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Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Whysprr_Wyrd, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Salmastryon Guest

    /still off topic ;)
    Eh, I'd have to disagree. There is no Sta or Wis on the Melodic. I ended up having a couple pieces made in one of the shaman sets so I could get the Wis and Sta, especailly the Wis. I wquld like more Int on class sets, but not with the cost of having no wis or sta.
  2. ARCHIVED-Spider Guest

    oh course its the good stuff so some peices would have to have like some sta or wis alternately but mostly im refering to the basis of the set melodic armor shows our primary stats needed but like everyone else we do need some of everything
  3. ARCHIVED-Nerfed_bat Guest

    /on topic ...
    I want my upgrade for Bard Speed ... Bard used to be known as the speed demon ... now it seems we can be chassed down by many other classes, such as fury / ranger / etc ... I have max out my speed with using all abilities: selos / jboots / aa lines ... and yet , I can't out run some of the classes that want to kill me...
    /off topic
    It is sad that Bards are so neglected... after all it is so hard for us to kill the opposing side and yet we are losing some of our key ability for escape...
    Abilities that we need for survival:
    1. Stiffle ... I would like this because We don't have big nuke... so at least give us an option to prevent a nuke against us. (giving us Daze ability is a joke)
    2. Longer Stun... my god ... we can't one shot anyone ... and yet our stun is only a 2sec stun vs the nuker's 6 sec stun ... such as a assasin or brige able to get one stun off on me... Bard = dead bard guarantee (unless ur enermy is the NUB of the Nubs).
    3. Speed... There are so many classes out there that they can kill us one vs one easily and yet they can still out run us to chase our sorry ***** down for the free killing.
    4. Avoidance ... I been noticing that our avoidance is worst than other scout in defensive stance... so please either give us a true defensive stance where we can survive or give us offensive stance where we can actually kill someone without they running away...
    That is all I want for Christmas ...
  4. ARCHIVED-Whysprr_Wyrd Guest

    Scarrlette -- how's the dirgeing going?
  5. ARCHIVED-Vincenzo Guest

    I've hit level 50 with my Dirge now.

    I was grouped with a Warden 2 days ago.

    As soon as he joined the group he was bragging about his runspeed. I was about to mention that I am a bard and curtsey proudly in front of him....

    Then I saw that he was buffing the group for more than 40% raw runspeed (while ours is still down at 34).

    The fastest I can usually run is 55% (with Silvani Form).

    With the warden in the group I could hit 66%


    please please please please please rescue me from this shame
  6. ARCHIVED-Reena Inverse Guest

    Dirges sure need the speed improvement. They are meant to be the ultimate support class, but other classes like rangers that are meant to be mere dps are outpowering us on support
  7. ARCHIVED-Chefren Guest

    They are? Rangers have just lost pulling without social aggro. Except runspeed and a single-target heat debuff, what support do they have atm?
  8. ARCHIVED-Spider Guest

    the thing is that ragners now at lvl 10 can get more runspedd for half the aa that troub/dirge can get at 41 with 16 aa points
  9. ARCHIVED-munos Guest

    Come on Devs give us some love. Make us more wow than ho hum. My friends (warden) buffs out run my aa speed. Kinda embarrassing that she carries me around now.
  10. ARCHIVED-Nerfed_bat Guest

    don't think any Developer ever read a Dirge Forum... we are one of those forgotten ones...
  11. ARCHIVED-Krooner Guest

    They have written us off until the next level expansion when they will be forced to code for us.... and everyone else.
  12. ARCHIVED-Azmodiaz Guest

    Honestly after all this time, and all this effort, Ive about given up on SOE in general. I was always one of those people who said "Screw vangaurd!" Ive put 70 lvls ans 80 AA into my toon, I aint leaving!" But after watching them ignore everyone else, botch up the game, and every patch bring it closer and closer into line with WoW I realize they couldnt give to seconds thought to wether or not Bards, End Game Raiders or the Player Base in General has anything constructive to say about thier game.
    Rangers are now the fastest class in the game? Have these idiots never played any other MMO or Role Playing game ever invented? Do they not realize in the long standing tradition of every other MMO released in the last 10 years, bards have been a specific thing? I mean the list of issues is ridiculously long:
    1) Why are half our spells broken, and the other have dont upgrade properly? Im an end game raider with Adept3s, not because I cant find the Masters, but CAUSE THERES NO POINT TO BUYING THEM. The Adept 3 version of the spell gives exactly the same benefit as the Master 1. How longs this been a problem now? Since the release of lvl 70? Since the release of the game even?
    2) Runspeed is just broken. Heres 12 Pages of people saying the same thing, some who dont even play bards. Pretty bad when you got playrs from other classes coming in and going "yeah I feel for you guys, theyre really hosing you hard". How many people thought a bard was a real bard when they picked up this game, now just trudge around hating it, but dont want to start over with another toon and inviest all that time and effort? /raises hand
    3) WHERE ARE OUR INSTRUMENTS? Seriously how hard is it to implement a lute or a drum into one of our charm slots? Do you know how happy that would make hundreds of players, and actually make us look like bards?
    4) Dont even get me started on twisting spells. Apparently EQ2.0 feels twisting was to complicated for the WoW B Nets *****, and needed to be simplified so anyone could do it. I remember when EQ1 end game bards rolled thru, you knew that he was a master player, and that he could seriously pull some stuff off, like right up there with Enchanters in the ability to shock the masses with his utility and game savvy. Now were buff bots, relegated to sitting in Main Tank groups with the same 5 buffs up, and hitting our CoB hotkey on inc. Its pathetic!
    I feel like they used EQ1 as a story base, but toally lured us in thinking it was the same game, and it wasnt. It was just the illusion of something familiar, pulled over our eyes so we would buy it. They have changed so much, its not even EQ anymore. Its some wierd hybrid between WoW and EQ1. I for one am losing interest in it, and Ive been a loyal SOE customer for 10 years now.
    See you all in Vangaurd, cause when this subscription runs out, I doubt SOE gets any more of my money. Good luck Bards, I hope by LU 35 or 36 you get noticed, but Ive been waiting for 2 years now, and havent even seen a dev response on the boards, let alone any indication they know where still here, PAYING THEM MONEY to PLAY.
    (all my stuff is no drop, save the tired old jokes for someone else)
  13. ARCHIVED-Northern Guest

    Should be
    Troub and Dirge > all other speed enhancements (including mounts)

    Good luck guys,

    Ogores 70 Ogre Defiler
    Ryolite 45 Ogre Necro
    Gigglegob 48 Gnome Illusionist
    Aiyiori 14 Fae Berserker

    Notice no bard types listed above. If you have even other classes screaming for a change for a class you know it is bad.

    Edit* To Azmodiaz maybe you should do your homework on Vanguard ...SOE will still get your money.
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  14. ARCHIVED-Priestbane Guest

    Off topic again, but I felt the need to respond. =)
    Twisting sucks. Twisting breaks conversational ability (a large part of a social MMO), and in general was a bad mechanic that actually flared repetitive stress syndrome. Removal of twisting as a mechanic (which was a stupid idea to begin with... nothing like singing the chorus of 5 songs in rapid succession, nonstop, to understand the power of music!) is not even close to a bad thing. There are much better ways to remove feeling like a buff bot (which you aren't doing your job well if you do) than making all buffs manually maintained.
    And I'm sorry, but your description of EQ1 versus EQ2... is exactly what they stated when making the game. EQ1 story base, NOT EQ1 part two for the game play. They have said it constantly, non stop, for years. They said it before the game was released. If you're complaining now about how it was wool pulled over your eyes, when even the playerbase has taken up that cry, then you haven't been paying attention.
  15. ARCHIVED-Reena Inverse Guest

    They are. And rangers are not a support class, they are a ranged dps class, and atm with pathfinding they are buffing more than AAed bards.
    If do you want to keep the speed buff as high i would trade it for your dps
  16. ARCHIVED-Krooner Guest

    Yeah there are some that would say. Well if he wants to keep his 50% + runspeed then make Lanets hit for 10K. Im not one of them. We are a utility class. We buff and add more to the group than anyone else. At least in my opinion we are suppose to. So Thats what I will fight for day in and day out. DPS are a dime a dozen. But I would rather be thought of as the bard you just dont want to be without.
  17. ARCHIVED-Azmodiaz Guest

    I wasnt saying that SOE pulled the wool over our eyes by changing the game mechanics. I was saying when you come from any other MMO, and see a class name, you expect to have a certain functonality.

    For instance: What would people say if they came from WoW or EQ1 or DAoC, and liked to play Warriors. They picked the perfect Ogre warrior face out, customized it all, logged into the game, and tanked thier way to lvl 50. Then all sudden, post lvl 50, it turned out cloth wearing monks where the best tanks in the game. But wait a minute, isnt a warrior the classic ideology of the epitomy of tanking?
    Sorry n00b, not here. Here in eq2 land, we envision some guy with his shirt off running into Lord Vymms lair to tank the big guy in his pajama bottoms. Its a different game dont you know?

    Same with bards. When I started playing, I thought a bard was actually a bard.

    Also, to repsond to the earlier post who relied to me:

    You sit in a main tank group of any major end game raiding guild, and try to play ANYTHING but the same 5 songs for your tank, and see how long that flies. Itll be 10 minutes tops before someone notices and says "Wheres buff 000003 Bard?" Very, very rarely, on certain fights, you can switch out to Noxious, other than that, its strictly the exact same 5 buffs. Try being creative in Freethinkers or on a Tyranix pull and see how long you sit in the main tank group.
  18. ARCHIVED-Krooner Guest

    Like I said before I have been in the MT group for most of my playtime from 50-70. We have raided just about all high end content in that time. We vary our buffs a little depending on the mob. However I am able to swap out buffs during a fight sometimes. Usually when we have things under control or we get a HO buff like Swindlers luck or Strength and Unity. Then I can drop Harls or Boon and put up the DPS mob or Tombs or maybe our Nox buff that now has the ward from the AA's. Its not much but some of the mobs in MMIS have a desease shield that if it isnt displled right away can eat into a fast hitter.
    Over all though I agree with many bards here that a little more variety is needed. We havent had a upgrade other than AA's for some spells that bards always have up. PoS, CoB, Selos, these spells are in serious need of upgrades. The next level expansion is at least 6 months away so I think we will be cooling our heels for a long time.
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  19. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    That is exactly why I asked to not be in the MT group but preferably in the ST group when one of the other dirges hit 70 and was around more consistantly. I -hate- the set-and-forget buff-bot concept. Sure, I could debuff to my heart's content (and am still the primary.. or even only bard debuffer), but the same 5 buffs every time, every fight is down right mindless. Yes, I do know it is partly the composition of the raid force and raid leadership that dictates that, but withou changing guilds, I have gotten the ability to use my own brain to set up varying buffs for varying fights. Since there aren't that many fights the ST needs a near agro lock, I don't have to cast Hyran's. Since there aren't that many fights the ST is intended to be hit, I don't need to cast PoS. Since the ST group isn't as likely to be hammered by direct damage in most fights, I can even drop the parry buff. I can go all out offensive and swap in and out defensive as needed. Much more fun to me. (Sadly, because I wanted the change to add dynamism to my game and don't think being in the MT group is a great honour to be bestowed as some sort of reward, I am deemed "risky" though I have attended over 85% of the raids in the last 6+ months, even when they start at the time I'd normally be leaving work if I didn't bend my work schedule *shrug*. Admittedly being told I am deemed thus might actually make it so, though, even if it wasn't before).
  20. ARCHIVED-munos Guest

    You know when EoF came out I was actually very impressed with the content but the new AA line seems to hinder us more than help. What I mean is I am ok with our AA line but the other classes seemed to pull way away with their new AA line that having us there is ok but necessary anymore to the group and its function. Other class AA's are like wow to me when I look at what they can do. I feel like ours is more like thanks you didnt have to but its the thought that counts.

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