[TLE] Results of the Desert of Flames Expansion Votes

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  1. Soluss Member

    Fabled armor/weapons are likely better itemized than classic is. There will be reason to go after it. KOS will likely last longer than DoF/Classic combined because there are better raids and tougher to get gear that is desirable. Couple that with AA points to grind as well.

    I voted yes to DoF when I was 30. I just hit 50 a few days ago. I liked that expansion a lot. However I am not that bummed it didn't pass yet. I likely will be bummed if it doesn't pass next round.

    KoS was probably my favorite. I know many other people that feel that way too. It brought better dungeons and raids to do daily/weekly and like I said AA points. I can see DoF lasting a few months to tide people over. I can see KoS lasting at least 6 months. EoF will likely last a long time too because a lot of people will probably do another alt to see the newer low level zones again.

    I see people commenting on how the original lasted 11 months before expansion. It was less than that. EQ2 launched 11/04. DoF launched 9/05. Some things to take into consideration. Original was a lot harder to get through than TLE. It had the original combat mechanics and TLE has much easier to acquire gear so much so that raid gear is worse in a lot of cases. Leveling was harder. Soloing was harder. You also are not taking into account that nothing is new. Most of us have been there done that many times and know what to do and where to go. There is nothing to figure out. It makes the pace much faster.
  2. Nelie Well-Known Member

    http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Raid_Timeline (take a look at group zones too while you are on wikia)

    Look how many T6 zones there are compared to T5. If that is not enough to convince you, look at the loot they all give. DoF will be nothing more that just an achievement of clearing content for the fun of it. No guilds are going to want to farm anything special (maybe the carpet mount wrist from DMP, but even then that is a stretch when you can get that quest mount done in 10 minutes).

    Like I said before, when KoS starts, there will be gear that people will want to farm for. Not saying KoS will be the holy grail of expansions by any means but what I am saying, those of us who voted "yes" now will most likely vote no at least once or twice starting after KoS.

    How do you think zones were cleared before for that fabled gear/weapons/etc?
  3. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    Every player throwing a hissy fit in this thread has a different x-pack in mind where things will magically slow down: DoF, KoS, EoF, RoK. I read one post by someone arguing for a yes vote who claimed it wouldn't slow down until SF! We all know that one month after DoF, people will be screaming for KoS. A month after KoS, people will be screaming for EoF. A month after that, it will be hissy fits about wanting RoK, and so it will go until we reach AoM and are level 100 like every other server in this game.

    All these people claiming that waiting another month for DoF will supposedly "kill" the server... You can't have it both ways. You can't rush through one expansion after another and expect the server to last. Either take it a little slower so it will last a little longer, or rush through it and let it die within a year.
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  4. Gramma Active Member

    You're wrong there by saying "We all knew" because nope, we all didn't know. I was expecting a more challenging authentic experience. I paid good money for an extra slot to create a toon, and lady, I was duped. The emphasis is on racing to the end and I feel cheated out of a nostalgia based game, which is what the TLE was advertised to be. I did NOT play in 2004. In 2004, I was raising my teenagers who were into outdoor activities. I began playing only four or five years ago.

    When I started playing, I heard many players, including my own fiance happily reminiscing about the challenge of EQ2 and discuss how rewarding it felt to earn their way instead of buying their way. I wished I could have experienced what it was like and when Daybreak said they were going to create a TLE, I asked those players about it. The players said they couldn't wait to try it out. So I ponied up my SC and got my extra slot and built an adorable little toon to run about with. I played a few hours and by the time my friends logged on to join me I purchased a mount.

    Well, marketplace mounts weren't available in the early EQ2 and neither was the race I was playing.

    It seems like cheating to me. I would much rather have had an authentic experience. I'm disappointed.
  5. Rhodris EQ2Wire Ninja

    I started playing in 2005, after the vomit-comet...err...boat, but while the starter islands were still there with no FFS or DLW. I saved for MONTHS to get enough coin together to buy my first mount for my main, even raiding the bank accounts of every alt I had to scrape together that humungous sum of just under 4 plat. Definitely no cash shop then (and I think the game was far stronger for not having it).

    While in some ways the TLE is indeed very similar to the early years, especially with people milling around in the cities and seeing folks moving around the overland ones, in a lot of ways it's just...not. And perhaps it's me who has changed by being a 10 yr vet and knowing how where to go, who to talk to, and how it all works, but the massive sense of achievement that I had just getting through the next part of my armour quest (for example) just isn't there this time around.

    I understand completely that the devs couldn't revert everything back to exactly how it was, and why, but to be honest, I may as well take a new character through the same early zones on one of the live servers. So while I'm disappointed, I will admit that it's my own fault for not managing my expectations accordingly.
  6. Blaupunkt Active Member

    I am well aware of KoS and what it brings, it was and remains one of my favourite Xpacs.

    You are assuming that the hardcore raiders will need to farm the raid zones in order to progress through them, if the content has not been reworked/tweaked whatever you want to call it then they are going to burn through it with no problems what so ever, if you have been actually reading the threads you will have read that some of them claim to be doing T6 levels of DPS now at endgame, so by the time KoS hits and then we have AA's added in to that they are going to be doing will over old T7 levels of DPS.

    Why are the people who are currently moaning going to want to do any of the content for fun ? again if you have been reading the threads they seem to want to only do content that benefits them and do it the minimum amount of times possible, they are not going to want to level alts to get the class hat in KoS or the flying carpet in DoF.

    How were zones cleared ? are you serious ? but I will play along, if memory serves correct then you needed to get the MT the armour set from the dragon ring event in POA and hope the rest of your raid members were farming for the best legendary gear in the game with possibly some MC gear in some slots then for a lot of raid guilds they would enter various raid zones and kill as much as possible and slowly gear up the raid force getting stronger and stronger as more fabled was acquired. SO I go back to my first point, if the need to farm the best gear is not required to clear the raid zones then with in a month the same people will be back here wanting a YES vote to unlock the next Xpac.

    If you/anyone cannot see this then there really is no point in continuing with this "debate".
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  7. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Honestly i can see KoS being a disaster, the fact that KoS gear right now on live is on par with EoF gear will turn a lot of players off. The fact that i can go back an expansion and kill mobs that are substantially easier and get gear that is better than harder mobs will turn a lot of raiders off. If they did it like Vyemm/Venekor/Tarinax are HARD mobs and give gear that is best in slot until like avatars/mayong/woushi i would be happy. I would even be down for claymore reward/mark being best in slot with soulfire/avatar gear. But going into lord vyemm and one grouping the first two mobs to get gear that is better than my 7 set in EoF will make me extremely upset.
  8. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Kingdom of Sky was my favorite area to raid ever. I would advise just relax. You haven't got a vote to even go to DoF yet, nevermind KoS, so hold onto your craniums so your brains don't explode yet. I'm going to assume that some beta testing will occur somewhere.
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  9. 4280777 Member

    Hm, since I quit TLE, I decided to use all my Kronoes to create several accounts just to vote NO with every chance I get. Just to spite these damn rushers.
    Now tell me, you can vote on both servers or it's one vote per account?
  10. Soluss Member

    How childish
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