A Fae Flies Into A Bar... v2

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    Lamia was still panting feverishly as illness continued to wrack her body. The rocks nudging at Lazzera seemed to now shake and bounce with anticipation as she listened to their silent plea. The Ratonga's body was eased down onto the ground.

    Rock by rock, the small boulders gradually nudged at the Ratonga's various splayed limbs and straightened her with each push. The rocks rolled around her slowly in an uneven pace, as if a tribal dance of some kind. This continued for about 5 seconds and then they hopped up a bit and formed a construct. The construct was glowing red, the strange energy of the Truespirit keeping them afloat in a semi-humanoidesque figure.

    The construct merely stooped over, staring, glowering at Lamia curiously. It ran its hand along her shoulder briefly and the Ratonga stopped shivering and panting. Her face's flushing gradually went down. The construct then leaned down, picked up the bow, and nudged it towards Lamia's hand. Lamia grasped at it feebly and groaned, gradually waking up. Her eyes glow blue for a moment, evidence of the Truespirit beginning to flow within her.

    "What.. What happened..?" she groaned weakly, holding the bow and looking at it curiously.

    Ssulvex continued stalking away. Were Captain Hawkwing to look, all he'd really see was a distant fuzzball with its tail between its legs.

    Ling's head snapped to attention and then she turned a bit to look at Rainer. Her gaze was wild and feral. She hissed and swiped out a claw in threatening, backing away from him. Her warder quickly followed her.

    After fixing her food, Shiasia slipped the munchies onto a plate and sat down next to her son, sighing and starting to eat quietly as she looked around again.
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    Vani growled as the lightning hit her. She raised her blade and charged at the Ratonga.
    Aloysiius shook his head. "I-I mean, the thing with the Call to Guild Hall spell? I'm not sure if that will work on an adult. Children are so small they can get by piggy-backing it." He turned. "Llew-" He paused, noticing her for the first time. The wound was closing, but her robe was still torn and covered in her own blood. Aloysiius' eyes went wide this time as he scrambled over to her. "Llew? Llew are you alright?" He placed his hand on her stomach, finding the wound healed to a scar, but Llew continued to stare forward. Finally she pulled her eyes to look at him.
    "I-I'm so sorry." She murmured.
    "Whatever for?" The Bard asked, putting his arms around her.
    "Oh! I have an idea." Danny said, letting the portal drop now. "I've been experimenting with the Reduction spell that Llew uses to flatpack and shrink the furniture she sells so that it fits in peoples' pockets. I might be able to use that to shrink Alyerra small enough to teleport back with."
    "But all the experiments with using those spells on people have been disastrous." Rene replied.
    "Yes, because it causes a massive organ failure but...well, she's undead and isn't exactly using her organs right now, right? The experiments on undead in Sinking Sands have proved successful, with slight alterations to the arcane framework."
    Ginnar nodded and withdrew his weapon as he scanned ahead. He turned and saluted to one of the Qeynos Guards. "Goo' evenin' Private! We be lookin' fer a lil' Kerran kitten an' a tiger cub tha' may 'ave passed through 'ere."
    The guard returned the salute. "I'm very sorry sir, but if the child passed through here, I did not notice."
    "'Ave yer been at yer post th' 'hole time?"
    "No sir. I was called to the tavern earlier tonight to assist in breaking up a fight."
    Norry nodded. "Well, thank yer anyway. An' if yer see a lil' Kerran girl an' a tiger cub, make sure they get ter th' Guard'ouse please."
    Another salute. "Yes, Sir!"
    Thrainuri shook his head. "Yer dun need ter 'ave met 'er afore, jus' think o' 'er name so th' portal knows whose 'ouse ter take yer ter. Ah! Bu' she 'as more than one place. So think o' the phrase 'Tonga Town' ter."
    Aleteriq still was not certain what was going on, but he smiled up at Alyerra anyway in what he hoped was an encouraging gesture.
    The Erudite nodded. "You can call me Kal." She nodded to the exit. "Our ship is waiting. We have healers and food there and we can take you and all the other prisoners back home as soon as we can."
    Rainer stepped back from the Kerra as the Captain was taken back to the ship. "Well, we need this one calmed." He muttered, indicating Ling. "We can't have her scaring the other rescues or attacking any of the living slavers we've captured."
    Alderman looked from the Iskar, to the gnome and the Kerra. He nodded to the gnome. "Tell us what needs to be done, but no funny business or I'll add further charges to your docket."
    Charlemin and Pepin glanced at one another. "We can go check it out, if you like." Charlemin offered. "Just in case."
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    Henris shot a flurry of arrows towards the Inquisitor. He reached behind him to grab more arrows from his quiver. He cursed as he realized he was out of arrows. How had he been so careless.
    “Problem insect?” Nasara asked directing her attention towards the Fae Ranger. She screamed as Brienae's sai caught her in the back of the knees. She turned as her armor had taken most of the damage “You insects need to learn your place!”
    Brienae met her father's eyes. As she cast Upbeat Tempo on Rene and began her Rhythmic Overture run.
    Nasara blinked as she tried to dodge the quick onslaught of sound, spells and weapons.
    Brienae stopped and looked around. Her body radiated with a an aura of music notes as she released Victorious concerto add her notes of damage to all weapons, spells and abilities of her allies.
    “We've done it before!” Kyriu snapped “When we left that place with the books you took Tetri and I to your guildhall just by us touching you.” She turned to glance at the Ratonga Fury as she spoke. “Tetri No!” Kyriu shouted as she watched Tetriemmy cast Regrowth on herself and then summon a Ring of Fire.
    Alyerra screamed as her eyes flashed back to blue.

    Sam caught up to Ginnar. He glanced over at a shrub. “What's that over there?” he asked.
    Maheera blinked as the human pointed to her hiding place. She lashed her tail and swallowed. Cautiously she left the shelter of the bush and advanced towards the pair near the tunnel, sniffing the air as she walked. “If they try to catch me I'll run.” she thought.
    Mazsra nodded and did as instructed.
    After she vanished Ethan grabbed his brother's hand before the the two of them vanished.
    “Bella...” Gregor swallowed “Perhaps I should just go in with you like I just saw the brothers do.” he suggested to Thrainuri

    “I never wanted to hurt anyone,” Alyerra whispered.
    “I know,” Jacob answered “and Alteriq would not be here if not for you. Everything happens for balance, Alyerra.”
    “Balance,” Alyerra snorted “I still don't see it. You and Aunt Mesena...” her body flickered “What's happening?” she vanished and the Inner demon returned.
    The Inner Demon pounced towards Alteriq but Jacob stepped in front of the boy and caught her.

    “Home,” Aismi sniffed “I don't have a home.”
    Ximinara nodded and began to sing a magical Lullaby meant to calm the kerra.
    The Gnome smiled. “I....”
    “Whatever you're about to say isss a lie,” Mordedana interrupted him.
    The Gnome glared at the female Iksar “Captain, I think it would be easier for me to work if the lizard was not present. She makes me nervous.”
    “Why?” Mordedana asked with a challenge in her voice “Becaussse I can tell you're lying?”
    “No,” The Gnome answered “because look at her she's a lizard wearing Neriak armor,”
    “He'sss lying.” Mordedana informed the Captain “Assss for my armor... I have not had time to find new armor which fitsss on account of my tail.”
    The Gnome laughed “Who are you going to believe Captain? This Lizard or a Qeynos citizen?”
    “I am a Qeynosss citizen!” Mordedana snapped.
    “She can't even say Qeynos right.” The Gnome added as though that confirmed his point.
    Tygarr continued to fight the transformation screaming as his body continued to slowly change.
    His wife in the cell next to him blinked at the Captain “Please let me go him...” she pleaded.
    “I-I don't want her hurt...” Kelauriel responded “Just maybe not in Kelethin.”
    Captain Hawking rubbed his head “We have no time for games Kelauriel. Not with your cousin missing.”
    Kelauriel snorted “Brienae missing? That's hardly new Dad, although I saw her earlier. Bri can take care of herself.”
    “It's more complicated. We believe she was actually captured.” Captain Hawkwing answered. “We should probably inform Henris.”
    “I can do that....” Kelauriel answered “perhaps one of you would like to join me? You know just for the company.” the truth was she was still afraid of Ssulvex but she did not want to admit it.
    “I'm still trying to figure that out.” Lazzera answered.
    “You were both followed by a pile boulders...” Zach answered “you were weak in her arms,” he said nodding to Lamia “but now clearly you are clearly feeling better. All I can tell you is what I saw.” the Monk shrugged. “Neither of you have seen a Kerra kitten have you? Recently I mean.... she would have a tiger cub with her.”
    Lazzera shook he head.
    Zach glanced at Lamia.
    Ethan, Tim and Mazsra looked around.
    “It's a city!” Tim exclaimed.
    Mazsra looked around. She was afraid to call out.

    Ethan grabbed his brother's shoulder as Tim began to walk forward “Wait for the others.”
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    Ling heard the lullaby, her ears perked. She whipped her head towards the singer and hissed, foamy spittle sputtering from her mouth as she swiped out her claws again. Shortly after that, she practically collapsed, dropping like a deadweight, fast asleep as she curled into a ball of fur again.

    The warder nearby gave a shriek of protest as his mistress fell asleep. (changing it to an insect warder, due tothe fact that I don't think the flying snakes can be warders). He chittered a few times, his fangs clicking together briefly as he skittered on his spindly, spider-y legs over to the Kerra. Saying nothing more, the fuzzy arachnid skittered onto her head and sat on guard.

    The female Iksar put her head in her hands, her eyes wide with shock and surprise. "How can I not know who I am?" she murmured

    Ssulvex stalked around outside for a good 20 minutes or so, snarling and growling, her were-wolven face twisted in an expression of feral anger.

    She switched her pacing, now crouching low and starting to carefully walk towards the guardhouse, attempting to hide herself in the bushes.

    Lamiaris frowned intensely. She shook her head at Zach in a 'No'.

    "Afraid I haven't seen one.. For that matter, I've not seen any kerras for a while." she shrugged. Her construct rolled around her a few times. The creature then rolled away a multitude of feet. Lamiaris's sickly trembling began to return and she coughed several times, a few drops of sweat beading on her forehead.

    "Okay so.. <cough>.." she wheezed. "Construct's telling me that.. It can't be too far away from me.." she rasped. "Or else I get sick.."
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    Zach sighed and then quirked an eyebrow at the Ratonga “Rocks don't talk...” he shook his head as he watched the pile of boulders roll around “Nevermind they don't normally move either.”
    “From now on it seems my divine energy will be channeled through Ellie... so when I heal I'll no longer burn myself!” Lazzera gushed. She looked at the human Monk as a gust of wind swirled around him “You didn't come here looking for the Kerra kitten. You were sure she would not be here.”
    Zach bit his lip and sighed “You're right. I... I...” he swallowed “I...” he looked at both of the Channelers “I know you have an older sister Lazzera but.... do you have any siblings?” he asked the Ratonga.

    “Too cold,” the Aerakyn's mind said as she shivered. Even in her mind her voice chattered. “New Halas,” she hissed out loud “You're free now so we'll send you to the coldest city in this thread.” she now spoke out loud to the ghostly wolf beside her. “Do they have any idea what they trifle with?” she asked. She flared her large wings. Her pink hair was braided down her back. Two long horns protruded from her head. Her orange skin flowed into purple scales. Her large wings were smooth with peach skin stretched between the large viens of purple. She stopped, took a deep breath of the frigid air and let out a breath of fire. She twirled in the flame allowing it to wrap around her and warm her for an instant. “I want to help people... but really are they trying to test my resolve?” she laughed. “They wouldn't dare for I am Amalira Dracomuar, born of dragons....” for a brief moment her confidence swelled as she spoke out loud to the the wolf and to the wind. She sighed as the confidence seemed to drop from her as she admitted “and I am very lost...”

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