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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Nurfz, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. Nurfz Journeyman

    Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who has an issue with player pets being better tanks than player tanks in most situations minus maybe raids and even then they are still used to tank some stuff. It's like its an almost accepted universal truth that player pets are legitimately viable tanks.

    My case in point would be Magicians. Look at how they have just exploded in population recently. I wouldn't put money on it but I bet if you "/who 100 mag all" on your server they are by far the most popular class. Also, something is wrong when every major box combo I hear lately is mag/xx.

    On my magician, I'm basically a healer, tank, and damage dealer rolled into one. Obviously its not ideal to try and solo heal your pet on named mobs, but my point is that just being able to heal it that well with such little mana while the pet can mitigate damage so well coupled with the burst mage DPS is a bit much.

    Before every Magician on the planet is up and arms ready to burn me at the stake, Necromancer and Beastlord pets are also very powerful as well.

    If we gave warriors the ability to heal themselves and boosted their damage to competitive levels with top damage classes then the sky will start falling. Give Knights more self healing, more mitigation, and more damage output and the community will whine like never before.

    I just feel sometimes that I'm the only one who honestly feels this just isn't healthy for the game. I mean just look at the amount of melee classes dwindling in the group game. It's because they aren't compatible with pet tanking which is taking over like wildfire.

    So, in conclusion, I'm not calling for pet classes to be toned down. Rather, I'm asking for player tanks to be toned... up? I've always been fine with having to grind to get to where I need to be. I just think it's time that we, as a community, reassess the quality of life for tanks that are at between the stages of newborn infant and super awesome uber raid status.

    This tanking grooming process been a major detraction from this game for many people I've known who started playing and ultimately ended up quitting. So, I'm not trying to make this game "easy mode" but I do think that tanking in general can be a stressful job as it is and the last thing they need right now is to have to farm raid gear to stay competitive with a thousand AAs and a bazaar earring. Just my two cents.

    PS: I didn't make an account and name myself Nurfz to be clever. I've used this name forever in many games!
  2. Littlelegs New Member

    This post/topic has been discussed so much
    it's actually rather scary that you could possibly feel like you're the only one. This comes up every beta, every expansion in a variety of ways. Doubtful any new relevant information will come out of this thread either.

    Specifically identifying a class and listing the attributes that you believe to be "a bit much" is an odd way to start a post that isn't a nerf call.
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  3. 7thNecro Lorekeeper

    In case you missed the 12 page thread on this same topic, its called Pet Tanking Raid Mobs and covers mostly raid stuff, but it does have some mention of group things such as debate over gearing diffuculty of tank vs pet. Another thread, in the class section has a warrior specific quite long thread about upping warrior abilities. I think its simply called Warrior Abilities. I think between those two threads (over 20 pages combined) you can get a gist that you aren't alone on the matter, since you seem to be describing a combination of the two, they might be worth a look, it can help you see how those classes feel if you don't play one (in this case, I got a lot of info out of it, and I don't play any tank chars).
  4. pk76 Augur

    here we go again , another ""nerf mage pet "" , thread .
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  5. Buds Lorekeeper

    Ok I take it you're new to EQ. They never never never bump a class up to even power, they always nerf. So the only outcome of this is a nerf to pets. How about reading one of the other thousand nerf threads and see the outcome. Will people just stop this finger pointing, say oh hey they are better than me, make me more powerful. Lol good luck with that. If you think mages are so wonderful, then play one(you claim you do but I'm sure you don't). STOP THE NERF THREADS!!
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  6. Uxtalzon Augur

    Calling for nerfs is against forum rules... discussion of something being overpowered (if it is or not) is not against the rules.

    Was gonna say... your name was going to give away the point of the post, but thankfully your past statement cleared that up. lol

    Magicians without significant pets (being able to tank, use in raid, etc.) really turns them into wizards who hand out mod rods. While raids don't exactly *need* magician pets, they need to be strong to be used. It's just like mercenaries - they need to be tough for non-tank classes. It's their forte, but I guess your point is that their forte is too big.

    NPC scaling with players is always an issue, and it'll probably just get worse. Players (especially melee and tanks) have to grind and farm for gear, AAs, augments, just to be on par to NPCs. My merc healer can tank better than me, and it pisses me off to die due to my merc failing to heal fast enough while it flawless tanks and heals itself while my rez timer expires.
  7. Lestierse New Member

    So your name is Nurfz.
    Your first post ever here is a nerf something, make me uber.
    wanna some cheese with your whine?
  8. Nurfz Journeyman

    Well, I'll assume by the defensive posture that some of you at least agree, whether you'll admit it or not, that I'm somewhat on point. Regarding the posts, I've actually read them but just wasn't really satisfied with the direction they went and always ended up getting derailed anyways.

    Also, the topic has been discussed before but the majority of the responses that end up like the ones given here are usually by Necromancers, Beastlords, and Magicians. So I suppose we can take those with a grain of salt. Moreover, I'm trying to figure out how tanks being a little better from infancy to raid maturity threatens your existence since that was the primary intention of this thread.

    Anyways, I can tell this probably won't be too constructive, but for what it's worth I did make it with good intentions. There really was no way to make a valid point without giving examples. Sorry if egos were bruised!
  9. Nurfz Journeyman

    Actually, I'm pretty sure I posted a few posts a while back on the old forums but that was forever ago under a different handle. I usually steer clear of forums because most people like to just pop in and contribute nothing of worth then continue hunting for more unsuspecting victims like yourself.

    Also, you've only made 2 posts =)
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  10. Piemastaj Augur

    Yes the people who play the classes should not post on the nerf call threads, lol. Your name says it all and everything on this topic has been said. If tanks are upset ask for upgrades, pets are not the issue their classes are. If SOE feels grp mobs should hit for 95k then pets need to be able to take those hits. Plain and simple.

    Lets not include that melee can't melee mobs when pets are tanking though or bad pathing.

    Bad name, bad thread.

    Look at the raid game melee. They seem to be doing just fine. One area of "lacking" does not justify anything nor does your playtime mean you know every type of group going either. You have a very small sample size that does not mean it is or isn't the norm.
  11. Ardin Elder

    nerf mages ? no way, everyone wants to have a group geared alt that is able to farm nameds.
  12. Nurfz Journeyman

    I'm not new and I've been playing for a long time actually. I do have a Magician whether you choose to believe it or not. Feel free to discredit me all you want. I'm not aiming a gun at Magicians but rather using their class mechanics as a vehicle for arriving at a point: Tanks have a really tough time between starting and getting to the end game. Much harder than any other role. Sticking your head in the sand and refusing to address a problem is your choice, but it is a choice that has a negative impact on this game's community and player experiences as a whole.

    If you have a Magician, I sincerely hope you are still as capable as you always have been. I just am asking that player tanks with group gear be able to tank content comparable to your pet. I'm not trying to throw off anyone's groove here. Promise!
  13. Notinterested Augur

    So in other words, nerf mage pets? Where do i sign this petition?
  14. Nurfz Journeyman

    Did I imply that end game raiding is suffering due to lack of melee population? Come on now. You're just being stubborn!
  15. Mellifleur Augur

    How much does the raid game melee make up of the population ?
    Very little
    How much time and effort does it take to get to that status ?
    Who's to say that a person wants to raid end game ?
    Personal Decision
  16. Nurfz Journeyman

    Haha. I'm actually not directing this at Magicians and I have no problem with them playing the way they are. I'm just saying tanking is really the aspect of the game that needs some love. Honestly, I'm not sure where I said Magician pets should be toned down.

    To your point, I'm sure a lot of people would like to see the pets adjusted but all that would do is hurt the tanking situation even more! =(
  17. Gladare Augur

  18. Mellifleur Augur

  19. Piemastaj Augur

    No, but your statement showed your talking about group melee possibly suffering and never said anything about raiding where melee do not suffer. Vacuums are not a good way to look at things. Tanks need help, not pet nerfs. Starting the thread off about pets is a bad way to ask for boosts. It will always be seen as nerf calls.

    Like I said ask for tank boosts and leave pets out of the conversation unless your comparing abilities tanks should ask for. People know what pets can and can not do.
  20. Nurfz Journeyman

    That thread was discussing pets in a different light. Avoiding unavoidable mechanics because you aren't a player was the primary driver of the discussion between the informed individuals. I'm merely pointing out that aside from having an absurdly difficult time dealing with content other classes don't, there is no benefit to making the barrier to entry for tanks this high.
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