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  1. Battleaxe Augur

    Hardcore players always level fast, particularly raiders. Every raid guild I've been in sets a two week or less "reach max level or be the first to sit out" deadline each time the max level is raised. 10ish times in the past the hardcore leveled fast and casuals much more slowly. We've all had the same amount of time with the same content. Had those adjustments been in place the day TDS was released, I assure you players would still have reached 105 on day 1 or 2 (they have in the past) and serious raiders before the two week deadline.

    But on to other things...

    GL Holly (I hope you'll excuse the familiarity). I'm confident that despite stormy seas and the dangerous shoals of radical reinvention of EQ (both overly casual and overly hardcore) you'll reach calmer waters, profitability, a product Daybreak can be proud of, and one we can continue to enjoy playing - as many of us have for 15 years.
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  2. Bigbear Augur

    slow grinds are one thing but the nerf to xp for 101+ is something different... i remember being 3 and having a level 14 pally give me buffs and thinking to myself ...wow level 14.. i cant wait to be level 14 like that.. i remember taking a long time to level .... but those xp nerfs are stupid... to tell me , the paying customer, that getting me to buy the expansion wasnt enough... now they want to tell me where to go to get decent xp too... just because i wanted to be higher level to do older content doesnt mean i should be penalized with getting almost no xp in the process...

    i also remember that when HoT came out the point of the extra 5 levels was to make UF easier but they didnt nerf the xp in SoD in the process

    the point of any business is to make money and you dont do that by slapping your customers in the face with stupid nerfs
  3. Mr_Shadow New Member

    I was gonna ask that...
  4. Giappo Augur


    I agree with so many others the need for a new progression server. I also agree that it should not progress through voting, but by a set time. Three months per xpac up to Pop/LDoN and four month intervals there after would be ideal. A set date gives peace of mind, allows planning, etc, and guilds wouldn't be worried about what happened on Fippy with GoD. That was very unfortunate.

    If Daybreak really wants to make a lot of people happy, produce TONS OF GOODWILL, do this asap. This is the single, most urgent, most productive thing that Daybreak can do. People will then be thrilled Daybreak acquired SOE!
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  5. Warpeace Augur

    WOW!!! didn't know this is exactly the single most thing Ever Quest wanted or needed. Please don't make it seem you speak for the masses. If this is a major want from the community they need to speak up, having a few individuals come and state this is the best thing you can do does not prove your talking even for your best friend or anyone else for that matter. Its kind of an empty statement.

    That would be like me saying take my word and EVERYONE wants a pink pony to ride in game. I have no problem with people asking for a new progression server, its their right to be able to ask and be honestly considered.
  6. Grummy_NB Augur

    I have a comment on top tier raid guilds and beta.

    Please understand who you are testing. If the these guilds smoke your "first tier" raiding.. isn't that expected? You probably gave them the raid strat, all they had to do is execute. That is what they are good at. On the other side, if they are being blasted by the raid.. well they might say that is perfect, hard but we like it. That should tell you the other raid guild will struggle a ton, so perhaps too hard.

    When given the strat, the top tier raid guilds should go through Tier 1 raids, and some Tier 2 raids without much issue. They second half of Tier 2 and all of Tier 3 should be a challenge.

    In the past one or two guilds has given a thumbs up or down and the devs just went with it. Take a look at who is giving feed back and use some grading on it.

    You could also look at some higher mid tier raid guilds, like those who are struggling with TDS raid, maybe half through and invite them in and see how they do on beta and get their perspective.

    I want raids balanced for the tier they are in and bug free, let the top tier who blow them up, try to break them. let the lower ones test difficulty for the tier. the end result is we all get a better expansion.
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  7. Cacafuego Journeyman

    I think it's just the opposite. There simply aren't any significant quantity of new people.

    If you like slow leveling and hard mode, you can always use lesser weapons or take off some armor, or both.

    Your characterizing productive, serious suggestions as "whine, whine,whine really disables any arguments you make.
  8. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I would like to see each expansion contain one zerg raid....something similar to the corrupted tower raid that drops raid gear from two expansions back. A raid that would appeal to the more casual players who don't want to do the more complex raids out there. I don't want to step on hard core raider toes or diminish their achievements. Just a thought.
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  9. Bigstomp Augur

    I'm fine with fighting Lanys. Fironia Vie needs to become a little more self sufficient and not need babysat so often though.
  10. Shadva Del`Shai Augur

    Rogue - Remove the "humanoid only" requirement from assassinate. Since it triggers off of a backstab, it should work on any mob type that actually has a back/spine. Oozes, snot cubes, etc. aren't even bipedal. How is it that some of them are classified as humanoid while most bipedal mobs aren't?

    Ranger - Remove the "humanoid only" requirement from headshot. If it has an actual head, it should qualify. (see above)

    Zerker - Remove the root/snare penalty from their discs. They already have a max hitpoint and endurance cost penalty from those discs. Make "decapitate" work on mobs that actually have a head. How can you decapitate an ooze, snot cube, etc.?
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  11. Merry Elder

    Just to pitch in because hope dies last, i wouldn't mind a new TLP either. ;)

    And good luck with the new company, tbh... I don't know if it's good or bad yet... but I wish you guys all the best.... after all EQ was my first MMO addiction... it always hurts to see something in a bad shape that you fell in love with.

    Even tho in many other posts I may sounded a bit negative, I still hope you guys get it all right... cause... hope dies last... ah well that one is geting old now. :)
    *bows out*
  12. Alaklin Journeyman

    3 months is not enough to do justice by Kunark, Velious, Luclin, and PoP. Give each a year so we aren't looking back a year and a half later with a low, endgame-only population like all four previous progression servers. Three months will give maybe three guilds time to farm epics, get ST keyed and farm NToV, get VT keyed, and flag through time, not to mention trying to share rotations. The only way to make that fair would be to reinvent the zones as instances, which would not only be more time consuming--especially with only 3 month cushions between the next set--but would kill the forced collegiality and communication between guilds which was such an integral part of the game in its first five years.

    There is nothing wrong with racing and raiding/finishing--becoming bored--and going back to play on your other servers while the majority of others have a chance to establish themselves, and then coming back full force to do it again with the next expansion; because you know most will come back each unlock. There is something wrong, however, with killing yet another server to pander to the few impatient people at the top. That's like moving through math curriculum faster because the top 3 kids get it and are ready to move on. Eventually, everyone else will drop out.
  13. Giappo Augur

    Warpeace, most posts about this topic is on the TLP forum. People are losing hope. And I never said "Everyone". I said "a lot", and "so many others".

    And yes, this is the single, most urgent, most productive thing that Daybreak can do right away to make hundreds of people happy. It is something they can do quickly. While the rest of you guys are making Christmas lists that Santa couldn't keep up with, lots of us are simply holding out hope that SOMEONE WILL FINALLY LISTEN TO SO MANY OF US THAT WANT AND HAVE BEEN BEGGING FOR A NEW PROGRESSION SERVER!

    Alikan, 3 -4 months for xpacs are plenty. Although I agree PoP/LDoN could be longer, maybe 4-6 months.
  14. Melanippe Augur

    A re-thinking of the recent changes to experience with respect to those characters level 101+ that play in pre-CoTF expansions is something that should be seriously considered. Artificially reducing the experience in all pre-CoTF expansions merely because a character reaches level 101, rather than using the normal formulas for experience earned based on level simply penalized players who took the time and made the effort (not to mention bought The Darkened Sea expansion) to level their characters, begin or complete various achievements without undue penalty, etc. Note that the Rain of Fear expansion increased the level cap to level 100, which is the same level cap in the Call of the Forsaken expansion. Artificially reducing the experience in RoF for characters level 101+ while maintaining the current formula for Call of the Forsaken with the exception of the Heroic Adventures when both RoF and CoTF level cap at level 100 simply makes no sense in the grand scheme of things in my opinion.

    With respect to the changes made to the experience in the Heroic Adventures in the CoTF expansion which puts the majority of the experience earned at the completion of the task, perhaps some thought might be given to shortening the current 6hour request timer on those tasks to, perhaps 4hours while keeping the formula for granting the majority of experience at completion intact. I believe that would accomplish the developers original goal with respect to the experience earned for Heroic Adventures and would give the players a bit of a more reasonable avenue in which to gain experience and currency in the CoTF expansion.
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  15. Azzurri Journeyman

    To Do List :

    1. Undo the XP nerf for post 101 chars leveling in older exps
    2. Undo the mage pet nerf, (make PC tanks stronger, not mage pets weaker)

    Basically listen to your casual fan base...they are your cash cows that stick around not to mention spend all that money on SC.

    Last but not least, throw your raider community a bone. Yeah they are hardcore and will stick around even if you treat them bad....but goodwill can go along way for people considering to buy more accounts, expansions, to box 1,2 or more characters.

    It's really that simple to increase the cash flow with a simple change to the paradigm.

    (My wife and I alone have 8 accounts that did not buy the expansion and stopped subscribing when the mage pet got nerfed and heard from others that xp post 101 in older zones was non existent. We couldn't click cancel fast enough)
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  16. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    And you know what would happen? They would just retune the content to the newly stronger PC tanks and we would end right back where we are now. Its all about relative tanking ability to the mobs as well as to the pet versus player tanking. Now if they decide they want us all to be better tanks versus monster mobs you may have something there.
  17. beyrak Augur

    I think most of us that have been pleading for a new TLP realized it was a lost cause as we believed SOE was trying to kill EQ in favor of EQN. So now, yes we have new hope.

    But if Daybreak can't commit to a new TLP, that tells me everything I need to know. EQ is on borrowed time and we are still receiving lip service.
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  18. Angahran Augur

    Quick question.
    When the forums get moved to their new home, I hope it is going to be a complete transfer (all existing posts, including the archive of the old forums) and not a clean slate?
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  19. Imrahil Augur

    First of all, welcome Holly, thanks for posting here and for answering multiple times (even on the weekend) :).

    Second: I really hope that you and your team will soon be able to let us know certain details, including (but not limited to) the following:
    1. Who is actually on the EQ team? What are their respective areas of responsibility or will that approach be changed?
    2. What are the plans for EQ? Will there be new expansions (i.e. BIG updates) or content patches (smaller updates), will we get new content for raids and/or groups, do you have plans to maybe even broaden the base for EQ again (given certain fundings that could actually be possible)? How does the schedule for the rest of the year look and do you have a schedule for the next already (I know you may not be able to answer that, but I always found it a bit irritating that players heard "we cannot tell you yet" when asking about the next expansion, even though it was pretty clear, we would get one).
    3. Given the heritage of EverQuest and its community, are you planning to involve said community by making some sort of poll, maybe even on a regular basis?
    4. Some player's art has been brought into the game with robe designs etc., do you think that might be a way to improve the graphics altogether?

    PS: I won't start my own list of things I would like or not need. I do know that quite a few old time players stopped with EQ around the time that TDS came out and that certain design decisions lead to it (very low number of zones and raids, very low droprate of spells, exp nerf in certain combinations). You now have the chance to look at some of those decisions and maybe rethink them without being seen as "giving in".
    Content doesn't get more just by delaying people to get through with it, it just upsets people as they aren't stupid. Neither is forcing anyone to play in the new zones a good idea, it's a game, you should not force anyone to play in a certain way.
    Thanks again for stepping in and answering, I hope to see you around often :)
  20. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Oh and Holly you might take time to monitor General chat on the various servers.. every once in a while they turn into real cesspits and could use some active monitoring. As long as that wouldn't take away from new content for EQ.
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