SOE Live Attendees to Receive Special Loot Card!

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  1. Roshen Brand Manager

    New this year! Get access to all your awesome SOE Live 2014 virtual gifts with this special Loot Card. Each registered SOE Live attendee will receive one of these cards in their goodie bag upon check-in at the event to redeem on an account of their choice!

    Loot Cards will only work ONCE PER ACCOUNT.


    Once redeemed, this card awards items in all of your favorite SOE Games:

    • Guise of the Ancient Gods - This will be an illusion item that gives players the appearance of the ‘Ancient’ version of the original EverQuest gods.
    • 10 minute duration, unfocusable. 2 hour recast time.
    • A SINGLE character can claim on the account
    EverQuest II:
    • 2014 Claws of Veeshan Pack - A 66 slot back pack adorned with the symbol of Veeshan, The Eternal Wurm Mother.
    • Each character can claim once
    DC Universe Online:
    • 2 Vegas Style items:
    • SOE Live 2014 'Vegas Style' Sign: Bring the lights of Las Vegas to your Personal Lair.
    • SOE Live Slot Machine: You've got to get one of these! Pull the lever and find out how much you won!
    • Each character can claim once
    PlanetSide 2:
    • SOE Live Bundle:
    • Nanite Systems' AutoBlade: A full-featured utility knife. It’s oscillating motor slices through tough materials with ease, while the integrated Lumifiber strips provide enough light for cutting wires in the dark.
    • 2 sets of Camouflage: Wildcard and No Limit
    • 2 Vehicle Decals: Cash Out and Max Bet
    • Every character will have items available, after one character claims
    • SOE Live 2014 Commemorative Flag – An exclusive flag item that you can place on your claim to proudly show the world that you attended SOE Live in August 2014!
    • Landmark In-Game Painting (Prop) – A special Landmark painting prop you can use to decorate your claim.
    • Each account only has one character. That character will receive both items. (If the character is deleted, a new character will not receive items).
    Dragon’s Prophet:
    • Lady Vox Egg – Ancient Dragon
    • Player Title: Permafrost’s Protector
    • This is awarded on each character. (Claim is received through the mail on first character; afterward, the egg appears in the marketplace bag for every character.)
    • Beanie
    • It's hard to stay fashionable in an apocalypse! This beanie not only says chic but may impress someone enough to not headshot you.
    • Item may or may not be claimable when Early Access starts. To be announced.
    EQ Next:
    • Next players will receive something for attending SOE Live 2014. To be announced.
    Want more cards? We'll have some extras available for $35 at the Station Store onsite!

    Guests who were unable to attend SOE Live to claim the physical card will receive a Loot Card key via email on or around August 22nd, 2014.
  2. Fendy Augur

    EQ Next players will receive something. . . lol. Like the actual game? Will beta be launching sometime next year?
    I read a rumor that H1Z1 may be out in October. Will it have a beta first?
  3. OldCa61 Elder

    Roshen, I have friends who live in other countries who just can't fly in for the party, can I buy a few of these and mail them to my friends? Just want to make sure there is no restriction other than 'one per account'Want more cards? We'll have some extras available for $35 at the Station Store onsite!

    Getting really excited !!!
  4. complexication Augur


    Tho i'm curious as to why eq2 players can have bags up to 66 slots and we get at max 36 on a good day. :\
  5. Riou Augur

    I don't think there is any limit to bags atm, on the Beta they were introduced I believe 1 bag had enough slots to cover your entire game screen with the bag alone lol. It is just what the Dev's picked as the cap due to game performance/storage probably and not wanting to hit max immediately (better to build it up so you spend in game time upgrading / SC upgrading at each step up)
  6. Ringkeeper Journeyman

    Hi Roshen,

    I registered for two Day Passes for the Guise of the Ancient Gods on separate accounts. I won't be able to attend but will be very happy with Guise. Do we need to inform someone of our non-attendance or will the emailed key code be sent automatically?

    I am a little concerned that someone might take my goodie bag (if they are designated at all) - intentionally or not. Will they be safeguarded? (As opposed to be laying around on a huge table). :)
  7. Crystilla Augur

    Ringkeeper - I think this was answered at the very bottom of the thread.

    - Guests who were unable to attend SOE Live to claim the physical card will receive a Loot Card key via email on or around August 22nd, 2014..
  8. Ringkeeper Journeyman

    Yes, but just confirming we don't need to send out a request first. And, addressing if the goodie bag will be tamper proof. :)
  9. Lupah New Member

    Confirmation Please...

    1 Day Pass will receive loot card?

    If i dont attend, it will get e-mailed to me via key code?
  10. Ringkeeper Journeyman

  11. wiha Elder

    do not think i have gotten 1 good card in the last 5 years
  12. Fortunbas Lorekeeper

    Hey Roshen,

    Not cool. Some of us couldn't travel but bought tickets $159 purely to get this illusion. We cant collect from goodie bags!

    Please look at a compromise for folks who bought tickets as per original post!

    [EDIT] Sorry I see its taken care of at end of your post.

    Best regards

    Fortunbas Soulsender
    Sorceror Supreme
    Antonious Bayle
  13. Roshen Brand Manager

    Hello all,

    Based on questions in another thread, I added the buff duration and recast this. This item clicks for a 10 minute duration, which is unfocusable. 2 hour recast time.

    You shouldn't need to inform anyone of your non-attendance. We'll get a list of people who have registered, but don't show up at the venue.

    We'll have a team that marks off which badges have claimed their goodie bag at the venue. It should be a good system to make sure that everyone gets one bag.
  14. Benito Augur

    I am concerned about the restrictions. I was hoping to cycle through the illusions - which was the understanding in the previous thread.

    Currently the plan is to give you a random illusion from this list each time you click the item.

    The restrictions make it a novelty item equivalent to a Station Cash novelty click. I suspect dozens of players were paying for the Day or Premium passes for a true illusion item (i.e. Aspect of the Brood and other LoN illusions). It goes from a $50 (early orders)-$169 item to a $10 item. Will the timer freeze in PoK or Guild Lobby? Will BRD/ROG/ENC 'Master of Diguise' still work on the effect? As a comparison, previous SOE Live items included Noble Dojorn's Lamp (100% experience increase - albeit randomized with hp/mana heals) and more permanent mercenary contracts (i.e. Vampires, Marionettes).

    Not to be ungrateful. I appreciate your efforts thus far and understand you are addressing concerns of Gods running wild. Also, that this item was considered a perk. However, several dozen players probably paid good money (even $169 for a late premium) under the assumption that it was unrestricted. It was somewhat marketed as a stand-alone purchase (at least - a major perk) and without specifics until three days before Live. I'd advocate removing restrictions but keeping the item without 'Heirloom' tag so that one character can reap full benefit while preventing the propagation of the illusion on one entire account. (One claim per account).
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  15. SpamFactory Augur

    Recast time and duration should have been disclosed when this item was first announced and not at the last minute after people have spent money. Not cool.

    Previous SOE live items were never announced in advance so there were tickets sold exclusively because of this item. People would assume this was a normal illusion item (i.e. 36min duration and focusable, no recast) unless told otherwise, so the duration and recast should have been made known since the beginning.
  16. Sancho Elder

    Does enchanter permanent illusion work on this? Would be sweet to get a Bindral Argaff scroll from this but other classes would probably hate that haha.
  17. Pwning Lorekeeper

    To piggyback on Spamfactory's complaint....every illusion that has been released, as a reward at any rate, such as the phoboplasm illusion beta tester reward, has followed the typical illusion standards of no recast, and normal, focus-able duration.

    Are the EQ2 people going to be able to access their new backpack once every 2 hours? No. That'd be stupid. The EQ1 reward has no beneficial effect to it that should reduce its useability, why put such harsh restrictions on it? The bag is an every day item, with what I assume is quite a bit of use. The illusion is a toy, and those who paid to go to fan faire, and want to show off the cool prizes they got for attending. Why restrict it?

    Please consider changing this to be more in line with the Gunthak Swabby's Eyepatch, no cooldown, cycle through illusions on click.
  18. Tobynn Augur

    These overboard restrictions will ensure that players will never again purchase SOE live tickets simply to obtain the advertised virtual goodies. Sucker play, bigtime. I trust SOE is laughing all the way to the bank on this one.

    Hands down the lamest duration/recast of any illusion clicky item in game, no contest. Complete garbage. In hindsight, now it makes perfect sense why the heavy restrictions were not mentioned from the start -- they wouldn't have sold as many tickets. Cash grab hihi.
  19. SpamFactory Augur

    reposting this from the locked thread:

    I find it unacceptable that they did not disclose this information when the item was first announced.

    They used this item to help boost ticket sales then announce it's not as good as people expected it to be after the August 1 refund deadline. That's pretty shady.
  20. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    There is a huge difference between paying a subscription or buying an expansion and buying SOE Live tickets simply for a single clicky. Now if the person is going to attend SOE Live, and wants to then sell the code for Krono or Plat that is reasonable. But if they are just buying the tickets for the code to sell, they could easily have gotten several times as much just buying the Krono themselves or actually subscribed for several months.

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