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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Deggials, Jun 6, 2008.

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    Noaani wrote:
    You have probably already seen the answer to this question yourself, but just in case. They give adventure and achievement xp.
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    Troubor wrote:
    I give red shinys (and anything really) to friends, but but again for the billionth time, I worked hard to be an 80 crafter and finish the crafting epic, I'm not selling my red shinys on the broker for 1g because I don't feel what I did to accomplish all this was so worthless. I am going to keep value to the hard work and time I put into doing things, if others want to make it worthless, thanks for trying to make everything I've done have no value. How are you enjoying that T8 master the raiding guild gave you free (assuming you are not part of that guild), oh they didn't? Point made.
  3. ARCHIVED-Deggials Guest

    Feel Free to give me an answer to these questions then
    What is a/the Legitimate reason for Crafters to have a higher hurdle to jump thru in order to get to harvest red shineys compared to adventurers and blue shineys?
    For those who think changing the above is an "easy button" did u also think that raising the faction to 750 from 150 on the RoK faction parts an "Easy Button"?
    I also notice some people are against tiering stuff, im not talking every 6-7 levels like frostfrell wreath quests or every 10 like the storms currently but what about every 20 levels? i.e Rok, Maj Dul(courts), Steamfont, (insert lower tier).
    I also could have thought Domino was going to put more stuff on the Court merchants for crafters to make the courts have more meaning, was that idea abandoned? It would also be nice for a revamp of Maj dul for crafters.
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    Deggials wrote:
    It boggles the mind really. Crafters have been begging for stuff to do other than just sit at a crafting table and click-click-click for hours on end. Or spend mind-numbing hours harvesting. Now that crafters are given more stuff to do, what happens? They moan about it.
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    Deggials wrote:
    There's not a higher hurdle.

    Blue shinies - get to high level adventurer and group/do dungeons in order to collect all the rares to get the blue shiny goggles. OR pay money to buy them off the broker

    Red shinies - get to high level crafter and do epic quest/group in order to get the earring that lets you see red shinies. OR pay money to buy them off the broker

    It's exactly the same thing.
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    Filraen@Najena wrote:
    I wouldn't say it is exactly the same thing. It was much faster to get my alchy to 80 and epiced (even harvesting everything myself) than it was to level to 80 adventuring/questing.
    So it is less work for the Red Shinies than the Blue ones, also red ones are cheaper on the broker than the rares are to be able to even see the Blue Ones, let alone the actual price of the blue ones /shrug.
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    Ahlana wrote:
    You may be correct. My point is that crafters don't have a higher hurdle to jump through.
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    Deggials wrote:
    As has been said many times, it is what it is. Either U choose to do said content (which U seem to have a lot of personal issues with doing for <insert your personal reasons cause I don't know them and really don't need to know them>) or U can choose to not do said content. This is your choice, it has always been your choice, it was never removed from U as a choice. As it is now the red shineys are a "reward" for those that are max crafting and have their TS epic which frankly is very easy to get (this has been enumerated in multiple threads already not bringing those up again).

    Also for "adventures" to harvest blue shines they need to be level 80, anything less and they are exploiting/buying mats and just farming lowerlevel stuff. Soo lets compair a second it took me about 2 months to get from 1 to 80, first time playing this game I didn't know diddly about it specifically but did know some about MMO's. IT sure the heck didn't take me two months to get to 80 in any of my TS's.. SOO U are saying that it isn't fair, I agree it isn't fair!! it's not fair that TS'ers are able to get to harvest red shines before I could be able to harvest blue shines!!!!!! In the other case I specified about buying mats for your goggles, well for less then the price of the mats U can buy all 4 collections. Blam done, wow I just saved U gold and time. Wow aren't I special!!

    <note: as long as you keep insisting to use U instead of you, I am going to respond back using the same verbage since this is something that you apparently understand and I frankly don't> (missed a U)
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  10. ARCHIVED-Deggials Guest

    Ohiv wrote:
    It is Oh My God not OMG, I shorten You to u just like u shorten Oh My God , etc, etc Deal with it.
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    I think actually the correct way to write it would be "Oh my God"...

    I also think this thread has been successfully derailed.
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    Deggials wrote:
    Ever hear of acronyms? U isn't an acronym.
    Also some folks really do detest folks using those types of shortcuts. I guess I can just respond back with what you said. "Deal with it".
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    This isn't really the place to be debating the proper grammatical and spelling etiquette in public forums. If y'all are gonna argue over it, could you take it to PM's?

    I can't remember if I posted this or not. Red Shinies st Allakhazam.
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    Zehl_Ice-Fire wrote:
    Very apples to oranges comparsion between red shineys and masters IMO. I also have worked to get my crafting epic, but I don't see selling them cheaply or giving them to strangers as a devalue of my effort. As for your analogy, point not made. Red shinies are a LOT more common then master spells. Your analogy would work if they were about as scarce. But they aren't. Anyway, it's your choice, but I don't think comparing red shinies to that is a fair comparsion.
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    Deggials wrote, I reply in red:
  16. ARCHIVED-Deggials Guest

    Troubor wrote:
    Replys in Green
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    I'm not going to argue about whether or not the blue and red shineys take equal effort to attain. I refuse to pay stupid prices (imo) for the bits I don't have so I don't even have the Faydwer goggles (missing the CMM bits), let alone the RoK goggles. I do have a 3 epic crafters, but I'm waiting to join the shiney hunt until the competiton fades a bit.
    Frankly I don't see why it matters. Are the rewards for the collections identical? Are there the same number of collections on both sides? They are different quests, different results, different requirements.
    Are we going to see arguments soon that all quests should be identical and result in identical items? Ok, dumb thing to say, but so is arguing that blue and red shineys must be 'balanced'.
  18. ARCHIVED-Valdaglerion Guest

    Deggials wrote:
    Maybe just a miscommunication of terms. I consider "tiers" to be 10-20, 21-30, etc. What you are referring to is at the expansion level. EoF has many tiers of zones so in that you get different collection pieces from the "expert collection" sets of EoF in many different zones all with different tier mobs (some are in BBM with mobs randing in the 20ish level while some are in LFay with mobs in the 55ish range, 3 different tiers of mobs to contend with).
    With regards to the goggles for EoF and RoK expansion blue shinies, I kinda think SoE could have done this a little better. The way it worked in EoF was you had to get the goggles to see the blue shinies in EoF zones. It was the first expansion we had blue shinies in. Rok was introduced and with the Rok epert goggles you can see both Rok and Eof blue shinies, regardless of whether or not you ever had the eof goggles. I think that was a major slap to those who spent either a lot of time and/or plat completing that collection which has decreased in value significantly as it only makes sense to do the Rok one now.
    I agree the convenience of not having to switch goggles would be nice, perhaps a combination goggle should have been provided by a special merchant which requires you to prove you already have the eof and rok sets and you would get a special pair to see shinies in those zones. This could have been expanded on as collections increased throughout the game. Adding in Earring of Solstice for instance to enhance your glasses for Red Shinies, etc.
  19. ARCHIVED-Valdaglerion Guest

    Filraen@Najena wrote:
    Just a point on note on this - crafting is easier than adventuring, period. The red shinies produce fluff housing items or no real functional use (other than decorating) which is suject to housing item limitations so these will have limited value rgardless. For collections that provide useable gear or significant xp/AA they will remain for valued.
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    Saevan wrote:
    Very well said. One thing has nothing to do with the other. I have the blue goggles from EOF and finally got the Mistmoore piano about 5 months ago. I have the Solstice earring and just got the repaired piano. One took me two years of collecting pieces to get and finding an uber group. The other took me four years of developing a crafter. Both of these things were giving there own rewards along the way.
    Having done both, I can tell you from experience that for a high level adventurer getting the blue goggles in EoF was easier than becoming a level 80 crafter. You could camp in the entrance of Mistmoore Castle and wait for pops. All you'd need is another fighter to distract the the mobs while you harvested. Then out the door and back in to wait for the next pop. All the shinies for the blue quest would spawn there. Same with pieces needed from Kaladim. Go invis, pounce, run. Once you are level 80, don't even invis and run. Just pick them up from between the toes of the gray mobs. You could also use divining rods to find them. There were instructions on where to look for each piece posted on many web sites.
    I still haven't done the ROK blues. I'm not trying to do that one, just doing it if I get the pieces. Two more to go. That really wasn't hard. I collected the pieces while doing other quests to get other things.
    For the earring to see red, I have been crafting for four years. But that had its own rewards too.
    Hooray for all who have done all or any of the special shiny quests.

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