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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-djrfan, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-djrfan Guest

    Shadowed Corridors - Quest - A Ruinous Bath - Vehilot will not give this quest more than once. Therefore cannot kill Vehilot more than once.
    Shadowed Corridors - Disruptive Students - are up all the time, not only up when on that part of the HQ. Also Have 2-3x to many hp to be possible to kill with SF T3 Raid Gear.
    Shadowed Corridors - Quest - "Tserrina's Strife" - Book no longer gives the quest, therefore cannot kill the tome again.
    Umbral Halls - Mirror Issue - You cannot use a mirror to return to Cara's floor. You must zone out and back into the zone to be able to get back to floor 4 with Cara.
    Umbral Halls - Quest - "A Light for the Shadows" - When stepping on the "torch pad?" to get this quest a 2nd time you do not get the quest. Therefore cannot kill Cara more than once.
    Umbral Halls - Quest - "The Tower of Frozen Shadow" - When clicking on the mirror to go up to Vhal Sera and complete the "Find the Empty Mirrior" part only 1 person gets the update. Noone else in group can get the update as the lift raises you. If another person tries to click at the same time it will cause the lift to go up and down rapidly and leave people at the bottom. When running the zone for a 2nd time and returning the the mirror it simply doesn't do anyhting. Cannot click to complete the quest.
    Umbral Halls - Quest - "Mirror, Mirror - Broken Mirror doesn't appear in the first room on this floor to be able to do the quest, therefore cannot kill Vhal Sera again.
    Umbral Halls - Quest - "Not Him Again" - Present on ground doesn't give quest again, therefore cannot kill Manifestation again.
    Haunt of Syl’Tor - When you kill the "???" guy that turns into a member of the group and changes periodically, you will get the black bubble screen thing, but the door in the room will remain locked. Only way to leave is to call out. Once you call out and return to the zone you are able to complete through the rest with no issues.
    Haunt of Syl’Tor - Quest - "Puzzled" - You can actually get this quest again and kill necretia ---Seemed worth noting as this one actually works...Gratz!
    Haunt of Syl’Tor - Floor 8 - If you leave the zone and return the Portal to floor 8 will be down. The only way to get the portal to respawn is delete the quest "Finding the Dain" then reget the quest. Talk to fropit(sp?) then the mirrors will auto update as you have them in your inventory. You can then replace the mirrors and reopen the portal.
    ToFS x2 - Floor 2 - Library- (first trash mob on the left after zoning to this floor) the trash that spawn the 3 books are just rediculously brutal. We were able to kill several namers in the zone, but after pulling this trash mob 3 times decided it simply wasn't worth wiping to...Possibly needs toned down ahair for a trash mob.
    Namers we killed( and correspoinding trash on those floors were) Xalgoti - Romero - Vehilot - Cara. None of those namers, or trash leading to those named were as hard. We also killed our way to Necretia and Vhalsera (big groups of trash mobs) with no problems on the trash. We didn't have the dps for the namers though(Which is an ok thing!)
    ToFS x2 - Evac Floor - We had a group member get res'd into the table on Xalgoti so we evac'd prior to killing him. When we came to the evac floor we figured we would try the named and then wipe it as to not ruin zone progression being we didn't know what the quest entailed. So we triggered the ring event, killed the spiders and skeletons, then got the namer down fairly well then called a wipe. Upon wiping we revived on floor one and then killed Xalgoti. After killing Xalgoti we evaced back to the "Evac floor" The namer was still up and we could see him past the invis wall but he was untargetable and wouldn't come. We tried to retrigger the ring event. Killed spiders, killed skeletons, then nothing else spawned. Upon trying to trigger again we got a message in red text about the orb already knowing our fears. We had to call to guild hall/town to exit the zone. Went back in later before leaving for the night, the orb still poped the red text about already knowing our fears. Again had to call out to exit the zone.
    X2 - Impressions thus far - We didn't get to try Zolgrim or the Librarian because of the trash issue. The namers we killed were a decent difficulty and seemed to work correctly. We also pulled Necretia, Vhalsera, Manifestation, which we need a bit more gear for(good thing!) evac namer seemed easy but didn't get to kill, and we obviosuly didn't get a pull on Ts. The 2 big trash groups on Vhalseras floor and on Necretias floor were a pretty good challenege and about the most I would expect from a namer. The trash on Floor 2 need toned down, considered its 1 mob and then trash books, in comparison.
    X2 was down with full t3 raid gear and Jewelery.
  2. ARCHIVED-djrfan Guest

    Umbral Halls - Mission Quest - "Mirrored Gargoyles" -- Quest requires to kill 6. There are only 4 on the floor.
  3. ARCHIVED-Lempo Guest

    Very nicely written djrfan.
    I can confirm the mirrored gargoyles are not there same thing happened to us.
    In beta there were 4 gargoyles (or maybe 6) on each side of that room, now only 4 quest can't be completed there.
    I had posted this earlier today.
    Also can confirm that the broken mirror only updates for the member that does it, and then the only option you have is to go up the lift.
    So I guess this will be a long drawn out petition process to get my quest updated. So much for us wrapping up and getting access to x2 for a run on it Saturday night.
    We were able to use the mirrors to go back to floor 4 though, maybe not all because I think it was missing from some but I am almost certain that we used at least one of them to return to floor 4.

    However, unless I am misunderstanding you the quest a Light for the Shadows, I think you may be missing something we killed Cara 2 times in the zone... We were attempting to stand on them too but that is not what to do.
  4. ARCHIVED-djrfan Guest

    I know you need to place the torches on the 4 pads to get into the room. However you cannot get the quest again to be able to get the torches. To get the quest you need to run up on the torch pad at her door and the quest will auto start (pop up the accept quest window) for everyone. This doesn't happen if everyone in the group has already completed it once.
  5. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Great feedback, thank you! I will work through the list and get as much as we can fixed asap.
  6. ARCHIVED-Silzin Guest

    I hope the div teem knows about this, but i will say it here also. several quest NPC's quest dialog dont have a background and the text is yellow making it very hard to read and hard to click on. I say it of most of the NPC's in the first TOFS zone and some of the others i have dont out in GD. sorry i dont have NPC names.
  7. ARCHIVED-Lempo Guest

    djrfan wrote:
    <sigh> I was not being subtley because I didn't think you knew, just didn't want to GIVE it to others :p ah well not that hard to figure out, first we tried having group members stand on all of them then when I ran up to one that was occupied and it said I had found an empty one I knew it was something else...
    I now understand what you mean though, that is an issue I had not experienced.
  8. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Are you using a custom UI?
  9. ARCHIVED-Iskandar Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    I've been seeing the same thing using Profit. Most NPCs seem to have the correct chat bubble interface, but there's a few scattered around where it's just the yellow text... it's still clickable at least, so it doesn't really interfere beyond just making it hard to read.
  10. ARCHIVED-Dasein Guest

    Iskandar wrote:
    They added special chat bubbles for NPCs who give updates for things like HQ and signature quests, so that's likely the source of the problem. Custom UIs need to be updated to handle these new chat bubbles.
  11. ARCHIVED-Banditman Guest

    Dasein wrote:
    This is it.
  12. ARCHIVED-djrfan Guest

    Haunt of Syl’Tor - 8th Floor - "A Shadowed Door" will not despawn on wipe. Have to then kill the door and the "spites" before retriggering TS.
  13. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    djrfan wrote:
    will fix
  14. ARCHIVED-nekurareikon Guest

    Shadowed Corridors - Quest - "Tserrina's Strife"
    There's a problem with the quest text here, too. After you complete the diary, it says to place it on "the pedestal," but you have to actually place it on a desk in one of the rooms off in a corner. The named then spawns on the pedestal in the middle of the room.
    Umbral Halls
    At least two of Narmek's buffs have text issues.
    Narmek's Chestplate:

    Text reads "Increases Narmek's melee capabilities and addsto dps" <- Note lack of space between "adds" and to."
    This buff description is also kind of weird, because it gives a list of the specific enhancements it gives him, then the last line gives a summary. That doesn't happen with Narmek's Weapons, at least.
    Narmek's Weapons:
    "... increases chance to hit targets in aera effect" <- should be "area of"
    Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to examine the other buffs, but it might be worth giving them a glance over.
  15. ARCHIVED-Raz_wolf Guest

    Nekurawr@Oasis wrote:
    This also confused me, Ended up circling the zone till i found a clickie desk. But "desk" would be a much better word than pedestal.
  16. ARCHIVED-Danson Guest

    Some bugs in x2:
    On the Vhal'Sera encounter people seem to die randomly to the reflect damage when they do not have the curse - Even after the fight has been reset. (One case where on a fresh pull I got onshotted on my first nuke)
    Also on the same encounter the buff on the named that I assume comes from the curse seems to just apply randomly.
  17. ARCHIVED-Corydonn Guest

    Rillan@Splitpaw wrote:
    The only way to get rid of the buff even after death is to zone out and in, Trying to brute force our way through this named but the pathing is horrible and addition to all the other bugs. It's crazy broken.

    Also the floor two trash mobs although beatable seem to have their Crit Mit/Bonus buffs doubled as with 250% crit chance I could only critical hit on them a few times and their regular attacks hit for 2x the crit bonus it seemed.
  18. ARCHIVED-Danson Guest

    Corydonn wrote:
    Yeh - the 2nd floor trash seems pretty stupid - 1 type of mob (Enpowered I think?) is pretty standard easy trash, but the ones that pop up from the bodies are stupid for the zone - Nasty AE frontal attack stupid Crit mit as Cory says.
    On the normal trash I crit 100% with 209ish crit chance - on those I crit 30-40%.
    Either your not supposed to pop them (which might explain their difficulty) or it just needs nerfing.
  19. ARCHIVED-Corydonn Guest

    So many things wrong with the Vaelsora x2 fight it's not even funny.

    1. You need a really high dps raid to even get the adds down to dispel the curse
    2. The adds hit like monster trucks where the double attacks even hit tanks for 36k while AEing down anyone near them in nearly a hit as well. Did I mention the scout and mage copies also do a full 12 position memwipe? Even more if you count pets which they do wipe to.
    3. Adds often one shot a player upon spawning and will path directly up or down and leash the encounter.
    4. If you do have enough dps to manage getting the adds down, You have barely any time to dps Vael and no warning on the next curse/add apart from not attacking every 40 seconds on a player kept timer. Not to mention Vael starts stoneskinning at 66% making it even harder to get any dps in through his script.
    5. The buffs he gets from the "failed" curse seems to apply even when the cursed player does nothing and within a short time on the fight he'll get 10-20-30-Infinite Crit/MA buffs in a short time.
    6. Vael and the Adds both fly up down around and through the walls/ceilings at the slightest movement.

    Those are probably just the main ones but I'm not entirely sure where you are going with the script on this mob...

    P.S. I was actually really suprised and impressed with the rest of the zone and named. They were all enjoyable and fun contrary to what I'm used to expecting from past experiences. Although the Dwarf named on the second floor didn't seem to have a working strategy except to brute force your way through it. Good job on this zone in other words!
  20. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    I made a good bit of tweaks to VhalSera today that should be in the hotfix at the beginning of next week.

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