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  1. Crystilla Augur

    Guado you're the one who used the absolute not me. You said "The devs are spending all their time on temporary content." I was correcting you by saying we don't know that to be true; we only know they're spending part time on temporary content.

    So thank you for correcting yourself and agreeing with me here.
  2. guado Augur

    The simple difference: anniversary content is temporary. Expansion content is not (until obsoleted by a following expansion or nerfed like pre-Cotf xp, but when I say temporary, I mean on a time schedule.)
  3. guado Augur

    I didn't mean it so literally. Thank you for pointing out the error in my demeanor. My point is: if they had less excuses like Time Locked Progression and Anniversary Content, we might get better expansions.
  4. Crystilla Augur

    Tis one opinion definitely.
  5. Alandros Elder

    Just because someone posts it in patch notes doesn't mean it isn't a bug, this is a called a known issue and is a common development practice. I don't need to keep up since *I'm not worried* hence my entire point lol, my point still stands since I saw posts on it, obviously the issue is deeper than that and I have no problem admitting I didn't point that out, but again it's a bug. If it's a blatant issue then it's a bug and they'll fix it, if it's designed as intended then argue the design. You've already pointed out a dev realizes the issue, no reason for people to get all dramatic about it... There hasn't been much time to address the issue, give em some time and relax. People just find any reason to get worked up, they'll be happier if they don't put *effort* into finding things to complain about.
  6. Melanippe Augur

    1: The time to "address the issue" was before they implemented the "bug" or "known issue" as you call it. ;)
    2: IF it is "common development practice", goodness preserve us all!
    3: Excusing incompetence, neglect, or "common development practice" which results in creating unnecessary game and/or player issues while instructing those who notice to "shut up", "be quiet", "suck it up" or to "wait, they'll get around to it" is among the silliest concepts I think I have ever seen expressed.
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  7. Alandros Elder

    I'm going to stop responding since you seem to be making up an argument I'm not making, I'll end with what I said before, if you see a bug or issue you should share it, then once it seems clear they have received said issue you should give them time to fix it. Done. That's it. Simple, drama gets people nowhere and pretending I'm arguing for people to "suck it up" when I've said nothing of the sort is the sort of drama I refuse to respond to. Have a nice day.

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