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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Deggials, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Deggials Guest

    Arani@Crushbone wrote:
    Maybe u should quit being elitish and experience it from another point of view.
  2. ARCHIVED-Ohiv Guest

    Deggials wrote:
    Might I ask how are they being elitish? They are simply stating that currently you need to finish the TS epic inorder to "gathering" these new red shinies. It still isn't preventing anyone from buying them from the broker, or getting them from friends. Also as domino stated earlier in this thread, a lowlevel adventurer CAN get these tiems also. SOOO again how is this being elitish? Basically you just have a larger hoop to go through to get your ts epic. /shrug level 10 chars can do it, why can't you?
  3. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Ohiv wrote:
    I agree. Easy button = bad. If you don't want to do the work, you can buy 'em.
  4. ARCHIVED-KerowynnKaotic Guest

    Wyntre@Kithicor wrote:
    I'd like to 2nd Wyntre's plea .. please Remove the No Trade from the Rewards.
    None of the Blue Shiny's House Items are No Trade and some of them have Status Reduction.
  5. ARCHIVED-Lolianna Guest

    OK, I give up, where are they in Fens? I have spent the past 3 hrs scouring the zone. I killed 6 named (2 ornate chests woot!); harvested (3 rares woot!); found 24 regular shinies (all worth copper, woot?).. and zero red shinies. Yes, I am wearing my solstice earring. Turned particles up and rendering to far. Are they just that rare?
  6. ARCHIVED-KerowynnKaotic Guest

    Meerah@Permafrost wrote:
    I haven't bothered to go do that one just yet on Live but on Test.. I found them up / down the path to BW, along the path to Riliss and near the Bandit Iskars and Goblins (can't remember their names). All do-able by a lvl 15 Fury (at the time). So, I am surprised you haven't found any yet as you're lvl 80. Of course I *think* Domino turned down the popping as they were pretty much every 5 steps the 1st day or 2, on test, and then they dropped to being 1 red shiny per 50 meters (give or take).
  7. ARCHIVED-Cusashorn Guest

    So do we have a finalized list of zones that red shineys can be found in?
  8. ARCHIVED-JesDer Guest

    I was just making a locations post so that people wouldnt have to read this thread :)
  9. ARCHIVED-Noaani Guest

    I haven't turned any of these in yet, but I am curious, do they give tradeskill or adventure XP?
  10. ARCHIVED-Deggials Guest

    Calthine wrote:
    Fine Lets Look at it 2 other ways and balance the Blue shineys vs Red Shineys.
    Blue shineys- Buy or harvest rare shineys for goggles (any level adv or level ts can get)
    Red Shineys- Buy or do soko, new lands, ts faction writs/quests then do the Ts epic quest which involves running around with mobs 10-70 levels above u to get the item to see them (only those who have done ts epic)
    So judging by those 2 comparisons then to balance the 2 all we have to do is make the blue shinys require u do your level 80 epic to use the goggles, oops i forgot about the running thru mobs 10-70 levels above u so we better make that u have to have your mythical epic to use the goggles (see the point yet?). After all we wouldnt want anyone to have a "easy button" even adventurers.
    Also next expansion lets remove all the essential recipes and require u do the current ts epic, any Shadow ody ts quests then do the faction and ts epic for adv/ts leveling expansion so u can get those essential recipes so u dont have to level off rare recipes (after all we dont want anyone to have an easy button)
    Also when u can prove a level 14 adventurer (50% in) can do all said quests for Rok/Ts epic with rok disco involved without leveling to 15 then i will believe that any character can do it.
  11. ARCHIVED-Rainy Guest

    It's already been talked about, and I believe Naomi or Domino did the quests to get the TS epic at level 10. I've personally seen characters level 10-13 run through Fens with virtual impunity. there are people on the PvP servers for crying out loud that have done thier TS epics at levels below 20.

    but alright. to harvest the 'blue shinies' you have to have rare shinies from zones that you literally could not venture into unless you were a high level adventurer, and many times only in a group (Mistmoore Castle/Catacombs). or, you could pay 8+p per to get them. many times, the only people I saw that have the rares for places like MMCat/MMCastle were raiders that gathered them in raid on the way to the Inner Sanctum.

    for the red shinies, you have to do your TS epic. oh, and you can get to Fens without a sokokar, you can swim to that island, I've done it. So you don't need the sokokar to go to fens, you might need it for that other quest you mentioend which I also am pretty sure you don't need to do either.

    all you have to do is to be an 80 crafter, build up your BW faction with TS writs, and do the questline.

    the only mobs you deal with in the questline are 20 levels higher than you to ensure that you do the TS parts. they made it so you can't kill the mobs, you have to find the TS componets/make the item to get past them. which again is not hard at all to do.

    for blue shinies it was you either were a high level adventurer, preferably with friends, to get the rares, or you could pay 50+ plat for all the components you needed. with red shinies it's either you do your TS epic, which only requires bing an 80 crafter with BW faction, or you can pay 50+ plat for the red shinies.

    I don't see a big difference other then you are more worried about eating a death or two on a low level character then eating a death or five on a high level character
  12. ARCHIVED-janmystique Guest

    Deggials wrote:
    If you don't like these ts quests, you don't have to do them. Many people, including me, like them. There are many things in the game that I will never do but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't be there.
  13. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Deggials wrote:
    What does not getting discovery XP have to do with anything?

    You can certainly do your sokokar quest and tradeskill epic and all the red shiny collections at level 14. You will however get discovery XP from the new areas you'll enter; that's part of exploring. If you prefer to lock yourself into your home and hide under the table, you're free to do that instead, of course! But you can't expect to BOTH stay home AND get all the rewards from going out exploring. Just pick whichever option you prefer, and enjoy your choice, not to mention the fact that you have a choice to make. :D
  14. ARCHIVED-Coniaric Guest

    Deggials wrote:
    So you want to put the supporters, so to say, in their place by setting up a comment that has a good chance of using the word "No"?
    So you can say "Aha ... see?"
    Sorry ... setting up a question that already has an answer ... that's just foolish.
    And at end ... you believe whatever you want or like ... clearly you had a set belief and our answer probably not going to change anything for you.
    You want to have it the "easy way" ... that's all you're saying here. Maybe you didn't level up a crafter ... maybe you do have a crafter, but it's below adventure level 14 ... or even maybe you didn't do the tradeskill epic in the first place. You had 8 months (RoK launch) just to level up a crafter to 80 if you want to. You may had chosen not to ... and thus cannot go and harvest the red shinies yourself.
    And so, you're stuck on the sideline until you choose otherwise.
  15. ARCHIVED-Effive Guest

    I'd love to see that level 5 adventurer with their brand spanking new Kunark Expert Adventurer Goggles then dropped a metric butt-ton of plat to complete actually toss em on their noggin and go farming. I'd venture to guess they could get to maybe one node in Kylong Plains. Getting the blue shinies on your own requires work: levelling up an adventurer to the where they will survive the environment the shinies are in, and doing the collection to get the goggles.

    To be perfectly honest, levelling a tradeskiller up to 80 and doing the necessary RoK quests/factionwork and then doing the TS epic is by far an easier feat than getting an adventurer to the state they can farm the blue shinies reliably. Comes down to it, you need to do the work to get the rewards.

    On top of the bone that is the red shinies, you'll have a really slick looking cloak an earring that is phenomenal and and nice title to help display the hard work you had to put into getting there. I know that when I see someone running around with a title and cloak and see they're just a wee little adventurer I have a bit more respect knowing they had the dedication to go the extra mile.

    I applaud the introduction of these, as has been previously addressed, people have been having issues with getting some Proof in the Pudding updates for their TS epics and this just gives *more* people a reason to do the quest; get more epic tradeskillers out there (as Rijacki as already demonstrated). Just think when you finally get to doing your epic, it'll be all the more easier to get it done because maybe that one weaponsmith that was on the fence about doing it finally broke down because they love da shiny, and is now able to take care of that Sickle update.
  16. ARCHIVED-valkry Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    Domino, sorry if you misunderstood my point. I have nothing but love for you, girl, for all you have done for the crafters/house decorators. My point is that *I* feel left out (again). I feel like the 'really cool' stuff is limited to epic (or working on epic) crafters. Deggials kind of touched on what I was feeling with the comparision of Blue to Red shinies, when showing how difficult it would be if the blue shinies required mystical epic glasses to find.
    Part of what I love about this game is that I am not forced to play one style of adventuring. I've been in regular groups/guilds, I've played solo, I've duo'ed, I haven't raided (Sorry, even if my cpu has gotten better over the years, I'm still terrified of the lag-fest with 23 other people... 2 still photos, then the respawn screen..nah.) I'm content knowing I will never get my class epics... there is plenty of other stuff (HQs, fulling exploring my own pace) I can do till I get my main to 80th, and even after.
    The problem I am having with this quest (aside from the already mentioned "high lvl" vs "epic"), is we have the epic (good. I might actually be able to get THIS epic), but there is no parallel path for folks who aren't/don't want to be epics. You are definately fixing some problems that have plagued us (lack of receipes for some classes, fixing the over-growth of bushes in Norrath). The quests to get advanced books was genius, now most crafters can afford to have the extremely rare upper lvl books. I've maxed out that quest line, but I am completely sure you have it in the works.
    There is no crafting parallel to HQs (well there is the one, but its not like there are 2-5 HQs per teir). These are usually a bit more involved, a nice balance between the "end game" epic and the normally daily quests. Granted comparing crafting to adventuring isn't completely fair. Crafting will feel a bit more like a grind, just because you are tied to a crafting station, and it is quite a bit harder to work the 'run here, gather this, run there, make that' story lines then with adventure quests (LOVED Mara btw).
    That was why I was hoping that the red shinies would be crafter lvl based instead of epic based. Its not a true parallel to HQs, but its something that could be done by pre/post epics. It's also gives me another reason to go out risking life and limb to forrage, instead of just buying my resources. Honestly, when I think about who will be out looking for red shinies, I do NOT picture the 35th lvl adventure/75th lvl crafter in either Steamfont or the Fens... I see the 78th lvl ad/80th crafter in Steamfont. I'd like to think 'Yeah, the lowie can go out and hunt & look for shinies at the same time,' but I expect it will just be the person who won't bother to kill anything, won't forrage (or if they do will probably be cherry-picking ore to sell on broker), but will be grab as many shinies as they can farm around the lore tag.
    Finally, I really am not trying to pick on the people who have their epic. I think epics are cool for anyone who can manage them, but unlike WoW, EQ isn't about the race to end-game content. I thought the reward for getting your TS epic was the epic cloak, not access to additional content. There needs to be something, anything, for the folks who have been grinding for 40, 50, 60 lvls instead of just more faction writs and first items made. Maybe red shinies aren't the right way to create some excitement for 'high lvl' crafters, I tried suggesting that crafters could work together to clean up Freeport, rebuild the fountains, sew some new banners, etc like we did with the griffin towers/spires. If anyone has another suggestion to add some excitement to the pre-epic grind, I'd love to hear it, but please don't act like I'm just crying because the epics got something & I'm to lazy (or any other adj. you feel like using) to get my own epic.
  17. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    Ohiv wrote:
    I have no problem beling elitish.

    Do I get VP loot if I don't raid in VP (or drop 100s of plat to get access and buy from a guild that sells loot rights)? Nope. Do I get an epic weapon that depending on my class may make me insanely more powerful, but is still a quest count either way if I don't do the quest? Nope.

    3 of my 6 crafters are 80, but there was at least 1 red shiny in an agro free area of each zone, especially in fens.

    We all took the time, effort, plat, whatever to become 80 tradeskillers with tradeskill epics. These 4 very nice house items don't make or break the game, actually I have been posting them in channels and no one seems to give a flying on Unrest other than 1-2 ppl who /t me when I do it asking where/how to get the shinys.

    I'm not crazy about the lore tags on any shiny quests, I find that annoying and if I can get around it real farmers can too. I have my own guild of all my alts, and 3 accounts, I can take 3 toons out at a time and stack them in my guild bank. Yeah it's totally annoying to do that so I don't, but I think it made things more annoying for people than stopped farmers and it's kept prices higher on lore shinys. (I have 6 epic crafters as well)

    I kind of like the no trade on the rewards, that is what keeps people from giving the collecion pieces to 20 alts to sell the reward, though honestly it stinks not being able to sell off a house item on the broker if you just wanted the XP and aren't into decorating.
  18. ARCHIVED-Ohiv Guest

    Deggials wrote:
    I hate this because apparently you just love doing it, but it is YOU not U. Seriously if your going to type out every other word why do you keep missing that one!! Really I have no room to critise since I can't spell my way out of a wet paper bag, and my grammar is horrid. ANYWAYS sorry to be nit picky but that one does bother me alot!

    What is the issue with being higher then level 14? that seems like a choice you personally made not a game balancing point. If you want to hinge your whole arguement about how you can't do something cause of a decision that YOU personally made that's fine but own up to your own decisions and stop crying about it. Here's a hint you could just rack up a ton of xp debt by dieing a ton to soak up the discovery xp. Not sure it will completly prevent you from dinging but it will prohibit a ton of it.
  19. ARCHIVED-Deggials Guest

    Another Idea for fairness is to make the item that u use to see the red shineys come from a yellow shiny just like how u get the blue shinys.
  20. ARCHIVED-Ohiv Guest

    Deggials wrote:
    Why don't U just do the work that is in place instead of whineing or trolling, which is about all your doing now.

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