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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Deggials, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Valdaglerion Guest

    Sallaenie@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    A fluff housing item is a fluff housing item. Not sure what you mean that the fluff from Rok is more useful from the fluff from EoF and is somehow more deserving of status reduction. I will try to get to some examples and post back here, maybe as much to clarify my own recollection as add to the conversation.
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    Apsenniel@Splitpaw wrote:
    Hey, if RoK goggles see EoF blues, I want the EoF goggles to see the RoK blue collection pieces! Fair is fair.
  3. ARCHIVED-Coniaric Guest

    Well ... it was a year between EoF and RoK, and so I assume that RoK goggle was enabled for EoF because it was next tier. If can't finish EoF goggle collection earlier, another option is doing RoK one instead.
    If don't want to go out and collect shinies, the house burynai can be used to get the rare collectibles. I got some myself sometimes.
    It's just options, not restrictions.
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    Coniaric wrote:
    That cheap little bugger. Always begging for food and never coughing up anything worthwhile;)
  5. ARCHIVED-trovan2 Guest

    My thought, red/blue/yellow shinies are NOT equally easy to get! And who cares? Does every quest have to be equally hard/easy to complete? NO!
    I am an avid collector that hasnt spent much time leveling, so seeing that i need to be level 80 and complete an epic quest for red shinies disheartens me greatly, but so be it. That makes it all the better for me to actually DO those things!
    Earlier in the thread, some people were complaining that getting the goggles for blue shinies are hard for low level adventures? Yeah right!! Since the beginning I have been taking my low level characters into zones much higher than me (now level 80 zones) with little problem. Ok, so what if I die ... obviously it will happen, but i want the shinies without having to time sink leveling. My choice, and it is very possible since i am doing it ...
    That gives me acces to yellow shinies and blue shinies .... but not red ones.
    By placing the limit of "level 80 crafter epic quest" has prevented anyone from collecting the red shinies. Sure, they can buy them, but not COLLECT them. It angers me, but i know and recognize that all things will be equal to me ... so it motivates me to work harder to get my goal.
  6. ARCHIVED-sliderhouserules Guest

    Elorah wrote:
    I feed people's burynai when I go in to buy stuff from their broker boxes all the time. Visitor is all that is needed.
  7. ARCHIVED-greenmantle Guest

    Silken@Butcherblock wrote:
    Mine coughed up a chewed chokidai collar the other day reminded me of a friend who owns a rottie that found a chewed collar in his yard when the neighbours chiwawa was missing.
  8. ARCHIVED-Tallisman Guest

    Could someone clarify something for me please?

    I have completed EoF and RoK recognition collections and got both sets of glasses. I have also completed my TS epic and have my EotS. If I wear my earring AND either of the two glasses, what shiny's should I expect to see?

    Also, if I understand this thread correctly, the RoK glasses will enable me to see BLUE RoK shiny's while the earring enables me to see RED RoK shiny's. Is that correct? Or am I barking mad and have completely lost the plot altogether?

  9. ARCHIVED-trovan2 Guest

    Tallisman wrote:
    To my understanding, the RoK Goggles will let you see BLUE RoK AND BLUE EoF shinys. While the EoF goggles will let you ONLY see BLUE EoF shinys (aka, go for RoK goggles hehe).
    The earring will let you see RED RoK shinys.
    SO, if you wear BOTH earrings and goggles, will you see PURPLE shinys? just kidding ... not a bad idea though, an incentive to get both ...
  10. ARCHIVED-trovan2 Guest

    Some questions of my own:
    How many red shiny quests are there and what do they require (and reward)?
    Does the burynai seeker still give goggles (or has this been "fixed")? If so, what tier stuff do i feed him?
  11. ARCHIVED-Elorah Guest

    trovan2 wrote:
    From this thread, I have learned that there are 4 red shiny collections. Barren Sky, Fens, Steamfont and Loping plains. Each are lore and give a house item as a reward. In order to see the red shinies, you have to have the crafting epic earring equipped (which means that you need to be level 80 crafter)

    The Burynai seeker takes the fertilizer items that drop off mobs (usually a flask of water, bone and fertlizer). All tiers will have a different quality of these items. I have never heard of him giving out goggles though as he is only supposed to give out collection peieces ( I have been given a box of moths and butterflies before, but those are both used in collections as well)
  12. ARCHIVED-trovan2 Guest

    I think the burynai gives collection rewards too (or at least did when he first was released), thus the goggles. Many people complained and a few actually got it. I was wondering if it was fixed.
    I also heard that there are at least two red shiny quests that gives equipment (I saw a link to them),but maybe he was confused and meant BLUE?
    Also, does the tier item feed to burynai effect tier chance of item received?
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  15. ARCHIVED-Nole Guest

    I've gotten a few collection rewards from the Burynai. I got the Bloodstone Shards (reward for bloodstones normally). I think I got something else (one of the scrolls?). It's super rare though.
  16. ARCHIVED-trovan2 Guest

    Aiya@Lucan DLere wrote:
    Do you know of anyone or have heard you could get the RoK or EoF goggles?

    trovan2 wrote:
    Early in the expansion, my little guy coughed up the EoF goggles. I haven't heard of anyone else I know getting them, but the may have an simply not mentioned it.
  18. ARCHIVED-trovan2 Guest

    Ok, thats what i thought ... but people keep telling me its impossible lol.
    I was wondering if they "fixed" that, or left it alone since it was a collection reward.

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