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    This is an RP that Brienae, Bellacouste, and I (formerly Ssenriliss) created, and has lasted for two years and still running. Unfortunately all posts from these past two years have been erased due to the Forum revamp that just happened. However you might be able to get a good idea on what happened if you read the posts soon to come!

    Anyone is free to join in and I encourage it :) !!
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    ((Thanks Ssen, for now they have the old Forums Archived here and here. I will go ahead and post my next response... maybe we can publish the summary as story somewhere I'll also post the last 2 posts from the previous before I post my response Also Bella and I have been archiving them to our own computers so they will not be lost))

    Lamia blinked and nodded.
    "I don't mind at all." she responded cheerfully. She remained wary though. Was Lazera just wanting to drink her blood..?
    Shiasia cried quietly, head in her hands.
    "For goodness' sake.. A man wants to disown his own great aunt just because said woman was raised by an outsider.. What has this world come to..?" she muttered in a whisper to herself.
    She looked up and saw Calarys coming near. She merely shakily sighed and put her head into her hands again and shook her head.
    "For goodness' sake.. What is with your husband..? Did he have a bad day or something?" she asked the older woman softly.
    Jhyiskitches blinked. He looked over at Zach.
    "Should I go with? Or should uh, I stay here?" he asked.
    Zulgahr grunted as he fidgeted with his hands. He got them both free eventually, now giving him the full mobility to properly and more strongly cast his spells.
    He started waving his hands around, a red glow encompassing them. He also seemed to be drawing runes in the air. He wondered..
    He dashed over to Brienae's unconscious form and dragged her slowly by the leg. Huh.. Faes were more heavy than he originally thought..
    The Iksar walked around the Fae and then leaned down, putting one hand on her head. Perhaps if he could get closer contact with her mental facilities, maybe it'd be easier.
    He stopped casting with both hands and channeled most of the power into the hand he placed on her head. With the other hand, he took a firm grasp of her one of her wings.
    "I'm sure you don't want your dear Brienae to be harmed do you?" he hissed slowly.
    "Make one more move to attack me, and I'll make sure to tear those delicate wings niiiiice and slow." He threatened maliciously.
    Stinsmia sighed and nodded in response to her mother's answer.
    "Ah.. O-Okay.." she said quietly.
    She thought for a moment, her tail now starting to sway again.
    Her eyes brightened and she nodded. "S-Sure! W-What game do you want to play?" she asked eagerly, turning to face Relane.
    Vhyrenia sighed and shook her head.
    "Sir, I'm sorry but I'm finding that rather difficult to believe considering she seemed to be so afraid of you. " She said civilly.
    Her tail swayed and she grabbed hold of it, stroking it as if t'were a pet. She glanced at Mordedana and sighed, nodding.
    "To be honest, I was actually thinking the same thing." She looked back at Tygarr.
    "And you know what? I've actually heard the Iksar you speak of. I don't know her name, but she seems much too kind and, frankly old to some sort of conniving kidnapper.." Vhyrenia shrugged.
    ((Hrm.. I have an Iksar character, but I just don't know how or where I could introduce him into any of the scenes.. By the way, he would be about. 7 1/2 years old in human years, so basically, a child Iksar.))


    Ross nodded. "Alright then." She sat down and took a quill and ink out. "I need you to tell me everything, Ziqua. From when you lived with your aunt and uncle to now."
    Alderman frowned. "As I said before this matter is being taken care of by the Qeynos Guard, miss. Stop antagonizing other visitors or leave."
    Herrigan glanced around and undid the shackles. "No need for these in there." He held a hand out to help her up.
    Bella lowered her paws. "Is alrights nows, Miss. Senris."
    Rothgut took a deep breath and let it out slowly.
    Aloysiius grinned. "Of course that's not it! Have some patience, little one." he winked and continued. "The Ogre was furious that his people had abondoned him and so he left and gathered them again, with threats and promises and bribes and cunning and so they returned to the cleft with hundreds more and he called up. 'I have returned to demolish your filthy village with an army seven-hundred strong! Kneel before our might!' But again, only a lone voice replied. 'I forgot to mention it, but for every three froglok we have there is a dragon that can eat as many as two ogres in a single gulp.' At this the army once again began to murmur and shuffled and they again dispersed and the Ogre was again furious."
    Toska looked up. "Yes...well, noes...well..." She sighed. "Is a wounds thats is embueds with divines ands we's was thinkings thats a Paladins coulds helps."
    Charlemin nodded. "Lead the way." He turned and looked at the other Ratonga. "Who is this?" He asked, a little suspicously.
    In the next room Aleteriq calmed down, listening to the music. He leaned into his brother's side and his eyes grew heavy. Danlore put an arm around him and pulled his own cloak from his shoulders, wrapping Al in it.
    Llew turned as the front door opened. Alaric stepped into the foyer and was followed by at least three in robes. He glanced up before stepping into the other room. "Is your friend...uh...decent?" He asked. Llew nodded.
    Del made sure the others were seated before picking up the oars and with long, strong strokes began to move the dignhy towards the ship.
    "She's a goo' ship, my Lurln'ley. A proper lil' scoop, she be."
    Padparadisch nodded without actually hearing anything. His hand went to his throat abesently.
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    ((Now for my continuation))
    Ziqua swallowed “They p-picked me up afterrr the f-firrres starrrted in Kelethin. Th-they wanted me to tell them wherrre they c-could find treasure b-but I couldn't. Most of the time I saw nothing and Uncle Tygarr would b-beat me for it.” she swallowed “And when I did see things he beat me... he said I was lying...” Maheera climbed up into the chair next to Ziqua “One night Ms Mazsrrra came and picked me up. She took me to the temple and helped me. She said my seeing things was a gift. She never did anything to hurrt me. I was happy.” she looked down “Then yesterrrday I saw grrrown Kerra, she looked like me, but grrrown up. She was bleeding and then she spoke to me... she said I was not herrr. The next thing I rrreally rememberrr is being in the temple and she was therrre but as a spirrrit... she did something.” she sniffed trying not to cry “I couldn't summon Sunmist afterrr that. But before that Uncle Tygarr and Aunt Speckle showed up... they s-said something about having to starrrt over and then they t-tried t-to...” she collapsed into sobs.
    “If...” Tygarr began.
    Mordedana whispered a quick prayer to Marr before cutting the Kerra off “You will have your say, but I would advissse you stick with the truth.”
    Telsi sighed and leaned back into Calish's chest.
    Mazsra accepted the help and stepped into the wagon.
    Senri nodded. “Thank you,”
    The children leaned in closer to listen.
    “He's lying, the Frog I mean that's not possible” Limberger stated before his six siblings shushed him.
    Zach nodded “Do me a favor, if you see my niece ask her if she has had any communication with her Aunt Zenriel.” he sighed “I was wanting to talk to your sister.... the one who cooks. Is she here?” he asked. Seeing the suspicious looks between the Paladins Zach cleared his throat “This is Jyikitches he's a new recruit here in Kelethin.” he frowned “I didn't say that right did I?”
    “Wells, I'ms nots excusings mys husbands behaviors, but its beens a stressfuls days... first his grandfathers and his greats uncles dieds, thens wes weres forced outs of ours homes... ands hes lookings fors someones to blames, I thinks.” she said to Calarys “The timings of hers reappearance is suspicious, sos he blames hers, thoughs I'ms nots sures if it's alls hers faults.”
    Alyerra's eyes fell on the men in robes. The music stopped as her breathing seemed to become more heavy and frantic.
    Kyriu sighed “Aly, Alyerra look at me. They're not the ones who did this, they're here to help.”
    Alyerra nodded although her mind was reeling with terryfying flashbacks.
    Xia watched the Dark-Elf with interest. “Sore throat?” she asked seeing his hands go to his throat.
    Tari appeared in the Antonica Druid ring in time to hear the threat. She was still stealthed so no one could see her unless they had a way to see through her shadows. “I suggest you drop the Fae.” she whispered projecting her voice so her location could not be pin pointed “Drop the Fae or suffer the wrath of the Clearshadow Gang.”
    “Why not go fish?” That is a very simple game to play. Relane answered.
    Lazera continued walking “I don't need that much, maybe a Fae drake or two... or I could just have fish.. somehow it seems wrong to hunt wolves as they are predators themselves. What do you think?” she asked Lamia.
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    ((Ooo! The shiney new forums look awesome. :D I've been slowly translating the old posts into a cohesive story/summary but it's nowhere near done. I'm thinking about posting what I have so far and updating it as I get parts done.))
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    ((I think that would work. I do like the look and all times are shown in est for me. This makes things easier. Now I'm hoping they allow us to use custom avatars soon. In other news where did the edit button go?))
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    Lamia walked along with Lazera and thought for a moment.

    "Hm.. To be honest I think it'd be fine to drink from a wolf, as technically all creatures are predators. Insects and deer prey on plants for example, hehe." She replied.

    "Though admittedly, it'd be harder and possibly a bit more dangerous to go after a wolf, what with the fangs and claws and all.." she said with a shrug.
    Shiasia looked to Calarys and sighed.

    "Well I mean.. I still don't think he has the right to blame his own aunt.. Other fact is that he looks a lot like my.. assailant about a year ago.." she murmured.

    Jhyiskitches mentally winced at managing to hear about the fact that he was now referred to as the Ratongess' "assailant". He was unaware that he did it physically as well. He straightened and nodded to Charlemin.

    "Hello." He glanced towards Zach and chuckled, shaking his head. "Pretty close, but no cheese, Zach." the former Shadowknight said.
    Zulgahr growled. "Great.. Another straggler.." He muttered.

    "Your threats don't scare me. They're as empty as the hole in my heart!" he spat out to whatever was speaking, referring to the emotions of kindness and charity as the "hole", meaning he didn't feel those emotions.

    He tightened his grip on the fae's wing and started slowly and yet roughly pulling, wanting it to begin to tear.
    Stinsmia smiled and eagerly nodded.

    "S-Sure! Sounds f-fun!" she stuttered happily.
    Vhyrenia glanced at Alderman and frowned. Vaska came up behind her and whispered in her ear, gradually causing her lips to curl into a smile. He wrapped his arms around her waist and gently nipped at her neck, being his somewhat playful, frisky self.

    The female kerra giggled weakly and nodded.

    "Fine, fangface.. I'll back down for you.." she whispered back. She sighed and fell back into his arms. Vaska just briefly glanced up to look at Tygarr. He was both curious, and yet not caring of the male kerra's reaction to this.

    (( I like the new forums as well :3. THough I wish the new posts didn't have to be deleted. ))
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    Ross wrote everything down word-for-word. "What did they try to do when they were at the temple?" She asked as gently as she could.
    Captain Alderman shook his head. This looked like it was going to be a very confusing day.
    Herrigan shut the door and went to the front of the wagon. He offered a hand to Norna and helped her up into the seat before pulling himself up. "Alright. Time to go." He tapped the reins and the horses moved, pulling the cart out of the yard and through North Qeynos at a rambling pace. They reached the gates and waved to the Guards posted there and went across the bridge. Once on the highway Herrigan tapped the reins and the horses picked up pace.
    Bella returned the nod. "Is you's feelings betters nows?"
    Aloysiius chuckled again and continued. "The Ogre set out once again and though it took many years he raised a force again. This one twice as large as the previous and made up of Ogres and Trolls and he had garnered the support of many Necromancers and dark mages and found many artifacts of emense arcane powers. He stood before the cleft and this great force roared behind him. 'I come again and now none shall live, even in slavery! You shall all kneel before me in death and be trampled into the mud!' But again, only a lone, but confident voice cried out from the cleft. 'But hast thou found our spy yet? He is ever so clever.' At this the roaring became trecherous murmerings and each Ogre and Troll turned on their neighbor, for there was no trust among them. The battle raged for hours and by the time Ro was setting on the horizon only the Ogre Warlord stood alive. And from the cleft came a single figure, small and hopping, to survey the scene. The Ogre scowled. 'You send one warrior to capture me? Where is this great army of yours?' He demanded of the Froglok. The Froglok looked at him with large, steady eyes and said: 'What need of an army do I have if you bring one to destroy yourself?' And the Froglok turned and went back and the Ogre never again tried to raise an army against the Frogloks, but lived in shame for the rest of his days and the Frogloks knew only peace for many generations."
    Charlemin narrowed his eyes at the other Ratonga again. "Whats business does you's has with my sisters?" He asked thorugh clenched teeth. Toska frowned upon noticing that Charlie was slipping into the Ratongan accent.
    Llew noticed that all of the mages were Koada'dal.
    "These are some of my colleagues from the Order." Alaric said. "They may be able to help."
    Padparadisch scowled. "I guess you could say that." He growled.
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    Ziqua swallowed "Th-they attacked... Aunt Speckle is a Warlock... she used a spell to make everyone sick and Uncle Tygarr threw a n-knife at me.
    Tygarr glared at The Iksar and the female Kerra. He took out a dagger, began tossing it in the air and catching it in the same hand.
    Mazsra sat quietly in the back of the wagon as they set off.
    Senriala nodded. "I think I need to go sit down. I believe I can trust you in here... unless you need me to stay."
    The children laughed. Cans we hears anothers?" they asked.
    "Sorry," Zach sighed "I'm actually the one who wants to talk to Bella... it's about Carl, he wants to give back somehow, but his options are limited. He decided he was interested in learning how to cook. Problem is I know of 2 provisioners who could teach him. Both live in Qeynos. He can't leave Greater Faydark unless his teacher in Qeynos signs some paper work which would allow him to go to their bakery and only their Bakery outside of Kelethin.... I thought Bella might still be here. That and she strikes me as a bit more forgiving that Quti." he sighed "Jystitches recently arrived here... he's also trying to redeem himself... right now he's with me because well... Captain has nothing for him to do." he smiled "Nothing except shrink the Orc population," he frowned "I've always been terrible with names... took me months to learn how to say my sister-in-laws name: Mesena,"
    Canty quietly slipped outside with the infant.
    "Ohs yous poors dears," Calarys answered upon hearing about an assailant.
    "Aunt Calarys..." the teen began.
    Calarys turned "Not nows Canty."
    "What Uncle Colby saids..."
    Calarys sighed "Yours Uncles is ins a bads moods."
    Canty nodded "Hes verys cutes," she said to the young mother "Hasn'ts wokens ups yets. I'm willings tos watch hims anytimes you needs."
    Alyerra noticed all of them were High-Elves as well "Your Grandfather really doesn't trust anyone not a Koada'dal... if anyone refers to me as a specimen or a number I am out of here. Last time I heard that... I died... technically..."
    Xia blinked innocently. She didn't say anything, she just simply waited for more elaboration.*
    Relane retrieved a deck of cards from a shelf. "Have you ever played Go Fish?" she asked.
    "Is that so?" Tari responded.
    Brieane opened her eyes and uncurled. It took her a moment to remember where she was. **"Not again...." she muttered in Faelie realizing that she was being held by her wings.
    "Her wings are to dainty anyway." Tari continued.
    Brienae rolled her eyes "Just what I need right now,"
    "Ah Cuz, you're awake," Tari said revealing herself. "Hang tight... this transaction won't take long. You know she's a noble right? I wouldn't be against helping ya with Ransom provided you're willin ta split it."
    "Tari you are truly evil,"
    "We've been through this... I ain't evil, I'm just on whichever side pays more."
    Brienae Sang Thunderous Overture hitting both Tari and the Iksar with sound hoping it would cause the Iksar to drop her.
    Tari winced as the song hit her.

    ((*If my Fae Troubador who specailizes in "Uncommon Ballads" can't get a word out of a drunk Elf maybe the naive vampire Bard can a few more words from him when he's sober... lol.
    ** See how Brienae was first introduced in the rp it'll be on the second page I believe... rather embarrassing))
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    Lamia didn't mind the fact that she didn't get a response. In fact she didn't mind it at all. She liked finally getting some peace and quiet. She walked along the path in awkward silence, twiddling her thumbs.
    Jhyiskitches frowned and quirked his brow at Charlemin's acting towards him.

    Shiasia calmed down from her episode of sobbing and sighed, wiping her eyes with one paw. She gently leaned down in front of Canty and picked her son back up from out of the teen's grasp, cradling him gently now. She just hoped that Canty wouldn't complain.

    "Thanks yous Cantys, buts I's needs to takes hims backs nows.." she whispered.

    She glanced towards Jhyiskitches for a moment. She blushed slightly and looked away rather bashfully, blissfully unaware that it was Rotwhisker.
    Zulgahr laughed lightly.

    "Dainty are they? And it appears the little insect has woken up now!" he said maliciously. He looked over at Tari.

    "Conniving little devil, aren't you? And to answer the question, yes I know that she's a no-" he began to say. He dug his feet into the ground in an effort to avoid being knocked back. It worked good, but it left two evenly sized dragged prints in the ground of Antonica.

    "Hm.. Ransom you say, madame?" he quirked his brow at the Arasai. He nodded.

    "I do believe that'll work out finely.." He then projected his voice near Tari;

    "How does 500 platinum sound for the ransom? And we split it say.. You get 90% and I get a measly 10%?" he queried. He went ahead and started pulling on Brienae's wing with his two hands, aiming to tear it.
    Stinsmia shook her head.

    "N-No mama, I haven't.." she said quietly, tilting her head in confusion.
    Vaska glared back at Tygarr rather fiercely.

    Vhyrenia was ready to pull out a shuriken if she needed to, but she made no move to reach for it. Her husband had been overcome with hunger by now and he gently bit into Vhyrenia's neck. She blinked with wide eyes in response.

    "Certainly wasn't... expected, in fact.. Surprised you'd do that in public, dear.. But don't mind it.." she said raspily as her husband started to drink. It was hard for her to talk considering the fact that sharp fangs were poking inside her throat.
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    Ross clentched her teeth, but kept her voice level. "And, what happened to the knife?"
    "Hey, now!" Alderman called to the Kerra. "No weapons out in the Guardhouse."
    Sylvie balked and stepped back from the Freeblood. "Get a room!"
    Herrigan kept a good pace and they soon crossed the river. As they trundled through the remains of the McQuibble Farm Norna pulled her cloak around her and shivered.
    Bella smiled. "I's cans finish heres. You's goes rests ands if you's needs the spells agains just calls, kays?"
    Aloysiius grinned. "Let's see...There was once a priest and he rented a room, sharing it and the rent with an old farmer from Antonica. The farmer was silent and hardworking, but could not read nor write. The priest found it preposterous that someone in this day and age could not read or write and constantly goaded the farmer to learn, but the farmer only replied that he did not need to know in order to till the earth."
    Charlemin nodded to Zach, then turned to Toska. He muttered to her in a low voice in Ratongan. Toska replied, pointing out across the platform. Their conversation ended Charlemin turned back to Zach. "I will ask her about Aunt Zenriel for you. Bella is in the kitchen." He turned and set off across the platform. Toska opened the door to the tavern and slipped in.
    Rothgut looked up to see Toska come in. He waved to her.
    "If any of them speak to you that way I'll bop 'em on the nose myself and before we go." Llew muttered.
    One of the Koada'dal looked around, examining Llew, Aly and Ky. "Who is wounded?" She asked.
    Padparadisch glanced at Xia and sighed. He pulled his collar down and exposed the large scar across his throat.
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    “D-Dankwart p-protected me... he was hurt b-but the a-acolyte Elena healed him.” she swallowed. “D-did I-I d-do something wrong?” she started crying more “Th-they s-said there was s-something wr-wrong with me.”
    “I'm not hurting anyone... just borrred,” Tygarr protested.
    Telsi swallowed as the fresh scent of blood filled her nostrils.
    Calish held his fiancee “Focus on me, Enavra,” he whispered in her ear. He cast a glance at the feeding Freeblood “Can you not feed privately?” he hissed
    Mazsra sighed.
    Senri nodded and walked back into the tavern. She took a seat at an empty table.
    The children continued to the story
    “Thank you,” Zach said as he took a step inside
    Canty nodded “Its okays... wheres his daddys?” she asked innocently.
    Calarys said nothing as she had a suspicion. She glared at her niece.
    “Whats?” Canty asked unsure what the glare was for.
    “Th-that would be me...” Alyerra answered. She began to tremble again.
    Kyriu studied the mages for a moment before she stepped away from Aly.
    Xia's eyes widened “I'm sure there's an impressive story behind that.” she blinked eagerly as though waiting to hear the story.
    “I like your cut, but ya think too small... 500? Try 1000,” Tari suggested.
    Brienae sighed. How had this gone so wrong? She began to sing Lullaby trying to put the Iksar to sleep.
    “Alright then I will teach you,” Relane said with a smile. “Meet me downstairs, it is easier to play at a table.”
    Lazera stopped at the Emerald Lake. “There's lots of fish in here... oh and snakes. We could find a feast for both of us.” she said to Lamia.
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    Lamia nodded. "I know how to spear a fish or two. Though I don't eat snakes." she chuckled. She looked at the lake for a moment, pondering her reflection.

    "Sounds good." she said quietly. Her mind was elsewhere.
    Jhyiskitches listened in silence and nearly froze at hearing Canty's comment. He sighed and shook his head.

    Shiasia cradled her son slowly, her tail swaying slowly. Hearing Canty's question, her tail slunk down and her ears lowered.

    "I-I.. Uhm.." she swallowed and stuttered softly. She swallowed again and shook her head. She looked at Calarys and shook her head.

    "N-No Calarys.. I don't think you should glare at her like that. It was an innocent question, and she doesn't know what happened." she whispered into Calarys' ear.

    She rephrased her words into something.. nicer. "Canty.. Here's a simply explanation.. His daddy i-is a.. v-very b-bad man.. He doesn't want to have.. anything to.. do with me.. or the baby.." she said weakly.

    She blushed again as she looked at Jhyiskitches again.
    Zulgahr smirked and laughed.

    "I like yours as well, Arasai." he quipped.

    "Hm.. Certainly not 1000 platinum.." he thought.

    "How does maybe 1500 platinum sound? That'll put a hurt on their bank." he asked her.

    This was going along nicely.. Maybe in the process he could get his slave back..
    Stinsmia nodded eagerly.

    "Y-Yes mama..!" she said, following behind the Freeblood slowly. She found the stairs rather tiring, so at the bottom, she had to rest for a second. Then she skittered to the table with her mother.
    Vaska merely chuckled at Sylvie's words and continued drinking.

    Vhyrenia responded for her husband.

    "He.. sometimes.. takes a snack... every now and then.." she said raspily. A minute later Vaska let go and wiped his lips clean. He leaned over and kissed his kerran wife's cheek as if nothing even happened.
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    Ross offered a handkerchief to the crying girl. "It's alright now. There's nothing wrong with you, I'm sure. Take a moment to gather yourself."
    Alderman shook his head. "If you are bored then kindly find something to do that does not involve a weapon. The Guardhouse rules are-" He paused as Sylvie brushed by him, her hand held to her mouth. She rushed outside and Alderman winced as he heard retching.
    They made it past the farm and continued. Herrigan paused and scanned the area. He urged the horses off the road and the wagon trundled across the grass along the bottom of the rise before Windstalker Village. He found the dirt road that led to the Druid Rings and continued through the woods. "Almost there."
    Bella turned back to the stove and continued to cook but she heard footsteps behind her. She turned again, expecting Miss. Senri, but seeing her sister. "Hellos, Toskas!"
    "Hellos, Bella. Mr. Zachs wants to talks to yous." Toska looked over her shoulder and switched to a Ratongan whisper. "There is a Ratonga heres thats Charlie says nots to trusts."
    Aloysiius continued. "The priest continued to bother the farmer about enlightenment and knowledge, but the silent farmer only brushed him off, which irked the priest. One day the priest proposed that they find out who was right but the farmer did not see the point, so the priest offered him a gold piece. The farmer still refused. The priest offered larger sums of money, but each time the farmer would not agree to the competition. Eventually the priest said to the farmer: 'If I ask you a question that you cannot answer you will give me one gold, but if you ask me a question that I cannot answer then I will give you 10 platnium.' At this the farmer sighed and finally he agreed to see who had more wisdom and knowledge."
    The mage woman stepped forward. "May we please see the wound?"
    Llew moved aside with Ky. "We were thinking that we may have a solution." She offered. The other mage's eyes slide to her, but she was used to speaking among mages and was not cowed. "We think that a Paladin may be able to take the energy into themselves and keep it suppressed with their own, natural holy affinity."
    The female mage raised one eyebrow. "We would like to see for ourselves if anything can be done first."
    Del laughed as they reached the ship. "Goo' luck wit' tha'! Our Guild's been trying ter drag tha' out o' 'im fer years! So far all we've managed is ter drag 'im out o' 'is 'ouse."
    Paddy scowled at the Captain and pulled his collar back up. Someone on the ship called out and dropped a rope ladder down.
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    “Th-therrre has to be...” Ziqua stammered as she accepted the handkerchief “Everrrytime someone is n-nice to m-me th-they g-get hurrrt.”
    Maheera nuzzled Ziqua's cheek “Stop with the water works. They're trying to help.”
    Ziqua hugged the tiger cub and continued to sob into her fur.
    Tygarr laughed “Fine strong soldiers you have herrre.” he sighed and put away the knife. “My niece shouldn't be too much longer and then we can go.”
    Wallbreaker sighed “I doubt she'll be going home with you.” she had unmanifested so her voice was heard but she was nowhere to be seen.
    Tygarr looked around frantically “You don't frighten me ghost,” he said while trembling.
    Telsi was trying to fight her own hunger but Calish could tell she was failing.
    “You're the one that's supposed to be teaching her control... and it appears to me you can't control yourself,” Calish hissed. To Telsi he whispered “Remember your beauty,” in Thexian. He continued to hold her while she began to shift.
    Mazsra took the view “I don't suppose either of you have any idea about what will happen to the Kerra Hatchling... I mean child do you?”
    Zach followed Toska into the kitchen. He sighed as wondered what the two sisters were saying to eachother. He shrugged and waited.
    The children remained enraptured in the Bard's story.
    Canty nodded “I'ms sorrys,” was all she could think to say.
    Calarys hugged her niece. “Why don'ts wes goes backs insides. Yous cans sits downs... and ifs Colby continues tos shouts, I'lls deals withs hims.”
    “There's a possibility that nothing at all can be done?” Alyerra asked with raised panicked eyebrows. She sighed and raised her tunic just enough to reveal the wound, but not enough to be immodest.
    “Aly, I'm sure that's not what she meant,” Kyriu answered.
    “According to Lady De`Esalcoda, everyone has their limit at which they will talk, you just need to find it.” Xia responded “Come to think of it I don't think I properly introduced myself to you sir,” she turned at the shout “Oh I guess after we get onto the ship...”
    “Hm... 1500 could be nice... but a true hurt would be 2000,” Tari answered.
    Brienae rolled her eyes. She focused and took her Sylvani form making her wings far too small for the Iksar to hold his grip. She took her normal form and vanished.
    The sergeant laughed “It looks like Lady Brienae is more resourceful than you gave her credit for.
    “No thanks to you,” Brienae's voice echoed from somewhere in the ring.
    “Cuz it was all in good fun ya know that,” Tari laughed
    “Tari, whenever you're involved nothing good can ever exist.”
    Tari's eyes went wide as a flurry of notes erupted from her back and Brienae reappeared behind her. “That hurt!”
    Brienae had her twin sai out and her wings were fluttering in anger “Sergeant see that this man is rebound.”
    “Yes my Lady,” The sergeant said. He picked up the rope and made to rebind the Iksar.
    “As for you, Tari Clearshadow “I suggest you go home unless you want to spend time in a Qeynos cell again!” Brienae shouted at her distant cousin.
    Tari swallowed “Look Cuz... Brienae... we're family...”
    Relane waited at the kitchen table. She shuffled the cards while she waited for Stinisia to sit down.
    Lazera smiled and pounced on a snake almost like a cat. The snake fought back. The Freeblood laughed as she battled her prey. After a few minutes the snake fell unconscious. She picked it up. “Would it offend you if I went ahead and fed?” she asked. She had not cared earlier as her mind had not entirely been hers but had been consumed by the need to feed.
  16. Iksaress Member

    Lamia chuckled and watched Lazera curiously. At the question, she shook her head and smiled. "Nos, go aheads." she replied, slipping back into her accent. She pulled out a small spear and stepped into the lake. She sighed. "I really hate doing this.." she muttered. She jabbed the spear into the water several times until she felt it puncture something. She pulled the small weapon out of the water to see a fish already smack dab on it.

    "I'll use a bit of magic to cook it.." she said softly, her spare hand channeling a small Dawnfire and letting it crackle as the fish cooked.
    Shiasia smiled. She nodded at Calarys and spoke softly. "I'll join you.. Whoever that other Ratonga is-" she pointed towards Jhyiskitches and finished. "He.. gives me the creeps.." she shuddered. She followed the two female Ratongas into the tavern again and sat down, this time farther away from Colby.

    Jhyiskitches' mind was wandering and he sighed. He waited patiently.. And he was starting to lose said patience.
    Zulgahr nodded. "That sounds go- Wa- Hey, get back here ya little-!" he began to say, but growled in frustration as the fae shrank and escaped. He looked at the Sergeant and shook his head.

    "I don't think so.." he hissed. He backed away and started channeling a charm to the Sergeant and spoke coolly. "I'm not the enemy. That fae with the sai is the one you should attack.. She's spitting at your very name behind her back.. Why let her boss you around? You're stronger than her, you know.." he said to the Sergeant fae.
    Stinsmia sat down at the table and twiddled her thumbs. She yawned weakly and continued to wonder if this was a dream or not. It was confusing, that was for sure..
    Vaska frowned and sighed.

    "Really, I'm sorry, but.." he sighed, being honest and then said, "Well here's one thing that me and my wife have learned about Freebloods.. For most Freebloods, the scent of blood itself makes them rather hungry. However there are some of us, our hunger is triggered by something else." he frowned again.

    "Like for myself for example, I'm not really tempted by the scent of blood, but rather what tempts me to feed is the scent of Vhyrenia." he shrugged, looking sincerely confused. "Other fact, I haven't had any blood for a good several weeks now. So I will say now, combine those two facts and it is pretty damn hard to keep the hunger down. I was unaware I was even doing it until just now." he shook his head.

    "Again, my apologies." he said. Vhyrenia reached into her pocket and pulled out a roll of bandaging. She wrapped it around her neck and tied the bandaging off before cutting it away from the roll.
  17. Bellacouste Active Member

    Ross shook her head. "I refuse to believe that. You're a good child. You've had a bad time of it, but you're still worried about others and friendly. You are much too young to push people away."
    Alderman glanced around and then turned to check on Sylvie. He leaned out the door. "Are you alright, Private Grayhaze?"
    Sylvie looked up, her face turned red. "S-Sorry, Captain." She wiped her sleeve across her mouth and stepped back inside. Alderman followed.
    Herrigan replied over his shoulder. "The Captain is looking after her, getting a statement. Don't worry, Captain Grayhaze is good with children and will keep her safe."
    "Ross is protective of children. She always made sure we were taken care of." Norna said as the druid ring came into view.
    Bella nodded to her sister and turned to Zach. "Hellos! You's has questions, yisyis?"
    "So, the priest and the farmer flipped a coin to see who would ask first and the priest won the call. He sat for a moment to think. Finally he asked the farmer: 'How may one find out the area of a triangle?' Without a word the farmer handed the priest a gold coin. The priest was upset that the farmer had not even taken time to consider the question nor attempted any answer, but he brushed the feeling aside and prepared himself for the question. The farmer stared out the window at his fields and asked: 'What has the wisdom of a sage, the strength of a dragon and the swiftness of a hummingbird?'"
    Rothgut watched the women enter. His ear twitched as he listened to the story, but he sat still to make it look like he was not.
    The female mage turned to Alyerra. "I mispoke. I should have said that we wish to see if anything else can be done first." She and the others leaned in to look at the wound. The woman reached towards the wound to feel the energy.
    Padparadisch reached up and began to wordlessly climb the rope. At the top he climbed over the railing. Del looked to Xia. "Yer go on oop. Ay need ter secure th' dignhy." She began to uncoil some rope at the bottom of the boat. She winked. "See if yer kin get anythin' more out o' Grumpy."
  18. Iksaress Member

    (( I meant *your back* instead of "her back" ))
  19. Brienae Active Member

    Ziqua remained silent except for her sniveling.
    Telsi shifted into her inner demon. She hissed as she tried fervently to bite into one of the blue arms holding her.
    Calish nodded in understanding to Vaska. “Problem is she's a Borderline Ravenous, according to a Necromancer in Haven. She's always hungry, always to a point where it pains her, but she has enough mind to ignore it most of the time. But right now there are many things which trigger this,” he nodded towards the struggling Freeblood in his arms “the scent of the blood, even the word blood. I can take the edge off and return her to normal but...” He sighed as Sylvie returned “Captain is there somewhere private I can take her to feed?”
    Tygarr laughed “Let it go,” he said to Calish “See what it goes for.”
    Calish turned “Her name is Telsianya Fenris! She is my fiancee, soon to be my wife! She is not a creature for your amusement!”
    Tygarr raised an eyebrow “Bit defensive of her for a Dark-Elf aren't you?”
    Simon was watching his mentor “Sir are you alright?” he asked as he reached out a hand to the Freeblood Paladin
    Gregor clenched his fist as he was also fighting the scent. “I'm fine,” he answered “Just please don't touch me right now.”
    Mazsra nodded “She is a good girl, but she has been through far too much for her age.”
    Zach nodded “It's about my brother Carl.” he sighed “He has committed a lot of evil in his life and he wants to atone for it. The idea was mentioned that maybe he could learn how to cook. The problem is both of the Provisioners we know live in Qeynos and Quti is not patient. He is not allowed to leave Greater Faydark unless his teacher signs some documents which would allow him to go to wherever you are teaching, but nowhere else. If you would like, Ethan myself, or Kyriu could accompany him. I guess my question is would you be willing to teach him?”
    “The Farmer himselfs,” Limberger said
    “Nos it isn'ts, its his Momma,” Provolone said.
    The other five shushed their brothers so they could hear the answer.
    Tetriemmy sighed as she listened to the story. “Um I do have a confession,” she whispered to Rothgut “I um never learned to read or write Ratongan, just to speak and understand what was said. My uncle Sephen spoke Ratongan and he was the one who taught me,” she hung her head.
    Colby shook his head. He turned his back pretending to ignore the children's story
    Calarys sat down at an empty table “Canty perhaps yous shoulds gos ands sees ifs Ms. Bella needs more ofs yours helps.”
    “But buts,” the teen protested.
    “Canty whens yous grows ups you'lls needs to fends fors yourselfs,”
    The teen turned and stomped into the kitchen.
    Calarys shook her head. She motioned for Shiasia to sit with her.
    Alyerra's breathing became heavier as the mages crowded around her.
    Kyriu frowned as she could see Alyerra's panic rising. She squeezed the stone “Llew, do they need her awake for this? I'm afraid that if she stays conscious she's likely to bite someone... it's strange, but I sense that the other form is tied to her emotions... if her fear continues to rise, she will shift... I'm not sure how I know that... but I just do...”
    Xia nodded and grinned. She looked at the rope for a minute “I think I'll fly up,” she said before taking on her cloud of bats form and flying onto the ship. Once she had flown over the railing she returned to her normal form. She smiled at Padpardisch. “I don't remember if I properly introduced myself to you, Xiaminara Crimsonsong,” she extended a hand to the Dark-Elf.
    “I know I'm stronger than her!” the Sergeant snapped “As a Koada-” the High-Elf Sergeant stopped and looked at his hands which appeared to be shrinking in his mind... “How?” he asked. He collapsed to the ground and curled into a ball. He was somehow convinced that he was turning into a Fae.
    Tari looked at the Coercer “You're good.” she said “Could use someone like ya in the Clearshadow gang,”
    Brienae sighed. She attempted Lullaby again on the Iksar. She prayed to Quellious that it would work this time and the Iksar would fall asleep.
    Lazera sank her teeth into the snake and began to drink. She paused for a moment and lowered the snake “We could make a good team,” she said “Technically I need to eat or well I guess it would be more drink... but anyway, I could drain the fish and then you cook them. Might work well.” she returned to drinking her snake while she waited for Lamia's answer.
  20. Iksaress Member

    Lamia nodded. Lazera had a point.. Plus, it'd remove the hassle of draining the fish, which she was not really bothered by, it just took a while was all. She nodded in response. "That sounds good. Draining the fish of the blood does take a while after all. Plus its rather boring." she chuckled and smiled
    Shiasia perked her ears, also listening to the story, but she also made it appear that she was not listening. Catching Calarys' motion out of the corner of her eye, she nodded and stood up, walking from her current seat and then sitting beside the other mother.

    "Cantys is sweets.. Buts shes cans be somewhats bad tempereds when it comes to being tolds whats to dos.." she said with a sigh to Calarys.

    Then she giggled. "Unless its involves a babys, of course." she retorted.
    Zulgahr let out a laugh and nodded. "That's right you little insect. You are no Koada'Dal!" he spat mockingly. He glanced at Tari and smirked.

    "I have my ways, madame. And I certainly won't mind joining." he said. His eyes flickered as he became sleepy. In an attempt to wake himself up, he put his thumb in his mouth and bit down using one of the very sharp fangs. He grunted and then shook his head.

    "Awake again. Now as I was saying.." he began, channeling the charm spell into the Koada'Dal again, hoping to control the High elf; "I would like to oblige myself on joining your gang, however, I need to.. repossess something that was stolen from me." he said rather annoyed. He was referring to his slave, if he could get her back, that was. He spoke again, to the "Koada'Dal" now.

    "Oh? From what I just heard, that fae is planning on assassinating you! I can already see her coating that dagger in poison. If I were you, I would just go and slit that traitor's throat!" he hissed. The lullaby had nearly gotten to him.. But usually if he bit himself, that did the trick.
    Stinsmia yawned and waited patiently for her mother, her tail twitching.
    Vhyrenia let out a Kerran* curse at Tygarr. It was a rather expletive one, and only he, herself, and Vaska would understand it. Very unladylike of her to do such a thing, but she felt the male Kerra deserved it.

    Vaska blinked and merely stared at Vhyrenia. "Did you just call him what I think you call him? That's not really like you.." he commented rather confusedly. Well then again, his wife was originally from a rather primitive Kerra tribe, so he wasn't exactly surprised that some instinct got the better of her.

    (( * For some reason, I imagine the Kerran language to be something akin to either Swahili or Afrikaans.. I don't know why, but those languages just seem to fit what the Kerras are like o_O Also I plan on writing up a story about how Vaska + Vhy came to be ^.^))

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