for clues" - has no idea how. We've criss-crossed the entire area, moused over all the gift boxes - no update for 2 of us.
    Regardless of whether this is just not working, or we somehow managed to not stand on some square inch of the room, the quest wording is atrocious. It essentially says "Go do something around here"; your interns can do better. Clues of what? Please make wording less esoteric and double check that it's actually working.

    thanx. if you need the info to check logs, toon is Oasis.Twisty
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    I have a lot of problems with these zones. Once it is all clear why can't I go to any floor from any floor? Why do I have to jump through hoops and even zone out of the zone completely and zone back in to get to certain floors again? That is absolutely absurd. On the 4th floor I've gotten completely stuck when you go in to the center area on the bottom where a named is supposed to be. No named spawned after Cara went through the script and left, and I couldn't progress in the zone. On the 6th floor the mirror quest can't be picked up again. On the 7th floor 3 times now I've gone in, killed everything through the ??? guy, killed him, and then got stuck in the room. I can't pick up the mirror quest until that mob is dead by clicking the torch, which then flips the zone. I just get stuck in the room with ??? with the door locked unable to evac. I mean really? What purpose does disabling evac even have. I have to call home and zone back to then be able to click the torch and flip the zone so I can progress further.
  15. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    slippery wrote:
    When you kill ??? do you get loot?
  16. ARCHIVED-slippery Guest

  17. ARCHIVED-ciralyn23 Guest

    Today my group managed to bug Umbral Halls in a new and interesting way. Apparently we had several people clicking on the armor at the same time, and we somehow managed to kill all 6 pieces before arriving at Vhal'Shera. We had a pretty high DPS group and started taking him down - only to have him become completely unattackable at 15%. We tried several times to rectify the issue (zoning out, camping, etc) but were unable to do so. We did manage to get the attention of a GM via petition, but they did not know what do to do help us, and after a 20 minute wait we decided to just give up. (Sidenote - while waiting for the GM, we cleared ToFS3, including Tserrina. Would have been nice if the GM had the power to decide that we could handle Vhal'Shera and just kill the darn thing and advance the zone for us! Heck, the GM could have spawned it with all 6 adds and we probably would have managed).
    So here's the bug: you can kill 3 pieces of armor on each statue prior to arriving at the named fight. If you do this, the named will follow his script to a "T" and become unattackable at 15%, waiting for you to kill his adds (which aren't spawning, no matter what you do). While locked in combat with the unattackable mob, we were able to activate the lift and go up to kill the genie. When we came back down, he was still standing there, waiting for us to kill his adds. Please either fix the adds so that they cannot all be killed prior to arriving at the encounter, or add a timer to his invulerability so that it will expire after a certain amount of time, whether adds have been killed or not.
    PS - I do not know how my group spawned all those armor pieces. I'm a healer and I make it a personal policy to never click on anything unless told to do so!
  18. ARCHIVED-TheGeneral Guest

    Sounds to me like they used a timed click to spawn more than one at a time. Just guessing though.
  19. ARCHIVED-Dethdlr Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    Thank you! I know you didn't say you "would" fix it but at least somebody is looking at it now. :)
    Possibly move "a resentful spirit" to one of those big rooms on the first floor instead of the Library on the second floor? Then you could talk to him before you kill Alvik the Cold. Just a though.
    Thanks again!
  20. ARCHIVED-theriatis Guest

    didn't read the whole Thread, so pardon me if i post what has been posted before:
    On Valor, the x2 is a Lag-Fest.
    When ? 21:00 CET onwards.
    What ? Spell Lag. Movement seems to be fine, i'm not lagging behind while moving.
    X2 is only playable until 21:00, then it gets unplayable, even Trash kills us because Healers don't get their Heals casted.
    When can we expect this to get fixed ?
    Regards, theriatis.

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