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  1. Skeeter Elder

    How about making every single item in EQ heirloom?

    Also, server merges.
  2. Galliana Elder

    Would cross-server LFG be possible?
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  3. Peshmerga Daeshbane New Member


    Please review the following ideas. Some may be unoriginal and some may be really outside the box.

    1. Create a feature called "Tour Series." The customer can go to any Red Box machine and borrow a DVD that allows all accounts access to the "Tour Series." The purpose of this feature is that during the duration of the rental a player will be given a solo, group, or raid sized tour of Norrath. The rentee gets to choose where they start, the time they want to pbut in, and how many player characters or NPCs they want to tour with. The one restriction is that the tour can only progress up until the second to last expansion. For those without an EverQuest account or download, the DVD will also streamline the process from plug in to play.

    2. Create a feature called "PreQuests." During PreQuesting a player is contributing to the backstory of Norrath or trying to confound it. When certain milestones are achieved in PreQuesting, NPCs get unlocked on a specific server.
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  4. Old_Timer Journeyman

    Like many others, I would like to see a new progression server. Please, please, please!! :)
  5. Peshmerga Daeshbane New Member

    3. If you can implement a tour series, make the next expansion content extended through level 155. This will make the game feel like totally new.

    4. The next logical step would up the heroic characters to 105 if a level 155 expansion were to be granted.

    5. Hinted by through "PreQuests", recycle lore from EverQuest Next into our EverQuest.

    6. Restore East Commonlands and North Freeport. Populate the East Common lands tunnel with 35+ NPCs wearing nice looking loot. Players can either attack or quest for the loot they are wearing.
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  6. Pelamar Lorekeeper

    Cross server grouping, trading and even dare I say it raiding if you please.

    The offline trader system is utter garbage having to keep a trader logged in 24/7 just to sell our crap is stone age even worse we have to use a gold account for it. We need a proper traders server I don't think it is much to ask.

    Open up the veteran reward system for all players as doing it by year seems very clique to me after a certain period of time everyone should have access to every reward.

    get rid of the station store we really hate being made to put our hands in our wallets every time we want some service or another that really should be for free with our gold accounts. We are not your cash cows.

    In game parsing it makes you guys look so bad that we have to go outside of the company that makes our game just for a little piece of programming that tells us how we healed,parsed or tanked I mean come on.

    Decent in game profile system Magelo is fantastic why do we have nothing like that provided for us in game once again it just makes you guys look bad that we had to outsource somewhere else to get this basic service.

    Fix the default UI any new play trying this game for the first time takes one look at the default UI with windows all over the place and says no thanks. Because seriously if you guys can't be bothered to provide a decent default UI how do you expect to attract new customers.

    A big fat bribe for old retired players to come back to the game something a lot more than just a month free play time heroic characters in game cash erm free AA whatever you want because lets face it without a customer base none of the great stuff people have been suggesting is likely to happen is it?
  7. Nolrog Augur

    It's easy. Just start out with [ quote ] put text here then end this part with [ / quote ] (without any of the spaces)
  8. Alaklin Journeyman

    I agree with the UI complaints--it is baffling that it is still as bad as it has been for well over a decade, and I've had so many friends I've tried to interest in EQ download all those gigs and then say they can't figure anything out. It's too much, too fast, and too cluttered for people that haven't played EQ, let alone any MMOs.

    I also agree that EQ should offer a parser--we'd even pay for it through Marketplace if it functions easier. Getting rid of the store would not bode well for those with a lot of saved up Station Cash, and it does offer some conveniences in terms of services. I would like to see mini, optional expansion material offered at a lower rate instead of large scale expansion rollouts every 8 months, especially when there are less zones and almost no originality in terms of the upgrades, AAs, and spells. If there isn't a level cap increase involved, let us buy new zones for 500 (SC) or whatever the new name will be, raids for 150 a pop. Then you won't have to gift everything to the FTP players, especially when the raids are irrelevant by that time.

    And if you don't want to purchase things from Marketplace, then don't.
    I also disagree regarding veteran rewards. They are original, minor conveniences that are not game-breaking, and are another incentive to actually pay for accounts. Gifting all rewards for not subscribing is entirely against the purpose. I'd rather see them give us the last 2 rewards which have been forgotten or ignored (and in a few months it will be 3).

    Player profiles aren't outsourced to Magelo, they originated because of EQ back in the Kunark days. EQPlayers was started as the home alternative, and was available for years, but the support was lost. I'd like to see it back, but not if it means pulling resources that could go to a better in-game experience.
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  9. Zujilli Elder

    I would like to be able to have 16 character slots per server on one account. I really enjoy alting in MMOs, learning multiple classes keeps things fun for me. I found it very strange that I could only buy one of the 3 character slot bundles in the station cash store and that I have to buy the rest off of the loyalty vendor. I only have about 400ish of the loyalty currency, (created an account back in September but only started playing recently) so I will be waiting a while before I will be able to buy my first one. This isn't a huge deal for me right now, but eventually I would like to have a character of each class and not have to either create another account or put some of them on a different server because I really like my server and my guild. I think giving us the option to buy more character slots and allowing us to have at least 16 per server has the potential to make Daybreak some serious money.
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  10. Melanippe Augur

    1: No and as to cross server trading, instant mess up every server economy. No again.

    2. If you want to park a trader in-game, it's simple. Pay for All Access. As it stands now the limitations of FTP accounts are miniscule. A trader's server? Why?

    3. Veteran Rewards mean just that. Veterans! Everyone should have access to every reward? Why? Clique? Well, if you define "clique" as being those players who have exhibited a long standing and continued loyalty to the game. Yes. However, since Veteran Rewards ARE available the longer ANYONE plays the game, it would seem that everyone is already in the "clique".

    4. I am unaware of anything or any mechanism that forces anyone to purchase station cash.

    5. If you want to parse something there are assuredly player made programs available FREE which let you do so. I see no need to divert developer time just to satisfy the curiosity of players when a perfectly functional and FREE player made program is out there already.

    6. Indeed, Magelo IS fantastic and they offer the choice of both FREE and Premium service. Again I see no need to divert developer time to satisfy the curiosity of players.

    7. The default UI as presented to a newly created character indeed needs a fair amount of tweaking!

    8. I would venture that the best way to lure back "old retired players" would be to create exciting, intriguing, challenging, re-playable content. That would be a "bribe" worth its weight in returnees.
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  11. Serriah_Test Augur

    Off topic, but not really.

    Champions of Norrath: Realms of Everquest
    Champions of Norrath: Return to Arms
    Champions of Norrath: Errrrmaguurrrd It's been 10 years, where's the 3rd one?

    You guys do realize that Champs of Norrath is STILL better than Diablo 3, right? Just lose the shakespearian rejects as voice actors and check out "Legacy of Kain" and "Primal" for examples of proper story telling and voice acting and you'll print money :)

    Oh yeah... and for Everquest

    1.) You have all of the content resources, so return levels 1 through to 90 so a group of 3 to 6 can do ALL content (including raids). There are wildly successful emulated servers with one developer who have done this. You'd never believe how fun this made Norrath.

    2.) "Gear Gap" from level 90 to 100 (fix it so it's not a gap)

    3.) Stop listening to the neckbearders on these forums.
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  12. Iila Augur

    I think the only ones listening to them are the other neckbeards.

    Champions of Norrath was fun, but the ship has sailed on EQ getting off-genre tie-ins on consoles. About 2 weeks ago for sure, or about a decade ago when a lot of the goodwill towards the franchise evaporated.
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  13. Xanumbik Augur

    while i agree with alot of the suggestions made for improving the game i will point out that many of the things being suggested would fall under the " code" clause remember how many devs over the years have said that the EQ code is fubar/confusing patched together mess? and can only be improved so much. they would have to redo the whole game with modern coding and that is what EQnext will be for.
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  14. Bigstomp Augur

    I don't want to set up a raid and get random people. You at least need to have some idea of the players skill level or they need to dumb down raids so bad any moron can win it.

    They give us good log files, 3rd party company's are doing a good job filling this gap. Let them fill it. I'd rather have them worry about more content.

    I'm happy to have it outsourced to magelo, so the team can focus more on content.

  15. Deillusional Augur

    The main problem with the EQ team is that they are understaffed and then they get rid of more eq devs in the cutbacks, I assume that they are not even being replaced. For example it just took 4 months to realise that we were not getting enough spells in the expansion and it would have took a caster on average approx 1 year to get all the spells. Then they will become obselete at the next expansion, if we get one, and there is a level increase. What particularly the raiding player base would like to know, is how many more raids are planned this year, and how many in the next expansion, 7 was not good enough in TDS expansion, so many zones we could have had raids in dinos anyone? All we got was 7 in the end zone. The one off raid was not a good idea, and it would have took the same amount of time to have it as a normal raid instead of a one off. (Ok I like all the raids in the expansion but we need more not less next time around.)
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  16. Larrian New Member

    one thing I would like to see more is the Hot Zones changing more often, I don't know If anyone has said about it already, but we haven't had a hot zone change in a long long time, and I , as im sure many others do, play a lot of alts, so It would be awesome to see those change more often : )
  17. Pelamar Lorekeeper

    We now need more buff slots with the need for enchanter spell runes on top of a few other things buff slot space is now at a premium. Also for the love of god fix the cleric spell haste buff so it stacks properly and we only ever have one version on us the highest level.

    Remove static melee push from the game you can keep ability and spell push as we sometimes need to move mobs but static melee push is a right pain in the and really needs to go.
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  18. Songsa Augur

    Im one of the player that started "hibernating" with TDS after 15 years of playing this game. The reasons were multiple but basically : less and less raid content years after years, too many unuseful class nerf or stagnation, lack of character progression things. (humm and the xp nerf was the cherry on the cake)
    Imo if you want this game to continue for years you need to come with a new way of character progression. I'm sure the community could bring interesting new ideas.
    Despite multiple negative feedbacks most classes got only copy paste spells we had for years (and some of them we never used) and some more ranks of same existing AA that give 0.0000000001% more damage or tanking etc.. its really not fun. You gain levels and you feel less powerful, this is totally wrong. I totally understand sometimes adjustments need to be done to balance the game but in that case give at least people some fun with NEW utility AA/spells/things.
    People need fun and this come for most people with character improvement : new abilities, new spells, new utility.
    About raids... Raids are what make the essence of EQ, very few games can give this experience, 54 people fighting together, this is the force of EQ ! the last few years the numbers of raids declined, dont continue in that direction, raids need to be a priority again this is one of the things that make people stay and talk to friends to come here because this game is the only one that can bring that to players!!
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  19. Greyowl Augur

    Deffo need a higher lvl hotzone. Valley and Grounds dont do much for lvl101+, let alone lvl105.
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  20. Serriah_Test Augur

    A good game is a good game.

    But if anyone is interested... you'll see how the acting made the games bad.
    Start at 6:32 for some sheer "ROFL" moments... oh and first appearance of the Plane of War :)

    And for comparison... my fave game of all time: Primal

    SOE let their product die.
    Maybe Daybreak will see the value in GOOD console games. Make a world, tell a story, play a game.

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