EverQuest II Roadmap 2022

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    [IMG]Say what now? You're crazy. I love it!

    As an experiment, we're trying something different this year. We're posting our development roadmap for 2022. As far as we know, this is the first time we’ve publicly laid out our major plans like this. Before we get to that, however, we'd like to highlight some of the things that we accomplished in 2021.

    2021 was an action-packed year and we're not showing any signs of slowing down in 2022! We launched two major Game Updates: Whispers of Tyranny and Toil and Trouble. If that wasn't enough, we also updated eleven(!) annual events with new content and new exclusive items. For you players that prefer the early years of the game, on Kaladim we opened up Destiny of Velious and its follow up Game Update Fortress of Drunder with updated itemization, AAs, and other balance reworking. Never before had a Time-Locked Expansion server reached past Destiny of Velious. In May, we also launched a brand new PvP Time-Locked Expansion server: Tarinax. With all of these things going on, we also completed an internal database conversion in April and a large server hardware upgrade in August. Hopefully, some of you have seen the performance improvements as a result of these updates. Last but certainly not least, we released an expansion prelude event and our 18th expansion Visions of Vetrovia.

    We're excited to share our plans with you. Please remember that these are our high-level goals and expected delivery dates and do not list everything we will be doing. We will be working on other updates to the game, fixing issues, and making "quality of life" improvements (such as UI tweaks, etc.). We hope giving you a general snapshot of the roadmap that we are striving to complete this year is something you'd like to see from us moving forward; otherwise, please let us know if it's something you never want to see us do. Without further ado, here are our big plans for EverQuest II 2022!

    • 2022 Roadmap:
      • January:
        • Kaladim Unlocking Age of Discovery - Opening up the Withered Lands and Skyshrine zones.
        • Improvements to the Test Server - Recipe books from old expansions added to the bookworm and level boosts setup to scale correctly to max level.
      • February:
        • Server Merge - Rivervale into Antonia Bayle
        • Lore and Legend Server - Every piece of content in the game is appropriate for your character.
      • March:
        • Chronoportal Phenomenon Updates - The annual commemoration of EverQuest's anniversary will bring a new throwback dungeon as well as new items to attain during this timely event.
      • April:
        • Game Update 119 - Includes a new Overseer season, an Overseer Inventory system, new raid dungeons, new heroic dungeons, and new collections.
        • Stat/Number Wrappers - In game combat numbers (damage and heals) are visually abbreviated and commas are added into damage logs.
      • May:
        • New Time Locked Expansion Server - A brand new server called Varsoon that will be very similar to the Kaladim ruleset plus the Free Trade ruleset.
        • Tinkerfest Updates - The gears of time have been wound a little tighter, bringing the celebration of all things gnomish and clockwork a little earlier than in previous years. A new dungeon, new rewards, and new merchant items will be available exclusively during this event. You’ll also start earning Jubilation Medals, coins that can be earned and exchanged during the three summertime events for desirable items!
      • June:
        • Scorched Sky Celebration Updates - A red-hot new dungeon and new items will be available for those looking to join the devotees of Flame in their annual fiery festivities. Get more Jubilation Medals!
        • New Patches of Pride Items - New LGBTQIA pride familiars arrive!
      • July:
        • 64-Bit Servers and Clients Port Launch
      • August:
        • Game Update 120
        • Oceansfull Festival Updates - Join the loveable othmir as they give thanks to Prexus with this annual celebration. A new dungeon will be cracked open and new items will be available during the event. Get more Jubilation Medals to exchange for desirable items!
      • September:
        • Swag Store
        • 2022's Expansion Prelude - A new expansion deserves a new prelude, complete with new items and new quests!
        • Panda, Panda, Panda Updates - The Hua Mein event of the year returns! You never know what they'll ask of you, or where it'll require you to go.
      • October:
        • 2022's Expansion Beta + Preorder - Preorder of EverQuest II's 19th expansion begins! Purchase your copy and join us in beta.
      • November:
        • Heroes' Festival - Celebrate our 18th Anniversary!
        • Extra Life - Help us raise funds for the Children's Miracle Network.
      • December:
        • 2022's Expansion Launch - EverQuest II's 19th expansion launches, bringing new zones, new quests, and new adventures to Norrath!
        • Heroic Opportunity System Update - Making heroic opportunities fun and relevant again!
      • Throughout the Year:
        • Item Reward and Merchant Updates to Events - Your favorite live event wasn't listed above? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten it. It'll get new items and a bit of a refresh, too.
    This is a selection of our high-level items; dates and events are subject to change. Additionally, we'll be working to improve on your overall experience.

    Let's add to your compendium,

    Jenn Chan
    Head of Studio
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  2. Suidakra Active Member

    Color me excited on some of this roadmap :)
  3. Kotter Legendary Member

  4. floofloobunny Active Member

    Please add for Nights of the Dead a female Drachnid illusion I cam play year round. I ask every year but no joy. We have so many male type purchase illusions to buy but not many female, and it shows up briefly in the goblin spell that changes you every few mind but nothing I can buy. Please, I hope its early enough to ask, been playing since the beginning and have a ton of accounts/alts. Would love to roleplay my Necros as a female drachnid
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  5. Noctew Active Member

    * 64-Bit Servers and Clients Port Launch
    Did hell just freeze over? Wheeeeee!
  6. AvenElonis Well-Known Member

    Stat/Number Wrappers - In game combat numbers (damage and heals) are visually abbreviated and commas are added into damage logs. - REALLY - YEAH

    64-Bit Servers and Clients Port Launch - FINALLY Thank god. :)
  7. Gaptia Active Member

    So for live servers nothing new until April, nothing for mages in roadmap.
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  8. Vishous Member

    yeeeeepp good job, you launched a new pvp server, had tons of us show up and pack the server for 3 months, and then at 3 months in you still wouldnt fix broken mechanics, OP classes and then everyone left the server..GG
  9. Malachy Well-Known Member

    Where can we find details of this Lore and Legend server that's launching ... in two weeks?
  10. Bludd Well-Known Member

    as a general overview this is good information to get
    however there are some issues in game which are detrimental to quality of life for certain classes. i hope it will be prioritized so those classes feel they can contribute again
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  11. DENSER Well-Known Member

    Answer in classes/mages forum
  12. Jovie Well-Known Member

    • Lore and Legend Server - Every piece of content in the game is appropriate for your character.
    Am I reading this correct that this will be a server where everything is on level with your character? Like how ESO does it?
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  13. PopeSaly Pope of Solusek Ro

    The only thing I have ever wanted was a Half-Orc player race. Why, for the love of Ro can't this happen!? Please, please, please me this year.
  14. Jovie Well-Known Member

    They are overdue on an evil based race for sure.
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  15. Choot Member

    Ouch. Not a single mention of the PVP server. Time to crawl back under our rock I guess.
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  16. Fuhraal New Member

    NO mention of NoTD, NO mention of Frostfell?

    What's worse? NO mention of any intention to stop pushing code live that is utterly loaded with bugs. Also, NO commitment mentioned to actually fixing the litany of bugs already in-game, getting zero attention for literally years.

    Not holding my breath, and until REAL, TANGIBLE improvements come to the game for ALL players instead of the top level end game raid fanatics, I don't see paying a sub again anytime soon. And I reeaally miss my double currency and 500/mo marketplace money.
  17. exeq2player Member

    "Lore and Legend Server - Every piece of content in the game is appropriate for your character."

    Very interested in hearing more about this!
  18. Dyss Member

    Looks like fun.

    I have to tell you that I'm very happy with the VoV expansion thus far. Really great art and enjoyable content, as far as I've gone. I also love the recipes and basic gear thus far and am looking forward to finding more as I move along. I also enjoy the humorous MOTDs.
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    As am I.
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    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!The best of all, awsome. !!!!!!!!!

    Thx Thx Thx. :)
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