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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-DMIstar, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Keep in mind the timer should be going away next update. Well the timer on the quest anyway. You will still only have 20min to get Lord Bob's Spirit to the Halls of Remembrance.
  2. ARCHIVED-Britty Guest

    Did this tonight. It is most certainly bugged on the run back to the Hall of Rememberance.
    First time we killed bob we progressed through the kobolds and the doors fairly comfortably but we wernt in a massive hurry. At the last door we has 2% of the door left and got ported back. We figured we took too long.
    Second time we killed bob again. This time RAN through the bridges, dragged kobolds with us, killed them when they piled up, got through the doors, got to the last door in around 9 minutes, had some of the team handling the kobolds and some working on the door. We got ported back when the door was around 2% left to go. We were well and truly within the 20mins by miles
    3rd time, One person died, which was not a big deal as we were still well under control but we all got ported back! This just isn't cool.
    4th time, the platform before the last door ALL the kobolds were up (presumably from the previous attempt) and waiting. All 9 of them. One person died. Again we ended up at the start.
    GNinja this is too buggy to be considered fun and needs more work. The group was well capable of killing bob over and over and was well capable of getting past the door in time but we kept getting ported or the kobolds were bugged. We left tonight without the chest because we ran out of time and it was getting late. We feel it was an undeserved ending.
  3. ARCHIVED-0ppression Guest

    Britty wrote:
    This is happening to us too. Killed Bob multiple times thinking we did something wrong. This needs to be fixed so people can get access to Acsent... Most of these access quests are bugged worse than they were now.
  4. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Sounds to me like the person who had the pet (escorting bob's spirit) died and that allowed Bob's spirit to get away which reset the group to try again. Protect the person with Bob's spirit. I ran this zone last night with a pick up group and I didn't tell strats or anything and we got through the zone fairly easy and first pulled everything. For those of you that know me I don't have hard mode gear or the such. The escorting of Bob worked the first time for us.
  5. ARCHIVED-Nebbeny Guest

    Did it again earlier today, we had someone fall off of the platform, but the team didn't get teleported to the begining (i told them to stay dead just incase though) and the script worked fine for us, again though we made sure all the adds were dead before killing the door. I really suggest you ensure adds die first guys
  6. ARCHIVED-Rakshaka Guest

    Gninja I believe you when you say your pickup group had no difficulty with the encounter. But I also expect you to believe *me* and the numerous other posters here that are telling you there is a problem.
    Having the script reset for anything less than a complete group wipe is just asinine. Half my guildies simply refuse to run the zone now because it's a waste of their time. No one likes to make it to the end of an instance only to get jipped on named loot and be asked to run the final sprint over again. It's NOT FUN.
  7. ARCHIVED-mrp1247 Guest

    Did this zone last thursday and the coldain ring updates are still only coming 3 updates per zone so still have to keep running it over and over. Having crappy dice rolls I have yet to get even one update. Lord bob fight lasted exactly 33 seconds till he wiped the floor with us. This encounter is way overpowered for being in a heroic starter instance. Our whole group is in t2/t3 raid gear from sf and felt like we were in our pajamas. With the lack of def, avoid, haste on the new stuff I can't see myself getting any more survivable by farming the legendary dov gear.
  8. ARCHIVED-Britty Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    While this makes sense, it doesn't explain our second attempt, made it to the door with miles of time left (no one died) and doesn't explain why all 9 kobolds were up on our 4th attempt before we got to the door (the mobs didn't reset).
    I still consider this to be bugged and needs looking into.
  9. ARCHIVED-Dasein Guest

    For Lod Bob, is there any way you could add some sort of better signal for the acid rain effect? Using particle effects, especially ones of a similar color to the ground itself is unreliable, and unless you turn off all other effects, often get lost in the clutter.
    In general, particle effects should not be used as a signal, but should be used in conjunction with some other indication, preferably red text or something similar.
  10. ARCHIVED-OrcSlayer96 Guest

    The Lord Bob fight certainly feels buggy to me, ran the zone quite a few times since xpac start and everybody i talk to hates this fight out of the zone. The port of the whole group on a single death is the direct cause of the person with the spirit bob pet dieing(work around for me was for only me to click on it the pod and have the pet, i can take the hits better and survive). The crazy thing is the never ending spawn of orange group of kobolds at the last wall. The initial group spawns, then like 15 secs later another group of 4 spawn then another group and so on. Is it intended to have the waves spawn and social one another or only have the 1st group spawn? We held up and pulled the multiple groups thru the last wall, but i can imagine alot of groups having the designated pet person dieing and restting the encounter on them. The reset does not despawn any of the kobolds either if you are trying to run back thru before the 20 min timer expires. Ascent is a far better zone then Forgotten Pools, Lord Bob scripts still need some work in my opinion....
    P.S. the other 3 name fights are fun and varied, it is just the final encounter that needs the bugs ironed out...:)
  11. ARCHIVED-Brickfist Guest

    Besides the groups of kobols at the end(and the fact they don't despawn when you die so you have them to clear again if you die on them) the zone isn't all that bad. The only change I would make would to add an effect on the Lord Bob encounter that one pod kills you, one stays normal, and one restores power so that an enchanter isn't absolutely required for the zone.
  12. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Rakshaka wrote:
    Oh no, I understand where you are coming from. I wasn't saying there wasn't a problem I was just stating its tough for me to reproduce right now which is causing it to take longer to get it fixed.
    I will see if there is a way to keep the event going if the pet's owner dies but I don't know what I can do about that one. My suggestion is to give the pet to the person in the group with the highest survivability. At least until I can get a better solution figured out.
  13. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    And I will get the Kobolds not despawning on event reset fixed!
  14. ARCHIVED-Glenolas Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    Ran 2 guildes thru the ancients lastnight (March 6) and only one updated for coldain ring. Which "early next week" do you mean?
  15. ARCHIVED-Glenolas Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    this is your 3rd or 4th post, explaining how you are going to fix some bug in this zone. After 15 months of work on DoV, how come every zone is so bugged at launch? Do you play any of this stuff yourself?
  16. ARCHIVED-Brickfist Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    How about making it to where Bob persists through death but cancels when revive is chosen instead of rez? The sustem can obviously tell the difference between rez effects and revive effects due to the raid zones revive penalties, so just making that to where it cancels bob and ports everyone to center when revived i imagine wouldn't be too incredibly hard.
  17. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Glenolas wrote:
    I cannot control when the updates get to the servers I submit my fixes to the build guys and they get them in as time permits and once they have gotten through QA. In beta its much faster to get things in but when its live its a bit tougher. Some of these issues either didn't show up in beta or weren't found. Like I said I don't see some of these issues when I run through the zone so its much harder for me to preemptively fix things I do not know are broken :)
    Today is monday and there was no hotfix so early next week in this case will likely be tomorrow.
  18. ARCHIVED-Plaguemeister Guest

    Lydos@Crushbone wrote:
    I dropped my t1/t2 raid gear for the DoV woe PQ stuff and the gloves from the first quest in Kael Drak. I know it seems counter intuitive - your mitigation will drop but the crit bonus and potency sky rocket. The extra crit mit makes a huge diference and even thoguh you loose alot of other stuff Lord Dijonhunnymustard is much simpler now than the first week wearing raid armor.
  19. ARCHIVED-ffd700 Guest

    Client crashed zoning both in and out of Pools today. Dunno if it was patch related but I've zoned in before without any troubles.
  20. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    Just went there, killed all the trees at the 2nd named. Named stayed NPC. End of run...

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