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  1. Benzarden Augur

    No thanks. Don't get me wrong, I loved the MPG trials in 2005.They were revolutionary. Zone into an instance. No trash. Just a script that you run through real quick. However, now EVERY raid is like that. I would prefer a little variety.

    I do like events with an enrage timer though, and I LOVED their idea with the Time Trials in the TDS group missions, but it has so much more potential. Implement the Time Trials into raids and create an in-game LDoN style leaderboard. Instances have killed 99% of the intra-server competition. This would create some inter-server competition and would be a blast. There would be a purpose even for events that are on farm.

    Yes, this is EQ. Since Kunark (Veeshan's Peak) there has been the hardcore endgame raid zone. However, these endgame raid zones didn't contain the only raids in the expansion. In OoW, there were raids in WoS, the aforementioned MPG trials, raid mobs in RSS, Epic 1.5/2.0 raids scattered throughout Norrath, and Anguish as the endgame. Anguish was the cheese at the end of the expansion. It was something to strive for and look forward to. It provided a purpose for raiding and progression.

    Now, we zone into the "endgame" zone on launch day and one shot the raid. Yes, raid -- singular. Two months and a few measly raids later, we are done with the expansion. No more progression. No more purpose. The only purpose I have to raid now is so that I can get the same homogenized gear that every one else has. And also because I enjoy the competitive aspect of dps parses.

    Everyone is demanding to know if/when the next expansion will be released. It hasn't even been four months since TDS launch. Personally, I'd rather them release new expansions every 18-24 months if it meant a larger quantity of higher quality content. It would be worth the wait if they could create legitimate endgame content for the power gamers, a sufficient amount of diverse content for the casual gamers, and some middle ground for the mid-tier guilds. Please bring us something rewarding. Something epic. Everquest has been lacking the epic feeling for a few years now.

    I'm all for eliminating these in low and mid-tier raids, but I don't mind these emotes at all in the endgame. With software like GINA and gtt, it's never been easier to know what you're supposed to do in a raid. If your raid can't work together and follow directions, then you're undeserving of beating a high-end event.

    FWIW, I'm not advocating to get rid of casual content in favor of hardcore content. My point is that both gameplay styles are unique and vitally important to their target gamer. But it seems that lately both types of gamers have been pushed into a middle ground that neither are happy with. Casuals are forced into TDS post 101, even though they feel they are not ready. The hardcore raiders are left twiddling their thumbs for 5-6 days a week because there's not enough challenging content. Fix these problems while retaining enough mid-tier content, and there would be many more happy customers.
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  2. Pelamar Lorekeeper


    I hope you will address some of the bigger issues of the game such as the state mercenaries have left the grouping game in *Thanks for that one Ngreth*. For what are we as gamer's without friends to share our adventures with?

    Equally as big an issue is the continued degradation of the quality of the graphics engine and how it interacts with the latest version of DX9. In short I realise we will never get a new graphics engine and or a game engine but something really does need to be done about this issue it is now getting beyond a joke.

    I hope we will get better interaction from you than we have from past executive producers I think we are all now extremely tired of hearing the same old lines such as "Realistically Expect" and "Within Reason". I really do hope we get much better interaction and feedback from you than we have previously.

    Regards and respect

    Welcome to the team.
  3. endlessly New Member

    i would just like to play today black screen still happening here....i tried everything i can do ..and can not get in i can do the back door idea for EQ2 but not EQ ...what gives besides no gaming i pay for.....
  4. Cacafuego Journeyman

    This ^^^

    All these lists being thrown around are fine but we need to first stop the bleeding. Hoosiers first steps will bring many back that are on the sidelines.

    Holly, take a look at the declining population stats you must have access to. You will find many multiple account holders that have gone f2p waiting for the previous nerf nonsense to be reversed.

    My final thought is consider rearranging the deck chairs of the development team. Your devs have become jaded. Its time for some innovative thinking on spells, aa's, abilities, skills etc. etc. Give your devs some new challenges to get them stimulated again.

    Pleas give us, your loyal customers, a reason to become reinvigorated and excited about EQ again and watch those suspended accounts come rolling back in!
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  5. Windstalker Executive Producer

    Thanks folks, great stuff here. Lots of memories too.
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  6. Galliana Elder

    But people had to developer Gina and GTT because of those insane emotes to begin with. What was that inane raid around a dinner table with all kinds of emotes? Theater of Blood? I forget, but emotes were basically killing raids and it was a total nuisance.

    Now, what I want to know is what Holly & co. will do about the enchanter problem. What enchanter problem? The problem is there are none. I haven't been on a raid in the last 5-6 years that had more than 2 chanters out of 54, and often times, they were boxed. Sony has DESTROYED this class. Either give their buffs, debuffing and mezzing to the mages and eliminate chanters all together, or fix the class completely. Take clarity potions out of the game, up their DPS significantly, stop making everything resist mezzing, etc.
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  7. SaderakhBertox Augur

    Happy Sunday, and lol there's a ton of feedback in this thread. You've got a passionate player base and I hope you do right by all of them.


    iksar > all
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  8. Tanols Augur

    Raid coinage exchange system .... some way to trade up and down between expansions and tiers!
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  9. Tanols Augur

    For that matter exchange system for group task coinage rewards as well
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  10. Windstalker Executive Producer

    I'm really grateful that you're all keeping it on the rails and being constructive. It will help us start examining and prioritizing where we go.

    For me, I'm respecting the amazing team as they evaluate feedback and dream up ideas and solutions. At the same time, they continue to fix bugs and address live. It won't be long before we can start planting some flags. And I need to get back in game at the same time. LFG!
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  11. Reviled Elder

    I wouldn't mind this in a VERY limited format, but the exchange rate would have to be large and you shouldn't be able to get current expac currency. Hell probably not currency from CotF either. I could just see some guilds going to raiding schedules of 5 days and steamrolling RoF CotF in order to exchange currency and gear up that way.

    I just want to see the exp and HA nerfs reverted back. The exp nerf was an obvious ploy to boost TDS sales, but probably decreased them as well as lowered subscriptions. With HA's, if people want to grind out with their box crews why not let them? I remember the days when dungeon camps were exactly the same, Lower Guk, Old Seb anyone? Additionally, with those camps there wasn't the variation you see in HAs...

    Expansions: I would rather wait 18 months for a RoF or HoT caliber expansion then have them rush out what we have had over the last two cycles. As long as I know an expansion is in the works, I would prefer the devs take the time to release something they can TRULY be proud of.

    I am currently in a holding pattern regarding Eq. My 3 accounts are still all access, but I refuse to invest anymore time/money until I feel a sense of stability return, if it ever does.
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  12. Tyraxor Augur

    Great how much you post here Holly, and it's a good sign and refreshing after so much silence before the changes.

    But i need 1 thing at least adressed first, even if it's not changed, before i'd be tempted to join the game again. The $40 for TDS...are there any plans to reduce the amount.
    I will be blunt, it's just not worth that much and i'm strict with principles on that.
  13. Sancus Augur

    Holly, I just wanted to say that I, and likely many others, really appreciate that you're posting. And on a weekend, no less! I understand you guys have a lot on your plates and it takes time to read this stuff and to respond, but it's good to see a post beyond once in a blue moon :)
  14. Galliana Elder

    I have a question: were the people who came up with the massive CoTF HA nerfs and XP changes among the ones fired? Because if not, they should have been.
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  15. Fenrizar New Member

    Also: I didn't mind the XP nerfs. How fast does someone need to level anyways? That's not the point of the game.. questing and having fun are.
    I remember spending hours in Oasis trying to get from 12 to 13 and making maybe.. 3 or 4% in the entire night.

    Now it may take more than a day to get a level and everyone gets their underoos in a twist. Whine whine whine. I preferred when it took a long time.. made leveling up mean something. Saying 'Ding 24!" was an event.. now someone can make a new character (and without powerleveling) they are 60 in about a week.. thus missing most lower-level content.

    I think most people complaining are newer and never experienced a true "grind"...
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  16. Alaklin Journeyman

    Or they felt disheartened by watching those who collected EXP rewards and were level 105 in the first day of the new expansion, while they got to slow grind to get to max/raid level again. I am not against slow experience, but when exp is really the only fun reward of playing alone most of the time--those true grinds occurred when EQ was still a social game--in a game that now sets a standard at finishing quick tasks and logging or going afk, and you see that exp slow down so much, it can be disheartening.
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  17. svann Augur

    Id like to be able to help lower levels with their xp. But if they are doing dh ha's its kind of demoralizing that I get absolutely nothing out of it. Let my merc get xp in coth HA's please. He gets no xp because of the change that you get almost zero xp from kills and its all added to the quest turnin xp - but mercs dont get quest turnin xp.
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  18. Alaklin Journeyman

    Why not combine both desires? Create instanceable versions of old content zones that you can either solo or take a group in, and adjust the mob difficulty relative to the amount of players and level average. That way, old content becomes relevant.
    Make collection tasks (that was the preferred LDoN adventure anyway) or boss kills. No respawns, and guarantee 1-4 named which will drop a generic, tiered piece of loot, and let us earn points or alt currency to get upgrades after so many dozen of these adventures. You can lockout the ones that get the most exploited once you learn them, and the playerbase will be happy to be your real-time beta monkeys.
  19. Silv Augur

    Kindof curious here but... um... who exactly is our "amazing team" now? I don't think I even know which devs are technically working on EQ. Was there a post or announcement (I likely) missed? I think it would be good to know who we have; many of us have an idea of what to expect from certain people.
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  20. Milfurd Augur

    Will the SOE logo be replaced any time soon?

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