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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Frenzic, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. Frenzic Augur

    I thought it would be fun to play a little forum game. I commented in a thread that I did not count how many krono I made since the server launched. I instead decided to start counting Jan 1st.

    I'd like to track the big baller wealthy players on phinny, for entertainment purposes only. I will not be holding anyone to the Jan 1st rule, it will simply be from server launch.

    The rules are simple-

    How many krono or krono equivalent in plat, have you earned since server launch?
    What is your net worth?
    Krono and net worth earned before phinny do not count (sorry Bobbybick)

    Naturally the trolls will come and shall be reported. I'll let big radarx handle that stuff.

    To continue with the game, you may be called out on your post here. Failure to provide proof of your fortune in game, will result in much laughter at your expense! And removal from the game.

    The winner or leader at certain intervals will receive a special prize from me. I'll let you guess as to what it could be...

    Best of luck to all!! (Forum games are allowed right?)
  2. Mwapo Augur

    I feel like this is just in bad taste honestly.
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  3. Progress Augur

    I will start.

    0 krono earned
    349pp net worth

    Did I do it right?
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  4. Vaclav Augur

    1kr + 5kpp - I've been slacking...
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  5. SqueeshSqueesh Augur

    Buy krono with those PP.
  6. Vaclav Augur

    I like to keep a portion in direct pp - once I'm over 10kpp (which should be soon, just started moving into non-slack mode on plat) - I'll be investing into krono as long as they're reasonable.
  7. Mad_Mikey Elder

    Frenzic, you are what is wrong with EQ and what is right with the forums simultaneously
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  8. Tyraxor Augur

    Don't give him the attention, he might even be hired because Columbus Nova is known to be a microtransactions company.
  9. Iyvy Augur

    Crass though it may be, krono are a currency, and having them is not strictly evil/wrong. I personally have made 6 krono since the start of the server and am not even level 46, I still have over 70 from ragefire/lockjaw.

    I wonder where I'll retire with my 600 bucks :p.
  10. nicemace Journeyman

    I've got 9 since servers up. I'm just a dirty casual that doesn't play much. I've gotten lucky though. Picked up a couple for 60 and 80 plat on day one. Thanks to people who thought bone chips still worked.
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  11. ElaidaTL Augur

    People getting upset that other people have krono ( read plat ) that they earned? They don't deserve to have more krono then me! They used mage armies err...unmentionable soft....err ..more of their time then I did! We need some wealth redistribution in this right?

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  12. Demoncrusher Lorekeeper

    Bowser Revolution!
  13. Ducreux Augur

    183 krono so far on Phinigel specifically, I restarted my counter for this server.

  14. Finley Augur

    I think the idea is that excessive greed is detrimental to the community. We have a limited number of people that can enjoy Plane of Hate for example, so if part of that content is monopolized by someone solely killing to sell for Krono, it hurts the server. I don't need to bring up box armies permafarming certain spells because it really doesn't happen on Phinigel.

    If you have a lot of Krono because you were one of the first to 50 and made a killing off Efreeti Boots/Djarns rings, or you sell Golden Idols/JC stuff all day nobody cares.

    The great thing about Phinigel is I am not seeing too many groups selling PoHate/Fear gear,most just give it away (I know I do).
  15. TarewMarrForever Augur

    17 KR total, one account only.
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  16. Bobbydomino Elder

    I've only made 9. My class can't solo much and I don't feel like spending all day everyday in EC tunnel. I just wanted to get enough to support 2 accounts for a few months.

    I really can't imagine how you'd make 180 kronos even as one of the first 50s. That's pretty nuts. I have a friend who went all out on the BABS and BAM farming when they were still a big thing and he's nowhere near that amount.
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  17. Tweelis Augur

    Greed is fine as it shows drive and ambition. Greed while steamrolling others (ie, making others lives miserable) just to get that 1 krono piece of loot is where things need to stop. Coming up with good nice ways to get to say the arch magus or frenzie camp.....have at it. Training people with a huge number of mobs just so you can have your kroon = jerk.
  18. Moranis Augur

    I'm with BobbyD...183 kronos in 26 days = 7 krono / day. That's like successfully farming AND selling multiple top-end items every day...I didn't even think trophy mobs spawned that fast, let alone drop loot that fast. I feel like you need to be camping mobs in multiple picks to get that kinda loot, so he has to be running like 4-6 accounts? Impressive, if it's true regardless.

    Is this contest based on Kronos acquired per account, or just overall kronos? Just curious.

    I have no horse in this race...0 Kr, ~400pp, 1 acct.
  19. Nickatropolis Augur

    0 Krono, if I want krono, I'll buy it with my credit card.
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  20. code-zero Augur

    It'd be more interesting to see krono divided by accounts. If you used 80 accounts to acquire 180 Krono it's just not as impressive
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