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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Xoner, Dec 14, 2016.

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  1. Xoner Augur

    I'm creating this thread so people can discuss the details of Plane of Storms instancing and how progression will be affected given our current heading. Here is some backlog from the bugs forum.

  2. Joesnellenberge Journeyman

    Please. For the love of God. We beg you!
  3. Mwapo Augur

    I, for one, look forward to the training, ***********, and KSing that will occur.
  4. Progress Augur

    Let the giants spawn in an AoC spawned instance. They drop nothing other than the key pieces required to advance in PoP. Not having them spawn, is like not having the trials spawn in a PoJustice instance.
  5. giggly New Member

    This is similar to the Taskmasters in SSRA that were changed. You recognized after our testing that because they drop something every single player needs to advance you removed MoTM buff from them so they would spawn in picks, and you allowed them to spawn immediately inside the instances.

    This is actually going to be worse because these giants have a longer respawn time by a factor of 3, and everyone on the server needs two items from them instead of just a pouch.

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  6. vardune Augur

    Make Plane of Storms Progression great again!!!!
  7. Ryak Augur

    Good lord, is the intention really, that of all the many things you need to do to be flagged for Plane of Time, the hardest one by an order of magnitude is getting flagged for Bastion of Thunder of all things???!!!
  8. AgentofChange Augur

    Phinny ain't for casuals no more. Get rekt.
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  9. Pikallo Augur

    I do think they should change it and spawn them in the instance, but I really don't think it will be as terrible as everyone is making it out to be. The OW+picks are going to yield significantly more keys per day than we saw with things like the VP key. This won't be bloodgill marauder 2.0. Sure the first week will be rough for the thin-skinned folks but it will calm down much quicker than those painful VP key bottlenecks.

    That said, I understand the argument and they could certainly alleviate a lot of tears by just making them spawn in the instance and be done with it.
  10. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    The weird thing to me is... as it stands, this is the only step of Planar Progression, which is an absolutely massive quest/flagging sequence, that requires you step foot in an open world zone. Every other step from the PoJ trial to EP Gods will be doable within an instance, away from the KSing, Training and Memblur Manaburning that occurs with the open world contested mobs currently.

    Just seems very weird they would force you into open world for just this one step.

    If they are absolutely adamant on keeping these in picks only... I hope you would consider a very low threshold to spawning picks in these zones. Like 12-15 per pick and make them spawn immediately upon picks creation with no delayed spawn time. This way if a guild is working on progression they can zone in their raid force and immediately force 3-4 picks open to kill Giants and get their raid keyed.
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  11. Zanarnar Augur

    I think your underestimating the number of jerks who would continue to do everything they can to keep these mobs locked down and block every other guild from progressing. This is a very stupid decision and in the end will simply result in them having to change it anyways after the server is up in arms over the crap happening in this zone.

    I agree with what everyone is saying basically, why not let these guys be up in the instances when they are spawned? I have a theory but its pretty tinfoil hat territory. I believe the Holly is upset that the server is doing so well and is so populated after her arguing that we don't deserve this.

    I honestly believe things like this are left as bottlenecks because she does NOT like the fact that this server even exists; much less that its the most successful TLP so far. At least its the only thing I can come up with that makes any sense.
  12. Tarmor of Surefall Journeyman

    We just did this on Quarm and can speak to how it works with the picks.

    Keying for BoT was not an onerous burden. It meant spending a couple nights in storms grinding giants for AA's and keys. Picks opened when the population was high enough, which coincidentally is at almost right level (when you include a few random people in the zone exping) to cover the available giant camps.

    The two guilds who did full elemental progression (Vape and Mors) were fully keyed and competing for open world Agnar after 7 days (might have actually been 9 days) on quarm (and remember we were all leveling up first from level 51 and grinding AAs).

    The point is that this one piece of the progression is not going to some how derail Phinny.
  13. AgentofChange Augur

    Wonder if 15 guilds competing over it instead of 2 will make a difference. Probably not right? Nah why would that change anything...
  14. Sumonerr_Tunare Augur

    Its going to be a ****show.
  15. Finnster Elder

    your comparison is severly lacking. Not only are there plenty more guilds competing for this, there is also everybody doing it at the same time. On Quarm the leveling / flagging process spread out due to players starting at level 51. On Phinigel hundreds of players are level 60 wanting to get into BoT.

    If it stays like it currently is, it will be anightmare. You think Ssra key and VT shards (that were done at the same time) was bad? BoT flag (which everybody will want to do in the first days) will be tenfold worse.

    With an estimated 15 guilds with an estimated member count of 100 players (that is a low guess!), 1500 flags will be needed, that is 3000 medals, that is 1000 giants.

    There is 3 giants with 6hr respawn, that makes 12 giants every day per pick. If there is 5 picks up constantly and no downtime, then it will be 60 giants per day. So it would take 16.7 days.

    Now make it more realistic: What if there is not 1500 players, but 2500 (including alts) and we will only have 3 picks of PoS up and at 10% to the respawn times since mobs aren't killed instantly, then it will take 50+ days to get everybody flagged. Not good.
  16. Trevalon Augur

    You had 2 whole guilds competing for these spawns...good lord, thank god you didn't have 17 guilds competing! This is not an "exaggeration" there are literally 17 guilds that are completing Luclin's content...

    So if it took yall 7-9 days to get 2 guilds flagged I bet keying 1y guilds will only take a few extra days, maybe like 12...

    So please, tell me about how easy it was with your two guilds competing for spawns...we would all love to hear about it.
  17. Atabishi Augur

    Please tell me why you feel entitled to get everything with ease and don't feel like competing for it and actually have a sense of accomplishment.....we would all love to hear about it.
  18. Trevalon Augur

    Because when I click "play" It is on the Phinigel server, which was created for the sake of not competing with other guilds. Even Absor has said the entire purpose of instances is to prevent bottlenecks in keying so everyone can do all the content.

    Take yourself back to the dead servers of Lockjaw/Ragefire and have fun with your competition. We Phinny carebears are happy to have our instances and not having to compete with people like you.
  19. Finnster Elder

    you misunderstood something. We don't want it easy, we want challenges. But standing in a line of hundreds of players waiting for your turn isn't a challenge.
  20. Trevalon Augur

    You do know picks don't work like that right? Goodluck trying to get every guild to form a raid force to all go in at the exact same time to pop those 11 picks. We couldn't get it done during VP keying, why would we get it done now?

    at most PoS will have 3-5 picks (and that's if were lucky and multiple guilds just happen to show up at the same time) - and then the server will crash and well be back to 1.
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