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Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Whysprr_Wyrd, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-thecynic315 Guest

    Using this logic our lvl 69 upgrade will be about 110%, as Im sure mounts will be that fast by the time we get the ******* upgrade.
  2. ARCHIVED-Whysprr_Wyrd Guest

    Android9 wrote:
    No, not so much. As a way of raising an issue for attention a petition is fairly sensible, but as was mentioned repeatedly in the thread, it's against TOS.
    The thread, even the first post, pretty specifically states that this isn't a petition because they're banned by TOS, and asks folks not to post unless they're adding something interesting. And a direct action campiagn about a computer game strikes me as astonishingly disproportionate, like hunting flies with 500 lb napalm bombs dropped from F-16s. If I were going to organize a civil disobedience campaign I assure you it'd have to do with something weightier than dirge runspeed.
    I mean, think about it. We put together 500 infuriated dirges to march on SOE in San Diego. The national media, on a slow news day, get a call that 500 people are mounting a civil disobedience campaign about the running speed of their characters in a computer game. We're swarmed by cameras and reporters, who interview anyone they can put their hands on, and we're on CNN and the network news looking like a bunch of complete geeks saying 'well, dirges should be the fastest,' after which they cut to the anchors, who're about to wet their pants on-camera, and who say something along the lines of 'wow, don't these people have anything more important to do with their time?'
    Of course on the upside, with that kind of coverage, SOE would have to do something about our runspeed.
    I've got to go lie down now, the weirdness of the world is making my eyes go all blurry.
    Note added in edit: Before I edited this, it began with an unnecessarily personal comment, which I now regret.
  3. ARCHIVED-Winterborne Guest

    What is this /sign nonsense. You were told NOT to sign. Do not sign! *Sigh*... I think I will write a letter of my own. Tell me what you think: Dear worthless mortals for whom the gods weep, Why do you dampen our foot haste? Have you bound Selo's hands and feed him nothing but salted bread so that he cannot compose a new ballad to hasten our travels? It is disgraceful that our kind, once renowned throughout Norrath for being fleet of foot, can no longer win the three-legged race against that annoyingly hyperactive bowslinger in green tights. (*leers at Bowboy Fasterthanyou*) We beseech you to forgive Selo for his bit of drunken rowdiness (and that unfortunate scandal with Firiona Vie, a gnome, and the infamous "xerox machine" scrolls), so that he may endow us with a melody of harmonious swiftness. Do not force me to summon Innoruuk yet again to seek justice in this matter, as he would be none to pleased to have me interfere with his current plans to view the afore mentioned scrolls. Warmest regards, blah, blah, blah, Seritaph
  4. ARCHIVED-Jesterzzn Guest

    [p]Sooo, I have been away for a while, in fact I quit in disgust not long after my last post in this topic. Any updates on our Run Speed? Still playing second fiddle to wardens, and if I remember even Rangers?[/p][p] [/p][p]Oh well, I am just restarting to check out Neriak. If Bards are still unbardy, this will probably be a short trip for me.[/p]
  5. ARCHIVED-kidpaul Guest

    [p]I seldom see a ranger on my server that has speced for increased runspeed and my ranger dont go faster then 16% it's simply a waste of aa's I leave the runing fast up to the professionals sadly atm that are the druids for some odd reason.[/p][p]And the only idiot to cast sow on my dirge got a slap in the face when I put on my jboots toke a sip of my trusty droag swill and ran circles around him and his guildies but I think I saw a big smile on their troubs face.[/p][p]It's sad thou that I have to resort to stimulants and other means to out run em I feelt like a dirty cyclist in tour de france oh [I cannot control my vocabulary].[/p][p]Aww they censored my french cursing =).[/p]
  6. ARCHIVED-Priestbane Guest

    [p]We can now run as fast as wardens, for many more points spent, and only after level 55.[/p][p]We can now run faster than mystics, for many more points spent, and only after level 55.[/p][p]We are still outrun by rangers specced for runspeed, though not many remain specced that way. We can never exceed rangers specced for runspeed without gear or racial traits or "stimulants". We can only go almost as fast as speed specced rangers, and for many more points spent, and only after level 55.[/p][p] [/p]
  7. ARCHIVED-roces9 Guest

    Sorry that I'm a little late to the party, but here is my position (and i'm sure some one said it on the other 24 pages): Wardens spend 5 EoF AAs and can run at +45% at level 20. Im not sure when Rangers can upgrade pathfinding, but I'm pretty sure its to 45% and for only 5 EoF AAs. Bards (the kings of runspeed) have to spend *8* KoS AAs to get 46% runspeed at level 55. Dont give me that crap about in-combat runspeed either. That's nice and all, but we want to run as fast as those scary looking horsies on the trails. I'm sick of being grouped with Wardens who "/g Anyone want a SoW?" Me: "/g Actually Mr/s Warden, my Selos runs faster then your SoW and give an additional 12% in-combat runspeed" Other Groupie: "/g I'll take a SoW!" Other Groupie: "/g meh 2!!!" Other Groupie "/g sow plz!!1~ wil pay 4 bufz!" Aside from all of the other frustrating mechanics about (both) Bards, taking away our most noticable ability is a travisty. I know everyone else has said it, but I remember Bards FLYING past me down the road to West Commons in EQLive. Now I see twinked out level 30 toons on their 50% mounts speed past me. That's just lame. Well put OP, and sorry that I only skimmed the other 20some pages.
  8. ARCHIVED-Borias Guest

    [p]I agree still. Even on a red server where we have the best in combat run speed, people still beg for sows. It gets a little insulting, because all they have to do is stay relatively near me.[/p][p]I only spent 7 points in runspeed.(8 in allegro) 45 is enough for me really, 55 with the boots. I honestly am not sure what the worry is about. Now rangers and I believe some druids can run around solo at 60% out of combat now. No, that isn't sprint, or cheetah. Just their own self buffs. Not pvp armor either. It gets to be kinda sad when you think about how it was before.(ya ya, eq1 reference is bad, but at least bards had their selos to be awe-inspiring)[/p]
  9. ARCHIVED-Giland Guest

    I think worrying about run speed is a waste. So rangers who spend 5 aa getting 46% outrun you. Big deal. Do you realize that literally, that is their ONLY group buff? A ranger does not get any other group buff. Thats it. Pathfinding doesn't upgrade for rangers, I believe the aa is 6% per point at the second level of EOF AA. What group buff are you willing to trade for the ability to run the fastest? Running fast isn't that great a skill really. Most people have horses now, the warg and carpet are easy to get, so 40% is readily available. It helps you move back to a point of a wipe faster, or to run to a wall to jump on to dump agro. But otherwise, as far as utility goes, pretty low. Bards have a lot of utility they can bring to a group, with all the utility they have, who cares about running fast? I started up a bard, and am now lvl 30. I am loving this dirge. Slows, debuffs, fear, DPS buff, parry buff. My biggest issue is deciding what buffs I want to have up. Again, who cares if rangers can outrun a bard, a bard can out utility a ranger by lvl 15.
  10. ARCHIVED-Jesterzzn Guest

    Giland@Guk wrote:
    I really don't think I worry about it, but it is the reason I quit the game before. I mean I really don't think Bards are broken. I think they are a very viable class, both of em. However neither feels very bardy. Ya dig? It may seem odd to some that people would quit a game over what really just amounts to fluff, but I like fluff. Kings of Run Speed but no Instruments, and I would have stayed. Instruments (even useless fluff instruments that do nothing but emote) but no Run Speed tweaks and I would have stayed. But Nothing? Even though that's been a consistent Bard gripe from day one? Gotta go. They either aren't listening or they simply don't care. I'm back now, and I'll stay long enough to make a new character in Neriak and check it out. I was a huge Neraik fan in EQ1, so this was enough to draw me back, but I am still just flabbergasted that there has been zero advancement on the Bards fluff, especially since its just fluff.
  11. ARCHIVED-D-DevilKid Guest

    For those of us on Red servers, Speed is bloody crucial. If I can't get away from my opponent(s) when I am ridiculously outnumbered or upgunned, and evac is down (I use it casually.) what the hell do I do? My class is supposed to run fast, it just IS, so why stab me in the eyes and give already extremely viable PvP classes the ability to escape from my attacks? Its ridiculous. Also, Furies + SoW = 55% Now. (Their own SoW That is. God help us when a Warden joins them.)
  12. ARCHIVED-Quartz Guest

    For me, the lore and tradition of not only Everquest, but a lot of games that incorporate Bards, is enough for bards to be the fastest possible mode of self transportation.
  13. ARCHIVED-Rayleen Guest

    [p]i remember back in eqlive, before velious and luclin, Selos was THE reason i made my bard, and then when i hit 52/53 and got my upgrade along with my epic later on...i was even FASTER, i remember porting into DL and having the entire group autofollow me all the way to KC while they went afk...when they got back, we were there, waiting, and i was singing mana song for buffage... WTF happened :( [/p][p]i was considering rolling a bard in eq2, but it does not look like it is the same as it used to be.... at the very LEAST we should be 10-15% faster than any of the other classes....... in or out of combat, regardless of aa's.... what the need to do is implement instruments and give us some modifiers that allow us to boost songs, songs need to be categorized like the were in eq1 (stringed, wind, percussion..etc..) i dont think it would be that hard to do.... hopefully our epic will have something like this...[/p]

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