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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-DMIstar, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    It gave you a quest with a timer? the quest was removed mid way through beta. You should get a pet version of Lord bob that follows you.
  2. ARCHIVED-Ironcleaver Guest

    Really nice changes to the rumbler and bob - soild zone now. Good stuff. :)
  3. ARCHIVED-ranga Guest

    It's interesting to see that there is no official comment on the key mob being hidden away until you can beat Bob.
    TBH I'm quite impressed with this expac apart from the fact that as hard as you try and no matter how many countless hours you spend in the first two zones esp Pools, you are hard pressed to get one shard (if you are lucky enough to get a daily that doesn't involve Bob).
    I've done this zone and spent a few hours wiping on him and still have not got the zone chest. I don't mind him being a dps/gear check and a roadblock to the next zone, that is the nature of progression. But come on Devs, another two weeks of this and THEN you have to carry it on to get bazillions of shards for faction gear and adornments.
    It's not funny!

    BTW it was easier to get the first two raid mobs down (While still in SF gear) than it is to get a measly shard chest from Pools!!!!!
  4. ARCHIVED-Rakshaka Guest

    Something is definitely still wrong with the Post-Lord Bob script Gninja. Like others have mentioned, the group I ran with today had plenty of time left on the timer when we were teleported back to the egg room. It happened just as we reached the final? wall where the waves of spiders spawn. We began to engage the spiders, then poof, we were teleported away.
    Please look into this ASAP. After wiping over and over to Lord Bob before the patch, it was quite disheartening to see our "victory" today stolen from us by a buggy script.
  5. ARCHIVED-Etruscus Guest

    The rumbler seems to be bugged.
    We got him to about the 50% mark twice, and when he dove underground, the first time, the encounter reset completely.
    The second time, the encounter didn't reset, but he also never came back up. When players walked to close to the walls, as is normal when the script is active, they became trapped.
    I /bug 'ed it.

    Edit to add: We've done him pre-patch twice with no issues like the above.
  6. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    What timer are you referring to? The only "timer" you should have is the Lord Bob pet telling you every minute or so as time is running out. I need a little more detail about how it is actually working for you guys as it is working completely different for me when I run through it here in our test environment.
  7. ARCHIVED-Raz_wolf Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    I had the access quest. Sorry the name eludes me atm. Killed bob, there was a "flower" clicked on it. Started a 20 min timer to return to the halls of rememberance. We sorta took a detour along the way (ie we got lost) Instead we found the path with attackable walls along the way. I'm fairly sure we got to the end of that path. Attacked a huge door/wall thing. One group member refered to it as a "named wall", Then 6 heroic orange adds spawned (~ lvl 95?) 5 seconds later we was ported back to gryphon area and did the turn in the right way, though bob was back up. (12 mins remaining)
  8. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    What I need to know is what quest gave you a timer. There should be no timer on any quest and I think that might be messing up the resetting of the entire script. If you guys could let me know what quest showed you a timer that would be extremely helpful.
  9. ARCHIVED-Loranthala Guest

    The quest is "The Immortal Pest"... the timer begins after you kill Lord Bob and click on the pod to get his essence.
  10. ARCHIVED-Raz_wolf Guest

    ya that sounds right. Thats the progression quest for access to ascent.
  11. ARCHIVED-Lord_Ebon Guest

    Yep, the timer is on the "Hallmark" access quest, "The Immortal Pest"
  12. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Ok thanks! I think the problem is the actual timer that is controlling the resetting is completely separate from the timer on that quest. So it is very misleading. We will take a look at it today. For now ignore the timer on the quest and pay attention to what the pet says and it should be a bit more clear.
  13. ARCHIVED-Wasuna Guest

    Yeah, the quest that gives the sword to scouts, shield to fighters and a buckler to priests. Once you kill Lord Bob the first time and click the flower looking bag it updates the Hallmark quest and you get 20 minutes to run back down, kill all the doors, kill the Kobolds, get the key mob and kill the last door while waves of Kobolds spawn.
    Then, once you talk to the guy inside the room for the Hallmark quest update you get to go kill Lord Bob a second time for the update and the loot.
  14. ARCHIVED-Rakshaka Guest

    Wait!? We're supposed to kill Lord Bob twice? Or is that only if you fail the timed event?
    After our group was ported back to the egg room, I clicked the griffawn back to Lord Bob's room and sure enough he was there again. But I thought that was a bug with the script.
    So just how much time DO we have to escort Lord Bob Gninja? The 20 minutes timer felt appropriate, but clearly you adjusted it to something much lower.
  15. ARCHIVED-Nebbeny Guest

    Some kind of indication of how long we have to get him there would be great. I find it extremely odd that both times, we get ported seconds after killing the final door, in two completely different setups, both with different amounts of dps. For one thing the first time around we managed to overcome his crazy heals, but apparently that isn't enough dps to get through and get loot, especially not on your first run through this fun little event that isn't at all irritating. Maybe a narrative message telling you how long you have before you fail. I really do feel that some of the events in this expansion expect us to somehow know whats going to happen before it happens, or to just fail the first time around after slogging through a long fight. Do you really feel that the timer as it stands is long enough for someone to realise they aren't finished yet, that a gryphon has appeared up top, that they can't go back the way they came, and have to break down some doors (then realise auto attack isn't automatically working on the doors), kill all the mobs in the way, magically notice the key mob hiding away (though to be fair, scouts should have track up and of already found it) read the description on the orbs, assign the correct people to click them, kill the final door, kill the plentiful adds, then run i don't know where because both times i've killed bob, i've been teleported back! Myself, I feel the timer is too short, we had someone in vent telling us that we have to hurry, and get through doors, click orbs, expect adds etc. and we still were not quick enough. That or having the adds up still after killing the door is a failure point, if i can be bothered to go back i'll try killing the adds first (we just burnt the door down and left them beating on the tank) but who knows, we dont get any information from the zone.
  16. ARCHIVED-Ithaniel Guest

    Any way you could make it so that after you deliver Lord Bob to the tree the east passage opens back up? I couldn't finish the shard quest because we missed a clicky in there on the first past (Two collectables were locked in there too"
  17. ARCHIVED-Nebbeny Guest

    Just a quick update, we did the zone again last night, and instead of ignoring the adds at the final door, we killed them before killing the door. This resulted in us being able to complete the event, and get loot, despite being slower than the previous two times we'd completed it. I'm assuming that this is in place to prevent people training down and FD'ing, then killing door to speed things up. But this unfairly punishes people who are more than capable of healing through the adds and just killing the door. At the very least some sort of red text saying that the kobolds left alive have their life essence absorbed by lord bob etc. Preferebly i'd like to not be punished for something that has never been an issue before, but there we go.
  18. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    You should only have to fight lord bob more than once if you fail the timed event to bring him to the Hall of Remembrance. The time is set to 20minutes but the timer on the quest before wasn't starting at the same as the actual timer. You have 20minutes from when you click the pod that spawns after killing Lord bob to stepping into the center of the Halls of Remembrance.
    Something I found wed. while checking the quest timer is that if you click the pod while you have the quest it updates the quest but does not start the timer. I fixed this but I don't know if it will be in today's build or not. For now clicking on it twice will start the timer. You will know you have the timer as when it starts the person who clicked the pod should get a flavor pet of Lord Bob. The flavor pet will say something roughly every minute as he counts down 20minutes.
    Killing the Kobolds that add in the last door encounter should not stop you from getting the update at the end. The script just checks to see if all doors have been destroyed. If you have the toughness to keep them on you and drag them to the next room you should still get the loot cache to spawn.
  19. ARCHIVED-Nebbeny Guest

    We had all the doors destroyed both times we were ported, I don't see how you could get to the last door without destroying all previous ones, and we were ported just after the final door was downed both times. We were well within the 20 minute limit, and we had lord bob following us. The adds thing was just a guess, however the only difference between us failing and the success, was that we killed the adds before finishing off the door, that and we had lower dps. Has anyone here been able to get loot when ignoring kobolds? or have you all killed the adds as they spawned.
  20. ARCHIVED-Jrel Guest

    There is another problem. If someone dies while the timer is running and they are doing the walls, it ports the whole group back to Lord Bob, and they have to do Lord Bob all over again, while the timer is still running from the first time it went off, instead of resetting itself.
    Also, players should be allowed to be rezzed during the event instead of the whole group being ported on one death.

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