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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-DMIstar, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-anastasia1224 Guest

    Rageincarnate@Unrest wrote:
    But we did not have a coercer in the group,nothing was charmed.
  2. ARCHIVED-Detor Guest

    There seems to be some odd things happening today (not sure if this morning's hotfix did it, or yesterdays) but if you die for instance and hit revive for nursery drapes it respawns you right under lord doljonjijarnimorinar's feet so you die right away again.
    On a positive note though: I love the little dance he does after he's killed everybody, just to rub it in that he just kicked your butts. hehe

    edit: Seems like something can cause his teleportation thing to stay active after group dies, so you actually do revive in nursery like you are suppose to, but then instantly get put back on one of the 3 pads.
  3. ARCHIVED-hortefoutre Guest

    Tonigh i did this instance with a normal group (45 dps) , we failed on this dude 3 times but he went down to 40%.After that someone had to go. All of us but one where there for the very first time.
    The encounter is fine, but the damage he does is much to spiky. Flurries are not a problem for clerics (their reactive will proc many times) or warders. But they are for druids.
    It was more less said that DOV will be more favorable to HOT, it seems that the message was never received by the Sir in charge of designing encounters.
  4. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Detor wrote:
    Will fix the teleporting after the wipe. For now wait till he completely resets to revive.
  5. ARCHIVED-Titigabe Guest

    Is this fight considered as difficult?
    Because we tried for more than an hour, with no success.
    Can't go down 90% ~
    Not sure to understand what's the problem, maybe he has nasty AOE?
    We run the rest of the zone quite easily, but with good challenge and nice exploration. Nice fight scripts, but on this one, we were unsuccessful :'(
    Any hints, piece of advice?
  6. ARCHIVED-anastasia1224 Guest

    As of tonight,3/13/11 Styraxx is still bugged. We killed all the trash and he will not become attackable. We even tried zoning out and back in. How we supposed to get shards we need for new adornments if we can't finish the zones?
  7. ARCHIVED-brucco2 Guest

    Ran zone this morning: 3/13.
    Key mob was unaccessable after killing Lord Doj.... The 2 passages leading to him were blocked and never opened up.
    The curse stayed on you until you zoned out.
  8. ARCHIVED-Drax Guest

    I ran this tonight and noticed something a little odd - Lord Bob had two buffs on him pre-pull, both Shadowed Fury (ToFS crit bonus/avoidance buff) and Lesser Strength of Rime (Velketor crit bonus/avoidance buff). He is probably still possible to do, but he definitely feels out of line with both the zone up to that point, and with the progression of the Velketor zones as a whole.
    We decided to leave him alone after several wipes, and moved on to Ascent since we had killed Lord Bob before he was quite so crazy. Ascent was *way* easier than him.
  9. ARCHIVED-hortefoutre Guest

    Drax wrote:
    His auto attack can be devastating, so you almost need classes able to "siderate" or stun him. Or a well geared warder/reactive healer.
    One issue is that " the ascent" is way easier, any group killing the djinn will destroy the ascent zone. And you need to kill the djinn to access the easy zone ;-)
  10. ARCHIVED-Silzin Guest

    Drax wrote:
    I went into this zone last night with me tanking (monk) and a very good Defiler, the rest of the group was pretty good also. We noticed the 2 buffs on him. After about 1-2 hours we brought a courser in and finally got him down. as we where running back to the beginning I had the Lord Bob buff, and i had Brawlers Tenacity up and it triggered. Well as it triggered we got teleported back to the egg room and couldn’t finish. I hope using death saves to not die isnt intended to trigger the fail condition. also the 2 buffs thing as stated is way over the top, i think i counted we needed 140+ crit mit and like 220 crit chance (according to the buffs) .... didnt have that much but was close.

    Just letting yall know about the bugs i have seen
  11. ARCHIVED-nekurareikon Guest

    Just wanted to post and say thank you for this change:
    • An object has been added to the entrance of Forgotten Pools that will allow players to enter the zone without climbing down the ladder if they so choose. This object will also allow players to pull group members into the instance from anywhere within the Great Divide.
    • An object has been added to the exit of Forgotten Pools that will allow players to exit the zone without climbing up the ladder if they so choose.
  12. ARCHIVED-hortefoutre Guest

    Yes thanks.
    The zoning item is cool. Many people were stuck on the ladder because if you kept moving after the menu popped you were giving the zone change menu but it was doing nothing.
    Change on the lord is quite extreme, he is now infinitely more easy. Some people may complain that it is now too easy, may be. But at least we have consistency : Djinn is now at the same difficulty than the other bosses of the zone, and it is not 10 time harder than the encounters in the ascent (that he unlock).
  13. ARCHIVED-naMessiah Guest

    When we did the dd quest Defeat Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar earlier today everyone in the group got the update but me. Don't know why and don't know how, but I guess there's a bug somewhere.
    I had yesterdays dd in my journal when we entered the zone and someone had to share Defeat Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar (at entrence, 0 mobs killed) if that could have something to do with it... Other than that I did everything exactly the same as the others.
  14. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    Today two people just dropped dead walking on the bridges before the first clicky thing, where you get the uncurable curse. Seems like the kill plane is set inproperly (by the way: same problem in Kraytoc's Fortress. On the bridge on the way to the dock always somebody dies)
    And the achievment for killing Lord Bob is not granted.
  15. ARCHIVED-excalibur120 Guest

    The worm named hasn't dropped a chest for us the last two times we've ran the zone.
  16. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    excalibur120 wrote:
    Would you mind PMing me the strat you guys are using to take him out so I can see if there are ways he might not drop a chest?
  17. ARCHIVED-Raz_wolf Guest

    Always had issue with him dropping a chest inside the egg nest....Could you maybe make it so the chest staticly drops in one place, sorta away from that...I'm always trying to grab the "corner" of the chest to loot it. Suspect that maybe the issue here.
  18. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    The nest shouldn't have collision so if it spawns in the nest you should be able to walk right into the nest and loot it.
  19. ARCHIVED-Raz_wolf Guest

    Still have to be able to SEE the chest to click it. Walking through the nest i see alot of of Nest....
  20. ARCHIVED-Angus Podgorny Guest

    The worm didn't drop a chest for me last night either. A gnome with a shrink illusion checked inside the nest and eggs and couldn't find anything.
    I didn't use any secret strat either, just fighting him wherever he is and using rescue/recapture/etc. to get aggro back. There was a healer still trapped inside a cocoon at the end when the worm died, so maybe that had something to do with it.
    I've actually had a lack of a chest on the armor guy in Shadowed Corridors a while back. The strat there involved fighting him against the wall where he starts, so maybe there's something with a chest appearing inside a wall when people are too close to it for some reason.

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