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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-djrfan, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-TheGeneral Guest

    Personally I still think the dmg output during the librarian x2 fight is way too high. I'm sure some will disagree, but it needs to be tuned down some. Other than that, I love the rest of the zone.
  2. ARCHIVED-justin87 Guest

    The reason your getting damage amounts that are high is mostly likely you have scouts that are terrible.

    Every mob in that encounter has AE autoattack and if other players outside of the MT are getting hit, your MT will melt due to wards being eaten by people they were unintended for. Signle target damage output is incredibly low for that encounter.
  3. ARCHIVED-excalibur120 Guest

    I have a question about TOFS3 heroic. Is anyone else still getting stuck in the room with the ??? without the option to flip the zone? I know you need to be on the quest, but most of the times I've been through the zone the lamp hasn't spawned and I've been forced to call to GH and zone back in to flip the zone and progress.
  4. ARCHIVED-LordPazuzu Guest

    Tserrina Syl'Tor- Haunt of Syl'Tor
    This past week:
    • The pet has failed to buff us once in stage 1.
    • Tserrina has failed to deaggro 4 times entering stage 2.
    • The zone has crashed 3 times in stage 3.
    • The encounter has reset 4 times for no reason in stage 3.
    • The portals were invisible to everyone twice in stage 3.
  5. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    The zone has crashed 3 times in stage 3.
    At what point in the stage does this happen? I was aware of the others and have been working the kinks out but I cannot reproduce this one.
  6. ARCHIVED-norrath_ru Guest

    Sorry if I missed this on previous pages. The mage's symbol from Necretia - \aITEM -714968210 942351265:Spun Symbol of the Arachnid\/a has stats as of legendary item - INT +96 i\o +114 as on all other items from x2, crit bonus +5,5 i\o 6 etc.
  7. ARCHIVED-Ariellia Guest

    Potential bug in doppleganger/evil severed hand fight (ToFS:UH):
    From the April 18, 2011 patch notes:
    Tower of Frozen Shadow: Umbral Halls
    • The evil severed hand of your groupmate should no longer spawn multiple times if you have failed to defeat the encounter previously.
    However, both times we have attempted UH (including last night), it seems we have experienced this bug.
    The first time we did the zone, we were going in blind. The mobs spawned on us and we weren't prepared (surprise!), and we wiped quickly. We tried the fight again a few times, but each time we killed a doppleganger a hand spawned, and the combined damage of the hand plus the dopplegangers was too much for us to heal through. We wiped a few times and then gave up.
    Last night we reset the zone and tried again. Our first pull, we got all the dopplegangers down, and no hands spawned until the last doppleganger was down. There were some aggro control issues on the hand, and most of the group wiped except for me (healer) and our tank. After duoing the hand down to 25%-ish, it multi-attack crit the tank and we went splat.
    Well, every pull thereafter, it went back to the hands spawning every time we killed a doppleganger, just like our first time in the zone. It seems like if you fail to kill the encounter the first time, every time thereafter you get multiple hands.
    Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but to me it seems like this bug isn't actually fixed.
  8. ARCHIVED-Griffinhart Guest

    Gorock@Storms wrote:
    Mostly true. Especially Umbral Halls.
    I've been working on my guardian as of late, so I have just started hitting the Tower zones with him, my Wizard went through early on. The fights are drastically easier and shorter than they were originally. Considering that these three zones are the entry instances I feel they are much more in line with where they should be.
    Shadowed Corridors feels fine to me. It doesn't take a long time, even killing the mirror mobs. The zone is much more approachable for lower end players than it used to be. Some gear needs to be looked at though. Especially armor. IMHO, all instance dropped armor should have yellow adornments on them.
    Umbral Halls: Prior to the changes, I HATED this zone. It was long, tiresome, tedeous. Everyone I know avoided this zone for this very reason. I ran it for the first time in a month or so and was shocked at the changes. It's harder than SC, which is good, but not what I would describe as hard. Any faults in this zone are with loot. Again, armors need to be looked at and the amount of loot seems low for the amount of time. 3 appearance armor only mobs a few no loot named and 4 or 5 loot droppers.
    Haunt: No comments at the moment. I haven't run it on my guard yet, but I am planning to this weekend, but previous runs before weren't terrible.
    One universal opinion of ToFS is that they are not loot zones currently. They are no easier than the ascent, but have no drops that people are trying to get. The only reason people go are for x2 access, Shards (when the daily double, or super easy) quests like the coldain ring and lodi shield.
    As for the x2, I have only gone in with my guild (once a week) with a mix of experience and not so experienced players so I haven't cleared it yet. There are still a couple of fights we haven't figured out or finished yet. But, there are a few non-named fights that we find irritating. The bats in the room on the Palendrome level. The Imps in Val'shara's domain. Mostly, however, we have really enjoyed the x2 as a guild and it has been a worthwhile activity for us.
  9. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Armor in TOFS is getting yellow adornment slots added.
  10. ARCHIVED-Jrel Guest

    Meaghan@Lucan DLere wrote:
    We noticed the portals become invisible halfway through our DPSing them, but still targetable. This may not be the same issue you experienced.
    On another note, having to do all the portals twice in the Tserinna encounter, seems redundant.
  11. ARCHIVED-Geothe Guest

    Somewhat related to this thread topic, because it deals with x2 loot.

    Why do the BPs that drop from the Final named have lower stats than the top heroic BPs?
    Heroics have significantly more Crit mit, more Green stats, and more blue stats than the x2 BPs.

    Just seems a bit backwards to me as I'd expect item progression to go: heroic -> x2 -> x4.
    Currently that isn't the case however.
  12. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Geothe wrote:
    Are you referring to the BPs that drop in Temple of Zek challenge zone? That zone is intended to be more difficult than the X2. The Chest pieces dropping off Tserrina have 33crit mit while the Breastplates from the normal Temple are 27 crit mit.
  13. ARCHIVED-justin87 Guest


    From memory.

    PQ is 24CM
    Fortress Spire is 33CM
    Temple of Rallos Zek (EM) is 37 CM
    Tserrina x2 is 34 CM

    IMO PQ needs to be nerfed to 20
    FS nerfed to 26
    ToRZ nerfed 32
    Tserrian x2 buffed 37
    then you have perfect rpogression.

    The crit bouns and potency on the Temple BPs and lower version need to be adjusted down as well.
  14. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Okay, looking at it directly now and here are the stats:
    Temple - Frosted Chestplate of the Munifex
    96str, 103sta
    7.4 attk speed
    7 block chance
    14.2crit bonus
    27.8crit mit
    663 mitigation

    TOFSX2 - Myrmidon's Shattering Breastplate
    116str, 123sta, 13def
    5.6 extra reposte chance
    16.5 critbonus
    33crit mit
    Pest Rain 2
    741 mitigation

    I do see another bp in temple but its still slightly worse than the TOFSx2 one. Crit mit is slightly lower but its a pretty big mitigation hit. Granted I am only comparing guardian loot at the moment.
    Temple - Myrmidon's Prodigious Breastplate
    112str, 120sta, 11def
    8.4mit increase
    37.1crit mit
    Pest Rain 1
    663 Mitigation
  15. ARCHIVED-Silzin Guest

    I think the 3rd BP there is the one from the last named? if so, why the loss of the CB, +mit, and lower crit mit? I like the "extra reposte chance" it is hard to get, but +mit is on all of the other dropped BP's in DoV.
  16. ARCHIVED-Morghus Guest

    Why does that last bp have more crit bonus than all the x4 EM statue of rallos zek bps?
  17. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    I am guessing the gain you get from the uncontested avoidance is likely better than the +mit%
  18. ARCHIVED-justin87 Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    That's the one. In all seriousness with the mit increase on the Myrmidon's they are almost equal in mit, but have a 4% inherent damage reduction component built in b/c of the mechanics of how Crit bonus and crit mit effect eachother. Crit mit is simply more powerful than standard mitigation, much more powerful.

    As far as torrent 1 vs. torrent 2, simply no one cares, torrent in any form will parse less than way way less than 1% of a zonewide since proc nerfs were enacted way back when. Their popularity in SF only took place since there was no other option and in the begining the proc rate was broken to be able to proc multiple times.

    The repost doesn't offer the benefit an extra 4% crit mit offers and Defense simply has no place in raid gear due to mob attributes being so high. More defense hasn't effective raid mob hitrates in quite some time.

    I know that was slightly longwinded, but the point is what is keeping people alive at this point is Crit mit and hp. If I take a 90k full on hit 4% more Crit mit offers me 3,600 points of damage protection.
  19. ARCHIVED-HeionEQ Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    This probably deserves its own thread, but has anyone even been able to clear the Heroic Temple of Zek Challenge? The last encounter in there is either ridiculously difficult or broken, imo.
  20. ARCHIVED-Soul_Dreamer Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    I have the bottom 2 BPs and I use the heroic "Prodigious" one. Considering the difficulty of Tserrina compared to easy mode statue it really should be better than it. It has Lower crit bonus, lower mitigation (after bonuses considered) and most importantly LOWER CRIT MIT, I'm the MT of a raid guild and this stat outweighs almost everything else on it.
    Below are the stats off EM Statue (x4) the Legendary is better than that in some areas as well!
    123str, 123sta, 15 defense.
    6.6% Riposte Chance.
    17% Crit bonus.
    44% Crit mit.
    Pest Rain 2
    Focus (taunting blow)
    992 mit (although that could be because of items I'm wearing)
    The crit bonus of the legendary needs lowering (or the other 2 increasing) and the crit mit on the x2 BP needs increasing to about 40%.

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