[TLE] Results of the Desert of Flames Expansion Votes

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  1. Gavriel New Member

    And what about players like myself who haven't had a chance to get involved with the TLE servers yet? Not only am I late to the party, but I move through content at a GLACIAL speed. I'm happy for an extra month or two before DoF.
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  2. Nelie Well-Known Member

    So do we have to wait on everyone and their grandma that joins in late? what about those who join in next month or 2 months from now? We have to wait for them also to do every single quest at 2-quests per year AND hit level 50 before DoF passes?
  3. Gavriel New Member

    Yes, two quests per year. Thank you Nelie.
    Anyway, I'm just saying it's been only a month and a half since the servers opened and I would rather set a slow pace for new content. If a new expansion was released every month, we'd be out of content in a year... I think that point was the driving factor behind the DoF "No" votes.
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  4. Keldo Member

    You sure do fella. Just joined this month and I got a fat "No" vote incoming!
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  5. Aliramar Member

    That's exactly what DBG wanted when they set the 65%+ approval margin.
  6. 4280777 Member

    Heh, nope I won't. I already quit so 80% of my guildmates did. Now we just sitting and watching how servers slowly dying from attrition. The next vote won't pass, so the October's one and Stormhold won't survive upcoming 90 days cycle.
  7. Keldo Member

    All trolling aside, what do you think is a valid increment of time for each expansion? I mean, I think the idea is that content will advance when the majority of the playerbase becomes bored with a particular expansion. This will probably still be faster than the average 1-2 year turnaround that most MMOs have for expansion releases.
  8. Mitten Active Member

    The content you so desperately want is on live.
    You have issues with 'casuals' it seems. What is a casual to you? Someone that rolls with the MAJORITY? Or is it the players that don't threaten to leave for not getting their way?

    Just a btw, it's players like you that will guarantee I vote no every chance I get.
  9. Nelie Well-Known Member

    That is assuming that every single expansion has the same amount of content as Vanilla has. Once you start KoS (Kingdom of Sky) xpac, there are gear molds that raiders cant rush in 1 month. More zones come out. More guilds compete. This is just Vanilla were there are hardly any raid guilds because there isn't much to complete. DoF will be rushed as well just because it is similar to Vanilla, not much content. Once we get to KoS and above, expansions will last longer because of MORE content and basic RNG for loots and stuff.
  10. 4280777 Member

    It's hard to tell, I think it should vary depending on the expansion. Say DoF has very little content, while KoS and EoF can stay up to 6 months. I think it still should be decided by vote, but with different approval margin. 2/3 is way to much. Also they could set some kind of deadline, like if first 4 votes fail (it's 180 days) then after 90 days the expansion will unlock automatically. Because people don't understand the seriousness of the problem yet, but I'm telling you, these no voters can keep servers in vanilla like forever.

    .. I can't even comment on that. You're probably too casual to understand.

    Yeah, punish us as hard as you can. Also, you can probably consider registering some extra accounts and vote with lvl 1s, just to be sure!
  11. Aliramar Member

  12. Gramma Active Member

    I'm not quite understanding why someone would join a time locked server which was created with the purpose of duplicating the actual early game content and then would complain that they want it to be a time locked server in name only. I thought the whole point of the TLE was to reconstruct the feel of EQ2 when it first came out. I stopped playing when that experience was nullified by market items which made leveling faster and less challenging. I still voted no for making it more like the live server, though. The expansions didn't take a month to come out when EQ2 was new. They took much, much longer and content should reflect that.
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  13. Nelie Well-Known Member

    Have to keep in mind though that this TLE server (with or without any marketplace items) is not like 2004 at all. Let's be real here, before all this TLE non-sense came about, we all knew that it wouldn't be like 2004 release, yet people who voted no (well, granted, not EVERYONE that voted no) think this is exactly like 2004 to the point.

    They threw AoM mechanics back to a server restricted to vanilla content and disabled all the blue stats except for dps and haste. In 2004, you were able to use all 5 primary stats, but not now since they include current mechanics (well, when this mechanic changed when DoV hit), it's only primary stat and STA. Also, we didn't and CL/Ant PQ's.....we didn't have class focuses and as to which didn't increase our hp and resists.

    Am I missing anything other than provie rares and Kronos? I probably am but still, point being is TLE server =/= 2004 experience.
  14. Schemer Member

    But there is no challege in lvling right now, nor in anything else exept PvP. Game mechanic is so much different from what we had bacl then in 2004, lvling is much faster, expert/full mc gear obtaining is toilless, even mastered is not a problem right now. Everything in game is easy right now, it is different game in compare to 2004, you can not ignore this fact.
  15. Eradani Well-Known Member

    i was doing the Malicious Threat quest on nagafen last night and solo'd the even con epic x2 Seraph of the Stags in mc and crafting gear with half my hotbars missing. live isn't much harder.
  16. Blaupunkt Active Member

    I cannot believe people are still moaning about the no vote and making out the people who voted no did it to spite the people who are seemed to have rushed to end game.

    The fact these people seem to think this could possibly be true really need to wind their necks in. I would guess most of the no voters,I.e. Nearly the whole server don't even know you exist, let alone care. Those that are claiming to vote no now to annoy the yes camp are doing it for that very reason, to get under your skin the fact you cannot see that makes it even more funny! A fewer players voting no as some sort of protest is not going to have some adverse effect on the out come not when there are potentially thousands voting!

    As last time the vast majority of voters are going to vote based on where they are in the game and what they feel will or will not benefit them personally unless the doomsayers on the sever and these forums can convince people the world is really going to end should the no vote win again.
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  17. Keldo Member

    Frankly, I was going to see just how long we could drag out the facade that the "No" votes were actually coming from spite rather than personal preference, as you said, but now you let the tryhards in on the secret and the jig is up. You're a kinder man than me.

    Yes rushers, it is based purely on preference and where someone is in the game.

    Please try to remember that even if the vote did, in fact, not take place until six months from launch to advance the content, that would still be nearly twice as fast as the 11 month life of original classic. People are saying six months as if it's akin to the whisper of doom for the TLE, but frankly, Stormhold has a 10 ten times more bustling community than any live server at the moment, so let's wait until the sky is actually falling.

    Also, everyone please do me a favor and dispel any egotistical illusions that one player is more important than any another. The lack of self-awareness that thought process displays is laughable. At the end of the day, you're a $15 charge sitting in a computer chair, the same as everyone else and your in-game accomplishments probably aren't even worthy of mommy or daddy sticking them on a fridge.
  18. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    Or they could have voted no because they'd like the server to last longer than a year. That's why I voted no. It had absolutely nothing to do with playstyle, economics or spite. The decision was quite easy for me. There are 11 x-packs and 12 months in a year. If we want the server to last longer than a year, then we need to wait 2 to 3 months between each x-pack. For me, my decision was based on simple math.
  19. Nelie Well-Known Member

    If you think about it though, only expansion that will really be rushed is DoF. Vanilla and DoF lack the content. By the time KoS hits, expansions will last longer and the "yes" voters will vote no. Why? Raiders won't farm gear molds in 1 month flat (and so on when patterns turn to sets and/or tiers of gear). People will be working on alts then for Hoo'Loh helm and farming group zones for certain items. Questers and casuals of course will have more quests to do and land to explore.

    People really need to stop thinking every single expansion will be the same 1 month rush, because it won't be. Every expansion has a different amount of content. You also have to play into the factor that there will be MORE and MORE raid guilds with every expansion as raiding gets better. Some of those guilds will want more than a month to try to clear everything.
  20. Blaupunkt Active Member

    Just a minute, we have "raiders" claiming there will be more to do in DoF, in this and other threads on these forums, now you are saying DoF will not have that much content to keep them occupied, so which is it ?

    I see one problem being, lots of people like different Xpacs for whatever reason and some think Xpac, X,Y or Z will be the holy grail for the TLE server for whatever reason, what if none of them are what if none of the first 4 Xpacs have "meaningful" content for raiders any more for whatever reason, the same people who are moaning now are going to be constantly moaning until they cannot burn through content in a few weeks.

    No point in farming raid zones to get full sets if the zones can be cleared with out the need for fabled armour, weapons etc, and lets face it, no one knows how easy or hard these zones are going to be until they get unlocked.
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