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    Kyriu twirled her staff “Yes I was.” her eyes narrowed “If you really care for him then come with us.”
    Senriala nodded. “I'm fine.” her eyes were on her daughter and her sister Jasala.
    Jasala glared at her father “Why are you attacking her? She is only a child.”
    Baron Mihariel took the blasts from the spells. “Don't be foolish last time we allowed a blemish to fester it brought shame to us all! I won't make that mistake again!” he shouted as he began to channel another spell towards the Tier'dal child.
    Jasala leaped towards her father with rage burning in her eyes.
    “Jasala what do you think you are doing?” Baron Mihariel snapped as the broad side of Jasala's blade came down on his head. He crumpled to the ground.
    Casina took a step back fighting tears.
    Splotchette sighed “Priests always haves such strongs wills.” she muttered as Nasara's eyes glazed. “I thinks I cans holds hers gos.”
    Jasala lowered her blade seeing her father on the ground. “Casina come here,”
    Casina trembled as she approached her mother.
    “Senriala,” Jasala took a deep breath “Take her with you.”
    “Jasala... I...” Senriala stammered.
    “You heard father she won't be safe here.” Jasala sighed.
    “Then come with me.” Senriala suggested.
    Jasala snorted “I have a son. I will not just abandon him.” she glanced at the coercer “You can manipulate memory yes?”
    “Yis,” Splotchette answered.
    Jasala took a deep breath “As soon as they are gone take what ever you need to so Father will not find her.”
    “Jasala you will never see her again...” Senriala whispered.
    Jasala nodded “I know but she will be safe.” she smiled at Casina “And find her a nice Illusionist trainer.”
    “But Mother...” Casina began
    “Go through that portal now!” Jasala snapped.
    “I don't understand...” the young girl sobbed.
    Pockscar returned with a bag and presented it to Dayig. “Shall we begin?”
    “I don't know much. I probably know less than you do,” Carl growled.
    “Nonsense,” Dayig cooed “I'm sure there's some hidden gems in that skull of yours.”
    Mazsra's spirit wolf began to growl at the pair.
    The humans turned to the new speaker.
    “Is that so?” the one who had been speaking responded “Well we have everything under control. We don't need any additional aid. We actually came to escort the kitten to a safe location.”
    “You mean us,” Mazsra continued maintaining calm and hoping someone would pick up on a possible problem.
    “No just the child. She will be safer that way.” the first speaker continued.
    “I am her legal guardian,” Mazsra growled.
    “Then we know you want what is best for her.”
    Ethan peered over Mazsra's shoulder and stepped back “They're imposters,” he whispered in Dwarven to his brothers and the dwarves.

    Gregor's eyes narrowed “Something is not right about them....” he whispered to Thrainuri as he dismounted his horse.
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    ((Bah forgot a scene and since I can't edit I guess I'll just add it here))
    Alyerra swallowed unsure of how to answer.
    "Tell him what you've done." The Inner Demon said with a smile. She frowned "The Illusionist is stubborn." she shrugged "Tell him how we fed on a Ratonga and how much you want more."
    "No..." Alyerra whispered.
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    Padparadisch looked terrified at the mention of Vani coming with them but the Berzerker burst out laughing. "It has nothing to do with care, little girl." She drew her dagger out and pointed it at Padparadisch. "I've been waiting a very long time for him to return and I'm not going to let him go now."
    Danlore joined his grandmother. "We can't-"
    "Hurry up!" Llew interrupted her brother. "That portal won't stay open for long!" She spotted Aloysiius, laying out on the floor, bleeding from his nose. He had not gotten up yet. "Aloysius!" She called, but he made no move. Her eyes slid to Vanimor and she gritted her teeth. She shot an Ultraviolet Beam at Vani, who stumbled and spun to face the illusionist. "What have you done to Aloysius?" She asked, her voice raising with her ire. She turned her back on Alyerra, the spell slipping as her anger made her forget about it.
    Thrainuri nodded. "Aye." He said quietly.
    Ginnar dug around in his pocket and found the speaking stone.
    Outside the house Thrainuri slid his hand into his glowing pocket. After a moment he climbed back into the saddle and nodded to the two humans.
    "Well, if yer ter 'ave it unner control 'ere, we'll take our leave. Yer give me best wishes ter th' lil' 'un inside, Ms. Mazra." He nodded to her and turned to the Paladin. "We aught ter be goin'." He winked.
    Aleteriq looked from Alyerra to the Inner Demon. He reached out and slipped his hand into Alyerra's. "Wh-what is she talking about, Miss. Alyerra? Who is she?"
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    Kyriu's eyes narrowed and flashed yellow in rage “The only one ever allowed to call me Little One is is Sensei Silzin!” she snapped twirling her staff towards the Berzerker.
    The Freeblood hissed and pounced towards the unconscious bard. Vines wrapped around her wrists and ankles causing her to fall to the ground.
    Tetriemmy knelt by Aloysious and cast Back in the Fray followed by Regrowth hoping that the combination would heal his nose and revive him.
    Jasala angrily pushed her daughter though the portal “As for you I never want to see your face again.” she growled at Senriala.
    “Jasala I....” Senriala quipped.
    “As far as I'm concerned my daughter is dead. As for you, you abandoned this family...”
    “Because of my daughter,” Senriala interjected “I ran away so I could raise my child. I have a home Jasala and a business. I can find a place for you and both of your children.”
    “I suggest you leave now,” Jasala snarled.
    Gregor raised an eyebrow before remounting. He trusted the dwarf knew what he was doing
    “I have an idea,” Tim whispered.
    Zach sighed “I'm open... actually go ahead and do what ever so long as you don't hurt yourself.”
    Tim smiled at his brother before darting off towards Ziqua's room.
    Mazsra swallowed “Isss now really the bessst time?” she asked the pair.
    “No one will suspect,” said the first.
    Mazsra sighed and stepped back.
    “Tim went to wake her,” Ethan said approaching the door.
    Mazsra nodded “Thank you Zachary.”
    Ethan sighed “Ethan, I'm Ethan. Why don't y'all come in while Tim helps Ziqua pack.”
    The two Iksars stepped in still thinking they were safe in their human illusions.
    In the kitten's room Timothy took Ziqua's pillow and poured two vials onto it. He covered his nose and mouth with a handkerchief he had brought for this purpose. Carefully he covered the pillow with the sheet and shut the door on his way back into the living room. He packed the handkerchief in his bag before he was visible to the new guests. “She's being stubborn.” he said “She said if you want to take her away from Mazsra you'll have to go get her yourselves.”
    Mazsra shook her head “Her room is the second door,”
    The disguised Iksars smiled at each other as they walked towards the room.
    “We should be leaving now,” Tim told the others in dwarven “preferably before they open that door,”
    The Inner Demon vanished.

    Alyerra bit her lip “You met her before... last time you were in my mind. My mind split... when I.... I died... that was the other half....” her voice was choked. “I...” she couldn't bring herself to tell the boy what she had done.
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    Vani growled. "Cursed half-elf mutts!" She drew her sword and lunged at Kyriu. Llew returned the angry growl and began to weave her hands.
    Padparadisch sidled along the wall, keeping an eye out. He knew better than to intervene between angry women.
    Aloysiius rolled over and clutched his nose. It still stung but the bleeding had stopped. He looked up at Alyerra and gulped, crawling away a short distance before regaining his feet and looking around.
    Rene looked from Senriala to her sister. She did not know what to say, so she stayed quiet.
    The two Dwarves needed no further urging. They stepped outside and both whistled.
    Nordri leaned over to the youngest brother. "Ay were gonna go look at th' Elder Groove an' Ginnar were gonna go ter th' 'Arbor."
    Thrainuri nodded. "Ay jus' came from th' temple, so unless she got by us, she's nae there." He replied quietly.
    Aleteriq shook his head. He did not understand. He glanced over. "Wh-where did she go?"
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    Kyriu blocked the blade as she snarled and made a counter charge towards the berzerker.
    Alyerra writhed in an attempt to get close to a blood source but the vines hindered her. She hissed in frustration.
    Tetriemmy swallowed “I need to get her to Qeynos as soon as possible.”
    “Just go,” Jasala hissed “clearly you have replaced us anyway. Take your new family and go.”
    “My new family?” Senriala blinked. She glanced around the room at all the people who had come... had they really come for her? She nodded and walked over to her bound daughter “Alyerra,” she whispered “look at me, come back to me.”
    The Freeblood glared at Senriala but calmed in her thrashing.
    The Flamefist brothers stepped out followed by Mazsra.
    “I have to ask,” Zach began once they were outside “What did you do?”
    Tim smiled “The two compounds I used create a gas which turns to water in the lungs so unless they can breathe under water we won't need to worry about them.”
    Mazsra swallowed “They're Iksar,”
    “I know,” Tim answered “I saw.”
    “We can breathe under water,” Mazsra continued.
    “I...I...didn't know...." Tim stammered "gah I am such an idiot.”
    Zach pulled his youngest brother close to him “You are not an idiot. No one can know everything.” he glanced around “Sam requested going with y'all to Eldar Grove, Ethan I would like you and Timothy to check out that Ratonga Sanctuary.”
    “I should be fine by myself,” Tim muttered.
    “You are not going anywhere with out someone who can fight.” Zach responded.
    Tim sighed in resignation.
    Mazsra swallowed “I will go with them, unlesss...”
    Zach shook his head as he unrolled a carpet which hovered over the ground “I'll be fine,”
    Tim took something out of his bag and tossed it on the ground. It expanded into disk with whirling gears.
    Ethan shook his head as he unrolled his own magic carpet.
    “Alright let's go.” Zach ordered.
    Mazsra swallowed “Thrainuri perhapsss you would care to join usss? I believe it wasss your Grandson who took Ziqua to thisss Ratonga Sanctuary. Perhapsss they may know you.”
    Alyerra bit her lip “She.... woke up to....” she knelt in front of the young boy “you're not safe around me...” there were tears in her eyes as she spoke.
    “Alyerra, look at me, come back to me,” Senriala's voice rang in the empty space.
    Carl gritted his teeth as the Tier'dal commenced the torture. He could ignore some of the pain but not all of it, not enough of it. As he ignored the pain some of the deep wounds which had been inflicted already vanished. He tried to keep his mind blank but it was becoming increasingly difficult to do so as questions were asked. His mind whirled to the dwarf with the hammer, the hammer now hidden on the dwarf's brothers destined to be destroyed.
    "Do you know where any of the other weapons are?" Dayig asked.
    Carl said nothing as he tried to clear his mind but failed.
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    Vani growled again as her lunge was avoided and spun, swinging her sword in a wide swath around her. Llew let loose her spell, but missed the Berserker.

    Aloysiius stepped back, finding himself against a wall. "Alyerra? Are you alright?" He asked tentatively, fear creeping into his voice.

    Rene went over to her grandson, who was beginning to fade in his maintaining of the spellwork, and weaved her hands, adding her power to his.


    Thrainuri nodded. "Aye. Let's git goin' afore they figure it out."

    His brothers saluted him, a gesture that he returned and the two of them spurred their mounts towards the gate to the harbor.


    Aleteriq shook his head and reached out to take Alyerra's hand. "I-I'm not sure what is going on, but-but Mother always told me that things will get better. That-that if we fear the darkness, we must find our own light."
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    “Alyerra!” Senriala shouted again “This is not you,”
    Kyriu dodged the blade. She darted a glance at Padparadisch. “He doesn't want to be here... so why is he?” she glanced at Alyerra as she snarled and tried to fight her bonds “What did you do to her?” she growled at Vani.
    Samuel followed the two dwarven paladins on foot. He had no mount of his own but he was able to keep up fairly well.
    Zach glided off on his carpet towards the Windfoot Grove portal
    “Mazsra care to lead?” Tim asked.
    Mazsra nodded before whistling. A large cat ran towards her. She quickly mounted the creature and turned it towards the portals. She swallowed before taking off in the same direction as Zach.
    Ethan and Timothy followed after the Iksar.
    Gregor sighed. “I guess I will stick with you” he said to Thrainuri “unless you object.”
    Inside the house the two Iksars exchanged glances “So the kitten isss not here. Who do we follow?” asked the male who had not spoken.
    “That is a good question unless they do not know where she is either.” the female said “What if we found her first?”

    “But what if you are the darkness?” Alyerra asked almost ashamed she was asking the wisdom of a young boy. She turned away “I...I think I killed someone...” she whispered.
    “Alyerra! This is not you,” Senriala's voice was heard again.
    “Hammer,” Carl rasped “Dwarf....” he bit his lip regretting he had let those two words escape him.
    Dayig smiled “You'll have to give us more than that. Dwarves are hardly rare.
    Carl tried to clear his mind again as a heated metal rod was placed against his side. He screamed. His mind flashed to the brothers so much like his own family he had betrayed. Betraying the dwarves would mean betraying his own family and that was the last thing he wanted to do.
    Ziqua sat up trembling. She hugged the shaking tiger next to her. “We'rrre not safe herrre,” she whispered.
    “I don't think we're safe anywhere” Maheera answered. She turned as they heard a rustling in some bushes. Maheera turned lashing her tail ready to protect Ziqua. She relaxed as a rabbit hopped out.
    Ziqua giggled.
    Wallbreaker watched her young copy and her warder. “Please hurry,” she whispered to air.
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    Vani smiled. "She looked so hungry." She gasped in mock shock. "Are you saying you would have rather we let your friend starve? Tsk tsk."
    Llew growled and swung her staff. Vani parried it with her blade. In a rage Llew swung it again, putting all her strength into it, but this time the Berserker dodged out of the way.
    Aloysiius never saw the staff coming, he was too occupied by the look on Alyerra's face. Llew's strike hit him instead and he crumpled to the floor. The staff slipped from the mage's hands as she realized what she had done and the anger washed away, replaced by fear and regret.
    Vani saw the look on Llew's face and lunged for the stunned mage.
    Ginnar split off from his brother to check the back alleys of the Harbor District while Nordri kept going towards the Elddar Grove.
    Thrainuri nodded. "Ay've nae issue wit tha'. This way." He nudged his mount in the direction of the mage tower and soon the wolf was at a loping pace.
    Aleteriq tilted his head to one side. "I-I don't understand."

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    ((Welcome back! Of course we still have room!
    This should be everything:

    The Ratonga blinked and turned her gaze towards the direction where Lazzera directed. She squinted her eyes. Slowly but surely, she saw the bed, though just barely. It was definitely blended in. "Ooh, alright.." came her quiet words. She turned her gaze back towards the vampire once more. "Remembrance Grove..?" she asked curiously.
    She quietly followed behind Lazzera and looked around briefly. When Lazzera turned her gaze, Lamia gave a nod, indicating that she was following.
    "Kelaurial, please.. Just.." The iksar bit her lip, trying to fight back against the transformation and her instincts. She let out a groan between pursed lips as she fell to her knees.
    "Kelauriel.." the name came out achingly slow. She reached a claw out, which by now was somewhat furry. "Kelauriel.. Friend.." she insisted. She slowly pointed behind Kelauriel, towards the forest. "Kelauriel go.. Not want to hurt.."
    Ling let out a groan despite being unconscious, grunting once as the arrow was pulled out. Several orcs proceeded to come out from the innards of the ship. They proceeded to start dragging Ling back down towards the slave cages.

    Kal grinned and gripped her hooked sword. "Be right there!" She called to the voice coming from the stairs. She charged at the orc guarding the stairs.
    Padparadisch* let out a long string of Teir'dal swears as he dragged the boy towards the boards that would lead them to the Lurln'Ley.
    The orc captain gave a gurgling laugh as blood poured from his mouth. He grasped Del's arm, pulling her closer and pushing the sword further into his own body while he swung with his other hand, knocking her down with the last of his strength. Both captains lay on the deck, crumpled and bloody.
    Alderman jumped at the scream and dashed towards the stairs, leaping down them two or three at a time. He reached the bottom with his sword drawn, scanning the cells warily.

    *Since Padparadisch had gone back to the Lurln'ley and no one else had any active characters there I later pulled him from the scene so that he could go confront Vani.

    The orc guarding the stairs slashed at the Erudite
    Aismi leaned against the bars of the cage to watch. She swallowed and cast a spell at the orc's back. She smiled with satisfaction as the orc arched from the impact.
    Xia shook herself regaining control. She took a deep breath and sang a song to impact the group attempting to take Ling away. She struggled to hold onto her sanity
    “I'll be right back.” Mordedana told Ssalizera. She dashed down behind Alderman. She stopped on the last step just behind the Captain.
    Tygarr was doubled over trembling. He screamed again.
    “Would you be quiet sssome of usss are trying to sleep!” Mordenair snapped.
    Tygarr looked up and saw the Koada'dal “H-help me.” he stammered. His fur was beginning to change color from orange to gray
    “Yes it's a grove dedicated to those who died in the Commonlands Massacre. There are replicas of their weapons... well except for Sephen Windfoot's. The bow is actually his bow. I don't know the whole story. I don't know why they were there. There was some sort of mission, but there were no survivors.” she sighed “This grove is in their memory. Around the corner was a a unique area. The ground rose creating a small area which seemed apart from the rest of the cave. Flowering vines covered the walls. Moss covered the ground. Shallow reflecting pools reflected the walls. Carefully suspended in each pool was a weapon. The first was a bo staff, the second a set of monk claws, the third was a whip and finally a bow. “Isn't it pretty?” Lazzera asked.
    “Um right... tell you what” Kelauriel swallowed “You go ahead and hunt and I'll see you in morning?” her green eyes blinked “Are you going to be okay out here alone?” she asked with sincere concern in her voice.
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    Lamia nodded at Lazera quietly, lowering her head once again in thought and mourning. She looked over at the weapons when asked about the prettiness and nodded, her eyes briefly caught in the hypnotic glow of one of the weapons. She then shook her head to clear her mind and yawned. "Yes, it's quite pretty, miss Lazera."

    Suddenly the Ratonga started swaying a bit. She coughed a few times before abruptly collapsing. She was still rather sick from the pneumonia; it's possible Lazera's magic hadn't cured it completely. Point is, the Ratonga was exhausted, and still ill, and because of that, she collapsed, knocked out cold.

    The Iksar werewolf shivered, growling out as she continued shifting. She coughed a few times, and some blood trickled from her mouth onto the ground as she huffed. "Will.. hunt.." she panted. "Will be fine.. If Kel find Ssulvex.." she growled. She was almost fully 'wolfed'.

    "If Kel find Ssulvex.. Anywhere near village or civilization.. Anywhere near people... You repel and keep Ssulvex away.. Barely able to control self.." she suddenly shrieked, and she went fully into her werewolf form. The werewolf gave a howl before starting to walk away on all fours, growling and snuffling at the ground for scents.

    Ssalizzera looked over at Mordedana and nodded her head quickly. She sat down on one of the benches in the guardhouse and sighed, holding her head in her hands as she struggled to remember who she was.

    Ling purred quietly in her unconsciousness/ sleep. The orcs carrying her away blinked and grunted. They had been heading down the stairs with the girl when they were hit with the song. The song knocked them forward. They lost their grip on the girl and tumbled down the stairs. An added benefit of this was that when they fell to final step and down to the floor, their skulls cracked open and soon enough, they were dead.

    Ling luckily, was still just a few inches from tumbling herself, having been dropped only just before the entrance to the stairs. She was still safe, but she would prove an obstacle, still blissfully asleep, right in front of the doorway.

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    That's alright, because I accidentally posted the wrong posts. ^^; These are the correct ones that we left off with:
    Lamia frowned back at Lazzera as she spoke. She shook her head and sighed softly, mourningly as she thought about the lives that were lost in such a massacre. She briefly turned towards the weapons again, noting the bow's glowing.
    She stayed silent, saying nothing as she continued to follow the Freeblood.
    Ssalizzera frowned as she heard bits and pieces of the conversation downstairs at the cells. However, as the shouting stop, so did her ability to hear it. Once the conversation was out of her earshot, she shrugged.
    She sighed and sat down onto one of the benches nearby.
    Ssulvex paced around in a circle for the longest time. She was hungry, certainly, but she wasn't tempted to ea-. 'Oh my..' she thought to herself, taking a sniff of the air. Kelauriel's scent quickly filled her nose, and her feral instincts quickly began to take over.
    She let out a loud, drawn out growl, and instantly started running towards the fae, licking her lips hungrily with a wild look in her eyes.
    The young Kerra woman was soon filled with the energy, her body briefly glowing. She grunted and soon stood up shortly after the orcs left. "Let me out of herrrre!" she raspily screamed. Somehow, the orcs had forgotten to lock her cage.
    The door pushed open with a creak and she dashed out, heading again towards the main deck.
    Immediately she launched herself at one of the orcs, her fingers spreading out and soon digging into the back of one of them. "Die, die, die!" she screeched.
    Shiasia looked up from her nap in the bedroom suddenly. "H.. How did I get here?" she asked with a frown, looking around quickly. She then looked in her arms, where there was the small Nazsuss snuggled up against her.
    "I must've been more tired than I thought.." she said with a yawn. She took off the covers from herself and stood up, yawning again. She stepped out of her room and then headed down the ramp that led to the main floor.
    "Did I miss anything?" the groggy Ratongess asked, looking around to see if there was anyone here.

    Alderman paused, baffled before his eyes narrowed suspiciously. "Can-can Kerrans turn into-?"
    Padparadisch held his breath as he walked the boy across the plank without incident.
    The priest rolled Captain Del over onto her back to examine the wound. He placed his hands over her and prayed. Del's face relaxed as the pain subsided to a dull throb. The priest took some bandages out and, with Rainer's help, got Del into a sitting position to wrap the wound.
    "Well, Rainer. Ya shoul' star' gettin' people back ter our ship. We'll scuttle this one an' decide a port."
    "Aye, Captain."
    Del looked up at Rainer. "Well, tha's yer cue. Git goin'."
    "Right, Captain." Rainer stood and called out to their crew. "Report!"
    "Forecastle's clear, First!"
    "Aye! So's th' Quarter!"
    "Lower decks bein' checked now!" Kal called over her shoulder, not taking her eyes from the orc cautiously. She looked for signs that he would get up again, or stay there permanently before reaching for the keys.
    ((This is where Padparadisch ditched everyone.))
    Padparadisch glanced around for one of the priests. One of them hurried over and began to examine the boy, who protested. Padparadisch was not sure what to say, but was saved from any further awkwardness when his pocket began to glow. He had forgotten that he had one of the stones and fished it out of his pocket. 'What?' he thought to the stone irritably.
    He felt cold all of a sudden. Cold and sick and it had nothing to do with the sea air. He began to tremble as he urged his body to toss the stone into the sea, but he just froze.
    'No. No.'
    'My Padparadisch. Where are you?' came the silky voice's sing-song reply.
    'No. It can't be you. How did you get-'
    'I and the Mihariel sisters are entertaining a couple of guests here in Neriak. One of them had this stone on them. Why don't you come by for a visit, my Padparadisch? It would be ever so much more fun with you here.'
    'Who-?!' Padparadisch felt panic well up.
    'Come visit and see. You know how I like to surprise you.'
    He shakily held the stone out over the edge of the ship. He had planned for this, all those years ago when he came to Qeynos. Everything he needed he kept on him. His lyre, his hand drum, his daggers. Everything else, everyone else was expendable. He'd leave and never come back. Find somewhere else to hide. Somewhere else with cheap rent and a quick escape route. He had stayed in Qeynos too long anyway.
    But he had never planned on anyone else getting tangled up in it. Vani had a speaking stone, so obviously she had captured someone from the guild or a close enough friend. He dropped the stone into the sea and began to cast the call to Guild Hall spell that the bard had insisted he learn. They had portals and teleportation going all over Norrath there.

    Mordedana sighed “With the rissk of sounding fesss... I don't mean to be rude Captain but the evidence woud suggessst yesss,”
    Tygarr made gave another scream which turned into a howl as he fell to his hands and knees. His hands and feet became paws.*
    “Werewolf?” Mordenair's scales paled “Get me out of here! I'm not staying down here with a werewolf!”
    Elena had transformed gracefully. She could hear the screams and howls from the infirmary on account of her hearing. She glanced at the Halfling Illusionist and whimpered. She focused on images of her fighting the Kerra. “I'm sorry...” she mentally whispered after trying to show the Illusionist what had happened and what she suspected was happening downstairs.
    Aismi watched the orc closely. She saw a stir of movement and cast a spell. She hissed with pain as her cramped wings folded more against her cage. “I think he'll be out for awhile!” she shouted.
    The orc stopped moving.
    Xia watched the Kerra run back out. She looked around to be sure no one else was trapped in the room before following the Kerra back on deck “All clear... er over here.” she sighed realizing she would need to learn proper ship terms. She glanced at the orcs on the deck and the thought crossed her mind as to whether or not they counted as sentient.
    The bow began to quiver and lift further from the water.
    Lazzera didn't seem to notice. “I'm afraid there isn't much left to see in the caves,” she sighed as she turned “That's odd...” she muttered I've never seen it do that before.” as she stopped to watch the glowing bow some rocks behind her fell to the ground and glowed with veins of red.
    Kelauriel continued gliding. She did not like leaving her new friend but she thought perhaps it was best.
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    Lamia nodded at Lazera quietly, lowering her head once again in thought and mourning. She looked over at the weapons when asked about the prettiness and nodded, her eyes briefly caught in the hypnotic glow of one of the weapons. She then shook her head to clear her mind and yawned. "Yes, it's quite pretty, miss Lazera." she repeated softly, blinking and then shaking her head.

    She glanced over at the bow as well, quirking her brow curiously. "What in the world...?" she asked quizzically.

    Suddenly the Ratonga started swaying a bit. She coughed a few times before abruptly collapsing. She was still rather sick from the pneumonia; it's possible Lazera's magic hadn't cured it completely. Point is, the Ratonga was exhausted, and still ill, and because of that, she collapsed, knocked out cold.

    The werewolf continued charging after Kelauriel, panting and growling wildly. As soon as she could, she pounced and attempted to pin the fae down. Kelauriel would easily notice that the Iksar-turned-werewolf couldn't help herself. Her feral instincts were far too strong at this point to bring her back to her common sense.

    "Must.. Feed!" she growled out, snapping her jaws towards the fae's fluttering wings.

    Ssalizzera sat down on one of the benches in the guardhouse and sighed, holding her head in her hands as she struggled to remember who she was.

    The kerra continued running around on all fours. A flying snake slithered after her in the air. Her warder. And granted how the kerra seemed to run around on all fours, the combined feral qualities of both master and warder were well rewarded with excellent teamwork and collaboration.

    Ling jumped up onto another orc and started clawing at him violently while the flying snake hissed and bit at the brute's arms.

    [[ decided to change Ling into a BL, simply because it'd be a nice change to RP someone who /wasn't/ a spellcaster! ]]

    Shiasia didn't see anyone in the tavern, so she merely went back upstairs to her room with her son, flopping back into the bed.

    [[ Again, what are you guys' thoughts on Lami kinda.. dying off? I legitimately can't think of anything to do with her unless either of you have suggestions? ]]
  16. Brienae Active Member

    ((Grats Bella and welcome back Iksaress! Sorry this took so long I've been busy over the past couple of weeks publishing my second book. On most of the scenes all three of us share I copied the scene I used last time. I went ahead and advanced the scenes where only 2 of us are involved. As for Lamia I have a few ideas which won't end in giving Lazzera a complex ;) I'll send a pm with those.))
    Tetriemmy cast Regrowth on Aloysiouss. “Take her to the Temple of Life,” he told Kyriu in Feir'dal. She turned to Vani. “Yous thinks this is funnys? She snapped her childhood accent returning in her anger. Lightning began to spark from her paws.
    Kyriu swallowed and nodded. She knelt next to Alyerra and whispered “Can y'all get us to Qeynos?” she asked “We need to get her to the Temple.”
    Senriala blinked “The temple but the divine energies...”
    Kyriu tuned to her adopted Aunt “They can help her... if we don't take her there soon we could lose Aly forever.”
    Senriala bit her lip and nodded. “I will trust you with her life. I need to go to Greater Faydark. That poor girl is alone in a strange place.”
    Kyriu blinked “But Aunt Senri....”
    “Last time doesn't matter...that was not your fault.” Senriala answered.
    Sam was able to keep pace with Nordri. He stopped for a moment and closed his eyes.
    Gregor turned his horse to follow the others.
    Mazsra and Zach stopped at the portal.
    Zach vanished.
    Alyerra bit her lip “I...I...I'm a monster.” she whispered.
    The door to the dungeon opened and the two Iksars stepped in. “Forgive usss, we teleported back here for information.” the male said “It seemsss the kitten hasss vanished.
    Dayig smiled “So Carl any ideas where the kitten might have gone?”
    “I have no idea what you're talking about.” Carl responded.
    The male Iksar touched Carl's forehead. “You can not hide your thoughtsss from me,”
    Carl held his breath as he tried to clear his mind in case there was something which could harm his family.
    “He really hasss no idea....” he coercer said “but he can find out,”
    Carl released his breath and blinked.
    “Yesss I know you can contact your brothersss,” the Iksar Coercer said with a smile “if he concentrates.
    “Help us find the kitten Carl and I will see to it you walk again,” Dayig said with a smile “We'll leave you to think about it.”
    “We don't have time to wait,” The coercer said with a glare
    Dayig smiled “If it is the brother I think it is... we can find him.”
    “He's been set free!” Carl snapped
    “So it is that brother,” Dayig smiled “Freed? Hm are you sure? Who freed him?”
    Carl swallowed “I don't know,”
    Dayig smiled and left the cell. He returned with a large book. He ran a finger down one of the pages “We can find him.”
    Carl closed his eyes and concentrated on Sam “Where are you?” he asked.
    “Currently in Qeynos Harbor” Sam answered.
    The Iksar coercer stood over Carl and laughed.
    Carl turned and broke the connection.
    “Thank you, we'll be going to Qeynos Harbor then.

    Aismi watched the orc closely. She saw a stir of movement and cast a spell. She hissed with pain as her cramped wings folded more against her cage. “I think he'll be out for awhile!” she shouted.
    The orc stopped moving.
    Xia watched the Kerra run back out. She looked around to be sure no one else was trapped in the room before following the Kerra back on deck “All clear... er over here.” she sighed realizing she would need to learn proper ship terms. She glanced at the orcs on the deck and the thought crossed her mind as to whether or not they counted as sentient.
    Mordedana sighed “With the rissk of sounding fesss... I don't mean to be rude Captain but the evidence woud suggessst yesss,”
    Tygarr made gave another scream which turned into a howl as he fell to his hands and knees. His hands and feet became paws.*
    Werewolf?” Mordenair's scales paled “Get me out of here! I'm not staying down here with a werewolf!”
    Elena had transformed gracefully. She could hear the screams and howls from the infirmary on account of her hearing. She glanced at the Halfling Illusionist and whimpered. She focused on images of her fighting the Kerra. “I'm sorry...” she mentally whispered after trying to show the Illusionist what had happened and what she suspected was happening downstairs.
    “Lamia!” Lazzera exclaimed as she knelt next to the Ratonga. She bit her lip. She knew she could not convert the Ratonga into a Freeblood. She picked the Ratonga up and tried to run out of the cave. She could only manage a slightly faster walk “Please Tunare,” she whispered “don't take her now.”
    Zach appeared in the grove and took a deep breath.
    Kelauriel swallowed and glided faster. She glided towards the jail.
  17. Iksaress Member

    [[ Thanks you two ^^ Glad to be back :3 ]]

    Lamia groaned softly. As Lazzera picked her up, the Freeblood would notice that she was sweating, a fever quite evident as her face looked flushed. Despite this, she was trembling as if she was freezing cold. She coughed a few times, wheezing just barely. (Granted, aforementioned wheezing was only noticeable if one actually paid attention to the sound of her breathing.)

    She gave a groan and started curling into a ball in Lazzera's grip. Lazzera would hear something distinct and very strange. As Lazzera walked, there was the sound of rocks and boulders tumbling behind her, as if they were following her every movement. If Lazzera looked behind her, she'd see that same pile of rocks sitting rather casually behind her, glowing a much stronger red. In a 'Sword in the Stone'-esque manner, the bow from earlier was sticking out from the rocks too.

    Almost like a child, a single, rather small rock rolled forward and nudged at the Freeblood's leg, as if to say "Let go of the girl." a few other rocks joined in at nudging her. "Let the girl out of your arms. We can take care of her." the rocks seemed to say in a silent plea.

    Ssulvex panted out as she chased after Keulauriel. "Wings! Chewy!" she growled out quite loudly as she charged after the fae still. However, she had enough sense to know that she needed to calm her heart down, so she stopped chasing and abruptly turned tail, looking quite fatigued as she trudged away tiredly.

    Having your heart give out just cause you chase something you want to eat isn't a good idea now is it? In Ssulvex's case, what you eat.. Or try to eat, could kill you.

    Ling growled and continued to claw at various orcs, though soon enough, her claws had gotten dull enough to where she wasn't exactly gouging anyone anymore. She growled, letting out a hiss and dropping off of her latest orc victim. She stalked a few feet away and ordered her flying serpent to attack the orcs, while she sat back and rested.

    Shiasia woke up after a small power nap and yawned, stretching her arms. She eased out of the bed, grabbing hold of her son and wrapping him up in a clean swaddling cloth and now holding him close to her chest as she stepped downstairs towards the kitchen.

    She glanced out the kitchen window to the storefront, seeing no customers, so she decided to make herself something to eat. She slid the high chair over close by, walked over, and set Nazsuss into it. She then went to work making herself something, licking her lips as her stomach growled in hunger.
  18. Bellacouste Active Member

    Llew stumbled back, her eyes still on Aloysiius. Vani drew her sword from Llew's gut and let the mage fall to her knees before turning to the Ratonga. The Berserker's eyes narrowed. "I remember you from Freeport too."
    Aloysiius took a bit longer to come to this time. He sat still waiting for his vision to clear and trying to remember where he was.
    "Qeynos? We can open a portal to Antonica, but I'm not sure about getting her straight to the city." Rene said.
    Nordri paused and looked back at Sam. "Everythin' alrigh' laddie?"
    Thrainuri went to the portal hub and slid off of his wolf. He watched Zach disappear and turned to Gregor. "Yer'll need ter think o' 'Bellacouste' ter git in."
    Ginnar exited the tunnel between the harbor and the Elddar Grove and looked around.
    Aleteriq shook his head. "Y-you saved me. A monster would not do that."
    Kal found the keys on the orc's belt and unlocked the cell. "Are there anymore down here?" She asked, offering her hand to the Arasai.
    Rainer watched as a couple of the crewmembers came to help the Captain back to the Lurln'Ley.
    Rainer scanned the deck and saw Ling. "Hey!" He jogged over. "Call off your warder. You're attacking dead bodies. It's over."
    Aldarman watched the Kerra. He was not sure what to do.
    Nerry winced. "It will be alright." He said.
  19. Iksaress Member

    [ We should give miss Brie another day or two to post :)
  20. Brienae Active Member

    Tetriemmy cast Back in the Fray, one o her most potent heals on Llew and Regrowth on Aloysious. “Yes I was,” she answered last time you attacked one of my cubs, but she is a fighter who was able to handle herself well. This time...” she turned her one eye on the berzerker with her look which normally made those around her shiver “this time you took advantage of one of my cubs, causing her to be more unnatural than she already is. Then you dare to laugh about it. For that you will pay.” she cast Thunderbolt on Vani as she finished speaking.
    Kyriu swallowed “Al, you're from Qeynos... could you get us there? ” she bit her lip “I won't let her hurt you, I promise...” she bit her lip.
    The Freeblood laughed “It's too late Kyriu. You can't fix your mistake.”
    Kyriu blinked back tears “or Llew please...I can't....”
    “I can'ts holds this ones much longers!” Splotchette shouted as the Inquisitor broke free of the charm.
    Nasara looked around her “Now where was I?”
    Brienae turned herself invisible with a cloud of music notes.
    Sam shook his head “They know he can contact me... and they know I'm here.” he swallowed “Keep your eyes open they should be here soon to search. They have ways of quick transport.” he swallowed “I'll keep moving,” he dashed after Ginnar.
    Maheera's ears twitched. She nuzzled Ziqua but the Kerra rolled over and continued to sleep. Cautiously the tiger cub left the shelter of the tree. She saw someone come out of the tunnel. She glanced back at her partner before she stalked closer to the figure.
    Mazsra nodded before thinking of the Ratonga Illusionist she remembered from the rescue of Alteriq.
    “Have we met?” Tim asked.
    “I also don't recall meeting Bellacouch?” Gregor answered.
    Ethan shook his head “Ratonga Illusionist, excellent cook,” he answered “you could learn a few things from her Tim,” he sighed and grabbed his brother “I should be able to take you through,”
    Mazsra nodded “Ziqua said, the young man was able to take her in without her knowing Bella.”
    Ethan nodded “We will b right behind you,” he told Thrain.

    “Listen to the boy, Alyerra,” Jake said as he materialized.
    Alyerra swallowed “Uncle Jake... I...I don't know what to do.”
    Jacob placed a hand on her shoulder “Trust those around you and trust yourself. This boy has faith in you. Don't give up on yourself.”

    Aismi walked out of the cage. Her wings passed through the bars. She took a deep breath and jumped from the table “Not that I know of,” she answered as she summoned her reflection again. “I'm Aismi by the way. You already met Visage.” she said nodding to her reflection.
    Visage stood off the ground like a typical Arasai while Aismi stood on her feet.
    Xia walked out on the deck. She approached Rainer “Now what?” she asked.
    “I can help,” the Gnome Inquisitor said “I've worked with werewolves quite a bit.”
    “We don't need your expertissse,” Mordedana answered. She whispered to Alderman “He isss being held for experimenting on a werewolf and for usssing a sssspell contract without the werewolf's knowledge. Adding to that the werewolf in quessstion isss underage.” she swallowed “Speaking of which that werewolf isss in the clinic, but she should be okay.”
    Elena whimpered again before yawning.
    Lazzera blinked as she watched the rocks move. She did not understand what the boulders were trying to say but she saw the wind. “Okay...” she whispered as she set the Ratonga down.
    Zach trotted up to her “Lazzera, right?” he asked.
    Lazzera nodded “Nature has abandoned me...”
    Zach quirked an eyebrow “I doubt that. It that was true then why is Nature following you?”
    Lazzera shook her head “Those are for Lamia,”
    Zach grabbed her shoulders and turned her to face behind her.
    Another pile of rocks with a bow were tumbling towards her. Lazzera blinked as the wind informed her the second set was for her. “Ellie,” she whispered as the rocks approached her and placed a bow in her hands. She studied it closely “This, this is Sephen Windfoot's bow,” she whispered. “But then the bow Lamia has... where did that come from?”
    Kelauriel opened the door and dashed in.
    Captain Hawkwing intercepted his daughter. “Kelauriel? You look like you've seen a ghost,”
    “W-werewolf,” Kelauriel stammered.
    “Enough with these tales!” Captain Hawkwing snapped.
    Kelauriel turned to Charlemin “There really is a werewolf out there!” she pleaded hoping someone would believe her.

    “This is my daughter” Captain Hawkwing sighed “Kelauriel,”
    ((Sorry I took so long y'all. The past 2 weeks have been really busy. Based on how things go the next few weeks may be busy as well.))

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