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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-djrfan, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Seidhkona Guest

    I have a problem in TOFSx2 -- If my mystic shaman dog dies, I can't recast it until I have left the tower completely. This seems to happen if both me and the dog die, when I get up I can't recast him.
  2. ARCHIVED-hortefoutre Guest

    The zone is rather nice for a small raid. We did the Book + Book lady today and we still haven't touched the three harder encounters. With our gear and raid setting the figth was really epic and entertaining, so the perfect difficulty for us.
    Some comments :
    - For the bat pack we use now brute force, since mezzing does not really work. I wonder if it is intended. As it is the encounter suggest that mezzing should be the easiest way to do them.
    - Priest loot is quite missing, scout and dps are already passing and item are going for alts, tank already got everything he can get. But priests are lagging away.
    There are 2-3 tank and spank figth which are not interesting. I m NOT asking for something harder (our tank as low crit mit and still failed to get any amor from the x4, he probably just wear QP armor with adorn and mobs hit on him like trucks), but something more sophisticated would be welcome. Note that adding complexity would mean decreasing brutality, the fact that 6-7 bosses are very doable with moderate gear is very welcome.
    - The first charm you get (when you complete the access quest) is really horrible. The access quest is long, TOFS2 is probably the lonest instance around (not hard but long long), and you need people at the same stage. last tserina encounter is not that easy (even if it was clearly nerfed). The reward should be decent. Currently it is worst than faction charm (even wtih 20 000 or 30 000 you get better), or any half trash loot dropped anywhere (even in TOFS1). I m speaking of the 77/77 charm that you get for the initial stage, not of the grand final reward(s).
    - I now see The nice hammer priest can get for completing the zone, a somewhat easier dps priest weapon should come early in the progression.
  3. ARCHIVED-Jrel Guest

    If it were not for shard mission quests for SC (only), or hotzones (again, SC only) or guildies that need access to the x2, I would never ever ever ever do the other heroic zones in ToFS due to the numerous amount of appearance gear, and lack of good heroic instance drops from all of the medium-hard difficulty names. I would rather do the Cloak of the Harvester quest for all of my other alts than enter the heroic ToFS zones.
  4. ARCHIVED-Brildean Guest

    Is there any planned fixes for tserrini x2 and the loot she drops to be in line with progression ?
  5. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    We are aware her loot didnt get touched by the recent changes and we are working on getting it fixed.
  6. ARCHIVED-lazlo1 Guest

    Naxus@Splitpaw wrote:
    When we did have the stoneskin issue we could no longer die and heal him above 33%. Valsera no longer seemed to heal on player deaths. So we had to restart the encounter twice. The third time we got him below 33% he stoneskined a few seconds then was taking damage. We had a few deaths during the fight so im sure if that was causing the issue. Its still hard not to die when your reflection pops. A warning message would be nice. I dont do this fight enough to have a timer setup for the add pop.
  7. ARCHIVED-Brildean Guest

    Thanks Ginja

    any word on lowering her out dps. and cleaning up the script a little bit.. maybe change the top doors to only spawn 1 add at a time instead of 3 or increasing the spawn time between the adds to maybe 45 seconds instead of 15 seconds. also when the adds are down maybe 15 seconds to get back in place before she becomes active again.
  8. ARCHIVED-Morghus Guest

    Just out of curiosity, can we delete those various mirrors we get from the heroic zones?
  9. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Morghus wrote:
    once you have placed the mirrors to open the portal to Tserrina's floor you can delete them. I am making them go away after that part in a future update
  10. ARCHIVED-Morghus Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    Good to know. I noticed that some repeatable quests were giving them back so I wasn't sure.
  11. ARCHIVED-justin87 Guest

    Vhal'Sera was perma stoneskinning after the lighting bolt part of his script....again.
    The x2 version of this zone has been a complete disaster with the multitude of progression blocking bugs.

    We restarted the encounter multiple times, but still wouldnt work, we tried killing people off, not dying, burning fast, burning slow, leaving adds up, killing them. I have no idea whats breaking it.
  12. ARCHIVED-Narbuvold Guest

    Sigrdrifa@Lucan DLere wrote:
    That bug has been around for a long long time. Relog and it will fix it (/camp <toon tame>, some people restart the game for some reason)
  13. ARCHIVED-hortefoutre Guest

    Nyfe@Butcherblock wrote:
    Yes used to be the worst zone trio ever made, especially tofs2 which is so long. The fact that mirrors do port all the group add the bad falvour. TOFS is mainly no loot and lot of time ;-)
    I won't even do the daily there and i will probably even ignore it as a hot zone.
    Wish the x2 raid access was happening inside a much better zone, Vigi 1-2-3 were providing good loot and granting the access to the 12 people raid, and that was way better.
    The encounters for the access are not badly designed, the problem is the total lack of reward.
  14. ARCHIVED-Silzin Guest

    Widem@Unrest wrote:
    I was in here last night and we did 3 pulls on Vhal'Sera. The first time he stone skinned at 30% and didnt stop. 2nd pull it was 31%. 3rd pull was different.... coming out of the lightning port he still had an ice shield up and was taking damage fine. after the ice shield come down for a few secs he stopped taking damage, after the few secs he started taking damage again. I am thinking that the bug may lie in the ice shield part. Maybe if it is changed to at 33% the ice and all is striped away and the next part of the script is started regardless what else is going on it may help.
  15. ARCHIVED-Valgrave Guest

    It appears that the problem with the heroic instance for advancing the Tower of Frozen Shadow Quest at the "search the reception hall for clues" step is that we can't obtain the quest, "Not Him Again" if we completed that quest earlier. In other words, if you completed before starting this quest, you are unable to continue.
    So, we either need to be able to pickup the quest again or we need it to recognize that we already finished that side quest that updates this step of the bigger quest. Thanks.
  16. ARCHIVED-theriatis Guest

    petition it. It got helped very fast with the same Problem.
    Regards, theriatis.
  17. ARCHIVED-Valgrave Guest

    I did petition it. The GM said that it was working fine...which it isn't since I can't obtain the quest again. Maybe the Dev monitoring this thread could let the GM know??
  18. ARCHIVED-Valgrave Guest

    I have now had replies from two GMs (Buncle and Ryrix) and both have said that they can't advance the quest to address the bug. You must have had a very understanding GM to do it for you.
    So, I'm stuck until a Dev sees this and patches in a fix that would allow me to pickup the side quest a second time, so I can advance the main quest. Could a Dev acknowledge that they have seen this? Thanks. :(
  19. ARCHIVED-Brildean Guest

    Tofs x2, everythign worked great last night.
  20. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    There should be a fix for "Not Him Again" coming in one of the next hotfixes.

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