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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-DMIstar, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-DMIstar Guest

    Ok where to begin, the zone art work is amazeing, Running on the highest graphics with this new PC is $$ Its a very indepth zone with alot work put in to it.
    However mob wise ~
    Firstly the trash is on the easy side.. but then again this is the case with many older zones so can be expected.
    First Boss can loose out on HP's though, The green mist thing is a copy from deepforge last named. its just a guantlet of takeing forever to take down. Maybe with a perfect group it goes faster esp with high end gear but whats the point realy ?
    Second boss, i think there was one before the tree but dont remember :p I might be wrong :p
    The tree boss, Not a bad fight however could use more dps, and a ton of HP removed since this pretty much came down to how long can i go before my hand hurts from button mashing ? again the length is rediculous even more so then the first boss. theres no real skill to it other then learning to get a macro program to save from your arm hurting from lasting to this.
    THe snake was not to bad, actually prett well balanced tbh.
    Lord bob, killed us for the night ~ its an encounter that will actually take work to figure out. so not much of feedback on him for now ... other then Shards ....
    I can agree that bob needs be a tough encounter however the Key mob should not be in the passage that is after his defeat... Along with that, the Quest Shard should not be targeting mobs in this same passage... I did not get him down but can guarentee he drops the shard as well for consistancy sake .. however him holding the zone for all 3 shards is rediculous.
    The Key mob should be moved out maybe in the snake or forest area and the daily quest should not target the mobs in that passage is the major two things,
    If it wasnt for the wall bug the zone would have have sucked item wise for the night, the items dropped are not that great to begin with from the named themselves. ~
  2. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

  3. ARCHIVED-DMIstar Guest

    Yeah the bridge passage to killing the walls does not open up after killing the snake, where the key mob is, unless its intended for the lord bob be the one to give multiple shard access throughout the zone ? which i still do not see the reasoning that one named should have that implemented.
  4. ARCHIVED-Eveningsong Guest

    And for some odd reason, Lord Bob decided to drop his loot cache before we even killed him last night... Presumably that will be fixed along with the exploit lol.
  5. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Eveningsong wrote:
    That was the exploit

    The door should not open to get to the walls until you have defeated Lord Bob. It is a timed event to get him through the walls in order to keep him from escaping and returning back to his post.
  6. ARCHIVED-DMIstar Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    Thats fine, Unfortunetly did not get this event to trigger, however what is logical sense behind lord bob = all shard access for the whole zone is my major question ?
  7. ARCHIVED-Eveningsong Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    Hmm I'm not sure what that means. We wiped, revived at the entrance (we had the option of entrance or nursery), and on our way back up saw the loot cache sitting in the room with the idol-like things in a circle. The 2nd door from there had not opened, we were going back through the original open door to the griffon ride back up but then noticed the loot cache sitting in the middle of the room. Regardless of which revive option we took, there was nothing stopping us from running back to the room with the loot cache after the wipe.
    BTW, when someone clicked the cache, we all received a "loot all" option. We weren't sure what was up with it (we wiped badly so thought maybe we needed something from it for the fight), and after clicking it looked like we'd all get one of the bracelets but it went to one person.
  8. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    The cache was not supposed to spawn that was the exploit. Since it spawns when you wipe to lord bob there is nothing stopping players from wiping over and over to get the loot over and over.
  9. ARCHIVED-hystarion Guest

    We did tree guy last night. Took us 2 tries to understand what was going on (moving them from side to side regarding the message on the color of the flower). Brought him down to 40%, and we must have failed the next move because the flower healed him back to 100% and as we were standing below the red tree, we had the Nature's Rage debuff and got killed.

    For the 4 or 5 next tries, we couldnt get him to lose any hp, it was like it was being perma healed from the beginning of the fight (before any message on the color was aired).
    Were we supposed to fight him below red tree to prevent him from getting the Nature's Tranquility buff ? But it's a really nasty debuff you get below red tree and our tank didnt last long with 100% armor reduction.
    Actually we are not sure if after the 4th try it was still working as intended and we were lucky on the previous try, or if it was bugged with Styrax regenerating like crazy since the beginning of the fight.
  10. ARCHIVED-Mosha D'Khan Guest

    keep big guy in the red, moving him to blue heals him no matter what the flower does.... once he dies just keep up with what the flower is doing. that is how we kill it last night..
  11. ARCHIVED-Fiyy Guest

    I'm really confused on what exactly we need to do with lord bob up top. We pull him, DPS him a bit then he puts the essence drain on someone.. heals to full.. ports us, drops the crap that we jump out of, rinse repeat ... can never seem to get him much lower then 90%
  12. ARCHIVED-Mosha D'Khan Guest

    he is a dps check fight, do more than 45k average for the fight and it dies but again you better have crit way up and have some great dps between your tank, chanter, bard, and dps.... almost requires 2 healers so good luck lol.... even in T2/T3 SF raid gear we cant keep a constant burn because of the ports
  13. ARCHIVED-Mosha D'Khan Guest

    poor design for a starter zone in the instance series..... nice one sony no none raid guild will get by this for who knows how long....
    /EPIC FAIL on SoE
  14. ARCHIVED-Lord_Ebon Guest

    They'll tweak it, and as people get in more velious gear DPS will go up. It's the first week of the expansion, better for things to start a bit hard and tweak it down than have everything super easy.
  15. ARCHIVED-Mosha D'Khan Guest

    yeah but the starter zone? the one you have to do to unlock the 2nd to unlock the 3rd lol.... that instance series is worthless and will not be done by many people.
  16. ARCHIVED-shadowscale Guest

    also annoying that only 3 updates for the obisdian coldain insignia ring drop per zone... rather then enogh for everyone... could be a on purpose bottle neck i supose.
  17. ARCHIVED-Fiyy Guest

    Yea, I don't want it to be walk up, smack mob, take loot. But it is pretty extreme for a first level zone in a group of instances.
  18. ARCHIVED-acctlc Guest

    I'm going to have to agree that the Lord Dol encounter, if working as intended is ridiculously overpowered atm. There shouldn't be an encounter unless it is perhaps the final zone boss (but not even necessarily then on the first of 3 instances in a series) that requires this kind of dps check. We plowed through the zone in our t3 SF raid gear with key DoV legendary pieces without a hitch until lord Dol. Then we faceplanted it hard, to the point where we were sure it was bugged. Group was Guard, Fury, Templar, Coercer, Troub, Conji. My crit was probably nearly 200 percent as the conji in the group. I couldn't dps this guy fast enough to make any headway (even when I could keep the damn pet alive thanks to aoe autoattack and the mob having to be moved around to avoid the acid rain). Subtract a healer from the equation and the incureable elemental would for sure kill whoever it lands on.... You guys neutered the tanks dps this xpac, then throw an encounter like this into an entry level zone? We should not have to stack a group hardmode ZUA style to access a zone like forgotton pools. Especially when no pieces I'm seeing drop in zones like TOFS short of the key crit slots are upgrades to my SF T3 gear, so that tells me Lord Dol isn't a gear check assuming you have those key crit slots. I'm already sick of running ToFS...the quest mobs that drop *APPEARANCE GEAR* are more annoyingly difficult and lengthy to kill than the regular zone named. The transport system of the zone was ill conceived when it comes to quest updates...and the named scripts give very little to help ya along in figuring out wth to do to win. Definitely not a place I want to spend all my instance time in and at this point I don't feel I can go past it because I can't pull a group capable of getting past Lord Dol to make the trip into forgotten pools worthwhile....
  19. ARCHIVED-Sydares Guest

    Going to have to agree. Something feels very off about this encounter as the rest of the zone was a cakewalk -- but then we just get our butts handed to us with the DPS check and the mob critically flurrying for disgusting amounts of damage.
    Could be missing something, but the echoed sentiment on the forums leads me to suspect bug.

  20. ARCHIVED-Thalador Dufosnee Guest

    Mosha DKhan wrote:

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