[TLE] Results of the Desert of Flames Expansion Votes

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Nybbos New Member

    I also agree vit pots where a very bad idea.
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  2. Dommy New Member

    Nice, at least for now we have a server that's not made for Raiders and is just a relaxing game to enjoy and play! They already dominate the other 9 servers, if they want to raid, they can go back to those servers!
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  3. Alenna Well-Known Member

    I have and hope to raid again maybe not the hard core you talk about but I did take it seriously.
    more of your condescending elitist talk here LoF this game is termed as an MMORPG what do you think RP stands for. if you don't want to Role play fine but to say that people who role play in a role playing game are strange shows you to be someone who has no respect for others and their playstyles.

    We get it that you don't find any other playstyle but raiding interesting, I don't' find pvp interesting at all but I do not do what you have been doing and say it is worthless I just say it is not my chosen playstyle and leave it at that. you one the other hand refuse to accept EQ2 for what it is a game where different playstyles can be enjoyed. As for calling the 80% of us who voted no becuase we aren't as hardcore as you children. The only child here is you throwing your temper tantrum and calling everyone else stupid and strange for not playing the same way you do.
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  4. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    It's not truth, it's opinion. PvE has plenty of violence - the first wave of quests in this game, no matter where you start, involve killing things, usually sentient things. We had a Teen rating long before we had PvP, and we didn't get it from the (lack of) chainmail bikinis. PvP just also has the opportunity for violence against other players.

    So that's the more PvP has - more to kill, and more ways to harass other people. Here's the less - less player interaction, because half or more of the server is not on the same faction. Less opportunities to cooperate, because if you're hunting something and someone from the other faction is in the same place hunting the same mobs, you can't team up so both of you can get the updates faster. Less RP opportunities, because there's very little room for characters that love their homeland but want peace with others, or characters playing spies, or neutral parties. These may not be worthwhile options to you, but they are to me, and to what appears to be a large portion of the population. They do not make us carebears, and they do not populate the server with rainbows and unicorns. They simply give us alternate options to play.

    Might as well say American football is a carebear sport because you can't tackle the running back when they don't have the ball.
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  5. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    Well, in the PvPers' defense, there is nothing quite like that adrenaline rush when you're fighting other players, be it in the open world or in a battleground. There's an edge of your seat feeling as you go about a PvP realm, and if you don't have it already, you learn all about spatial awareness... or you die. A lot. You also learn how to play your class really really well. Spells you would never dream about using on PvE realms? Suddenly, they have a whole new range of usefulness in PvP.

    After a while of playing with every nerve on edge and knowing that you have to be the best if you want to survive in a PvP world, the rest of the realms can look a little simple, easy-mode if you want to call it that. I haven't PvPed in EQ2 since... oh, 2010? It's five years later, and I now play exclusively on PvE and RP servers. I still jump out of my skin whenever I hear anyone near me stealth, and I still play with my camera zoomed waaaaay out so I can see who's coming up behind me before they ever reach me.

    Now, to be fair to PvE players, when I did PvP, I also found myself growing less tolerant of what I would call "idiocy & whining." As Kaitheel told me once during those years, there was an "edge" to my words. PvP seemed to bring the worst out in me, and that is ultimately the reason why I stopped.

    The perception PvPers have of PvE realms being full of rainbows and unicorns and PvE players being "carebears" is not too different from PvE players' perception of PvP realms being nothing but ganking and PvP players being inherently rude and intolerant.

    Depending upon your perspective, each side has a little grain of truth in it. Just something to chew on when you find the "carebear" label annoying. ;)
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  6. Nybbos New Member

    I give you credit for giving many different reasons. I also am aware it is all an opinion. I played in the days of no PvP but once it doped i switched, because it is my play style. If you are coming at it from a rp style pvp makes far more sense. To each their own. good reply tho =)
  7. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I just thought of something when will the colonies disappear
    how much longer will we have the queens and the overlords colony before an expansion deletes those ?
    and if those zones go back into the vault please bring the zones back for chrono festival.

    hmmm Unicorns I know of some people on the new locked PvP server that have Unicorns
    so those are not just for PvE servers and as I play both play stiles I never saw carebears on the pve server.
    rainbows are pretty on any server when you put them in your house to decorate I don't like to get bushwhacked
    when I am in line for a present fro santa clack but on Nagafen you could always mentor down to level 5 to
    go SCHOPING without paying with your life and plat for it.
  8. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I just read the posts up to page 6 but I just had to respond to a post here I leveled up to level 36 and a lot of quests went gray on me I went into zones I never did before on any of my 30 something alts
    Somebody said bringing in the next expansion would not have any impact on low levels , but it does
    in my guild the level 50s are way to busy getting their gear up and upgrading their gear
    but they still have some time to help the lower levels with some hard quests
    when we get in the next expansion the higher level players will be running of to the oposit side of the game and will not care about the little ones.
    and more zones means the population will spread out more
    yes it will take the pressure of the harvesting area but in to many guilds on the regular servers the highlevel players just looked down at the lowbies .
    I don't want to insult anybody but not everybody has all day to play games
  9. Lord of the Flies New Member

    Oh, dude, you just made me cry a river. Man, you are awesome in this role of an old fart telling a "once upon a time" story. Now i guess why smelling daisies is your favourite thing in computer games. I am not offensive, you are really great.

    But, seriously. In what way exactly am I, in your opinion, trying to limit your casual playstyle by voting "yes"? How exactly unlocking new expac will harm you in this game? Give us, the EQ2 raiding community the content we want, and you can continue to levelup your froglok in a supa-dupa slow tempo completing the butterfly collections and exploring newbie zones like you are used to. Now, when the vanila content is officially closed with contested Vox killed on Stormhold by Night Watch, there are no reasons to delay DoF. Not any.
  10. Aliramar Member

    There's no point of arguing with these people (and I'm not even being offensive now) they just got different way of thinking.. And some of them are just trolls, who wants to punish people whose playstyle is different from theirs.
    They gonna tell you about how DoF gonna ruin the broker prices, how low level zones will become less populated and other meaningless stuff.
  11. Adevil Well-Known Member

    What, reduce your ocean of tears to a mere river? Don't worry, i expect you'll have yourself back to your ocean quickly enough.
  12. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    All this attention just for me. I'm so flattered!

    It's just a shame the things you're attributing to me aren't actually the things I said. As I used to say on the PvP servers when another player would focus in on only me for no darn reason at all... Someone's got a hard-on for me. Of course, it might have also been because I was a warden. Details.
  13. Mitten Active Member

    How about you give it a rest. The raid content you're talking about is 10+ years old. If you want to raid seriously, go to live and do it.
    The raiding community is the 1% on the TLE servers. No one, no one at all, thinks you're awesome for beating down 10 year old content who's strats we all know.
    Apart from that 80+% voted no, that's is not one or two people, that is the majority.

    You talk about regular players being odd for exploring newbie zones, what do you think you are doing raiding? Discovering new content? Why on earth would we want to rush for you, just so you can say you got the old content done first? Tbh no one cares about Vox.

    Well yes they were. They only benifit the players that play long hours. I giggle when I read in forums how they help players that can't play often catch up to their friends. Well no, they don't. Vit pots only benifit the players that play A LOT. The player that can't or doesn't play often, doesn't need them.
    They should never of been added and they were never voted on, on the TLE servers alone. Let's face it, they were always going to be added, it was a revenue thing.
  14. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    The first week, we had a vote on several different Marketplace items, things like scrolls of tracking and charms of escape. I could have sworn that vitality potions were in that vote. Perhaps I'm misremembering. I do know that I voted no on nearly everything in that poll.
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  15. Mitten Active Member

    They were in a vote when the votes were on live servers.
  16. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    Ah. That explains it. I never got that vote on the live servers, just on TLE.
  17. Taysa Well-Known Member

    Anyone who claims new expansion releases/unlocks don't mess with the content released previously before it (and the user base mentality and attitude as well) is delusional and hasn't been paying attention to MMOs post 2006.
  18. Ucala Well-Known Member

    you would be wrong :p there are people in other threads that claimed they will continue to vote no because "hardcore" rushers ruined the game for them :p so they plan on trying to stick it to the man, troll? it's possible. But I am sure there are some that actually plan on doing such this.

    As far as the vote is concerned, I voted yes on the release, but inside I knew the first vote would fail.
    with the stats (roughly 80% voting no). I highly doubt the 2nd vote will succeed also. (going from 20% yes to 66% yes would be quite crazy).

    but the reasons people want to vote no is always happening, if only they could see it.
    I hear the statements "don't want to inflate the economy"
    or "don't want to feel rushed"
    or "If you want to rush to AoM go back to live"

    every day more plat gets put on the server, prices are only gonna go up as time goes on. it's just the way games work.

    as for feeling rushed. /shrugs. if you don't feel rushed to get to 50 already why would you feel rushed to get to 60? slow people will keep doing their slow pace.

    if you haven't made atleast 25 by now on the TLE server, (after well over a month). I would say you aren't even really playing this server.

    This one is probably the dumbest of them all. I could safely guess almost everyone doesn't want to go to AoM, most want to hit what they consider the glory expacs (EoF, RoK, TSO)
  19. Trintel New Member

    No one is asking you to treat it like a job. You say that increasing the cap will "create ghost towns in the populated zones", I say not releasing the expansion will cause a decent number of the level 50 players, you know... the ones who actually spend time playing the game more than occasionally; the ones who make the population what it is, to leave. It won't be all of them, but every day someone feel stuck with nothing useful to do is another day they will contemplate quitting. if you can't see that, I don't know how to help you.
    Certainly raising the cap will create plat inflation. There is no maybe about it.
    You want population, they want content. You really can't have one without the other.
  20. Trintel New Member

    How many lower level players would leave given a yes vote? why?
    Sure there may be some inflation, but a smart player can use that to his advantage.
    There may be fewer players around. Primarily at the higher levels. the 45-49 folks just getting to the end wont have as many 50s to help them along.(surely you can't think that at least SOME of the 50s won't leave, given nothing of consequence to do.)
    As it has been stated a number of times above, taking content away from the hungry more regular players is a pure lose for them, however the lower players have a lose-lose situation keeping them from seeing newer content, and a win-lose situation adding more content.

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