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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-DMIstar, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Not sure what is happening with the tree named not turning attackable. Will look into that. I did move the keymob into the Red Tree/Blue Tree room though. That change should be on live with tomorrow's patch.
  2. ARCHIVED-Glenolas Guest

    Bremer wrote:
    Just back from there too. A different problem. The Tree part of the pair hits for massive hit on the blue side, similar to how he does on the red.
    Have killed this mob several times with the standard strat, which winds up with the tree on the blue side. This time, about 30 secs into the otherwise smooth running fight, (plant dead, tree pulled), he hits the T2 geared fully adorned tank for 55K, pretty much ending the fight. There's a slight delay while he wipes the rest of the group.
    We repeated a bots worth of deaths and gave up. No problem with the plant kill, no problem with the pull of the tree, big problem 20-30 secs later...almost exactly like what would happen if we were at the wrong color area.
  3. ARCHIVED-ranga Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    Thank you!
  4. ARCHIVED-hystarion Guest

    There's still a big issues in this zone.
    I think you properly fixed Lord Bob fight, he can still hit like a truck (i've seen rounds of flurries which would result in a 4x12k dmg), but it's manageable even if it can mean wipe depending on heal timing and tank.
    But what's really messed up is the doors event afterwards. This is really bugged because you can be ported back to the nest way before the timer is out, or all group is dead. In that case, you'll have to do Bob again which is really irritating. If we have 20min to bring Bob's spirit to the elders, than let us those 20min and be able to start this event over even if we wipe, without having to kill Bob again...
    Once again, pools is supposed to be first instance of the Hold of Rime line, and Lord Bob makes it really hard. The ascent is a walk in the park compared to that.

    Oh and btw, i've got a question : on snake fight, is it normal that you can be ported to the middle of the room straight from the beginning and not be able to anything ? I get this problem usually, i'm just stuck in the middle, and as i am the healer, i watch people die around me. And i'm not talking about vine or blood pools, it's just that i'm stuck and stunned without any detrimential effect on... If that's working as intended, that's dumb.

    Edit : i forgot to mention that, but yesterday, we did tree guy, and he turned attackable before all the adds in the room were dead. Oh and just fyi, DoV has been released 2 weeks ago, pools is supposed to be one of the first instance you do in this xpac, and i got all the bugs listed in this post in one run. Nice !
  5. ARCHIVED-Yunay Guest

    We did this zone sunday and yesterday with two different groups and had NO difficulties to finish the zone ... we had no bugs, no difficulties ... nothing ... just everything went fine.
  6. ARCHIVED-Calain80 Guest

    The zone also bugged out on us yesterday. The tree named did not get attackable. What might have caused this is that our well equipped DDs already stood under the red tree and so the trash mobs died within seconds to single hit deaths. Might be a problem with killing the trash mobs to fast.
  7. ARCHIVED-nekurareikon Guest

    Is it possible to give us a clicky to zone in/out of this zone (preferably group-wide, on the entering part)? Sometimes it feels like getting into the zone takes longer than running it. I can appreciate wanting us to climb down the ladder to enter the area, but in practice it's aggravating.
  8. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    Today the named tree became attackable as he should. Even before all trash trees were dead.
  9. ARCHIVED-Calain80 Guest

    Hmm ... Yesterday we had a mission which needed kills from the trash trees. So maybe the problem is is linked to that mission?
  10. ARCHIVED-Dauvien Guest

    hystarion wrote:
    My group had this issue last night too... twice actually. At that point we assumed it was bugged and left the zone hoping that it was a target for a fix soon.
    In addition the Tree/Flower named also became active before the room was cleared (as mentioned in other posts...)
    Prior too I've clearned the zone atleast half a dozen times now with the same strat and even less DPS.
  11. ARCHIVED-RedIris Guest

    My 3 hour post patch nightmare run through pools.
    Just ran pools with on an alt with a pickup group, had trouble with the last guy, not a surprise with only a warden healing, wiped dozens of times to random 1 round flurries on the tanks, but we perservered and finally got him. Thats not my problem.
    The quests updated, but there was no timer on any window for bringing lord bob back, not even the immortal pest quest, however experience has taught me to do it in 20 minutes, so we charge forth. Exactly 10 minutes(from lord bobs death according to ACT), while fighting the last round of goblins(no one died) for the final wall event, we get ported back to the wurm room.
    Lord Bob is back up, great, the timer is cut in half and has been hidden from us, thats just wonderful, this was the first kill for 4 of the people in the group, imagine their frustration after wiping to it for 2 hours. That quest was a very nice upgrade for us all.

    But what the hell, we will try again, we really want it, so after 5 more wipes we get him down again; we know what to do now, we will be faster then 10 minutes. Oh wait, it reset after 5 seconds.
    I am not exagerating, the essence chest was unclickable by anyone and the entire thing reset literally 5 seconds after lord bob died.
    Imagine our frustration now.
  12. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Oh no! I am digging into it right now I have no idea what is causing the timer to go by quicker than its supposed to. But I will figure it out.
    What are you using as reference to time the event? Lord Bob's death? Clicking the Pod he dropped?
  13. ARCHIVED-RedIris Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    Lord bobs death, but the two events were essentially simultaneous.
  14. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    These changes should be coming down. I can't promise they will make Tuesday's hotfix but that is what I am aiming for. Keep in mind the timer for the event to get the loot starts the moment the pet shows up and the person who clicked the pod gets the buff on them. (Two players shouldnt be able to get that buff so if you see that let me know)

    Forgotten Pools
    · Players should now have 25minutes to get Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar to the Hall of Remembrance in order to trap his soul for good!
    · Players should no trip the fail condition if they die while they have the Harnessed Spirit of Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar as a pet.
    · Once Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar has been contained for good the blocking walls throughout the zone should recede.
    · The curses received from destroying the walls during the Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar containing event should removed from the group once the event is completed.
  15. ARCHIVED-RedIris Guest

    Did you find the issue that was preventing us from competeting the event when you failed? It was reseting instantly after lord bob died, that can't be right.
    Probably had to something to do with no one being able to pick up his essence because we already had done so(and failed) that run.
  16. ARCHIVED-Fyreflyte Guest

    I wasn't able to reproduce the issue with Styrax not activating properly, but I cleaned up some of the code, and he'll hopefully be more reliable now. Expect that change to go in hotfix after next.
  17. ARCHIVED-DMIstar Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    Thank you for moveing the key mob out ;)
  18. ARCHIVED-bluedego Guest

    the flower doesnt activate if the coercer charms one of the adds as a pet.
    happened a few times for us.
    KIll the charm and it pops everytime
  19. ARCHIVED-Raz_wolf Guest

    Had issue last night with the new key mob, not actually dropping a key.

    Body wasn't clickable. And/or if its a chest drop it spawned under/in the geometry.
  20. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    RedIris wrote:
    Hmm I wasn't aware the pod became unclickable it seemed to work for me. I rewrote a bunch of that event script yesterday so it should be a lot more clean and smooth now in terms of how it works.

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