RoS T1 raids [Seal of Charassis]

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  1. segap Augur

    The group mission achievements are good XP. The regular progression rewards are not good exp for the time spent compared to grinding. I've done progression on about a dozen alts. I have another 10 that haven't done it and had no desire to do so. I find progression tasks mundane and boring and don't appreciate being forced to do EoK progression so that I can play some of my lesser cared for alts in RoS zones without being blown up. Having to avoid a few areas of Lab in EoK was a reasonable compromise. There are also some classes which the Hero's AAs do diddly squat for.
  2. Nightops Augur

    Need some help from those in beta (or Devs) with the questions below to understand exactly how this works with the transition into RoS.

    As I understand it now...

    -Essence of the Dragon 1 is from completing EoK Group tasks.

    -Essence of the Dragon 2 is obtained in the Kar'Zok raid. 6 people have an opportunity to get the blocker buff each raid and must 'infuse' the buff. Dying before infusing the buff results in no EotD2.
    -On each win of Kar'Zok, those who infused the buff correctly will receive EotD2 if they have EotD 1. If they infused correctly but do not have EotD1, they will be granted EotD2 additionally when they complete EotD1.
    -On a loss of Kar'Zok, all people who attained the blocker buff on that attempt will have it reset (including those who infused correctly).

    -12 x Di`Zok Royal Seal Fragment from EoK T1 raids to be flagged for T2 Chardok raids
    -18 x Kar`Zok Fragment from EoK T2 raids to be flagged for T3 Kor'Lab raids
    -18 x Seal of Charasis Fragment from EoK T3 to be flagged for T1 RoS raids.

    Requesting raids**
    - To request EoK T3 raids - Requesting person must have the Dizok Royal Seal & the Seal of the Kar'Zok, along with all group partisan completed.
    - To request RoS T1 raids - Requesting person must have the Seal of Charasis & RoS T1 partisans.


    -EotD 2 is only used in Kar'Zok raid?
    -EotD 1 is only needed for the Garssilor, Cinderscale fight in the Atrebe Sathir raid and to attain a permanent EotD 2?
    -Does RoS build off of the EotD line? Is there an EotD3 which requires 1&2 or is EotD 1&2 needed for anything in RoS?

    -I'm assuming requesting person for RoS T1 raids will be required to have all 3 EoK raid seals (Dizok, Kar'Zok, Charasis)?

    ** Does the requesting person need to have beaten all tier raids to request the next? This used to be a requirement in some older expansions, but I do not see it listed in the achievement reqs.
    -Gore & Droga to request EoK T2?
    -Prince, Queen, Vault to request EoK T3?
    -Kar'Zok, Ancient Dragon, Atrebe Sathir to request RoS T1?
  3. Yinla Augur

    Some players have no interest in doing group content. We have a handful of members who have not completed Dragon 1, but have a full Charasis Seal. :rolleyes:

    Many raiders just want to raid and that is all they do unless there is a level increase and even then its a slow process. Given a choice of raiding 2/3 nights a week, or exping doing quests they would pick raiding every time. Even giving people raid nights off to group with the guild and do progression doesn't get the job done. Many many years ago I remember raiders complaining about having to do group content to be able to raid, then we changed to only the raid requester had to have done progression. Now with Dragon1 once again they are insisting raiders do the majority of group content.

    It is just one of those things, not all raiders like the group game! EOK has started to turn me into one of those raiders, this is the first expansion I haven't completed all AA and I'm not at max level! Normally I'm maxed out at the 6 month mark.

    Progression has become a chore and that comes from someone who used to enjoy doing quests, but sadly quests for cool rewards are a thing of the past. Quests now just give exp and I can get that while hunting named and getting useful things for my main, friends or alts.
  4. Intenso Augur

    everyone was told eod1 was needed for raids before launch their fault?
  5. skabe Elder

    You are kidding right? This is something new to EQ ... a continuation expansion. The whole point is to have progression through EoK done in order to progress through RoS. It isn't a totally "new" progression arc. Where if you choose to you can simply say, "well we didn't do so well in last one but that slate is wiped clean and we get to move onto the next." I could very easily see some guilds not bothering to finish EoK tier 2 and 3 and just grind on RoS tier one and try to forget EoK all together.

    At the very least I expect the 85/15 rule to apply and for entering RoS dynamic zones. The achievement for having Essence of the Dragon II to not apply to raid mechanics until tier 2 RoS. Most, but maybe not all, guilds that have had all of EoK on farm will either have to only raid lock outs in RoS or continue to go back to those raids for a while yet to get flags, blocker, achievements, gear for apps/new members that need them. The thought of it makes me want to puke, grinding the same raids for the past 9 months only to have to keep going back to them. We even spent a good amount of time this past year going back and getting all TBM achievements for people to have Eyes of Life and Decay and the augs from tier 3 TBM. That's the kind of hard work that top tier guilds put in, that makes them top tier guilds.
    There is no excuse for anyone to NOT have Essence of the Dragon 1 done unless they just returned to playing game after a hiatus.
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  6. Nightops Augur

    Deep runs the irony in this young Jedi.

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  7. Fian Augur

    I am trying to figure out what itch DBC is trying to scratch here. The obvious one would be to make raiding progression take longer so that the expansion isn't beat in a couple of months and then raiders are bored. However, forcing completion of EOK raiding first doesn't solve that problem. Elite guilds have already beaten the content and will be starting on RoS raids on day one. It is the mid tier guilds that will be slowed down by this. However, mid tier guilds don't beat all raid content before the next expansion comes out. So I fail to see the benefit of this lockout. The only thing that is accomplished is creating more separation in the gear between the elite and mid tier guilds. Is that really something that DBC wants? I just don't see what DBC is trying to accomplish. As far as I can tell, an elite raider designed this, and did not consider its impact on mid tier guilds.

    As for those that say you can get Essence of the Dragon in 3 days, and people are lazy, you really aren't getting it. Yes, some people are lazy (although we are talking about a game here). Mid tier guilds take anyone they can get just to try and get close to 54 raiders. While we wish everyone in our guild was highly motivated raiders, they aren't. In prior expansions we could raid some new content, get our spells and some raid gear with some lazy raiders. Now, with this change, it will just kill many of the raid forces which means fewer raiders which means fewer subscribers which means the death of EQ.

    To the developer who thought this up: You are being stupid. You will kill EQ with this and quite possibly lose your job as a result, since EQ pays your salary.
  8. Jhenna_BB Augur

    Anyone who has not made the effort to at least have group progression done is doing themselves a disservice. EoK was a great expansion! The Chardok quest line is the best quest line in EQ since the Bixie Thunder Gun mission - that gnome npc is hilarious! We had real, old skool EQ dungeon crawls again - it was glorious!

    I understand not everyone has a standard group to log into to rush through content or a guild willing to repeat the same quests over and over for all it's members. After a year if you've honestly been playing the game in that time you really should be asking yourself if you're playing the right game for you. EQ is simply not a game that just hands you everything - you must make effort to reach your goals and if you're not goal oriented why log in at all? EQ is a game of checking off virtual boxes. Check off your boxes already!

    Set goals. Log in with a plan - "I'm going to do X today". Be proactive and YOU put your group together instead of sitting around for hours with /LFG on. You're wasting your electricity doing that. Only YOU have the control to be successful in this game. Stop holding yourselves back. Or! Spoken in true MMO meme form - GIT GUD! :)
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  9. Fian Augur

    Jhenna is just not listening.
  10. Smokezz Augur

    You can though. There aren't Kar`Zok roaming in every zone in RoS. This is also about raiding. You don't raid on all 22 alts do you, or you'd have done the prog on all 22 alts...
  11. Yinla Augur

    Just because it is what you enjoy it doesn't mean everyone else does, life would be boring if we all liked the same thing.

    I have a strong dislike for both Kunark and dungeons, you could possibly blame all the camping I did to get the halfling mask from Chardok for that. With 4 dungeons in ROS I don't think I'm going to enjoy it anymore than I did EOK. I prefer large open zones with non summoning mobs! 16 years as a wizzy makes me love the outside!

    Just because people set different goals to the ones you set doesn't mean they are wrong. Setting goals to get yourself/friend an item from a named mob is still playing the game. Just a little differently than the way you play.

    EQ was never about checking off boxes until the achievements came in, it was always about doing fun quests with fun items, something the devs have sadly forgotten.

    Once I've paid my rent this month I will probably preorder ROS, but only to support the guild, then it will be grinding out all the quests in the first week, my aim is always a zone a night, followed by helping the rest of the guild in the next moth or so. Then farming raids for 10 months.

    I live in wait of somewhere new to die this time next year!!!!!
    PSSST I wanna go see whats on Norrath's other moon!
  12. Ratbo Peep Augur

    No - there are those that keep trying to couch everything as a "participation trophy" as a cheap, transparent, debate tactic. Like in my thread, attach beating timers to achievements, not fails does not give a team that slogs through raids the hard way a "participation trophy".
    On this issue - I see both sides. Compromise would be to flag everyone that beats ROS group progression with the Seal as well. This year's raids have never been linked to beating "last years" raids in the history of EQ (that I know of). IMHO the last few expansions have done nothing but make sure the Uber Guilds get more uber- and the lesser guilds get lesser and lesser able to play at all.
  13. Ratbo Peep Augur

    So inversely, that means 58% of the raid population will never eventually be able to raid ROS.
    But I suppose that %8% that's in guilds that disintegrate will just provide more "recruiting opportunities" for the "real" raiders that can beat the content. Ya - I see where this is headed real easily. The uber guilds will get the top 10% of that 58% - the other 90% of that 58% is just left behind. Again.
  14. ~Mills~ Augur

    I am already flagged and have blocker. I think its a very very poor decision to A) force EoK flagging and blocker onto entry RoS raids. 2) Require EoK armor to be able to upgrade to RoS for visables.

    I have spent 6 months already gearing up alts and apps in EoK and don't want to be forced to repeat that everytime we have a new app, returning member or for alts.
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  15. Reval Augur

    Same thread, different day.

    And yeah, for the record, the higher end players pulling this let them eat cake crap is old, and stupid.
  16. Cicelee Augur

    Way to misquote.

    If you read the post I quoted, it said 42% of raiders have completed EOK Queen or Kar Zok or whatever. Which meant that 58% would not be raiding ROK on Day 1. I said those 58% will eventually be able to, just six weeks later.
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  17. Smokezz Augur

    And there are people advocating on multiple threads for the removal of timers, effects like auras that make people pay attention, aes, etc so things are simply ezmode. Which is where the participation trophy comments are coming from.

    You're right, a year to year expansion being required has never happened. Expansions being released in parts has happened (RoF, CoTF, etc), just they didn't cost anything.
  18. Fian Augur

    Even CoTF didn't raise the level cap mid expansion. Now all the rank 3 spells will be locked behind barriers that mid tier guilds will probably not be able to pass. Maybe after 18 weeks since the first EOK T3 raid doesn't require Essence of the Dragon. 6 weeks is a joke, though, as it would take at least 9 weeks to get Essence of the Dragon 2 for your entire raid force before you could take the last 2 EOK raids.
  19. Smokezz Augur

    You don't *NEED* RK3's. They're not light years ahead of RK2's.
  20. Fian Augur

    As an enchanter, the resist modifier on mez spells is a big deal. And thank you for telling me what I need. If we don't need rank 3 spells, let's get rid of them for everyone then. That would be fair right?

    I find it a joke that the person who plans to be getting rank 3 soon after RoS release is telling others they don't need them.

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