SOE Live Attendees to Receive Special Loot Card!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. Benito Augur

    Guise of the Ancient Gods has been involved with 4 or 5 patches. I am not sure if they should bother plugging the leaks in this sinking ship. They just need to remove the restrictions.
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  2. Ruinedmyownlands Elder

    With all the nerfs around, being screwed over on this item and the new rare item vender I seriously don't know what SoE is thinking. they seem to be doing everything they can to upset loyal players just to make a buck of us.

    How is this good businness??
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  3. Kelandi Elder

    I guess this was swept under the rug as well.
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  4. Ruinedmyownlands Elder

    They are probably too busy coming up with ideas on how to make us pay nobles to get the ancient gods clicky the way we want it.
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  5. ZenMaster Augur

    Ancient Tribunal illusion is able to trigger old world human-monk melee animation. Really cool. Wish I could be in this form for more than 30 minutes.
  6. Nymster New Member

    Naked Player Illusions FTW
  7. Benito Augur

    I have an idea. Since no teleport item is being afforded for TDS expansion purchase. How about granting SOE Live registrants a TDS teleport item to put this to rest?

    Example (from Painting: The Goddess Luclin):

    Painting: The Barren Coast
    Item Description: A painting of the Barren Coast that teleports the player to The Barren Coast.
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  8. Benito Augur

    After today's patch, the Illusion: Ancient Gods seems to shrink me at least 50% (between gnome and half elf). I wouldn't mind the miniature size if there were no restrictions - if that is a trade-off you would consider removing the restrictions. Otherwise, would like normal size please.
  9. Balisarius New Member

    This was the most stupid nerf they could have done... "We don't want EQ inundated with ancient gods running around"... This mindset is ignorant.... I have some pretty cool illusions... like aspect of the brood... Lord Soptyvr... pyrilen.... among many others.... I used to use my dragon illusion and evil eye quite a bit... "For a month" Now I use them rarely... once and awhile... The same would have gone for the gods illusion... would of been cool for a month... then the new smell would have worn off and I would have used it rarely like my other illusions... I do use my illusions and I love them... I am just saying that being all nostalgic for ancient gods is kinda ridiculous... maybe if you were the people that created them... and were around since Verant... All you really did was make sure I never go to SOE Live... or buy a digital item from SOE Live ever again... True story. Wonder if you guys realize how bad you messed up this time. You let people buy and item without going to Live, the first time you have ever let people do that... then you mess it up by really angering people... You could have had even more business next year... but personally for me no matter what you offer next year I will not be buying it... if you offer anything at all... even if it is something great and you were up front with people, and not duplicitous.
  10. Balisarius New Member

    Opinions are like $!@ holes. Everybody has one.

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