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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-DMIstar, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-S1lence2 Guest

    ALways has had the same issue with the fight just before Lord Dol, if your group charges the nest in the center of the room and you're still ouside it ports you into the middle of the nest in the center, hits you with somthig like "Blood Pool" or some similarly named stun/stifle and you're stuck there until you either die or camp to yourself unless you're lucky enough to be close enough to click the griffin once the named dies. There's no detriment shown on you after the curse wears off, you just cant do anything.
    Beautiful zone, nice artwork but i think it's this expansion's version of the "Hole" zones (Demtriks/vaults/Spirits) that is doomed to be glitchy, bugged and only played when its the DD/HZ or when needed to complete a quest related to it.
    I mean c'mon.. one of the daily missions involves little coldain guys that spawn behind the tank and hit the healer like a mack truck! And the rest of the zone is a line-of-sight nightmare with a side dish of incurable and inconsistent detriments that make sucess more of issue of luck more than skill.
    P.S. having only 3 updates available for the coldain ring quest per zone while allowing a full group to get a similar update from the Corridors for the Skinning knife quest is kinda silly. Especially since ya don't even have to kill anything to get the Heroes coldain update.
  2. ARCHIVED-Dethdlr Guest

    Ran this zone a few days ago for some guildmates and we only got two of the petrified treant twig drops for the coldain ring quest. Are the number of drops supposed to be random? Seems odd that all three updates would drop almost all the time but that you could get that one unlucky run where only two drop.

    Another thing I've noticed from running this zone a bunch of times is the DPS we seem to inflict on the first named (Aeri'ondi The Infectious). When he drops the stuff on the ground, we move him, kind of like the final named in Deep Forge. I realize that moving around is going to lower our DPS a little but it seems to be a drastic decrease from the other fights in the zone. Is there something out of whack with this guy? Are we doing something wrong? Or is this guy just supposed to take a while to kill because of the lowered damage we do to him? Not having any problems killing him, it's just depressing looking at the numbers on the parse (I know, don't look at the parse and the problem is solved, right?)
  3. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    Cleared the zone today, and although we killed Lord Bob, completed the event and got the chest, the daily mission didn't update and couldn't be completed. But no idea how we did it, never had problems with it before. And the achievment for killing Lord Bob is still broken and not granted.
  4. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Which daily quest was it?
  5. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    Kill Lord Bob for 2 shards.
  6. ARCHIVED-NViDiaFReaK Guest

    The worm, Gurgtree, Is not dropping loot. Been through pools 5 times this week and he hasnt dropped loot once.. and no its not geting lost in the nest.. Weve pulled him away from it every time. And ive even shrunk myself and gone inside the nest and no chest.
  7. ARCHIVED-Wilin Guest

    Padeshar@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    We got the drop last night.
    BUT! It was the HZ and we did not get a single exquisite.
  8. ARCHIVED-NViDiaFReaK Guest

    Wilin wrote:
    Well he hasnt dropped a chest for us at all this week.. And I run this zone every time its the HZ and weve never seen an exqusite chest drop in here.. HZ or no HZ
  9. ARCHIVED-hortefoutre Guest

    The chest was may be in a wall ;-(

    Otherwise i agree that the hot zone tag is quite missleading, hot zones are not hot anymore.
  10. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Hot zones have never meant 100% fabled they up the percentage of the chance for fabled. The percentages used have not been changed.
  11. ARCHIVED-Dethdlr Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    This statement makes perfect sense. I agree with it completely in theory.
    The problem is, in practice, the only thing that seems to have been upped with the DoV zones when they are the hot zone is expectations. It hasn't made a hill of beans difference in the amount of fabled drops. If this is working as intended then the random number generator has decided to play a cruel sick joke on us and consistantly return lower numbers in hot zones. Just the other day, my guild had a discussion about not running the hot zones just because they were the hot zone since they apparently make no difference anymore whatsoever. Basically, it's like someone is picking a zone out of a hat, telling us that's the hot zone, and not changing the drop rate at all.
    Of course, this could simply be that myself and everyone else in my guild is just having REALLY bad luck. :( It's just never been this bad with any previous hot zones in previous expansions.
  12. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    None of the Heroic Zones Drop Decent Fabled loot anyways, so the concept of "hotzone" does not make any more sense.
  13. ARCHIVED-Angus Podgorny Guest

    I think DoV zones seem to drop fewer fabled items because of the way the tables are set up, not because the percentages have changed.

    In SF you had multiple independent "tables" of fabled items you could get because more loot kept getting added to the bosses. For example Library of Erudin was something like:
    50% for an item from Torque/Tome table;
    50% for an item from the Bangle/Bracelet/etc. table;
    50% for an item from the gloves table.
    That way there's a chance for up to 3 fabled items from a single chest, and only a 12% chance of not getting any fabled items at all. (The numbers are made up because I've been too lazy to really track, but they seem about right).

    In DoV there's just the one table to get loot from, so you get at most one item and there's a 50% chance you get none. (Ignoring the fabled craft item, because that seems to be on its own table too.)

    Even with that, though, some bosses seem to be dropping lower than the hot zone would warrant. For example, Lord Bob from Pools, and Alvik from Shadowed Corridors. My guess is that the hot zone only applies to drops by the final boss, which would explain (1) Lord Bob since it is a scripted chest, not from a drop, (2) Alvik since the Sergeant is considered the final mob (and the Sergeant does drops the expected number of exquisites), and (3) the rare spawns in SF zones which never seemed to vary for the hot zone.
  14. ARCHIVED-Griffinhart Guest

    Padeshar@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    This has happened on my guilds last 3 runs in Forgotten Pools since Friday night. Either the chests aren't dropping or they are popping inside the geomitry where they can't be seen.

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