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  1. ARCHIVED-Dexella Guest


    EverQuest II’s 9th expansion Chains of Eternity™ is now available for pre-order! The thrilling Chains of Eternity brings Norrathians to a realm that was never meant to be visited by the living: Ethernere! EverQuest II: Chains of Eternity™ features new prestige abilities, including prestige tradeskills, and a level cap increase to 95 for adventuring, tradeskilling, and guilds. Players will also get to adventure through challenging new dungeons, quests, and two spirit realm overland zones!
    There are two versions of the expansion available:
    Standard Edition - $39.99
    • Cloak of Mourning (Pre-Order Exclusive!)
    • Drinal’s Scythe Replica – Mounted
    • 2 x Scroll of Resurrection
    Collector’s Edition - $59.99 Pre-Order Special Price(Regular Price $89.99)
    • Cloak of Mourning (Pre-Order Exclusive!)
    • Drinal’s Scythe Replica – Mounted
    • 2 x Scroll of Resurrection
    • Hero’s Blessing of Experience
    • 1 x 6 hour 100% XP potion
    • 2 x Portal Globe of Swift Travel
    • 2 x Health Potion
    • 2 x Power Potion
    • Firiona Vie Memorial Tapestry
    • Krivix Honorclaw – Werewolf Mercenary
    Order now and get ready to take the perilous and exciting journey to the place where no living Norrathian has been before! It’s time to head to Ethernere!
    UPDATE! Here are images of the in-game items that will be included with this expansion.
    Pre-Order Exclusive for Standard and Collector's Editions - Cloak of Mourning

    Standard and Collector's Editions - Drinal's Scythe Replica - Mounted

    Collector's Edition Only - Firiona Vie Memorial Tapestry

    Collector's Edition Only - Krivix Honorclaw Mercenary (Choice of Paladin or Templar)

    UPDATE #2: Here is an image of the new addition to the Collector's Edition, an Ethernere Wyvern.

    Also, SOE Live attendees who pre-order the Collector's Edition will receive it at a discounted rate of $20.00 USD (or foreign currency equivalent). This is acting as an "upgrade" to the Standard Edition you received for attending SOE Live. To take advantage of this offer, you will need to go through the normal pre-order process to purchase the Collector's Edition. When your card is charged, you will be charaged the discounted rate as long as you place the order from the same account you registered with from SOE Live and place the order during the pre-order period (now through 11:59pm Pacific on November 12, 2012).
  2. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    Any chance of screenies of the in game items and info about the merc? :)
  3. ARCHIVED-pixiepuff12 Guest

    No house? No mount? That kind of stinks! A bunch of expendable potions..*grumble*
  4. ARCHIVED-Erevis_Cale Guest

    Couple questions...
    Can we get a screen shot somewhere of the cloak, the scythe, and the tapestry and can we get more info about the mercenary?

    Also, since people are bound to ask. Does this expansion come with all previous expansions? Or is it like AoD in the fact that AoD did not come with any previous expansions?

  5. ARCHIVED-ElectricPotato Guest

    The image link to the pre-order page has two separate of your bullet points (Hero's Blessing of XP, and the potion of experience 6hr) listed as a single item in the checkmark grid. Which version is actual?
    Could the items be futher elaborated on as per char or per account down the list please?
  6. ARCHIVED-redwoodtreesprite Guest

    Absyntheea@Crushbone wrote:
    Yeah, I am very disappointed too. :(
  7. ARCHIVED-betatester7 Guest

    Does includes the previous expansions? I do have Sentinels Fate, but I wanna comeback. Do I need to buy DoV, the AoD then CoE?
  8. ARCHIVED-Afista Guest

    redwoodtreesprite wrote:
    ^^^^^ This :(
    Although I'd still like to see a pic of the tapestry, please! I doubt it's worth the extra $20... but let's see :p
  9. ARCHIVED-Zergosch Guest

    Some kind of joke.... i mean, 40 bucks without any goodies and 20 bucks more for a few potions and fluff stuf... without any information or pics? what will be the merc?
    i still remember that when eq2 went f2p, where they said, expacs come free ^^ also.... it was canceled ^^ after seeling those AoD stuff, with almost got only the bl ^^
    As population goes down, prices are rising? ^^
  10. ARCHIVED-Brigh Guest

    Erevis_Cale wrote:

    betatester7 wrote:

    It is because the term, "expansion", was redefined back then. Expansion meant optional things you didn't need to play with other people and experience content.
    It seems they have redefined it again to mean the paid for content you need to play with people.
    AoD was never a content "expansion". It is only an optional, shall we say, "fun pack".
    Those potions don't seem to be worth $20 in SC since they are what you can buy in the SC Marketplace.
  11. ARCHIVED-Zergosch Guest

    Just put in the prices for the xpacs dollar euro.... and then hit the button purchase on the eq2 site.... well.... let see for yourself.... why do euro players have to pay more? cant be the taxes or?
    AoD... i do payed for as i thought, content will be delivered free of charge... what i do and still think would be great and fun packs would be released (which i still have bought ^^)
  12. ARCHIVED-Hirofortis Guest

    Collector’s Edition - $59.99 Pre-Order Special Price(Regular Price $89.99)
    • 2 x Scroll of Resurrection - Garbage
    • Hero’s Blessing of Experience - Garbage
    • 1 x 6 hour 100% XP potion - Garbage
    • 2 x Portal Globe of Swift Travel - Garbage
    • 2 x Health Potion- Garbage
    • 2 x Power Potion - Garbage

    • Firiona Vie Memorial Tapestry
    • Krivix Honorclaw – Werewolf Mercenary
    • Cloak of Mourning (Pre-Order Exclusive!)
    • Drinal’s Scythe Replica – Mounted
    With all the garbage now sorted out, the difference between the collectors and the standard boils down to a tapastry and a merc.

    • What kind of merc?
    • One per character?
    • Pics?
    • One per character?

    Standard editon

    • Pics?
    • One Per Character?
    • Pics?
    • One Per Character?
    Hopefully with it spelled out someone at SOE will answer. Although I expect smoke won't let them until he has a chance to show it off at SOE Live.

    So $20 extra for merc and a tapestry?

    You can't count the rest of the garbage as you can get all of those with SC, and when you get double or triple sc, the price becomes a joke so those are nothing more than a play to get you to use something so you might buy more later.
  13. ARCHIVED-leannel Guest

    I'm considering the pre order. But I'd like to see more then two screenshots before I buy it. One month before release I would think there would be a trailer too. Your marketing department is slacking lol.
  14. ARCHIVED-Darn Guest

    Absyntheea@Crushbone wrote:
    I must agree with that one. So far the information provided about the addon is a complete "meh" to me (except maybe just seeing the zones - but these are end of high level range I guess?
    Me personally I switched off leveling over a year ago at level 72 and now enjoy whatever content there is and gather AA and equipment. That might be special case, I'm aware but because of this I'm not interested in level increases or areas above the level anything makes sense for me. I have the Velious Collectors Edition because of the mount and pet and portal pictures and all that ingame stuff - that was a nice one despite being mostly about a level I'm not yet interested about.
    And this time we have consumables I don't care about at all, a Merch without pics or any data and ... who cares about the cloak, I have tons of cloaks. The scythe house item maybe is not too bad, the tapestry ... meh, I've a lot of these too.
    And there is no information whatsoever about the level range that addon makes sense except maybe implying that only people on the high level end will benefit from the zones and quests. The adornments and prestige thingies I care rather little for too - I want more quests in existing zones instead of more features that make rebalancing equipment AGAIN a nightmare.
    Btw there are more information online, there was the mail with cloak pic:
  15. ARCHIVED-Mystikreign Guest

    I have to admit I am also very dissapointed about what the "Collector's Edition" gives you. I do not care about consumables, because they are just that. They are not something that will stay. What about mounts, furniture, houses, anything that people can use that are for the people that don't spend all of their time lvling and doing content, but decorating as well.
    Also it is nice to be able to pre-order, but when will the expansion actually come out and will the $$ come out just before the expansion is released again, like it did with the last one?
    Thank you, and I really hope you will take into consideration what people have said here, and maybe add some items to the collector's edition.
  16. ARCHIVED-Mohee Guest

    I'm not handing over my Debit/Credit card to SOE.

    You said and I quote...
    Dexella wrote:
    Hello?! I thought cash money was "real-world currency." Matter of fact, technically debit/credit is VIRTUAL currency.
  17. ARCHIVED-pixiepuff12 Guest

    Hirofortis wrote:
    This. And, it's $20 more *if* you get it pre-order.. after that, it's a whopping $50 (!!!) more! For. a. tapastry. a merc. and. comsumeables!! Ouch! I bet the tapastry is really neat.. but no way can it be that neat! I'll be waiting for the expansion to go on sale some day and then I'll probably only get the regular version.

    I mean.. really. guys...this doesn't seem well thought out.
  18. ARCHIVED-Pakhet Guest

    Need more info on the merc before I can decide if I want CE or not.
    1) What is the merc's archetype? Fighter? Healer? Mage? Scout?
    2) Is the merc elite level? Sksyrhine level? Regular merc level but with a werewolf skin?
    3) What is the upkeep on the merc? 3p, 25g, free?
    4) Is it one per account or one per character?
    If you answer me those questions and it's better than the SS mercs, you can have my $40 for 2 copies (myself and boyfriend) quite easily. Else, I am just going to get regular with no info. :(
  19. ARCHIVED-Occam Guest

    Pakhet wrote:
    ^ this.
  20. ARCHIVED-GrunEQ Guest

    All valid questions so far. There is a real lack of detailed information to make informed decisions.
    The picture of the cloak leaves me cold; consumables likewise.
    When does the sale end so I can budget?
    I hope the information is coming in the next few days before the SOE event.

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