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    Nasara grinned “Then she means nothing to you. We already have her addicted to blood. We were then going to give her a matching scar,” she blinked “You say you know we're talking about. Tell what has Senriala told you?”
    Casina sighed “If only I could go in there without Mother noticing. Maybe Aismi could help! I just need to find her.” she glanced towards the building “She's somewheres in theres I'm sure of it.”
    The Ratonga stood “Wells I'ms Splotchette Desmens. I'ms actuallys considered a coercers buts the ways I's looks ats its wes is always trainings,” she shook her head “I was the firsts assigneds to train Casina. Smart Kids buts shes can nevers bes a coercers. I introduced hers to Aismi who was at the times illegally practicing Illusionings.... which leds mes heres and Aismi on a ships.” she looked around the room “No plans? Hms.... I mights bes ables to helps if I didn'ts haves this things,” she tugged at a collar around her neck “Its keeps mes from castings.”
    Senriala bit her lip “My sisters will return soon. If they find a Koada'dal and a forgive me Half-Human, Jasala will fight in a rage, but she's not the one I'm worried about. If Nasara sees anything out of sorts she'll attack Alyerra with divine energy.”
    Pockscar pulled a battleaxe from his back “With pleasure he swung,”
    Tim turned to run.
    Diana leaped to the young man and wrapped her arms around him. She placed one claw at his neck and one at his abdomen “Do you boys want to find out what happens when these lovely weapons pierce skin?”
    “Diana he's barely more than a kid,” Carl managed.
    Diana smiled “I did my research Timothy Flamefist, born as a surprise, your mother died bringing him into this world. He quit training as Monk and chose to focus on Alchemy at the age of ten. Now gentlemen I offer you this deal the Alchemist's life for Carl.”
    Tim was trembling.
    “We have a deal,” Carl whispered.
    Diana smiled “Well you heard him gentlemen. I'll release this one as soon as Pockscar has Carl in hand.”
    Sam swallowed before responding through the stone “We have two paladins, your brothers I believe. The rest of us are a Monk, an Alchemist and a paralyzed Bruiser, in his defense Carl can still punch hard.”he cursed out loud and through the stone.
    The Inner Demon dodged. She lunged pinning Alyerra to the ground “Don't worry I'll take good care of my body. Windfoot at the very least will want to cleanse the addiction. I can't allow that. I am stronger because of it. She was pulled off by a set of strong arms.
    Alyerra was pulled to her feet.
    Jacob held the Inner Demon.
    “Alyerra, we can't keep doing this.”
    Alyerra turned to the speaker “Aunt Mesena...”
    “We are but shards left in your mind. We're here to protect you, but somethings you must overcome yourself.” Mesena explained “You can not hide from this. You will need to be cleansed again for the addiction. No one can fight that for you,”
    “Right now I'm charmed.” Alyerra answered “and as long as I...”

    “Do you really think your friend wants to keep you in this state?” Jacob asked.
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    Padparadisch gulped. He would have to guard his words carefully. "I have heard the circumstances that resulted in the child. I find it...disgusting."
    Llew nodded and re-cast the illusions on herself and her grandfather. "Can you get that thing off of her?"
    Alaric examined the collar. "Dampeners are notoriously tricky to get off. Well, I suppose that is the point though." He tried spell to unlock it, but was rewarded with a sharp spark of pain that traveled all the way up his arm, leaving the whole limb a little numb.
    "We'll do everything we can to keep her and you safe, Miss. Senri." Llew said over her shoulder. She used her free hand to wipe the sweat from her brow and glanced at the door. "I'm-I'm going to have Alyerra scream though. I want you to know that she's in no pain. I'm just having her scream so that they don't get suspicious of the silence. You might want to scream something too, if you wish." She guiltily gave Alyerra the command to scream, wincing until the sound died away.
    Ginnar caught the axe beneath the head of his hammer and pushed back with all his strength.
    Nordri prayed, sending tendrils of pure white light wrapping around his blade. "Be yer sure o' this, laddie?" He asked Carl uncertainly.
    'Well, 'ave me brodders flood th' area wit 'oly power, if dey kin. It shoul' make it 'ard fer 'em ter git close. Ay think yer migh' wanna make a run fer it though. These things be dark, laddie- 'Ey, now! Wha's wit tha' language? Wha's wrong?' The old Dwarf yanked the door open and ran out, heading to the Temple.
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    Nasara nodded “Well then, I believe Father has had enough time. Shall we go?” she grinned as the scream was heard from inside.
    Jasala sighed “Casina come here.”
    Casina dashed to her mother “Does this mean I can go in now?” the young Tier'dal asked with excitement.
    Nasara's eyes narrowed “I thought you were told to go home.”
    Casina looked up at her aunt “Grandfather said it would be good for me to see how we deal with traitors and to see a full coercer in action.”
    “Is that so?” Nasara asked.
    Casina nodded and smiled.
    The twins studied the girl Something doesn't seem right....” Nasara muttered.
    “She's my new mentor!” Casina quipped “She felt it was important that I see her in action because of what has happened to all of my other mentors so she charmed Grandfather so I could watch.”
    “This one might be the best yet.” Jasala said with a smile “Of course...” her eyes narrowed “how did she keep him charmed when she went inside and he remained here?”
    “Um... well she...” Casina swallowed “she has an extended range.”
    “Casina Kilsine, don't lie to me!” Jasala snapped.
    “Who's he?” Casina asked pointing to Padparadisch hoping to stall and change the subject.
    Splotchette folded her ears as Freeblood screamed.
    Senriala turned away as her daughter screamed.
    “Yes,” Carl answered “I've already killed one brother. I won't be responsible for the death of another.” He winced with the pain. He closed his eyes and concentrated “Sam grab him. I'll buy him sometime by going with her but she'll kill him before she leaves I'm sure of it. As soon as the orc has me grab Tim and get him out of here. The dwarves too.” he spoke mentally to Sam. He opened his eyes “Yes, I'm sure.”
    Diana smiled “Pockscar if you please.”
    “Move runts,” Pockscar growled.
    Sam met his brother's gaze. Through the stone he answered “Carl just sacrificed himself for Timothy's life. Timothy is our youngest brother.... and he's an Alchemist, a very educated Alchemist and nothing else. Diana threatened to kill him if Carl did not go with her. However just to be sure she doesn't kill him anyway I'm going to jump back a second or two... unfortunately I have to wait until she's more distracted which means they'll have Carl. By the way you don't have to tell me about these weapons. I watched for years as these claws Diana wields now corrupted my brother, unable to stop it. He told me he was going after our brother Jake's family as though he were going for a stroll. The weapons rejected him when he lost the use of his legs however something of them remained inside him. Enough remained for him to sense them but he cannot wield them because they deem him unworthy”

    Alyerra swallowed “Probably not but it's better than the alternative,”
    Mesena shook her head “You must go to Qeynos and be cleansed again of your addiction.”
    “And what if that doesn't work?” Alyerra asked.
    “Then you will have to manage it.” Jacob answered “You will have to over come the withdrawal and only feed on animals. It will be painful at times but the alternative is you turn ravenous and give Tetri no choice. I suggest try the cleansing should it fail then strive to overcome the addiction.”
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    Vani looked bored until she heard the scream and the cruel smile returned. Padparadisch stiffened until the scream died away. His eyes narrowed at the child. "I am-"
    "My betrothed." Vani butted in. She stroked his cheek again. "I've decided that we shall get married. That will tell all those other women that you are mine, once and for all. And if one of them does lure you away again, it will hold more weight when I hunt them down for stealing my husband than if they had just stolen my lover." She leaned towards his ear. "It will be just like in Leddim's 'Bloodwine Kiss'."
    The Dirge could feel the sweat gathering on his brow and gulped.
    Llew took a deep breath. "Well, Splotchette, do you think you can act dead? Then, perhaps Grandfather can convince them to take the collar off?" She was grasping at ideas now.
    "But what if they...burn the corpses?" Alaric asked. "I might be able to get the keys from one of them." He silently berated himself for not searching the real Baron for keys before leaving him in the alley.
    Ginnar growled at the orc in frustration, holding his ground.
    The old Dwarf clutched the stone. 'Goo', but yer laddies shoul' still be careful. Ay'll try ter git ter the lil' lass as quick as Ay kin though.'
    Thrain whistled and waited impatiently for the few second for his horse to appear. He rode quickly as he could to the temple and dismounted before getting into the portal on the edge of the water. He scanned the area inside and spotted a familiar face. "Priestess Corlana!" He waved to get the other's attention, but received quite a few glares from the other priests for disrupting the somber air of the temple.
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    “I would be honored to perform the ceremony,” Nasara said with a smile.
    “Perhaps after we have dealt with the matter inside,” Jasala hissed “after all I believe she did try to lure him away from you.”
    Casina rolled her eyes and muttered her breath “Great now Violent Vani has Mother and my Aunt suffering from delusions,”
    Senriala sighed “They don't burn the bodies. They sell corpses to Necromancers in the city after they remove the collar,”
    “Your's sures of thats?” Splotchette asked.
    Senriala nodded.
    “Alrights thens yis I cans plays deads, since they wanteds hers to kills mes anyways.” the Ratonga answered before laying on the floor next to the Freeblood.
    “What about Aly?” Senriala asked Llew.
    “Fine,” Diana sighed “Such a cute young man, such a pity...”
    “Wait!” Carl snapped. He placed a hand on Ginnar's shoulder “I wielded those weapons for years. If one of them breaks his skin he will die.” he whispered to the dwarf “I'll go with them. It'll take much more after that for me to guide them to the weapons....please trust me. I know better than anyone living how dangerous they are. I'll be careful... but for now please step aside.”
    “I thought we had a bargain.” Diana growled “I grow impatient.”
    Sam stood poised to grab Tim as soon as the grip was loose.
    Gregor looked up from his prayer at the shout. He stood from his kneeling position and wondered if he should approach.
    Alyerra swallowed “And Tetri will give me time to go through the cleansing?”
    “I'm sure she will,” Mesena answered “She is fond of you as one of her Cubs.”
    Alyerra laughed “That was before I became unnatural.”
    “We could drain the Rat,” the Inner Demon suggested.
    “That-that would prove her point... wouldn't it?” Alyerra was ashamed she was contemplating the suggestion.
    Jacob and Mesena spoke in unison “Don't let this thing corrupt you.”
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    Vani returned Nasara's smile. "Why not let her witness it first? To let her know that she's lost him."
    Padparadisch's eyes narrowed in confusion. He gulped again as Vani's fingers slid down his cheek again, brushing his neck. He tried to keep the façade of dauntless stoicism up, but he could feel the sweat on his brow now and his mouth felt ashen.
    Llew took another deep breath. "Alright. I can expand the illusion to you two. I'll make you look dead and I'll make it look like Aly has fed."
    Norry fumed, but stepped aside. Ginnar looked like he was going to continue fighting, but then nodded, pushing back on the orc one final time and dislodging his hammer, stepping back with his brother. He leveled the hammer at the woman now, more as a gesture than an actual threat. "Yer better keep yer word."
    Corlana turned as she heard her name. "Brother Oldale. What is the matter?"
    Thrainuri struggled to catch his breath as he spoke. "Theres- theres- kitten-" He paused and took a deep breath, held it a moment and then released as the Priestess stared at him. "Ziqua-the lil' kitten tha' 'as th' visions. She's in danger bu' Ay dunno where she lives."
    Corlana's eyes went wide.
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    “Even better.” Nasara laughed.
    “Auntie Nasara, I'm not so sure....” Casina began.
    “We'll have no more from you.” Jasala snapped.
    “But Mother I think you're both wrong.” the young girl gushed “I don't think performing this wedding will,”
    Nasara backhanded the girl sending her sprawling and scattering the books “You will respect your elders. Never ever question us again am I clear Niece?”
    Casina said nothing as she gathered her books.
    “Casina Kilsine you will answer your Aunt,” Jasala said her voice tinged with anger.
    “Yes Auntie,” Casina growled.
    Satisfied Nasara turned and stepped through the door ushering the others to follow.”
    Casina continued to gather her books before standing.
    Splotchette nodded from her position. “The vampires has feds, trusts mes on this.” she pulled the collar down to reveal the fang marks.”
    Senriala swallowed “I hate to suggest this, but she changed when she fed.... perhaps order her to take that form? I know Nasara was pleased with it.”
    Splotchette sat up “Thats coulds be riskys. Manys Freebloods are duals mindeds.” she studied Alyerra for a moment “Focus on hers.” she instructed “Yous shoulds be ables to sense anothers minds in hers if her minds has truly splits. It wills bes alls angers and hungers.”
    Pockscar sheathed his axe and bent down to pick Carl up.
    Carl made no struggle as Pockscar lifted him from the bed and flipped him over one shoulder.
    Diana loosened her grip on Timothy but did not entirely release him. “What happened to you Carl? You've turned so soft.”
    Sam vanished.
    “Call it what you want,” Carl growled
    “Pockscar take him away,” Diana ordered.
    The Orc nodded and vanished with his the bruiser.
    Sam blinked into existence with a hand on Tim's shoulder. Samuel and Timothy vanished in the next instant.
    Diana moved the claws toward Tim's neck as he disappeared. The claws cut air where his neck had been.
    Sam reappeared with Tim in the corner he'd been standing.
    Timothy retched.
    “Nice trick Silentfire.” Diana huffed.
    “Carl suspected you'd try something,” Sam rasped.
    Diana shrugged “Well gentlemen seems we have no further business.” with that she and the other orc vanished.
    “What was that about?” Tim asked “and why do I feel so sick?”
    Sam sighed “Long story and I pulled you through time you'll be disoriented.” he closed his eyes “You'll need to know... I'll explain once Tim has recovered... I haven't spoken for.... since I was sixteen.” he swallowed “Thank you both for all you've done. I contacted your brother he's looking for the kitten.”
    Gregor approached “Is there anyway I could help?” he asked "My apologies I happened to overhear."
    “I don't know,” Alyerra whispered.
    The Inner Demon cackled as Mesena and Jacob vanished in shadow.
    Pockscar dropped Carl on the floor of a dungeon “You'll wait here,”

    "I won't move," Carl growled.
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    Aloysiius bent to help pick up the books with the girl.
    Vani shot Casina a dirty look before following Nasara.
    Llew nodded. "An illusion to look like she has changed, then." A wave of her hand and Alyerra's Inner Demon form returned.
    The two Oldale brothers scowled at the empty spot where the woman, orc and prisoner had just been and sheathed their weapons. "Goo' thinkin' laddie."
    "Hopefully Grumble will have better luck than we did."
    Thrainuri turned and examined the Paladin. "Yer woul'nae 'appen ter kin where th' lil' Kerran Ziqua lives, der ya? She's in terrible danger."
    "She recently had a vision that involved your granddaughter and nephew." Corlana explained, producing the notebook and scanning what she had written down. She frowned. "I did not...I did not think to ask where they lived."
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    Casina took the remainder of the books from the human. She couldn't say thank you as he was beneath her and her mother was watching.
    “Casina!” Jasala snapped.
    Casina hurriedly dashed to her mother's side and the two headed in.
    Senriala shuddered as she saw her daughter's horrendous form again. She hung her head in shame for her reaction as Nasara walked in.
    “We have a surprise for you,” Nasara cooed “There's going to be a wedding.”
    Senriala stood “Let me guess me and Consilvus?”
    “No,” Nasara answered “He married Jasala,”
    “My condolences,” Senriala responded “If you found another coercer forget it. I will not be controlled!”
    Nasara walked over and petted the Freeblood like one would a dog. She smiled at the seemingly dead Ratonga. “Perhaps this could be a wedding present?” she laughed “Your wedding present?” she turned to Alaric still believing him to be her father “Don't agree Father? This wonderful pet for Vanimore and Padparadisch? It would make such a wonderful guard.” she glared at Senriala “You will spend the rest of your days here knowing your precious Half-Human corpse daughter is nothing more than a ravenous beast. Also knowing that your Padparadisch has chosen another...”
    Senriala blinked “And you think I'm delusional?”
    Sam nodded. He began to sign.
    Tim took a deep breath and began translating “Hopefully. We may have no choice but to kill her.” Tim paused “I don't see a problem with this. Sorry to sound so... cold but she did try to kill me and if those weapons are as dangerous as I think they are...”
    Sam sighed “I was able to rescue Carl and hide him after his mission to kill Jacob” he signed and waited for Tim to translate “He was paralyzed when I found him. We believe that is the reason the weapons rejected him and he fell into depression realizing all his crimes in addition to being unable to walk. I asked another slave to take care of him: Diana. She brought him food and sat with him. She listened to him. He fell in love with her.” he paused for Tim to catch up “I hid the weapons in a pocket outside of time. The Orcs and Tier'dal heard Carl was alive. The orcs he had traveled with abandoned him when he fell. They offered Diana freedom in exchange for Carl.” After Tim had finished his translation Sam finished “Guess what she chose.”
    Tim blinked.
    Gregor shook his head “However when I went to the guardhouse I overheard a custody battle involving her. It ended with an Iksar mystic adopting her. That record should show where they live.”
    The Inner Demon cackled “You're getting overwhelmed.”
    Alyerra stepped away from the Inner Demon as the shadows closed around her.
    Pockscar kicked Carl in the stomach “I don't trust you.”
    Carl groaned and looked up at the orc “You're an idiot. Trust has nothing to with it.”
    “Now Pockscar be nice,” Diana cooed as she stepped out of the shadows “Trust me he won't be going anywhere.” she took a knife and slashed Carl's leg easily cutting the cloth and causing him to bleed.
    Carl winced as she approached from the dark presence. His eyes followed her blade “Why?” he whispered.
    “Do I need a reason to do this?” Diana laughed.
    Carl shook his head “Why did you betray me?”
    Diana cackled and vanished with Pockscar leaving Carl alone.
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    Aloysiius followed, keeping his distance in silence.
    Alaric nodded. "Yes. A fine gift."
    Padparadisch gritted his teeth. Vanimor was digging her fingernails into his arm with her grip now.
    "Oh! How wonderful!" Vani cooed. "Isn't that wonderful, dear?"
    The Dirge winced as the sharpened nails dug deeper, breaking the skin a little. "Absolutely wonderful." He managed to spit out between clenched teeth. "Not that there was much choice in the matter." He muttered under his breath.
    Vanimor looked up at him sharply.
    "Of course the choice was an easy one, once you came back to your senses." She hissed at him.
    He set his jaw tight and said nothing further.
    The two Oldale brothers glanced at one another again. Nori scratched his bearded chin. "So then, wha's th' plan, laddies? Where do we go from 'ere?"
    Thrainuri nodded. "Alrigh'. Thank yer." He turned to go but Sister Corlana stopped him.
    "Is this about the people with dark weapons from her vision?"
    "Aye, Sister. It is."
    "I think you should bring her and your grandchildren here to the Temple. The wielders of those weapons should not be able to tred on holy ground such as this."
    "Me-me gran'chil'ren?"
    "As I said. Ziqua had a vision involving your granddaughter and nephew, Aleteriq. I think it may be best to bring them onto holy ground. But perhaps not all together. She said that the three of them were together when they were attacked."
    Thrainuri nodded. "Ay-Ay will contact me daughter an' Llew. Tell them ter git th' lil ones ter 'oly groun'. Thank yer." He bowed to the Priestess.
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    “Now about the wedding? Are we ready?” Nasara asked.
    Jasala stepped into the room followed by Casina.
    Casina looked at Senriala and studied her closely “You're the one from the painting,” she whispered “The one they hid.... why? Who are you?”
    Nasara rolled he eyes “Jasala your daughter asks far too may questions.”
    Senriala met her niece's eyes “What have they told you?”
    “Nothing.” Casina answered “I was forbidden to ask.”
    “Enough of this we have a wedding to perform.” Nasara hissed.
    Senriala smiled “Always hiding the blemish in the family. Did you know most people didn't realize you had younger sister?”
    “I knew it!” Casina gasped.
    “Don't you dare say another word!” Jasala shouted.
    “Shall we begin?” Nasara asked Vani eagerly.
    Sam slumped against the wall and shugged.
    “They're after Ziqua.... they have to be after Ziqua. She's a kerra. She's only about ten maybe eleven... but she has visions. She can't control what she sees but we've encountered people before who try to use her visions to find their fortunes. Zach and Ethan vowed to protect her.... they should be home by now.
    As he spoke the sound of a door opening was heard from down stairs.
    “Timothy?” both male voices sounded worried.
    “Upstairs,” Timothy shouted down.
    Ethan and Zach ran into the room “What happened? Are you alright?” they asked in unison.
    Zach glanced at the empty bed “Where is Carl?”
    “How did he escape?” Ethan growled “The paralysis was a ruse. Should have known.”
    “He did....” Tim started
    “When we find him he will spend the rest his life in a prison.” Zach growled
    “You don....” Tim tried again.
    “Did he hurt you Tim?” Ethan asked
    “No he...” The Alchemist was cut off again by his older brothers.
    “He had help didn't he?” Zach asked
    “He was was taken,” Sam decided to try his luck “but...”
    “I knew he couldn't be trusted.” Ethan hissed.
    Sam sighed.
    Tim watched Sam “He's older than both of them...” he whispered. He glanced at the dwarves wondering if they might have better luck.

    “I suppress you and I awaken.” the inner demon laughed
    Alyerra shook her head “No... no I can't.” she charged towards the inner demon.
    Ziqua sat up in her bed. She swallowed as she climbed out of bed and got dressed.
    Maheera stretched “That was bad but running away? I don't think....”
    “I don't want anyone else to be hurrrt.” Ziqua answered.
    “The tiger is right kitten,” Wallbreaker said “Don't look so shocked you are a type of spirit Maheera and I am a mystic. Know this kitten you will not be rid of me.”
    Ziqua nodded. She finished packing a few changes of clothing in a back pack.
    “Shouldn't we leave a note?” Maheera asked

    Ziqua shook her head “No one can know wherrrre we'rrre going.” silently the three sneaked out of the house.
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    Vani grinned wickedly and straightened her back, jutting her chin out proudly. "We are ready when you are." The way she squeezed Padpardisch's arm told him that he was supposed to agree, but he found his throat and mouth dry and said nothing. Vani turned to him and glared. "Aren't we DEAR?" She hissed.
    He managed a nod.
    "If you will not behave, child, you will go home." Alaric said sternly.
    Llew's pocket began to glow, but she did not notice.
    Ginnar waved his hand. "Yer dun unnerstan' laddies. Lis'en ter yer brodder, 'e's tryin' ter tell yer." He indicated Sam.
    Thrainuri frowned, clutching his speaking stone and getting no reply. "Thank yer, Sister." He said again, bowing shallowly and turning to hurry towards the exit, still clutching the stone and hoping for an answer.
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    Casina scowled at Alaric. Her eyes fell on the seemingly dead Ratonga. She knelt down next to Splotchette. Her unique ability allowed her to see she wasn't dead. However she did see the fang marks. “Why is Splotchette here?” she asked “Why did you feed her to that thing!” she snapped.
    “Better than she deserved,” Jasala responded
    “Casina silence,” Nasara hissed “Dearly hated we are gathered here to celebrate the union of these two individuals in matrimony. Is there anyone who objects to this union? Speak now or forever hold your silence” she glared a challenge at Senriala.
    “I object only because my daughter is not going to be a part of this arrangement,” Senriala hissed “She's been through enough I won't let you enslave her!” her eyes met Padparadisch's. “Please don't take my daughter. Not again. Take me.”
    Nasara and Jasala laughed.
    Casina gritted her teeth as she glared at her aunt.
    Splotchette moved a paw to grab Casina's hand “Don'ts evens thinks abouts its.” she whispered.
    “I'm tired of just standing here.” Kyriu growled “we need to do something.” she clenched her fists.
    One of the guards walked past the prisoners and whispered something to Nasara.
    Nasara darted a glance at Alaric. “Forgive me. This shouldn't take long.” she sighed and turned to Alaric “It seems that someone claiming to be you has come to the gate Father.” she explained. She whispered something to Jasala.
    “Bring the other one,” Jasala ordered the guard.
    The guard nodded and walked outside.
    “To be sure of which is the imposter we have a question. That only our Father would know.” Jasala explained “How did our Mother die?” she asked Alaric.


    Sam swallowed “His paralysis is real. When it first happened he wondered if it was his punishment for his deeds.” he paused.
    “You can speak.” Ethan and Zach said together.
    Sam nodded “Thanks to these two.” he motioned to the Dwarves I haven't spoken in....” he winced “thirty years. I'm a touch rusty. As for Carl he possessed a set of evil weapons. They corrupted him. The corruption led him to murdering Jake without question. Something happened during that mission and he was paralyzed from the waist down,” he swallowed “I...” he shook his head and began signing again.
    Tim immediately began translating “He says he's sorry but not being able to speak for so long he finds it difficult particularly when he has a lot to say.”
    Sam sighed before continuing to sign with Tim translating“The claws rejected him. I hid them somewhere I thought no one would be able to retrieve. I asked a woman, one of my fellow slaves to take care of him. He fell in love. We kept him hidden because we knew if Carl was discovered they would dispose of him. Then Diana led the Orcs and Tier'dal to him. They sent him to the void and gave Diana his place in their group. I don't know when or how she found the claws but she has them now and wants all of the dark weapons. Carl, because he wielded the evil weapons for so long and they rejected him he can sense their presence. Diana came here for Carl.”
    “And he went with her willingly.” Ethan scoffed.
    “She threatened to kill me!” Tim shouted “ If he didn't go with her she was going to kill me. He went to save my life... although she still tried,” he took a deep breath “Now they're after Ziqua.”
    Zach and Ethan blinked at him.
    “Sam informed their brother.” Tim continued.
    “Tell him we will meet him at Mazsra's,” Zach ordered “we vowed to protect that kid.”
    “Would you two like to join?” Ethan asked the Dwarves.
    Sam handed Tim the stone and spoke out loud “Give Thrainuri the address.”
    Tim nodded and thought of the dwarf Mystic “This is Timothy Flamefist. Sam lent me his stone. Mazsra and Ziqua live at 1 Lucie Street in South Qeynos. We'll meet you there”
    Carl heard voices from outside the dungeon. He took a deep breath and dragged himself towards the door until he could make out what was being said.
    “That should work and you are certain you can find out what these friends look like?” Diana asked.
    “Yesss,” said another voice “my partner can see into her mind and I can replicate it.”
    “Good I just wish we could truly procure the boy.” Diana sighed “I have heard interesting things about him.”
    Ziqua and Maheera walked though the gate into Qeynos Harbor.
    “How much further?” Maheera whined in Ziqua's mind.

    “I was thinking we could stop for the night in Eldar Grove. Arrrbos will protect us.”
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    Vani scowled at the interruption and then turned to glare at Padparadisch as he gave a sigh of relief.
    Alaric balked. "Your Mother-" He took a deep breath, sifting through the borrowed memories and coming up blank.
    Padparadisch caught the look on Senriala's face. It made him angry, but he was not sure why. He gritted his teeth and remembered why he had come here. The Dirge turned and pushed Vani. She stumbled back.
    "Get your claws off of me, you witch!"
    The Berzerker's eyes narrowed. "You should think very carefully, My Padparadisch."
    The Dirge went to the dagger hidden under his shirt, but Vanimor was too quick. She slammed him against the wall and pinned him by the arms. "You were always weak, My Padparadisch."
    Llew glanced behind her, but could not cast anymore while maintaining so many spells. She began to feel tired.
    Ginnar and Nordri nodded eagerly. "Aye!" They said in unison.
    Thrainuri paused. He had finally gotten an answer on the stone, but it was not who he had been trying to contact. 'Got it. Thank ye.' He replied through the stone. 'See yer there.'
    He turned. "Nae need ter go ter th' Guard'ouse. Aye got th' address from a frien'." He said to the Paladin.
  15. Brienae Active Member

    The guard returned with the Baron.
    “Daughters I demand an explanation!” the Baron fumed.
    “Forgive us but I must ask you the same question I asked him just to be sure.” Jasala said before repeating the question
    Baron Mihariel smiled “Clever girl. She didn't die. She under went a ritual to become a drachnid. I still see her from time to time.” his eyes fell on Casina. “My granddaughter who can see through Illusions did not reveal the imposter? Why?” his eyes narrowed.
    “Guards seize this imposter!” Jasala ordered pointing at Alaric.
    The guard who had brought the real Baron in approached Alaric.
    Nasara grabbed her niece roughly by the arm “That is a very good question,”
    “And who are you?” The Baron demanded of Llew.
    “She claimed to be Casina's new instructor.” Jasala answered “I assumed you had found her.”
    The Baron scoffed “I found her a new master alright. And you will be honored to be under his tutelage. Silzair Darkfoot.”
    “I don't want to train under him!” Casina snapped.
    “You will do as we tell you.” Nasara snapped.
    Baron Mihariel turned on Senriala “As for you, you have a lot of nerve showing your face here!”
    “Not my choice,” Senriala spat back.
    “And you brought the proof of your treason with you!” the Baron continued.
    “Again not my choice.”
    “I should kill her and make you watch.”
    Nasara smiled “Father she is already dead. She's one of those freebloods. We have her addicted to blood and we were giving her to Vanimore and Padparadisch as a wedding gift.”
    Baron Mihariel nodded “Sieze the imposter coercer too.” he knelt next to the Ratonga and unlocked the collar.
    “I told him we would meet him at Mazsra's.”
    “We?” Zach raised an eyebrow “Tim you're not coming.”
    “Oh yes I am.” Tim answered.
    Zach glared at his youngest brother “I'm the eldest....”
    Tim smiled “No you're not. Not any more.”
    “Sam... I-I'm sorry,” Zach stammered.
    Sam sighed “I haven't been here. Last time you saw me you were ten. That and I...” he shook his head “If you want my opinion he should come with us.”
    “As you wish,” Zach whispered.
    Tim dashed out of the room. He returned with a large satchel and a bandolier of vials. “I'm ready,”
    Zach and Ethan blinked.
    Ethan walked over to the dwarves “We can teleport straight there.” he informed the others. He grabbed the Dwarves by a shoulder. “Meet you there then,” he said as they vanished.
    Zach sighed as he grabbed Sam and Tim's shoulders and disappeared with them
    Gregor nodded “Lead the way. I will help in any way I can.”

    The Inner Demon laughed. “Fighting me will do you no good.” she smiled “It seems your friend is growing weak. Which of us will awake when she cracks? If you don't fight her I will.”
    Alyerra swallowed and focused on waking while the Inner Demon did the same.
    Carl took a deep breath and dragged himself back to a pillar. He tried to focus on his brother but was interrupted by the sharp pain in his chest. He opened his eyes and gritted his teeth as the door opened and Diana walked in. “What now?” he growled.
    “I understand your anger,” Diana cooed “You are jealous.”
    “We were planning to escape,” Carl whispered “you knew that. You planned with us....”
    “A life on the run with a mute and a cripple?” Diana laughed “Make no mistake Carl you are nothing.”
    “That's the corruption talking,” Carl growled.
    Diana shrugged “Think what you will.” she teleported away.
    Carl took a deep breath and concentrated on his brother.
    Ziqua arrived in Eldar grove and set her bed roll out among the roots of Arbos.
    “Are you sure we shouldn't go back?” Maheeara asked.
    “It's the only way no one will get hurrrt,” Ziqua answered.
    “This is a foolish plan,” Wallbreaker barked “however I will remain with you and make sure you are kept safe.”
    Ziqua yawned and nodded before laying down and falling asleep.
    Ethan and the dwarves arrived outside the house on Lucie street. Ethan knocked on the door but received no answer. “Of course as late as it is they're probably asleep. There was a crashing sound from within. Ethan pushed the door open.
    Mazsra was on the ground crying. “Zachary?” she asked looking up “Ziqua... she'sss gone. She ran away. I-I knew she wasss worried about othersss being harmed but I didn't think she would....”
    Ethan swallowed “Actually I'm Ethan.” he ran his fingers through his hair “Well gentlemen... it looks like we have a search on our hands.”
    Zach walked in followed by Timothy and Samuel. “Mazsra what did we miss?”
    Sam leaned against the wall and closed his eyes for a moment.
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  16. Bellacouste Active Member

    Alaric stepped back from the guards as the illusion dropped. Llew, now having some power free, turned and shot an Ultraviolet Beam at the twins. "Grandfather! Open a portal!" She turned to Alyerra, giving her the command to stand up.
    Thrainuri nodded. "Thank yer, Sister!" He waved as he hurried towards the portal.
    "I will pray for the children's safety." She said as
    he disappeared. Outside he hurried back to the more solid ground at the base of the stairs and whistled for his large wolf, Sneachta.
    Ginnar and Nordri shook their heads and took stock of their surroundings. They followed the brothers in.
    "Well, dun worry, Ma'am. We'll fin' th' lil' lass." Ginnar said.
    "Aye." Nordri did a quick head count. "There's th' six o' us. We kin cover a lotta groun'"
    "Be there anywhere yer think she'd go?"
  17. Brienae Active Member

    The twins stumbled back as the spell hit them.
    Nasara cast a heal on hersef and her sister.
    Splotchette stood up.
    “Where's Aismi?” Casina asked the Ratonga.
    Splotchette looked at the young Tier'dal “Nots heres, theres too much emotions. I cans sees the angers affectings yous. Yous shouldn'ts bes heres.”
    Baron Mihariel shouted “I will tell you what happened to your precious bug! I ordered her wings cut off then I sold her into slavery.”
    Casina glared at her grandfather as she sent an Ultraviolet Beam towards him.
    Kyriu dashed into the room hearing the sounds of battle.
    Tetriemmy sighed and followed the Half-Elf Monk.
    Gregor followed the Dwarf outside. He whistled and a white stallion ran to him. He mounted his loyal mount “Lead the way I'll follow,” he told the dwarf.
    “Your will grows weak, while I grow stronger.” the Inner Demon cackled “Think about it. We could feed on one of the others like that berzerker so obsessed with Padparadisch.”
    “Maybe...” Alyerra whispered “No... no.... I, Alteriq if he had any idea... he can't see me as a monster.”
    The Inner Demon laughed again as she sent waves her anger towards the Illusionist in an attempt to break the spell.
    “They plan on using illusions to capture the girl. They have a team, a Coercer and Illusionist from the sounds of it.” Carl told Sam as he sat in a misty chamber where their minds were connected. “As I learn more I'll contact you...I wish I could do more, you remember their sadistic ideas of torturing me?”
    Sam nodded.
    “I foresee more of that in my future.” Carl sighed “I'll be in touch as I learn more.” he sighed again and broke the connection.
    “The temple maybe,” Mazsra began “the Old Windfoot Manor, Windfoot Grove, or perhapsss Eldar Grove. Theresss alssso a Ratonga sanctuary she told me about.”
    Zachary nodded “Tim stay here with Mazsra.”
    “No I'm going out looking for her.” Mazsra responded.
    Sam opened his eyes and spoke “Carl just contacted me. He says they plan on using Illusions and mind tricks to capture her,”
    “Can you keep in contact with him?” Zach asked.
    “He will contact me when he has more information.” Sam answered “He is vulnerable using this method of communication. He suspects they will torture him. We also don't want them to know he can communicate with us.”
    Timothy reached into his bag and pulled out six vials and handed one to Mazsra, his three brothers and the dwarves “Drink that. It'll allow you to see through illusions. Drink all of it.” After speaking he drank the vial he had kept for himself.
    Mazsra made a face as she emptied her vial of the foul tasting concoction.
    Sam coughed but managed to swallow.
    “Would it kill you to add salt?” asked Zach after he had downed his.
    “Or sugar?” Ethan added after gagging it down.
    Tim rolled his eyes “Any additive would trigger a degradation in the potency of the formula rendering it inert.”
    “In Common!” Ethan and Zach snapped in unison.
    Tim rolled his eyes again and spoke slowly “Sugar or salt would make the potion useless. I have one extra. If we find Ziqua before they do then we can give it to her.”
    Mazsra nodded “Perhaps Maheera will be able to distinguish.”
    “Who's Maheera?” Timothy asked.
    “Her Warder, she'sss a beastlord,” Mazsra answered “It'sss a long story,” she frowned “My apologiesss for my accent.... it'sss jussst....”
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  18. Bellacouste Active Member

    "Grandfather!" Llew snapped. Alaric dodged away from the guard and began to cast. Llew gulped. She needed to keep calm and maintain the spell. She took a deep breath, but she found herself feeling rather irritable at the moment.
    Danny and Rene followed Tetri, both with spells on their lips. Padparadisch struggled against Vani's grip as the fight erupted, but she was stronger than him. He kicked out at her shins, but then stilled as the bloodlust began to fill her eyes.
    Aloysiius slipped his arm around Vani's neck and began to pull her away from the other Bard.
    "I don't need your help, Human!" Padparadisch spat out as Vani's grip tightened on his arms.
    Thrainuri nodded and set off at a quick pace, flying through the streets towards South Qeynos.
    The two Dwarves downed the potion each. Norry stuck his tongue out in disgust while Ginnar shrugged. "Eh. Ay've 'ad worse."
    "Well, Ay dunno where those Win'feet places be, but Ay kin where th' Eldar Grove is." Nordri said.
    "Ay kin go check th' 'Arbor." Ginnar said.
    "Ay sai' Ay'd go check th' tree."
    Ginnar turned to his brother. "Ay sai' 'Arbor, naw 'Arbor."
    "Ah." Nordri nodded. "Me mistake."
    "See, Ma'am, yer ain' nae a worry fer yer accent." The elder brother laughed.
    Aleteriq sat up and rubbed his eyes. He looked around sleepily, finding himself in a room different from the one he had fallen asleep in. "M-Miss Alyerra? D-Did you call me?"
  19. Brienae Active Member

    Kyriu dashed towards Vani and swung her staff towards her head.
    Splotchette focused her attention on the twins. She focused more on the Berzerker of the twins as theoretically her will would easier to break.
    Baron Mihariel flinched as Casina's spell hit him. “How dare you!” he growled at her “You little brat!”
    “You've taken everything from me!” Casina snapped sending another spell towards her grandfather.
    After being hit by another spell from his Grandaughter the Baron's hands began to glow “I will not suffer another blemish in this family.” he said as he cast a bolt of lightning towards the young girl.
    Casina dodged the lightning
    Senriala looked up “Release Jasala!” she shouted
    Splotchette turned “Ares yous nuts?”
    “Trust me,” Senriala answered.
    Splotchette sighed and released Jasala's mind.
    Jasala blinked as another bolt of lightning streaked towards her daughter. “Father what are you doing?”
    “She has betrayed us!” Baron Mihariel snapped.
    “She is only a child!” Jasala answered back.
    “I won't make that mistake again.” Baron Mihariel hissed as he began to cast again.
    Jasala raised her sword and dashed in front of her daughter. Her eyes glowed with heightened rage.
    Gregor followed the dwarf through the streets.
    Alyerra turned “Alteriq, you shouldn't be here.”
    The Inner Demon laughed as she continued to feed anger to Llew “What's wrong? You don't want him to know the truth of what you are?”
    A Teir'dal strode into the room where Carl was sitting “So back from the void I see,” he cooed.
    Carl met his eyes but said nothing.
    “I thought your brother was the one we made mute,” The Tier'dal laughed “because someone begged for his life.”
    “Samuel was always wiser than me despite being younger.” Carl muttered.
    “So I was not mistaken,” The Tier'dal smiled “Why so hostile Carl? We have not bound you.”
    “I'm not exactly a fast mover at the moment.” Carl answered with a glare.
    “I actually came to discuss a deal with you.” The Tier'dal whispered “Join us again and we will give you the use of your legs back.”
    Carl's mind flashed on a scene decades earlier of his younger brothers being dragged off. His mind froze on the look of shattered hope and faith on thirteen year old Jacob's face. He spit at the Tier'dal “Your prices are too high Dayig”
    Dayig sighed “So be it. This will hurt you so much more than it will hurt me. Pockscar chain our guest to the wall.”
    Carl tried to crawl away but found himself going backwards. He turned his head to see the Orc had grabbed his feet.
    “As you said you aren't exactly a fast mover” Dayig laughed “Now try to run... run not sure I would call that running whatever try that again Carl and we'll hang you by your ankles. Am I clear?”
    Carl resigned himself as Pockscar lifted him from the ground and shackled his wrists to the wall.
    “And now the fun can begin,” Dayig smiled “Bring me my tools.” he ordered “Do not think I have forgotten how to torture you.”

    Mazsra blinked “So I see. Come to think of it she most likely would not have gone to the sanctuary if she'sss afraid of other people being harmed.”
    “I-I'll check Windfoot Grove,” Zach said.
    “I'll go with you,” Ethan offered.
    “No,” Zach replied more sternly than he meant to “You go to Windfoot Manor and Tim go check the Ratonga Sanctuary just to be sure. Sam....”
    “Would whichever of you who is going to Eldar grove mind if I accompany you?” Sam asked.
    There was a knock on the door.
    “It's probably Thrainuri,” Tim said.
    Mazsra nodded and opened the door. Outside stood two Iksar shimmering within Human Illusions. “Can I help you?” Mazsra asked calmly.
    “Priestess Corlana sent us to check on Ziqua,” one of them said.
    “Did she?” Mazsra responded “At this hour?”
    “Can't be too careful can we?” the speaker responded.

    Ziqua slept dreaming of her family before she had begun having visions except Maheera was there playing with her. It was a peaceful dream. All of her friends were in it.
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  20. Bellacouste Active Member

    Vani's grip on Padparadisch loosened as the staff hit her head. Aloysiius pulled her away, but she was only stunned. As he let go, her arm shot out. The Bard stumbled back, tripping over his own feet and falling on his back, his nose crooked and bleeding. Vani regained her footing and rounded on Kyriu. "You." She growled. "You were in Freeport, weren't you?"
    Alaric finished casting. "The portal is open!" He called out.
    Rene went to Senriala's side as the last of the illusionary bindings fell away. "Are you alright?"
    Llew gave Alyerra the order to go through the portal and then canceled it, telling her to stay where she was. She would have to go through at the same time to maintain the spell. How could she be so stupid?
    Danny cast a fireball at the Baron.
    Thrainuri turned onto Lucie Street and brought his wolf to a slower pace as they approached. He glanced briefly at the numbers on the door and found that there was already someone at the one he needed. He dismounted and approached on foot, catching the end of the conversation.
    "That be quite the coincidence." Thrainuri said to the two humans he saw at the door. "We jus' came from th' Temple where we were talkin' ter Sister Corlana."
    Inside the two dwarves glanced at one another, recognizing their brother's voice, but they could not see out of the door past the female Iskar.
    Aleteriq looked from Alyerra to the Inner Demon again. He inched over to hide behind Alyerra. "Wh-what is going on, Miss. Alyerra?" He asked quietly, trying to stay calm, but he felt scared, looking at the Inner Demon.

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