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    NOTE: Please do not /sign or /'agree this thread. We've been warned, it'll be closed or even deleted if it's just a petition, which is illegal under the forum rules. If you've got something interesting or prodiuctive to add, though, please do.
    So, perhaps someone will tell me that this isn’t the way things are done around here, (I seem to remember that petitions are Frowned On) but I think it’s time to submit a petition about bardic runspeed. Below is a draft. After we hammer the language out here, I’ll volunteer to run it by the Troubadors, though you might want to choose someone for that duty who’s less likely to have assassins waiting on those boards, then post it on General Gameplay, for co-signature by every bard who can be pounded into submission convinced to Blade Chime in.
    Dear Gods and Minor Deities and Flunkies of Development and Decision-making
    We, the Concerned Bards of Norrath, request that an upgrade of the Selo’s line of runspeed enhancements, to follow the typical 14-level progression and to be available at level 56, be considered for implementation.
    Within the lore of Everquest, and in the rich fantasy literature that feeds it, bards serve as the wandering pokers-into-things and swift-running messengers of princes and nations. We don’t know why, exactly, but it’s always been that way and given a lot of our personalities we’re best kept out on the roads anyway. Running speed has been a profession-defining ability of bards throughout the history of Norrath.
    Recent changes in the world, however, have diluted this standing. Newly discovered mounts run faster than even the swiftest bard, and we strongly suspect that the animal-rights people would have something to say about how exactly that happens, if we bards were to have our legal staff poke into this. Carpets that move as fast as most bards are easily quested. In addition, some classes have achievement abilities which give them the ability to make bards absolutely eat their dust, and as performers we need to look good, so dusty clothes are just right out.
    Even though Sorschae really, really wants a horsie, most of us would prefer to maintain the image of the lone bard tirelessly running the roads of Norrath, carrying critical messages, bringing the serum to the plague-stricken village, bringing subversive pamphlets to the revolutionaries tirelessly undermining the tyrannical reign of… Wait, you didn’t hear me say that.
    We’re not asking, by the way, to absolutely outclass the people who spent pounds O’ plat on their fancy horses, even though we do suspect that many of them got their money by means that wouldn’t stand close inspection. Just keep us within a couple percent. And we wouldn’t object if there were another quest item like the Journeyman’s Boots that were required for bards to really keep up – mine are getting pretty rank after all this time, frankly – an upgrade would be a mercy to those who group with me.
    If we were to push it a bit, we’d even suggest that the new Selo’s add a bit of in-combat runspeed or safefall or a humungous reactive nuke or something else cute and cool because we like cute and cool. But we wouldn’t turn down just a little speed boost, OK?
    Please give this request your earnest consideration.
    The Concerned Bards of Norrath
    Whysprr Wyrdwynd, Scribe
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  2. ARCHIVED-JadzeaDax Guest

    I support your petition!
    I'm sure this will get some attention actually. The last post i saw titled petition something or other got locked by the mods.
  3. ARCHIVED-Blackmind Guest

    I will support it as well
  4. ARCHIVED-Krescendo Guest

    Bard speed is a class defining atribute, we should be slightly faster than any long term buff (or mount) at any level.
  5. ARCHIVED-Tulianya Guest

    I am not even a bard and I support your petition. My shadowknight wants to be carried around fleet of foot by those truely deserving of it, the Driges and Troubadors, the bards of Everquest 2, not some immitater trying to be like a bard.

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  9. ARCHIVED-Varek Guest

    Sounds good to me! /signed
  10. ARCHIVED-Whysprr_Wyrd Guest

    This is just a draft!! Suggest changes, we'll do the final / sign up in support version when it's final and with the Troubs.
  11. ARCHIVED-TalanRM Guest

    Fully support it. Run speed has always been a defining bard feature in peoples minds, long should it remain so!
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  13. ARCHIVED-huludus Guest

    been waiting for someone to post a topic about this.

    I can bearly keep up with the other classes now and I amost have my runspeed AAs maxed... and I still wear my Jboots for an extra 10%

    I really think they shold either give us a new Selo spell .. or at least make our Selo enhancment AA give extra speed... who cares aboute Safefall anyway? lmao
  14. ARCHIVED-Greencow Guest

    Omg yes I loath getting my shiny pretties dusty, it ruins the whole effort of getting a whole flashy and matching outfit together! Bards have long been and should continue to be seen running down roads leaving only some stray notes and broken lute strings behind.

    Singing bad poems across Norrath for ages
  15. ARCHIVED-Zude Guest

    I'm not sure that a "petition" will be effective, but your suggestion is excellent.
    Hopefully it gets noticed and considered.

    I think that a fair out-of-combat run speed for Selos at level 56 would be 44%,

    or 42% with any or all of:

    • +70 safe fall
    • +3% in-combat run speed (stacking with other abilities that increase in-combat speed)
    • Ward for 360 damage (and have the ward regenerate 2hp/sec)

    Either way the speed wouldn't compete directly with the fastest available mounts, the other features would add "flavor" :smileyhappy:
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  18. ARCHIVED-Nowtna Guest

    It makes sense and in light of EOF- I hadnt looked at the aa's till realease and find it putrid that we have no upgraded speed buffs as dirges and bards in general.
  19. ARCHIVED-Priestbane Guest


    I am sorry to be the rain-bringer, but a petition on the boards will be summarily locked or removed. They are not just frowned upon, they are against board policy.

    That said, I fully support the direction of this. Enchanters got their control effects hey-day, and that affects *combat*. I want our runspeed title back badly. =(
  20. ARCHIVED-Krooner Guest

    I agree as well gang.

    Bards are suppose to be the swift footed travelers of the relms.

    BUT I have to say. Given the title of this thread its going to have a low life expectancy.
    Mods dont like the word petition.

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