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  1. Kiillz Augur

    Strats are NOT "given" tyvm.The event is TESTED because its an unknown. Perhaps the notion of beating it sooner because a guild tested it and saw it first could be sound, but still no guarantee it was nt ramped up or tuned down etc from test to live. Also does not mean the event was BEATEN while testing it, because of factors the devs need to fix BEFORE it goes live. HENCE the term TESTING.

    Kinda set me off a bit that you think the strats are given, takes away from the pain staking work done during testing to get it right before it goes live and really cheapens anyone's accomplishments who beat the event when it went live AND tested it.

    Dont let the fact that I am in Triton cloud your judgement either, I have tested events with other guilds as well. So no well its easy for you to say your in Triton comments apply here.

    Just my 2cp.
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  2. Peshmerga Daeshbane New Member

    7. Accept bitcoin payments.
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  3. Smokn Augur

    you logic is flawed at best sir, like kiillz said NOTHING is givin to us we WORK for everything just like you, and FYI the same "strats" that you claim are givin to "us" are givin to "YOU" as well, not my problem your guild lacks the combine strength to tell your members to apply for beta access and use the time the way the rest of us "upper tier raiding guilds do" the real problem here is the fact that your mad that your members dont have the dedication that other guilds have.....the FACTS are the content givin by the dev's over the last 3 years is a JOKE and your still struggling....once again not our fault, take your blame finger and point it at yourself and not others....we dont make you wipe and we are givin the same chance that you are, if you choose to take it or not that is your problem not ours.....sorry bout my rage fest just now but your BS excuse as to why your guild fails just set me off this morning...
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  4. Truklin Lorekeeper

    I highly doubt this would be at all possible unless this game gets significantly more resources than it has had in the past, but if all raid content could be tuned and tested by non player staff, that would be awesome. It would eliminate the need to give everyone a write up in beta of event mechanics and details about what AE's to watch for and what AT's to make in advance, which in my opinion makes new content less exciting, a lot more predictable and a lot easier to plow through quickly.
  5. Windstalker Executive Producer

    Still lurking. If you can keep posting with stuff you love to do and the reasons you play (which I see a lot of), it will help us a lot. You are a special animal and I want to get to why you play. This is not to say I'm ignoring or belittling frustrations, but I know you'll understand what I'm getting at.
  6. Leigo Augur

    I love EQ, my first mmorpg and the only one I've stayed with over the many years.

    Few things I would like to see if possible:
    New Race(s)
    New Class(es)
    Splinter zone Revamps. Similar to how RoF has crystals in old zones linking to its zones. Have a portal/stone in old zones and I mean stuff from the good old days of PoP etc. These stones link to a revamped version with scaled missions and npcs so that folks can go enjoy old content at 105 without killing grey mobs.
    New EPICs - I know this is NEVER going to happen.. But it's also part of something that can be done with revamping old zones. If you are able to do the same Quest line as your old epic but in 95-105 content and get a 1.0 that is a beast of what your old 1.0 or 2.0 was and be able to use it without worry of the next expansion making it worthless. That would truly be wonderful.

    Honestly, the zones/epic requests are far easier then creating something from nothing. The framework is already there. Build on it.
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  7. Reviled Elder

    I love character building. I've got 6-7 100+ toons across 3 accounts, box a lot. I keep playing for my friends and guild. Raid alot (please Dinosaur raid!). This past expansion has not helped the raid scene at all. Also, I play on Zek, so PvP makes a great 2nd end game for me. The added challenge keeps it interesting. However, where the goal of the exp changes and HA lockout was to get players concentrated in the newest content, on Zek it just makes it that much harder to exp etc. Less options to hide out and get PvE things done. I loved RoF, but with my toons over 100 it's pointless for me to go there now.
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  8. Tweelis Augur

    Several things keep me playing while a few things make me really consider throwing in the towel.

    I'm currently trying to get better augs for my mage. I killed Gosik in breeding grounds way to many times for my limited sanity. I would love some sort of exchange merchant where you can turn in something like 3 of a mobs common drops in exchange for one of its other drops. Keeping the carrot in front of me will keep me coming back to the area/mob but after so long the RNG just needs to be handcuffed. I enjoy chasing a carrot....I don't like being Charlie Brown.

    I'll probably get lambasted for this but another thing I'm enjoying is the ability to get in somewhere deep but have it be a nailbiting experience. Example is I'm trying to complete "The Sacred Profaned" in Degmar. Last night I was able to get to the elf but my fingernails suffered due to the mixture of regular and undead and see invis mobs. The zone reminds me a lot of Unrest when I was in my teens.

    Having some very limited underwater stuff is fine. Having a zone that's mostly underwater like Cavern's of Endless Song....blech.

    Just an idea but what would you peeps say to having named and chests drop a variable amount of expansion merchant currency? Fairly often I'll kill Darkmud Keeper or Vizat the Defiled when I want a casual lesson burn. Would it be possible to have mobs like these drop something like 5 pieces of eight when they get killed? or better yet if this is possible but have them spawn with 3 but the longer they go without being killed add more (maybe add 1 per 12 hours the mob has been up).
  9. Indigo Augur

    I am in no way impressed or interested in the last two expacs. I'll resub this account the moment a new progression server is announced. That is the only thing I am interested in. Before, however, I wouldn't hold my breath. I am now holding my breath. This is something that can be done NOW! It doesn't take development. It doesn't take new art. It doesn't take much planning. Will it be done?

    This folks will tell us all if this is a new team that listens or not.
  10. Kiillz Augur

    More raid content would be specatacular. Current model is a good example. All the new zones there are , ie Katta Brother Island Dino Island Combine Dredge Degmar Arx Mentis but the only raids for the new expansion lie in one zone. Would be kinda cool if yes most of the raids are in the end zone , but maybe raids in couple of the others?

    Oh and evolving chase items again would be cool such as the burden of truth and bloodstained shoulders, thats just me glutton for stuff like that
  11. Zujilli Elder

    I enjoy collecting appearance gear (both dropped in game and sometimes from the marketplace if I really like something) and think the game needs a wardrobe to hold it in order to free up bag space. I know I would be more likely to purchase appearance gear from the marketplace if I knew it wouldn't clog up my bags or bank.

    I would really love to see something like the harvesting depots for crafting materials that are in EQ2 (I play both EQ and EQ2) make it into this game, both for player housing and for guilds, as I believe this would make tradeskilling less of a headache and free up a lot of bank space.

    My favorite things to do in game are exploring as many zones as I can, hunting for quests, learning the lore of Norrath and making new friends to blow stuff up with. :)
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  12. Deavirtus Lorekeeper

    That can be a hard question to answer! For me, I love the up to 75 game once I get 75 I tend to lose interest. It's unfair for me to judge EQ past that point as I've never been interested in going past the 75/80 mark as far as leveling. I believe that that lack of interest has less to do with EQ and more to do with that was when I last played with some great friends that have since moved on. (When I said I have difficulty with change I meant it!)
    It can be a bit strange sounding, but some of the things that I found most frustrating then are the things I miss most. I'm sure I am in the minority as far as my leveling (or not leveling habits!) I like the journey the best. I love starting on a new server (for me that is) with nothing and periodically I will wipe chars on a server for that start. (I'll never wipe the characters I have from Morden Rasp (Povar) even though I all I do is log on to them once in a while to see if any old friends return.) I'll play EQ until it does sunset and I'll most likely never have a char over 80 but I will still love every minute I get to live in Norrath.
    The best part about EQ is the fact that however you like to play you can! If you want the bleeding edge raid game do it, if you want to play a few expacs back you can, and if you are like me and just want to 'goof off' and never get to the end you can.
    My 2 coppers worth
    Jexabel/Tkelah/Jeezabel of Morden Rasp

    *edited to add: I can't believe I forgot to mention tradeskills! Tradeskilling is my biggest EQ addiction, I can remember my whole guild laughing at me when I was late to run a raid because I was just 1 point away from maxing something! (They loved it too though!)
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  13. Yinla Augur

    Why do I play? Good questions why do I play?

    There is still so much I want to do! There is still so much left to do!

    A bit of background about me . Back on 27th January 2001 I created my first char, a wizzy called Yinla. Velious had just come out and I had a young daughter with lots of time stuck at home on my own. EQ became my social playground. I was in a Euro/US/Australian guild so there was always someone on to chat to and explore Norrath with. I have met up in RL with some EQ players and we have become firm friends.

    Fast forward to the present day, I am still playing that wizzy, she has grown up to be level 105, she raids current content in a decent guild and is always my priority when it comes to doing anything, if she needs quests, gear, progression or anything else it is always her I log in first. I love playing with my guild, we have a laugh, we have fun and even on the most boring of raids we have had the chat to make it fun (ok and the wine). Vex Thule anyone?

    I love large open zones with lots of players having a laugh in OOC, asking questions where to find places, or how to do something. I love helping out guildies, but I have been known to help out anyone else who asks. Back in Seeds of Destruction I always did a shout out just before the final hail of Safe Passage to add anyone in the zone who still needed the quest (it was a tough one for some classes) *looks at Absor*. Any group missions or quests I always look for people to add who need before completing and never ask anything for it, other than to ask them to think of others when they have room in tasks.

    I am a quest aholic, my alts are there to keep me out of mischief when I have done as much as I can with the wizzy. I am working through the classes doing quests I haven't done before, recently finished SK epics, prior to that I did mage, enchanter, ranger and rogue (including Ragebringer). I hope to soon be working on the pally Soulfire and epics.

    I love in game illusions, not so much since the introduction of the illusions from LON, but I camped the Halfling mask in Chardok for 13 hours to get the mask for my rogue, killed the dragons in sleepers Tomb for the Dwarf Mask (when I could find them up) only got this one last year during fables. If the item is good enough I don't mind a long camp. I miss having trinkets like this on named NPCs. There are still playable races without a rogue/bard mask! Or there was an item but it was just for a GM event (Troll illusion) I'd love to be able to camp somewhere new and complete my collection, yes I know there is AAs but they aren't the same. :p

    I have days when I just log in and chat and get nothing done. :rolleyes:

    So I guess at the end of the day, I play to be social, raid, do quests, die in new places in new ways and have fun and get some nice trinkets.
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  14. Sheaffer Augur

    The ROF xp need should go. A lot of people need the extra levels to be able to complete the ROF content. People don't like to be told what to do or how to play and the nerf does both of those. If you look back, a nerf like that is completely unprecedented. Never happened with any other level raising expansion.

    Daybreak could eliminate a lot of hostility and resentment that has been building lately by opening some progression servers. Maybe a fast moving one and a slow moving one? Perhaps a server that moves slowly then will be capped at some point? I suggest Ldon or GoD.
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  15. Geronimus Hatt New Member

    We still seem to be having the same conversation as we always had when I joined these boards and this community many years ago. There are clearly distinct play-styles in EQ often competing for the expansion resources - casual gamer, group player, high-end group player, raider, high-end raider. Personally, I don't raid - mainly down to time difference between UK and US - sure I could probably hop onto a European Server and raid if I wanted to, but most of my buddies are on US servers. What always mystifies me (I'd class my toons as high-end group), is why everyone babbles on about the accessible content and the new content. If I'm building a new toon, I don't expect it to be able to handle Arx Mentis on day 1. I expect it's going to start in Gloomingdeep mines. There's a ton of content out there whilst levelling up - pretty much all of which give rewards aligned to the level of content you're playing - so it scales as you go. Sure, you don't get the best sword in the game at L75 - nor should it be so - you don't need it at L75.

    GoD and Underfoot were challenging but by no means impossible with group geared players hitting group level content. Yes, you needed to do the quest arcs and work through the expansions to get the gear as you went. Some content required particular classes - Underfoot would have been very tough without a decent Chanty - but not at all impossible. UF in particular was challenging and fun but could be chugged through with a grp of three + mercs in group gear. What we get these days is formulaic (I know there were access quests this expansion). Go do quests beat Tier 1 Partisan and Merc quests, rinse and repeat for Tiers 2-4. Release by October/November complete by Christmas. I want some group level mobs out there that it's really difficult to beat - some we might not beat until the next level cap raise in the expansion after. I might get jealous that some raid gear toons have beaten them, then again I might be forced out of my normal group to find these folks to jointly beat a particular event/mob.

    When every toon can beat every mob, there's no need to group at all. It all sorta becomes pointless to me. It was hard work getting feared, gfluxed etc, and wiping to a mob, but then you went back and tried it again with a different strat, and carried on doing that until it died. You then split the rewards and felt a sense of achievement.

    So for me:

    1) Large quest arcs - with rewards along the way - Still not done BiC yet :)
    2) Split level content - expansions seem to be one thing or the other at the moment - generally perceived as too easy or generally perceived as "impossible" (despite clear evidence to the contrary)
    3) Class rebalancing - why anyone who wanted to solo top end content would roll anything other than a Chanty is beyond me (Chanty isn't my main, just fyi). Either everyone should have the chance to solo top end group content or no-one should. At the moment the difference in the classes is way too vast. Personally, I'd prefer no one (certainly group geared), could solo top end group content.
    4) The problem is also mudflation - why would anyone spend the time and effort to do BiC, Epic 1.0, 1.5, 2, ring cycle etc. when what they get at the end of it isn't related to the amount of effort put in, to get it. With some re-itemisation, these quests that had a sense of achievement to them, might become relevant again. They were tough, quests that didn't have an "instant win" - for the more casual gamer, they were never intended to be completed in one sitting.

    I play EQ1 and EQ2 when we've completed the EQ1 expansion - EQ2 is more dive in and hack and slash - less strategy, more mindless key punching - it's not a bad game but often doesn't require half the tools available to a group. I want to play a considered game where we weigh up how to pull and split, where we have the threat of dying when it all goes wrong that's what I play EQ1 for, If I want hack and slash, I head over to EQ2 where "strategy" doesn't play much of a role. (If I want the real easy option, I go to WoW) :)
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  16. Crystilla Augur

    Had a huge post and accidentally removed it.

    What do I love and want to see?

    1. Expansions with a large mix. Content that is both instances (heroic adventures) + static zones. Static zones which allow room for kiting, soloing as well as groups. Raids with are not long (or if they are they offer save spots). Raids without so much emote/heavy driven. Raids in multiple zones using the lore of those zones (versus all raids in one zone like TDS has). Raids with offer something easy for guilds who are struggling. Some small part of the raid offering being older raids that rehashed a zone. For example, TDS is a nod to TBS expansion, so it would have been nice to have had the Solteris zone (or at least one event, etc.) revamped and upgraded and released this year for it.
    2. It won't appeal to everyone, but tradeskills (specifically cultural armor). It's what got me into EQ in the first place and a big part of my character.
    3. 1 large quest series per expansion. Many people ask for this and when it isn't provided, there is much disappointment.
    4. Evolving items - they are a love/hate relationship but is a chase item that people do seem to love.
    5. The current spell system - especially the newest in TDS option to right click and get your spell choice there (versus going to an NPC).
    What would I want to see changed? There are many things but two immediately come to mind.
    1. Remove the exp nerf from level 101+ experiencing in RoF. It's a level 100 zone just like CoF is and offers what's been missing for 2 expansions - opportunities for various play styles to be involved. Shard's Landing I've seen toted as one of the most recent examples of a successful entry zone. But the nerf removes the small personal perks someone higher has in helping someone lower level (besides the obvious 'good feeling'). They didn't earn a lot of experience there, but just a little bit, which is how it should be.
    2. Guild lobby looking for guild forums - right now it works off the player's "total spent" and not "assigned" AA's. Which means someone looking for a guild who took the autogrant option doesn't see all the possible guilds that are looking. Please make this look off "assigned" instead.
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  17. guado Augur

    I play EQ to obtain the best loot possible for my character. I've been playing EQ since I was 10 years old. I remember being told of gear so amazing (Luclin era), that it can only be acquired by RAIDING. Fast forward to 25 years old: I have that same wish, however, now, I also take enjoyment in bringing others (who are capable) up to our playing field.

    -What I'd like to get out of EQ is risk=reward. Scaling of events in a customizable way.

    Ethernere West Karana II (Defense of Lenidiara) had some potential with this... you would fight mini bosses one by one, OR you have the option to fight ALL mini bosses at once. Instead of a simple achievement, why not offer BONUS LOOT for completing a scenario on "HARD"? I'm not asking for every event to have a HARD MODE but 1/3 - 1/2 would be nice.

    Oh, you have a full raid and cast a mez spell 400 times? 1 spell. 1 visible loot.

    Oh, you didn't mez or charm anything and beat the raid with 40 people? Bonus Loot. 6 Runes and 4 Visible loots. +20% of chase loot drop.

    -Mini Raid Zone. The Plane of War was excellent in theory. When it first opened, there was so much hype and it was a blast to form up a raid and kill Judicators. The long tedious and dare I say boring quest line in Plane of War was not enjoyable. Long story short? We love a Mini Raid zone with fast repop, but like I said above: the balance of risk vs reward must be acceptable.

    -What is with all these random lockouts? It's totally turning into Candy Crush Quest. I used to be able to log in for 12-18 hours at a time and PLAY PLAY PLAY until my hands hurt. I'm not asking for that again (necessarily) but stop adding lockouts to everything. I don't like being told how to play.

    -And while I'm on the topic of lockouts: if you guys are unable to produce sufficient acceptable Raid or Group content, there should be less of a lockout. I understand that you need to make sure YY Expansion lasts ZZ months, but the End User likes to feel like they get their money's worth for not only their subscription but their expansions as well.

    Thank you for being an active participant, this is definitely more appreciated. You are truly a Windstalker!
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  18. Cacafuego Journeyman

    Why I play.

    I love exploring on my own terms. I go where I want to go, I do what I want to do. I don't want to be forced to do things linearly. I don't like to be forced into or out of zones with arbitrary xp restrictions or lockouts. If I want to group, I group. If I want to solo/molo I do that. If I want to raid, I raid.

    I am currently one of your subscribers that is sitting on the sidelines waiting for the day when I can once again "do it my way". I am a multiple account owner who for a decade has bought every expansion and never let my subscriptions lapse. I have bought lots and lots of Station Cash for me and my alt accounts, All of that is no longer the case. I can send you the account names of my 8 accounts if you want them.

    A good starting point would be:

    1. Reverse the XP nerf.

    2. Remove the arbitrary HA lockouts. Redistribute HA XP back to normal.

    3. Unlock zones and no longer use linear progression.

    4. Future Xpacs should look like ROF. COTF and TDS were failures from many points of view.

    Thank you for reading this. I hope under your leadership, you can make this game fun for me again.

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  19. Feeonaa Journeyman

    Maybe this question has been asked already, but could you cover your thoughts on how the game is going to be supported? Currently, you guys do not answer your phone support, your twitter feed is inundated and is referring folks to the same phone support that no one answers. Tickets are also not being answered in a timely manner, or maybe not being answered at all? as mine is currently 6 days old without a word. I even posted on the forums asking if a Dev could direct me to the correct path and even that is not answered. So, is this an indication of what we can expect from your company?
  20. Piasa Journeyman

    Why do I play..

    I first entered the world of Norrath in 1998, was beta 2/3 timeframe. I just know it was long ago at this point. Back then this game was ground breaking, it had good graphics, the world felt alive. I almost feel some of this has been lost over the years, but I can't quite place why.

    I like to go a variety of things.. Questing, chatting, exploring, power leveling, slow leveling, zone hopping, raiding, etc. I have seen and done it all pretty much.

    I usually take my mains through the newest content, and get one of them all geared up. Then I revisit older content using one of my mains with my alts and slowly chug through every side quest, visit every zone. Since adding achievements, I have been working on them from every expansion. The main thing is a higher level character with lower level alts, and with the recent ROF experience change this has become a no-go and stopped me from purchasing the expansion on 3 accounts.

    so in essence
    1. Reverse the experience nerf to RoF and previous content, this was a huge mistake and is hurting revenue.
    2. Return to better thought out expansions, RoF is the best recent expansion. The ones since seemed inadequate, and relied too much on Heroic Adventures. It just felt like the team only had a month to slap something together and release.
    3. Equipment/Gear. Quality before quantity, there is so much loot that I see that we just delete anymore. Your spending a lot of resources creating items and equipment that a large percentage of us are not using. Maybe make more trade-able items. I would just like to see some of the equipment with different stats, and have us actually have to make a choice again with equipment.. Do I want this high stat or that high stat type choices.
    4. Communication, we want to know where the game is headed and have some information released to us. Too many times we have the dialogs started, but zero follow through from anyone on Eq's side.
    5. More dungeons, dragons, giants and fantasy please. Less water zones (zero of them is better). I want to do a dungeon crawl again, that was one of the only things I liked about LDoN was the feeling of crawling dungeons. I have not gotten this from the HA's.
    6. Repeat.. Dragons and Giants, remember velious.. It would be nice to have an expansion with a similar conflict, where we are the 3rd faction (races of norrath).
    7. Can we just kill Lanys once and for all. Also want to slaughter Mayong for good as well.
    8. Make the gods return, I want to feel their presence in the game.

    Btw, I love this game and want to see it stay alive for many more years.

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