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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-DMIstar, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Made some tweaks yesterday to this zone. Lord bob should heal for considerably less with his Essense drain, The parts for the coldain ring should be getting changed to individual drop so everyone in the group gets one when it drops and some slight changes to Styrax to make it not quite as long of a fight. These should be coming in early next week.
  2. ARCHIVED-Sydares Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    Is he intended to have near-100% flurry chance? If so, we can deal with it, but just seems strange.
  3. ARCHIVED-Corydonn Guest

    Sydares wrote:
    Indeed, 100% flurry chance for a starting zone is a bit harsh. Even El Erad in Palace only had about 10-15%
  4. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Yes he is intended to have 100% flurry. But his damage shouldnt be as high as it is to balance it out. he should hit very fast but not hit very hard.
  5. ARCHIVED-Lord_Ebon Guest

    Seems to hit a bit hard then. Had a group in there the other day with 2 healers that were keeping the tank and others up but it was still a lot more spike damage on the tank than a fast but consistent damage. And if you got inside and got flurried by Lord Bob it hurt quite a bit.
    We didn't have the DPS to burn through his heal, so we'll certianly be looking to go back once that change goes in. But would be good to keep an eye on the damage from him as well over time to ensure he's not acting too much like a gateway mob.

    Another odd thing... I noticed that if we let our tank take Lord Bob and stand under the acid fall (we'd just cure the trauma on him) it seemed to stop doing the port and acid. Is that intended or is that a bug?
  6. ARCHIVED-tigressb Guest

    I understand (and greatly appreciate) the challenge of these zones, but there's too big of a jump in difficulty between the rest of the zone and Lord Bob in my opinion. I was in a group last night that was admittedly a bit undergeared (tank had about 55% crit mit, as did one of the dps and the dirge, the rest of us had around 90-100% - inquis, defiler, wiz), but we blew through the whole zone with no real challenge, especially considering we didn't know any of the strats going in aside from the DF-clone fight. Then we got to Lord Bob, and he creamed the tank in one hit even with wards and cleric heals going. He then proceeded to one shot/flurry the healers (even though we're at 90% crit mit with 25k+ hp each). We tried 3 times and quit for the night since it was pretty obvious the gear wasn't there for the tank.
    I don't mind the hard - I'm pretty ok saying you need to have 60+ crit mit to even attempt these zones, but when the entire zone was so much easier it's a bit jarring to be smushed like that. Either up the difficulty on the other mobs I'd say to make it more in-line with the final encounter so it's not such a shock, or tone him back a tad, especially since he's needed for an access quest. Aside from the abrupt and unsatisfying ending I enjoyed the zone ( and would like some of the red and blue trees to decorate my house with).
  7. ARCHIVED-Fedog Guest

    We we're in here tonight, and like others have said, the whole zone is fairly straight forward and good difficulty for a starter zone, up until Lord Bob.
    We had, Pally, Dirge, Illy, Warden, Brigand, Conj in our group, with everyone in T2 SF raid gear and some DoV instance/quest gear. I was tanking and I had 157.2% Crit Mit, and was still getting crit on 100% of the time by Lord Bob.
    We understand the mechanic of the fight, dodge the rain cloud, work through the port etc. but after a few minutes of fighting we still cannot get him below 95% health.
  8. ARCHIVED-nekurareikon Guest

    Fedog wrote:
    Crit mit doesn't stop you from being crit, it just reduces the crit bonus of the mob essentially.
    I do agree that the flurry on this mob is still a bit too strong. though. My group is mostly in tier 3 SF raid gear, with some upgrades from DoV heroic zones here and there (mostly weapons/jewelry), and it feels like there's too much luck involved because the tank can survive for a long portion of the fight and then just randomly eat an unlucky string of hits and die. That's in defensive stance and with a shield, of course.
  9. ARCHIVED-Oneira Guest

    Thanks for the changes. Not getting all the coldain ring updates was a big bummer.
    One strat we're going to try next time is for the bruiser to begin tanking Lord Bob and use his 90 sec x3 brawler's tenacity up, then have the zerker in the group grab Bob for the rest of the fight. Bruiser-zerker-defiler-conjuror-warlock-coercer is what we had.
    Gninja wrote:
  10. ARCHIVED-vexrm Guest

    Did it last night and while we had some trouble here and there it wasn't too rough. Most of us were in T2 gear with some DoV scattered here and there.
    Then then Bob insta killed us. Less than 3 seconds into the fight we were all dead. The tank changed gear, put on a shield, went in defensive stance. We lasted 15 seconds. Long enough to notice the rain happening.

    As a side note to this, I know many people in T1/T2 raid gear don't want to replace it with what they can get before this zone. Why? Red slots. They can't get the effects on the DoV gear they have now. There could be something I'm missing, but I've seen many people pass on things that would be great simply because it doesn't have a red slot.
  11. ARCHIVED-Lathain_Sarathai Guest

    Done this zone for the first time, most of the zone is ... unbalanced. Trash is so weak (why they are here ?) or name are too strong (it's raid only? i bet you have not tryed this zone with the quest gear you get in great divide) but something is so wrong.
    We have manage to kill lord bob, dont know how... after 4 wipe, he was more nice... (101kdps)
    then we had to kill it again... and again all this for no reward. Way too much script for a group zone, we have fail obviously due to a timer. Since when heroic name zone are on timer ?And kill a name even if it's called lord bob should give chest immediatly after the enconter.
    And his dance is ....*** wast of dev time. Seriously ...

    Grats you success to do a zone where i no want go again. You can tweak it as much as you want, i will never try it again ;)
    In SF it was palace with so many trash and the 4 name enconter unbalanced for the zone. In Velious it's pool... and i m affraid it's not the onlyone
  12. ARCHIVED-Morghus Guest

    Not sure what the issue is, but on the fight with Bob the water falls that come down cause my system to become incredibly slow as far as framerate goes when the rest of the zone is fine.
  13. ARCHIVED-ErikGunner Guest

    Did full zone today with 3 healers(what we had on that wanted to do instances), two tanks, and a ranger. Don't see any problem with the zone really.
  14. ARCHIVED-Dauvien Guest

    has there been any consideration to useing dispell to counter act the buffs he has (yellow ones..) Brothers Teamwork was one and the other was Doljon's Essense Drain...
    we started to look into it last night but didn't make much headway since we only where pulling about 25-32k dps ...
    like others have said its just surising that this would be a dps/def check being one of the first zones in the expansion... he also emotes so much some of his phrases might make you think there is something a bit more logical involved here then come in with 50k dps and just burn him down... the ascent isn't nearly as hard (atleast when it was in beta...)
  15. ARCHIVED-bluedego Guest

    Feedbacking that the script is fine when you don't actually do the script and just dpsing through it before it triggers makes me /emo.
    edit: Lord Bob Fight - (helps to know what im talking about)
    I've killed him twice now on my warden and my sk. Both times sucked horribly. Ascent was soo cool and soo much fun compared to that fight.
    On "new" alts, we dont even try it and just call out and go do something else.\

    New EDIT - looked it up.. he heals for 66 million each time we kill him.
  16. ARCHIVED-Jrel Guest

    As of yesterday's hotfix, the petrified treant twigs for the Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring are still individual updates, even though all group members can roll for them. One person got all 3, great for her. Not for the other 5 of us.
  17. ARCHIVED-Raz_wolf Guest

    As of yesterdays hotfix, Hes dead. The nerf to his healing is what really made the difference for us. He is still a challengeing fight. And was randomly agroing on our healer, plus managing the rain and the disorientation of the port. Overall alot more fun now that succcess is atleast obtainable.

    That being said...The daily double misson was to kill him. It didnt update! Not sure what to expect here, as i know when he's dead, hes not really dead. No loot dropped, we progressed quickly as we could to the "living doors" got to the last one, a bunch of adds poped and we got teleported back to the griphon room. Bob reset after that.

    Can anyone shed some light on what was soppose to happen? Why the teleport back? took too long?
  18. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Raz_wolf wrote:
    Yes you took too long. If you don't contain Lord Bob in the Hall of Remembrance" within a certain amount of time (roughly 20min) then his spirit will escape and he will reset.
  19. ARCHIVED-Raz_wolf Guest

    I had a quest for that running a timer. we was at 12 mins remaining when we got ported away from the living door/wall? Intinially we went the wrong way the first time and got to the door when we should have been going to hall BUT we still had 12 mins remaing. After the port we did go turn in to hall of remember and i have the access to ascent to prove it. However bob was still back up before leaving the zone. The hall way to the living door closed itself off after port and never reopened. We didnt have the time to kill bob again.
  20. ARCHIVED-Nebbeny Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    Twice now I've killed Bob in a group, once prior to the nerf, and once earlier today, both times we got ported back to the egg room, both times we did it in well under 20 minutes, for the first run I had the hall mark quest, and still had around 12-14 minutes remaining after the port, I was even able to run back around the proper route and click the flower to contain Bob and get my update, but no loot.
    Petitioning didn't help either, as they told us we weren't fast enough, when again, according to the quest, we were plenty fast enough. Personally unless a guildy needs the hall mark quest done, i've no intent of killing bob again since he's being such a prat with loot.

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