RoS T1 raids [Seal of Charassis]

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Blitter, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. Blitter Elder

    Only 25 guilds beat Enslaver b4 EoK came out. And the other guilds that beat it after obviously geared up in EoK.
    So unless RoS has some AA and Augs that are going to increase there HP/AC by over 20% of the current EoK raid gear/rares they are using I can't see it working.

    3 guilds beat Kar'Zok *over* the last 7 months. Think about that.

    I'm not asking for anything to be made easier in EoK. I think the raids are perfectly fine as they are.

    I'm just asking for a bone to be thrown so guilds can have an option to progress in RoS with the T1 raids...and then have to come back to EoK to finish there b4 they can proceed in T2.
    Why lock out 42% of the raiding population? It makes no sense to do that. They've never done it b4.
  2. Cleaver Augur

    I would bet 5 more levels and AAs will give you an increase near 20% You get like 5% just from natural durability upgrades.
  3. Gaol Journeyman

    I don't think it's unreasonable for people in guilds that haven't beaten EoK to want to enjoy some of the raids in the new expansion they've just purchased.

    Being locked out completely, just because you're in a more casual guild, seems rather harsh or even spiteful. As others have said, this hasn't happened before.

    Also, making Dragon 1 a requirement or barrier for the new content will also create difficulty for a lot of people - again mainly in more casual guilds. I really hope these issues will be reconsidered before launch.
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  4. Evurkvest Elder

    I could not agree with you more, this is something i really dont like in EQ. For new characters its such an tremendous amount of work to get all the old goodies to compete with the veterans. I think it would be fair to open up old raids like Xorbb for example for TC clicky and unlock those kind of items on raid vendors or perhaps make it possible to exchange later expansions raid currency for older. I know for a fact that the amount of stuff you need to do to get a top notch character are making newcomers quit. And stuff like veteran rewards, no way to catch up on stuff like 7th.
  5. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Agree on this part.
    If they'd lock all raids, as currently done, behind EoK raids completed, it'd be a first and not a good one.

    As for the requiring 18 EoK T3 raids for RoS T1 ones...
    I am still hoping for ample backflags to drop in RoS.
    Because as going back to TBM was (understandably so) quite unpopular,
    so will be going back to EoK once RoS is released.
    We don't know yet how they will go at this, so it is too early to call the end of the world over this.

    Disagree on this part.
    "Essence of the Dragon I" is NOT a problem to get.
    With help from TAs and "a purpose" it is perfectly doable in 3days of "normal" evening game-time.
    The longest time of that taken up by the lots of running involved in SW partisans and the faction switch.
    So, if really speaking about "more casual guilds" make that perhaps a week - but that's it then.
    (For the farming of lymph nodes and ores you need for Labs partisan#2, organize a few guild groups and use the guild bank...)

    You want to have that progression anyways, if only for the Hero's lines of AAs.
    It's far too easy to do to pass up.
  6. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I think that might be at least partly due to how you present this "challenge" to them then.
    You speak of "competition" of new layers/characters vs. established ones.
    I think the 80% rule applies in such a case.

    Yes, there are loads of nice clickies and things you would want in time.
    But as a new player you have to prioritize, that's all.
    When i came back after several years of absence, i WAS basically a "new player" all over again.
    I was helped tremendously through the (then-still-) difficult parts of TDS progression to get powersources.
    I had to do current expansion's progression and then some.
    Yet, at not time (except after autogrant when figuring out all the new AAs) did i feel overwhelmed.

    As a guildmate you can do a LOT to easen the burden on "newcomers".
    Even if that means perhaps lowering your expectations a bit.
    While it's sure nice-to-have, a new player doesn't need his own CoP4-clicky nor his maxed hero's AAs for example to be a help to the raid.

    Keep your expectations reasonable and the attitude helpful and "newcomers" will stay, no matter how "behind" they were then they started.

    Only way to "catch up" on veteran rewards is...well... subscription time.
    But since they've stopped adding new ones a while ago, it's no longer "impossible" lol.
    Nothing of that is "needed" to "compete".
  7. Ghubuk Augur

    This would be a real kick in the teeth for guilds that don't have 18 eok t3 wins at all. Now they are being told they cant do ROS raids but guilds that have can now get backflags for alts/new members in ROS. This whole idea of locking out every ROS raid to guilds that haven't completed EOK is going to cause a lot of people quitting in my opinion.
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  8. Ghubuk Augur

    And not only being locked out of raids, but even the ROS visible gear is locked behind having the EOK raid piece to even make.
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  9. Ratbo Peep Augur

    IMHO the thread was always "legit" - LOL. But as the OP, of course I'd have that position. :)
    But ya - requiring the seal, coupled with the closure between group and raid gear, doesn't bode real well for "the lesser half" as it were. And once again - the "better half" are totally unaffected and IMHO can't relate much to the reality of "the also rans".
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  10. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Long ago I said that adding an arbitrary "fail timer" to "Defense of the City" was no way to start new raid content for a new expansion off ona good foot. Few heard me. And now we see this.
    IMHO most of the raid content since the launch of TDS has had an underlying theme to "separate the men from the boys". They are increasingly making it easier and easier for the uber guilds to progress, while throwing up more roadblocks to the "lesser half". They are indeed separating the "men from the boys", and when "the men" no longer have a game because all "the boys" went elsewhere; then and only then will they finally understand.
    Another huge "slap in the face" was the huge boost in player power for getting all TBM raid achievements. Yep! Just what the uber guilds needed - more player power and more "easy mode" as a result.
  11. Jumbur Augur

    You could also turn it around and say, that EoK tier 3 will feel "new" for guilds who haven't beaten EoK yet. I don't really mind RoS being a kind of tier 4.
    I just hope that DBG can make the EoK-RoS transition so smooth that it feels like a natural tier 4, progression-wise. This will also depend on how back-flagging is handled. RoS rk3-spells in EoK tier 3 chests, could also help casual guilds to catch up.
    Tuning one of the early RoS-raids towards level 107-ish, and make "tier 4" items only require level 106-ish to equip could be another way. Having every raidguild require every member to powerlevel 4-ish levels the first week should not be the norm, imho.
    Personally I think they should do it like back in RoF, where you had an intro quest that taught you alaran language. They could make an early RoS quest, that rewarded you essence of the dragon I. :)
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  12. Smokezz Augur

    1. Sorry but people not having EOD1 done, is pure laziness. It's not hard to do. If someone puts in effort, it can be done in a couple DAYS. If they're only logging in to raid, then it's *ALL* on them. It's also not needed for Queen, so you can't blame that on failing to progress on Queen.

    2. What the hell are you talking about? Anyone can level to 110. Anyone can go get the Rk1 spells and get Rk2 drops. No one *NEEDS* Rk3 spells. None of this is locked behind EoK progression or EoK raids.

    3. No it's not.
  13. Intenso Augur

    Yea why would ppl not do eod1 in a year?
  14. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Please explain how backflags for EoK T3 dropping from RoS lower tiers is a kick in the teeth for anyone?

    Whether they'll be unlocking a few raids in RoS or not...
    If yes, this would reduce the time for the guilds that they still have to spend in EoK T3.
    If not, it will reduce THEIR backflagging time as much as anyone else's once they have flagged 85% of their raid and started RoS raid-progression.
    I don't see how backflags being added in a way Yinla suggested can be considered a "kick in the teeth" by anyone?
  15. Jumbur Augur

    It is my impression that most mains have done it already(by grouping with other mains :D ), but neglected their alts/boxes. I can sort of understand why some would like to skip EoK group-progression for alts and boxes.
  16. Warpeace Augur

    Yep, they must hate the reward for completing it.
  17. Smokezz Augur

    I can't. It's a hell of a lot of XP. Why skip it when it gives such an enormous amount of XP? Not to mention the Hero's AA as well.
  18. Jumbur Augur

    True, there are rewards and good xp for doing EoK-progression, but not everyone has time to complete EoK multiple times(and not everyone can do it in 3 days, I guess).
  19. Smokezz Augur

    I know not everyone has time to do it in 3 days heh. But it's been a year now. Even averaging one night a week, you can complete at least 6 characters Partisan tasks all the way through EoK.
  20. Jumbur Augur

    Lets say there are different degrees of "casual". :p

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