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  1. Windstalker Executive Producer

    Hail to all in Norrath!

    As many of you know we had a challenging week as we repositioned our company for the long term. I apologize it’s been quiet and I know there have been concerns. First, let me say, this game and this team are busy planning and scheming – just as this team always has. Our focus is you and fun, and the future.

    Also, as you may have deduced, I’m very honored to now work with the team and all of you as the executive producer. I have some big shoes to fill! I can already say….holy cow, this team takes no prisoners! We’ve already had lengthy chats and their passion for you all and the game is really unequaled. I can guarantee they remain “all-in” and we are forming the future of EQ based on all the feedback and input received over the years.

    A bit about me and EQ… EQ was the first game I ever worked on and there was no better learning experience in game design and community. I started as an EQ player in 1999 and was a raider on Fennin Ro and then merged with Druzzil Ro. I was one of the first raiding beastlords and would two-box with my dark elf wizard (Woot)! I can’t tell you how amazing it is that I get to work with a lot of the same devs. It really speaks volumes about the dedication and love these devs have for EQ. And I love it too!

    I’m in the ramp-up phase (again!), but I can tell you that more content is coming with our February update at the end of the month that will include the new player-designed missions in the 16th Anniversary Events starting on March 16. There are new marketplace items you asked for, bug fixes, and more. As for the future, including expansion plans, we’re reviewing everything together to be sure we’re doing the right content for the game and you all. As soon as we nail down some stuff, we’ll share it asap.

    Bear with me as this hummie druid gets her feet wet and we’ll all dive in together.

    What I’d really love is to hear from everyone directly and chat about all of this. To have an opportunity to do this, we’ll be hosting a Twitch livestream on Wednesday, February 18 at 2pm PT at twitch.tv/DayBreakGames. The team looks forward to having you tune in so we can address any questions you may have!

    Thank you for the continued support! See you in game!

    Holly Longdale
    Executive Producer, EverQuest & EverQuest II
  2. RangerDanger#1 Lorekeeper

    So no more expansions?
  3. Crystilla Augur


    From one priest to another. It's a good thing we've got healing spells, because after the last 2 weeks you all have had, those skills will come in handy as you work within the broader section of teams and the community.

    Good luck and we can't wait to hear more. Be prepared for some of the tough questions you know will come your way Wednesday.
  4. Abazzagorath Augur

    Reverse the exp nerf regarding level 101+ players in the first release and first 19 expansions and you'll get major kudos to start off (either keep shift of exp in heroic adventures to mission completion or just go nerf the problem missions and reverse exp changes in those too).

    That was a huge problem and impediment to players grouping together, enjoying older content, etc.

    Fix the heroic characters to make them capable of progressing without being dragged along by friends (i.e., give them decent augs and weapons).
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  5. Skeeter Elder

    Any plans for server merges? We are honestly due for another round of server merges. Some servers are getting extremely low population wise.
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  6. Meledy New Member

    So i hope we get some pvp balance,since you guys have ignored it for 7 years.

    It's really bad!

    You wont even give those guys in the pvp section an answer on all their questions.
  7. Skeeter Elder

    he said they'll announce it when time comes.....if it comes.
  8. Benito EQ Player since 2001.


    Please don't neglect EverQuest and EverQuest 2 for Landmark and EQNext.

    These games are the bread and butter of Daybreak.

    The old guard is out. You can now lobby more effectively for us.

    Thank you!
  9. Alandros Elder

    Thanks for sharing, glad to hear something official from the team, to know it's still alive. I played in Fennin Ro since launch in 99, was a great server :)
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  10. Tharkis Princess

    Welcome back to EQ. In these hard times I know there's a lot of uncertainty both for all of you working on the game and for us the players. I'm looking forward to your stream / chat next Wednesday.

    So I assume after all this time, your vah shir persona is long retired in EQ? It's ok even if you're a human druid now, you'll still live on as Holly Longtail in the plane of knowledge =)
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  11. RangerDanger#1 Lorekeeper

    I read it as it will never come. Unless they can get it done without spending a dime.
  12. Vanrau Augur

    Yes, trying to shovel people into the new expansion really backfired. Undo the experience nerfs and you'll get some more expansion sales for my other boxes at least.
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  13. Tharkis Princess

    They gave your pet an updated look btw =^.^=

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  14. Skeeter Elder

    Yeah, you can read it all as more corporate talk I guess. Its been discussed that autopilot mode maybe coming for EQ1 along with sporadic miniscule content. So who knows if expansions are being removed completely and the game going to content much like what we see during Anniversary time.

    The game is definitely going into resource conserve mode though.
  15. Iila Augur

    Do you now some competition on your pretty kitty princess title?
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  16. Dibab Augur

    The fact that there is a non answer about expansion plans makes me very uneasy and sad. I really hope EQ will live on. Without EQ1 there would be no EQ2 EQOA, EQN Landmark, and everything else thats out there. Our game helped found MMORPGs. Dont let us die
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  17. Skeeter Elder

    Time will tell
  18. Crystilla Augur

    Of course you read it that way.

    Let's actually read the words there instead of adding things that don't exist please.
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  19. Ghubuk Augur

    Skeeter, weren't you already banned as Kelefane?
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  20. Iila Augur

    And the account after that.
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